Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman Compatibility – An Oceanic Love

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Cancer man and Scorpio woman are one of the best soulmate matches in the zodiac. Continue reading to find out the perks of this couple.

Cancer men are part of the first water sign of the Zodiac, and these sensitive souls emphasize their deep capacity for love, concern, and the ability to give nearly endlessly. They are truly the nurturers of the Zodiac.

They are unlike any other men as they are firmly in touch with their softer side. He’s a man that won’t hesitate to reach out to check on those he values, and his capacity for caring is nearly unfathomable. He’s unlike most men and this is what makes him so incredibly special.

Scorpio women are alluring – they have a mystery that follows them wherever they go. They can seduce anyone with a wink of the eye and a particular look. These women are intense and get what they want from love and romance. 

When a Scorpio woman falls in love, she falls hard and gives it all she has. This is a woman who is yearning for a deep connection and to find her true love. Is it possible that the Cancer man could be it? 

But how does a soft and gentle Cancer man match up for an intense and serious woman like a Scorpio? These two signs are drawn to each other and get just the depth they desire from a connection.

This coupling is what soulmates are made of. Cancer and Scorpio have the potential to have one of the strongest relationships around. They are made for one another.

Are you interested in learning more about the dynamic of this relationship? Then keep on reading to figure out the magical recipe to make this relationship turn into something truly wonderful.

The Cancer Man – The Nurturing Caretaker

The Cancer man is an incredible partner because of his natural intuition and sensitivity. These guys are ruled by the Moon, and so the changeable, soft, internal processes of the Moon are where the Cancer man can thrive. This world can be quite tough for him, but with the right woman, he can soar to new heights.  

The Moon is a motherly planet linked heavily with the ocean, and so qualities of water and that which is hidden live within him. Sure, this may be unusual for a man, but we need more men who are this sensitive.

Cancer men may struggle to put their emotions and inner state of being into words, as it is so unacceptable for men to be this way according to society. 

They understand the world in such an emotional way that words can fail to describe the feelings within them. As a result, he can be quiet and introspective in general. This man is most definitely shy and introverted.

The Cancer man is highly changeable and can often be quite moody. The tone of the room can shift suddenly when his mood changes, but others may not realize that the change came from him. 

The smallest glance, ignored text, or gentle kiss can change the way that he presents himself at that moment. All of this can happen without others realizing the shift. He is extremely sensitive and sometimes he might take this too far.

Cancer men defend themselves and their loved ones to the end. He is fiercely protective and nothing and no one will ever hurt the ones they love. 

The Cancer man’s attractive power lies in his sweet and attentive nature. He’s unlike any other man. He’ll attract those who are wounded or who need shelter and he usually has no issue providing the care that they need. 

He can be the most nurturing man a woman has ever met, and that’s how they become addicted to his energy.

The Scorpio Woman – The Intense Healer

The Scorpio woman is hot and craves a lot of excitement in her life. She is an extreme person who knows what she wants in life. She can get quite deep quickly and craves intensity. She really enjoys physical activities that allow her to get her energy out, though she’ll also enjoy intellectual activities as well. She is the best of both worlds.

She loves to get involved in lots of projects that allow her to learn and absorb new things. She is an extremely curious person and wants to understand everything. The more she learns, the better she feels about her stance in life and this gives her the confidence she desires. The Scorpio woman has a high libido and wants to have sex often, so she needs a man who can give her this.

If a Scorpio woman isn’t ready to commit, she may seek out multiple partners to have sexual experiences with, but deep down she really wants to be with someone who can add more meaning to her life. She learns many techniques and styles that help her to become the best lover she can be. Men usually rank her quite high on their list.

She wants to find a guy that will make her feel safe and loved for who she really is rather than what she appears to be. But she isn’t the easiest woman to open up vulnerably. She takes a while to trust the people in her life, especially those she dates. When she gets what she wants from her partner, she’ll do just about anything for him. Love knows no bounds for her.

When the Scorpio woman meets the Cancer man, she feels like she’s experiencing fresh cool water that she’s never felt before. He is exactly what she needs in a relationship. It excites her to try someone new and way different from the other men she’s met. He has the sensitivity she needs.

She’ll be drawn in by his devilishly handsome looks. She’ll feel his calm demeanor and his smile that makes her feel as though she’s the only woman for him. It makes her feel he could be “the one,” and this is because he probably is. These two signs are made for one another.

Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman 2022 Compatibility

Act fast in 2022 if you want to take full advantage of the positive energy in store for Cancer men and Scorpio women! Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs, which means that all positive transits will affect them both simultaneously. Both of these signs get a positive aspect from Jupiter when it is in Pisces. They will both be blessed by the abundance of the Universe.

I’ve noticed in my time as an Astrological Relationship Consultant that there is a high correlation between the placement of Jupiter in the chart of a woman and the type of man she attracts and while Jupiter is in the fellow water sign of Pisces, there is a good chance for connecting between the Scorpio woman and the Cancer man. Jupiter will make a trine aspect to Cancer and a trine aspect to Scorpio. There are great opportunities in love for them both!

With Jupiter expanding and bringing luck to whatever this sign touches, good things are coming to both these signs this year.

Jupiter is a planet representing the husband in a woman’s chart, so the Scorpio woman would be most likely to connect with a Cancer male while Jupiter is in Pisces because it creates a positive aspect to Cancer. Jupiter will be in Pisces until May 11th and then from October 28th again until December 20th.

Venus represents the wife in the chart of a man, so a period where Venus is in Cancer (the month of July and a bit of August in 2022) is the time when a Scorpio woman can best attract a Cancer man. However, your ability to attract anyone will peak when Venus is in your own sign of Scorpio.

Cancer and Scorpio’s ability to give love effectively is most potent during periods where Scorpio energy is present. The Sun is in Scorpio from October 24th to November 22nd. Venus enters the sign of Scorpio from October 24th to November 16th. This combination of two positive planets in the sign that enhances your ability to show love is good news for Cancer men and Scorpio women!

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The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: Intellect And Communication

The dynamic between the Cancer man and Scorpio one is one of intensity. They both live and make choices according to how they feel about things. This isn’t a connection of intelligence, but one of the emotions – just the way these two signs like it. They are both the type to have mood swings also and understand each other on quite a deep level.

No doubt, these two were drawn together on a very primal level and this is what came first. Scorpio women are VERY alluring and their sexuality just oozes from their pores. How can the sensual Cancer man resist her? He can’t! But once he gets talking to her, he will realize that she is way more than skin deep; she has quite a brain on her as well.

She’ll also notice how cool and calm he seems to be and it will make her feel soothed. These two have such a strong influence on each other and it is pretty incredible to witness. However, she has no idea that he’s emotionally charged just as she is. The water will flow to each other, creating either a huge tidal wave or a nice flowing river.

These two are empathic and so they will be able to connect on a very spiritual level. They know each other without speaking a word. This is helpful when anything goes wrong. Their style of communication is stronger than what most people will ever experience in their life. This is a connection that is difficult to break.

One will know when something isn’t right. This makes the Cancer man and Scorpio woman a Soulmate type of relationship. In fact, they may also be ideal marriage partners because they so intuitively understand each other. Nothing gets missed when this couple is together.

If they both have their integrity in check, they will make a strong partnership that no one can come in and break. They will be intense in love and in life together. This matchup is perfection!

The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: Physical Attraction

One of the most important things that work well with the Cancer man and Scorpio woman union is sex. They are so entangled in each other that sex is never an issue with them. These two love to get physical and enjoy their bodies.

They both navigate with what each other feels and are able to almost psychically pick up on each other’s needs. Therefore, they seem to know what to do for each other and with each other.

These two are able to bring fantasies to life. A Scorpio woman probably has some experience or fantasies to share. Cancer will be so mystified and turned on by her that he’ll be willing to try just about anything.

He will want to do everything he can to please his Scorpio goddess in bed. This is how they express their love for one another. When they fall in love on a very deep level, sex is most fulfilling for them.

The Cancer man and Scorpio woman marriage will likely work very well also. As long as they communicate their needs with one another, they can make it last for as long as they want it.

These two shouldn’t have many trust issues. They want the same thing and believe the same way when it comes to trust. Therefore, it’s easy for them to give each other their all without too much concern.

The pairing is excellent with communication and telling each other what they want, what they need, and what they have to have to make the relationship a bond that lasts a lifetime.

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The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: Shared Values And Interests

This relationship is intense, that is for sure! The two of you are the perfect match and are definitely looking for similar things in a partnership. You’re both very interested in forming deep, emotional bonds. You both want something powerful and moving, and have definitely found it in one another. You see yourself in your Cancer man.

You’re both deeply sensitive and emotional people. Your intuition is off the charts and this gives you a strong shared connection. What Cancer and Scorpio can achieve together is tremendous. It’s something quite magical to witness! 

