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Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman Compatibility – What To Expect?

The Cancer man and Scorpio woman match is an emotional one. These are both water signs which is why they are both driven by how they feel. In ways, this could be an empathetic match and in others, they could let their mood swings get the better of them. This is likely a very intense relationship.


The dynamic between the Cancer man and Scorpio one is one of intensity. They both live and make choices according to how they feel about things. They are both the type to have mood swings also.

No doubt, these two were drawn together on a very primal level. Scorpio women are VERY alluring and their sexuality just oozes from their pores. How can the sensual Cancer man resist her? He can’t!

She’ll also notice how cool and calm he seems to be and it will make her feel soothed. However, she has no idea that he’s emotionally charged just as she is. The water will flow to each other creating either a huge tidal wave or a nice flowing river.

These two are empathic and so they will be able to connect on a very spiritual level. They know each other without speaking a word. This is helpful when anything goes wrong.

One will know when something isn’t right. This makes the Cancer man and Scorpio woman a soul mate type of relationship. In fact, they may also be ideal marriage partners.

If they both have their integrity in check, they will make a strong partnership that no one can come in and break. They will be intense in love and in life together. This matchup is kismet!

Scorpio Woman, Who She Is

Cancer man and Scorpio woman compatibility

The Scorpio woman is hot and craves much excitement in her life. She really enjoys physical activities that allow her to get her energy out, though she’ll also enjoy intellectual activities as well.

She loves to get involved in lots of projects that allow her to learn and absorb new things. The more she learns, the better she feels about her stance in life. The Scorpio woman has a high libido and wants to have sex often.

If a Scorpio woman isn’t ready to commit, she may seek out multiple partners to have sexual experiences with. She learns many techniques and styles that help her to become the best lover she can be.

She wants to find a guy that will make her feel safe and loved for who she really is rather than what she appears to be. When she gets what she wants from her partner, she’ll do just about anything for him.

When the Scorpio woman meets the Cancer man, she feels like she’s experience fresh cool water that she’s never felt before. It excites her to try someone new and way different than the other men she’s met.

She’ll be drawn in by his devilishly handsome looks. She’ll feel his calm demeanor and his smile that makes her feel as though she’s the only woman for him. It makes her feel he could be “the one”.

Cancer Man, Who He Is

The Cancer man is looking for someone to form a family alliance with. He’s the guy that wants to have a beautiful home, beautiful wife, and gorgeous children he can spend his life doting on.

He’ll work hard in his given career or job but his thoughts and heart will be with those he loves. He already feels this way with the family he has already. This includes his very close friends.

This is the guy that will give the shirt off his back if someone is in desperate need of it. He may help a homeless person eat for a day. It’s not uncommon for his empathy to drive him to donate time or resources to those in need.

He’s also one that will help animals in shelters. He’s a giving soul that seeks a woman that makes him feel secure and loved. Sound familiar? It should, considering what I just shared about Scorpio woman.

When he meets the strikingly sexy Scorpio woman, he will not know how to contain himself. He normally holds back due to lack of trust but she draws him in and he cannot break away the trance he’s in.

Almost immediately they start falling for each other. They let their emotions take over and where they probably should wait a bit longer, they seem to fall right into a relationship without much caution.

What Works Between Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

cancer man scorpio woman compatibility

One of the most important things that work well with the Cancer man and Scorpio woman union is sex. They are so entangled in each other that sex is never an issue with them.

They both navigate with what each other feels and are able to almost psychically pick up on each other’s needs. Therefore they seem to know what to do for each other and with each other.

These two are able to bring fantasies to life. Scorpio woman probably has some experience or fantasies to share. Cancer will be so mystified and turned on by her that he’ll be willing to try just about anything.

He will want to do everything he can to please his Scorpio goddess in bed. This is how they express their love for one another. When they fall in love on a very deep level, sex is most fulfilling for them.

The Cancer man and Scorpio woman marriage will likely work very well also. As long as they communicate their needs with one another, they can make it last for as long as they want it.

These two shouldn’t have much trust issues. They want the same thing and believe the same way when it comes to trust. Therefore it’s easy for them to give each other their all without too much concern.

