Cancer Man And Sagittarius Woman Compatibility – What To Expect

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Cancer man and Sagittarius woman can be good for each other if they can find the common ground that brought them together in the first place. Keep reading.

The Cancer is a water sign where Sagittarius is a Fire sign which makes this a turbulent match up  Sagittarius woman is an adventurer so she may find Cancer man a breath of fresh air, while Cancer man will be drawn to the excitement that Sagittarius woman has to offer.


When these to meet, there isn’t much that would really attract them and isn’t a very common thing for them to be drawn to one another. However, if Sagittarius woman is going through a change in her life, she may find him appealing.

If Sagittarius woman has been with bad boy types and suddenly meets this nice guy, she’ll possibly be drawn in by his charming personality. He seems different, he seems funny, caring, and genuine.

The Cancer man will possibly be drawn to the Sagittarius’ attractive nature. She’s typically quite striking. She also gives off a vibe of being fun. While he’s not typically an adventurer, he finds her somewhat exciting and refreshing.

As time goes on, things change. They get to know each other a bit more and realize that though they may have a few things in common, they have a whole lot more than they do NOT have in common.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman can be good for each other if they can find the common ground that brought them together in the first place. Cancer can offer his Sagittarius security she’s never known. She can offer him the way to expanding his horizons.

Certainly, the two can teach each other things that will help them to grow. This could be a wonderful friendship and perhaps something they benefit from even if they do not work out as a couple.

Sagittarius Woman, Who She Is

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman compatibility

The Sagittarius woman is a free spirit. She thrives on new experiences, traveling, learning, reading, and being adventurous. She is sometimes perceived as flaky or the type that doesn’t like commitment.

The thing is, she does eventually want a commitment with the right guy. She just isn’t willing to settle for someone she knows isn’t conducive to the future she wants. She seeks someone who can keep up with her.

She is loving but she can also seem somewhat cool and detached. The Sagittarius woman tends to fall in love very quickly and is prone to jumping into relationships quicker than you can say “go”.

This makes her susceptible to getting together with the wrong partner and makes her look as though she’s going from one guy to the next. She doesn’t mean to keep making the wrong decisions, she just keeps following her heart instead of her gut.

The Sagittarius woman is seeking her soul mate and the one that makes her life have meaning. When the Cancer man and Sagittarius woman meet, it isn’t exactly a soul mate connection.

It’s something new and possibly exciting but can quickly fade if they do not see the value in each other. Jumping in too quickly can be quite disastrous for them both. If they do marry, their marriage may become riddled with problems that lead them to part ways after a certain amount of time.

Cancer Man, Who He Is

The Cancer man is one that is looking to find the right partner to settle down with and form a family that will stand the test of time. He wants to focus on the elements of home including building a future nest egg.

He will work hard and try to earn what he can to make sure that his “nest” will be perfect for the right woman when she comes along. He seeks much security and isn’t into too much of the adventurous life.

He enjoys a safe and comfortable type of environment. It makes him thrive when he’s in love with someone who makes him feel secure. He very much wants someone he can spend most of his time with.\

Cancer man wants to have a family life more than anything. He’s a born family guy that will do what he has to in order to make that happen. He won’t settle for a woman who isn’t on the same page.

When the Cancer man meets the Sagittarius woman, he admires her fire and lust for life. At first, she seems really exciting which is new to him. He’ll love spending some time with her and feel enlightened by being around her.

The two possess very spiritual aspects of their personality which is another thing they may have in common. He’ll be drawn to her for her free-thinking and an open mind. However, he may have a difficult time in trusting her.

What Works Between Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman compatibility

The spiritual beliefs or feelings that they both have will be something they do have in common. They feel things more than others and so they are able to in essence “feel” each other as well.

Their keen intellect will help them to have many interesting conversations that keep them both amused. Both are intelligent and have lots to offer in conversation. Sagittarius woman will enthrall the Cancer man with all her adventurous stories.

Cancer man will amuse Sagittarius woman with his discussions of experiences he’s had of his own. They probably aren’t that adventurous but he is capable of being a scholar which would interest his Sagittarius lady.

A Cancer man and Sagittarius woman marriage isn’t likely but if they do, they’ll always be able to talk to each other about things other than emotions. When it comes to talking about feelings, they may fall short.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman sex may not seem all that exciting either. She’s free and is willing to explore new and exciting techniques whereas the Cancer man may not be open or excited to try things out of his comfort zone.