You truly understand one another; this is the relationship you have been waiting for all your lives. The two of you are simply Soulmates and belong together because of everything you share.

Relationships play a pivotal role in both your lives. They give you both the opportunity to dive deep and reflect on your feelings through the eyes of another. You both love that you get the opportunity to share a life with someone who sees the world so similarly. 

Both of you are looking to gain experience and understanding in your partnerships, and this desire really gets fulfilled when the two of you come together.

The two of you are so similar, sometimes it feels kind of creepy. You finish each other’s sentences and know what the other one is thinking. Your shared intuitive nature really boosts the psychic powers between you two.

Both of you are quite shy, introverted, and reserved, so it takes a while to make the first move. But the magnetic intensity between you is undeniable, and before long, the two of you are spending every free minute together.

The two of you value commitment and loyalty. Each of you really appreciates the safety and security a relationship can provide, so don’t be surprised if you get super serious in a short space of time.

Because you both are so sensitive, you can become moody and grumpy from time to time. This can cause conflicts in the relationship because these mood swings usually stem from resentments that neither of you is bringing up in conversation.

The two of you need to learn to communicate in a healthy and open manner and not wait until something gets blown out of proportion. This is the only way to manage conflict resolution, but remember to speak your mind with kindness and clarity.

Your physical connection is beyond intense and sensual; it is pretty much hot and steamy. You’re both very satisfied when you meet between the sheets and can expect to grow even closer the more time you spend in the bedroom.

The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: Love Compatibility

If you’re looking for depth and intensity Scorpio, then look no further! The Cancer man is right up your alley in terms of what you want from love. He is everything you could imagine in a man – an almost perfect match for you! You are both powerful emotional spirits that will have each other swooning and wanting more! This love is deep and pure.

Scorpio, you and the Cancer man are both water signs, which implies that you are both emotional, deep, intense, and moody. You share an innate understanding of one another and feel completely at home in each other’s company. This means that the love you share is deep and can make you feel in a way that you never thought possible.

Scorpio, your sign is ruled by Mars and is all about merging with a partner, experiencing deep transformation, and diving deep into the human psyche. You want to probe your partner and know everything there is to know about him. Your sign is also incredibly sexual and passionate. So, relationships play a pretty important role in your life because they offer you the experience to understand the world around you better. 

Your Cancer love has their sign ruled by the Moon. Cancers are known to be nurturing, emotional, sensitive, creative, and introspective. This man can take care of you no matter what. He is always going to put you first and give you the love you so deserve. Much like you, Scorpio, this is why the two of you get along so well. You are really made from the same cloth, which gives you both the opportunity to love one another so deeply.

Friendship Score: 9/10

You’re the best of friends. This friendship is so stable and solid; you’re loyal for life! You couldn’t imagine having a better friend in your life. The two of you just click and have something beautiful brewing between you. 

You deeply appreciate one another and find this union super important for your healing and growth. You and your Cancer man have ample opportunity to learn from one another and to see this friendship reach new heights.

You are drawn to each other like magnets, and you definitely have each other’s back. This is a relationship built on support and trust.  It’s so much fun to be in one another’s company. You can depend on the Cancer man to always be there for you and support you through the good times, and the bad.

Relationship Score: 10/10

Scorpio, you and your Cancer man are quite shy and introverted by nature, which makes it so easy for the two of you to just get each other. So, it might take a while for you to fully get to know one another, but trust me the attraction is there – you just need to be patient as you wait for it to grow. But this is something you can both do very well.

You can both feel the strong magnetic intensity of this attraction, it just might take a while for you to express it, as the two of you are shy to express love because you are afraid of being vulnerable and getting hurt. Water signs tend to take their time before leaping into any kind of relationship. So just take it slow and see where things go. There is no need to force this kind of connection.

This relationship is bound to be a sensual one, Scorpio. So going on dates that indulge the senses is going to be right for both of you. This should help you both to be at ease and to relax. Sometimes water signs need a bit of a push to let their troubles go. 

How about treating your Cancer with a home-cooked meal, followed by a loving foot massage? This is the best way to show him you love him in your relationship. A Cancer man really appreciates this kind of gesture.

The nurturing side of Cancer will feel incredibly loved and appreciated by this and he needs this kind of reassurance because sometimes he can be quite insecure. You need to always make him feel like the most important man in the world. 

And being the people pleasers they are known to be, they are bound to return the favor in no time! So, you will always feel appreciated by your Cancer man.  A relationship with Cancer can be simple, no frills are needed. They just want to feel emotionally safe and secure in your company, much like you, Scorpio.