The pairing is excellent with communication and telling each other what they want, what they need, and what they have to have to make the relationship a bond that lasts a life time.

What Cancer Man Thinks of Scorpio Woman, Especially in Bed

The Cancer man is completely enthralled and passionate about the Scorpio woman. He may be a little concerned with her mysterious side but not worried enough to let it ruin his feelings for her.

He feels her passion and is drawn to her in every way possible. If ever there was a fantastic soul mate matchup, it’s the Cancer man with Scorpio woman. These two just naturally “get” each other without too much effort.

Sexually speaking, these two are scorching hot together. Fantasies come to life when the Cancer man gives the Scorpio woman what she wants. She wants to feel safe and when she does, she’ll give her all to her Cancer man.

There isn’t much that is too taboo for this couple. Cancer man worships his Scorpio queen and if they should ever part, he will always want her and may try to win her back throughout the rest of his life.

They likely have plenty in common and so Cancer man will feel comfortable spending time with his Scorpio lady. She won’t mind spending a copious amount of time in his arms at home.

This is a winning match. There may be some issues that need tweaking but otherwise, this is a fabulous matchup in Cancer man’s mind and heart.

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Problems

Cancer man and Scorpio woman compatibility

While almost every other aspect of this matchup is near perfect, where they may fall short is trying to make sense of each other’s values or morals. They may not agree on important life changes.

They may not agree on the type of house they want, how to raise their future children, or even how many children to have. Cancer man may want several children and Scorpio woman may only want one.

This is where their communication skills should prove to be helpful. They will have to talk when they have a cool mind though. If they try to discuss things while upset, things won’t be settled.

Scorpio woman may become rather venomous when angry and thus hurting her very sensitive Cancer man. It’s a delicate situation. Both need to use their feelings and empathy to help them know when the right time to talk may be.

Both of them are prone to mood swings and they really have to learn to be in tune with each other. They have to know that when one is not doing well, the other needs to back off.

These problems are not too hard to overcome really but they will have to work together to make sure they are on the same page with it. Figuring things out before they put them into motion will help avoid any argument or confusion later.

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Breakup

Between these two, the Scorpio is the most likely to do the breaking up. She may not want to do it because it will make her feel bad about it. However, she may be forced to do it if things aren’t going the way they both wanted it to.

If things go really sour one or the other could be unfaithful causing the complete devastation of the union. Cancer man has a wandering heart if he feels empty with his mate. Scorpio will flee for the same reasons.

Cancer man can be amicable when there is a break up at hand but he may never get over his Scorpio lady. Scorpio woman on the other hand, will have no problem moving on from her Cancer guy if he didn’t quite cut it.

She will move on and find someone else who she feels is more suited for her. He may find someone else but the next person will not be the same as his lady love. It will be a hard road for him.

Scorpio may also lash out if the Cancer man was the cause of the breakup. If he betrayed her, hurt her, or made her angry, she may want to get even by doing something really nasty to him.

It really depends on what the break up was for to determine how it will likely go between them and if they can maintain a friendship or not.

The Final Score

Cancer man and Scorpio woman compatibility

All in all, this mixture of Cancer man with Scorpio woman is a dynamic one. As long as they can remain open with each other and let communication be a priority, they can and will make their bond last forever.

This is one of the best matchups possible for the Cancer man. He feels desired, he feels desire for her and he feels secure with his Scorpio woman. She feels loved and secure as well which makes this perfect.

Both will be fantastic lovers, marriage partners, and parents to their future children if they can agree on how many to have or how to raise them. They may have some issues to work out but their love CAN make it heal.

Out of 1 to 10, I give this couple a strong 8.0. They definitely have some potential to have a forever partnership filled with lots of love, sex, and fulfillment as parents.

Cancer man will have to keep Scorpio woman stimulated as often as he can so she doesn’t grow bored. Scorpio woman will have to bring excitement to her Cancer man’s life so he learns to relax and enjoy.

The two can teach each other much and as such, it creates such a rewarding type of love that helps them grow as people and as a tremendous couple. As long as they don’t let their mood swings take control, they’ll be alright.

As long as the security and trust stay in place, neither of them will want to cheat or betray their partner. For them, the security they’ve built together is the most important quality to have in a loving relationship.

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