Anything is possible though. If the Cancer man has a rising sign that is more adventurous then he may be more open to the Sagittarius’ desires. She’s almost always ready to have a sexual adventure.

What Cancer Man Thinks of Sagittarius Woman – Especially in Bed

As mentioned, they may be a bit different when it comes to sex. Cancer man will think that Sagittarius woman is either too promiscuous or that her libido is far higher than his. It may make him uncomfortable.

However, if he has a rising sign or moon that is more adventurous then he may open up and move past his comfort zone to try some of the new and sexy techniques the Sagittarius woman knows or knows of.

In other ways, the Cancer man finds Sagittarius’ free spirit to be inspiring. However, after a while, he begins to worry if she’ll ever get bored with him and leave him.

He’ll worry about her deciding to choose her great adventures over him or deciding that he’s just not what she’s looking for. Being with her may feel like a waste of time or waste of hope.

He’ll love her until she isn’t willing to love him back anymore. He’ll give her his all but if he feels she’s pulling back or is cool and aloof to him as Sagittarius can be, he’ll shut down to withdraw into his shell.

Cancer Man with Sagittarius Woman Problems

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman compatibility

There are many problems that can occur with a Cancer man and Sagittarius woman. Trust is one of the make or break scenarios that could play out in a very horrific way.

Sagittarius is known to be flighty and she will leave a situation if she doesn’t feel it’s working well for her. She may find flaws in her guy and decide to go ahead and move on. She’s also sexually adventurous which can make her mind wander.

While Sagittarius isn’t known to be a cheater, she can possibly entertain the possibility of doing so and when she does, she trains her mind to love her man a little less. Over time she realizes she isn’t in love with him anymore and wants to move on.

The sensitive Cancer man will have a very hard time trusting his Sagittarius lady when she wants to keep taking off to go on trips, go out with friends, and spend copious amounts of free time without him.
He’ll feel insecure and that is a deal breaker between these two.

Emotionally speaking these two may be mismatched as well. Sagittarius woman doesn’t like to talk about her feelings very much. In fact when she’s questioned about them, she clams up and feels pressured which makes her lash out in defense. It makes her seem like a closed off person and this isn’t good for a Cancer man.

In return, the Cancer man isn’t likely to open up and share his deepest feelings to her either as he doesn’t trust that she would care or would help him in any way. This pulls them apart.

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Breakup

Cancer man isn’t good at breaking up with someone and so he’ll skirt the issue or will just make himself scarce. He’d rather not face it because confrontation freaks him out.

Sagittarius doesn’t like to hurt anyone but she’ll end it if things aren’t going the way she wants them to. Her signature move is to just pack up all her stuff and disappear.

She figures that the person will get the message when she’s no longer around or talking to them. She will cut her Cancer guy off buy not returning his calls, not texting back, not emailing back, or moving away.

Now, if she does email, she’ll think it over for a long time and then carefully send him a long letter explaining why it wasn’t working for her and how she wishes him the best.

If she should just be out and candid with wanting to break up, she’ll sound rather rough around the edges rather than compassionate. She’s afraid that if she doesn’t do it that way, he’ll get the wrong message.

If Cancer man does the breaking up, he’ll probably be visibly emotionally distraught. Sagittarius woman may cry but she’s more likely to stare at him with daggers in her eyes. She’ll get over it just as quick as she fell in love, however.

The Final Score

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman

Just like in any relationship these two CAN work it out if they can focus on the positives and the things they have in common. They need to learn how to really talk to each other though.

Learning to effectively communicate and share feelings may save them problems down the line. However, these two may not want to go through the hard work it will take to maintain a relationship or even a marriage.

These two don’t have enough in common to sustain it and their life values are very different. They’d have to fight to keep it alive and thriving. It IS possible because nothing is impossible but it would be very hard.

It’s rare that these two will even be attracted to each other and if they are, it may be a lesson they need to learn for their growth in life. It may be a temporary thing that helps them both see life in a different way.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this couple a 2.5. There are things they can work with to attempt success but they have much they will need to overcome in order to get this rocky union to last.

They can absolutely teach each other valuable life lessons but it may not be meant for these two to become a couple for the long haul. The family would not likely work well for them either.

Then again, the children they have together could be the glue they require to stay together, though they should never rely on the kids to help them make it work. This is a difficult partnership but nothing is impossible.

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