Soulmate Score: 9.5/10

This match is truly one of the strongest around! The two of you are Soulmates, without a shadow of a doubt. Scorpio, you and Cancer complement each other so well and speak to each other on a higher level. It is clear to see that you have a greater purpose together. You have a connection on almost every level, but especially emotionally and spiritually. And that is what is most important to you both.

You have found someone you can trust implicitly, who makes you feel safe and secure, and who will take the long road with you. This relationship is about the journey and where the two of you have been together in the past. Scorpio, as a couple, you also have an insane passion for one another, and absolutely shower each other with romance and adoration whenever you can.

Scorpio, you have really met your soul match with Cancer! Get ready to be adored, nurtured, and showered with unconditional love, because with your Cancer, you’re about to get it in buckets!

Marriage Score: 9/10

There is a strong emotional connection you share with your Cancer man, Scorpio. Having a happy, fulfilling, and committed relationship is important to you both. Marriage is certainly in the cards for you and your Cancer man. So, marriage together is a pretty obvious choice for you both to make. Both of you want commitment.

As a couple, you pride yourselves on being loyal, loving, trustworthy, respectful, and reliable towards each other. Everything you could ever want is represented by your loyal and loving Cancer man. You two share so much passion and affection for one another and it becomes stronger the longer you stay together.

Scorpio, you and Cancer have really good synergy and don’t find it too difficult to work out any kinks in the relationship. You might both be moody and have your off days, but this relationship is worth fighting for and you both know it.

Every relationship has its hardships but as a couple, you two work so well together through your shared empathy and understanding. Conflicts don’t last too long; you just need to watch out for your stubborn streak, Scorpio. Don’t give your Cancer the cold shoulder, as he absolutely hates this. Speak when things bother you.

You and Cancer are able to establish a safe haven for you both to be comfortable and thrive in. You have each other’s back and are extremely supportive of one another. You truly make a mean team! Do I hear wedding bells?

The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio, the sexual side of the relationship with your Cancer man is hot and steamy. You love sex and need a lot of it. Your Cancer man seems to understand this and is adamant about giving you all the pleasure you could ever imagine. You are both sensual and romantic and like to pull out all the stops to please your partners. Having your partner feel desired and satisfied is important to you both.

Sex is essential to you both in a relationship. Much of your emotional bonding is done in the bedroom. It is one of the most important aspects of this relationship. It brings you closer and closer together. 

It is the perfect place for you to express how you feel towards your partner, and make them understand how much you care about them! Both of you see it as an act of bringing you closer together. 

Scorpio, you are the more dominant one in the bedroom; you take the reins and distinguish the level of intensity when making love. You like to be in control and tell your Cancer what to do. And the Cancer man, being such a people pleaser, is all too happy to give you exactly what you want. Cancer is content with following your lead. 

Remember that Cancer is extremely intuitive and empathetic and can satisfy your desires without you having to say anything. He knows exactly how to touch you to give you all the pleasure you could ever desire. They have a psychic sense and this comes in handy when trying to please you.

If the two of you can be completely emotionally vulnerable with each other, then your sex life can be out of this world. This sexual chemistry is fire! You will both be extremely happy and satisfied. Other couples have nothing on you and you both know it!

The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: Breaking Up

Between these two, the Scorpio is the most likely to do the breaking up. She may not want to do it because it will make her feel bad about it. However, she may be forced to do it if things aren’t going the way they both wanted them to.

If things go really sour, then one or the other could be unfaithful, causing the complete devastation of the union. A Cancer man has a wandering heart if he feels empty with his mate. Scorpio will flee for the same reasons.

The Cancer man can be amicable when there is a breakup at hand, but he may never get over his Scorpio lady. The Scorpio woman, on the other hand, will have no problem moving on from her Cancer guy if he didn’t quite cut it.

She will move on and find someone else who she feels is better suited for her. He may find someone else, but the next person will not be the same as his lady love. It will be a hard road for him.

Scorpio may also lash out if the Cancer man was the cause of the breakup. If he betrayed her, hurt her, or made her angry, then she may want to get even by doing something really nasty to him.

It really depends on what the breakup was for to determine how it will likely go between them and if they can maintain a friendship or not.

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The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: Celebrity Couples

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are the perfect examples of the Cancer man and Scorpio woman dynamic. This couple has been together for decades, but their relationship was first built on a solid friendship foundation. 

And only after a few years of friendship did they make their relationship official, as Tom was still married to his ex-wife when they first met. In 1986, they made it official and now they have two children together.

This couple is still going strong and they exemplify the undying love of this Cancer and Scorpio dynamic. These two are most definitely Soulmates!

What Attracts Cancer Men To Scorpio Women?

I’ve noticed in my time as a Relationship Astrologer that men are naturally attracted to the nature of the Scorpio woman. Her bright mind and adaptable nature force guys to look alive while she’s around! 

The Cancer man is no exception. He’s ruled by the Moon, who pines after the Mercury-ruled Scorpio woman for many reasons:

  •       Her intelligence
  •       Her determination
  •       Her ability to heal
  •       Her transformative qualities
  •       Her depth
  •       Her touch
  •       Her emotions
  •       Her sexuality
  •       Her intuition

The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: Relationship Strengths

This couple lives life at very different speeds, but are actually quite perfect for one another, as they complement each other in the best way possible. They speak to each other’s souls. While Scorpio wants to go full force and live life to the fullest, experiencing all the highs and lows, Cancer is more laidback and likes to live life with the ebb and flow of the tides. He goes where his moods and emotions take him. Here are the relationship strengths:

  • Conversation: This couple could talk from morning until night to one another. They just love learning about each other. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have conversations in their sleep because they definitely speak to each other in their dreams. This relationship reaches their subconscious. They both can jump nimbly from topic to topic without breaking the flow of the conversation, which allows them to feel totally natural in their style of communication.
  • Romance: Love comes quickly and stays a while when the Cancer and Scorpio set their sights on one another. They find each other irresistible because their commitment styles are so similar and they recognize the same desires in each other. They can’t help but wonder what a future together might be like which makes things so exciting. They think that the way the other carries themself is totally endearing and fascinating.
  • Growth: Each partner in this relationship can learn lessons from the other. These two are familiar on a soul level with one another and they’re here to some extent to assist each other in their journey through this incarnation by bringing what needs to be addressed to the forefront.

The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: Relationship Challenges

The Cancer Man and Scorpio woman can have relationship bliss if they’re willing to overcome some challenges. These roadblocks could feel like too much work for one or the other, but the Cancer’s desire to find commitment and security and the Scorpio’s stubborn desire to make it work can carry them over some of the following issues that could arise.

  • Aggression: Scorpio, having Mars rule your sign means you are passionate, but with that passion comes anger and aggression as well! You have no problem expressing how you feel when you’re upset, but this can be quite scary for sensitive Cancer to handle! They just don’t know how to react when you get so angry.
  • Oversensitivity: Cancer, on the other hand, is very sensitive, especially to intense emotions. They prefer to retreat and isolate themselves when they feel any kind of negativity. Your Cancer wants to work through their issues on their own. So, giving them the space that they need is important to their emotional well-being. You just deal with issues quite differently.

The Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman: A Love That Is Built To Last

The Cancer man and Scorpio woman are a near-perfect fit. They have much in common, they want the same things, or at least similar things, and they both really want to have a family.

Having a household that is warm, cozy, happy, and love is their goal… with some drama to keep you happy, Scorpio. Once they get together, this is what they will work toward. They’ll be happy planning out their lives together.

When they meet, there will be an undeniable connection that will lead them to want to get to know each other further. When they do, they’ll realize that even the differences they have are nothing that they cannot work on.

These two will fall deeply in love and will start trying to form a nest. It wouldn’t be surprising if they dive into a relationship very quickly. It’s not characteristic for either of them to do this, but this is how drawn they are to each other.

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Truly this pairing is one that is satisfying and filled with lots of love that will last the two of them until the end of time. They just seem to “get” each other and any problems they have, they can work past them.

Where Do You Go From Here?

If you’re a Scorpio woman or Cancer man seeking to build on the foundation of love and affection that you have with one another to avoid common pitfalls for similar couples, I admire your commitment to one another. I’ve learned some little-known methods for aiding understanding and growth in partnerships just like yours.

I compiled all of the most essential tips for relationships like yours in your personalized guide, Scorpio Woman Cancer Man Secrets

I invite you to give it a look over and make sure to give me your feedback on the tips provided. I’m an eternal student of my readers as much as they’re mine. That’s how I get the best information to keep passing on to others.

All of the ins and outs of a Scorpio woman and Cancer man relationship couldn’t be covered in a single article, although I do my very best! That’s why I’ve published a personalized guide for relationship dynamics just like yours: Cancer Man Scorpio Woman Secrets.

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Wishing you all the love in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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