Cancer Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility – Good Match Or Not?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Cancer man and Aquarius woman have the capability of learning to understand one another. They can teach each other their best facets. Keep reading...

When the Cancer man meets the Aquarius woman, they begin to talk and find that they may have quite a bit in common. Having the desire to learn new things will excite them both. Putting a water sign with an air sign, they tend to live and love based on what they think they can make their relationship be.


Theoretically, these two may seem like a good match for each other. They think in terms of what they can have, build, and can live with. This may not be something that can maintain a loving and lasting relationship.

Aquarius woman is a freedom lover and Cancer man isn’t as keen on spending so much time apart from his partner. The Cancer man and Aquarius woman relationship may be fairly to partly cloudy.

These two have the capability of learning to understand one another. They can teach each other their best facets. Cancer can learn how to be more independent and free while Aquarius can learn to love being home more.

With a willingness to learn, this does have potential but they will have to compromise as well as work at it. Cancer man will need to understand that his Aquarius woman isn’t forthcoming with her feelings.

Aquarius woman will have to learn that Cancer man is very emotional and needs to open up to her so that he can balance himself. When the two are able to see from the other side of the fence, they can succeed.

Cancer man is attracted to Aquarius woman’s strength and independence. She, in turn, is attracted to his very loving nature. This is the initial spark that will help them figure out if they want to move forward or leave it alone.

Aquarius Woman, Who She Is

cancer man and aquarius woman compatibility

The Aquarius woman is typically very independent which makes her highly attractive to men. She knows how to please herself, how to take care of herself and live the way she wants to.

Aquarius woman also values having much personal freedom for herself and someone pretty terrific has to come along to change this. She can sniff out the wrong guy from a mile away.

This woman has high integrity and will not accept a man who doesn’t have positive morals. Liars will never make it far with her. She will toss them out on their keister fairly quickly.

The Aquarius woman doesn’t actually NEED a partner but like anyone else, she’d like someone she can spend her time with, a companion. It will take a while for an Aquarius woman to settle down as she loves having fun.

When the Aquarius woman meets the Cancer man, she can instantly feel his emotional warmth which intrigues her. His love for being near the water will turn her on to wishful ideas about traveling.

She will think this guy is a breath of fresh air and a new adventure. She’s likely never been with anyone like him before and so she wants to see how things play out with him. She’ll be optimistic until things go sour.

Cancer Man, Who He Is

The Cancer man is very sensitive and emotional. He doesn’t like to show his emotions but sometimes he cannot help himself. He sort of wears his feelings on his sleeve.

He’ll take his time in finding the right partner because he’d rather wait for the right one than keep messing with a string of the wrong ones. He can be weakened by the process of love.

He will likely try to determine if the woman he’s interested in will be the type he can not only have a partnership with but also marriage and parenthood. His whole life revolves around finding “the one”.

He dreams of building a family and home life that he can be happy with the rest of his days. Cancer man simply seeks out the right woman that will be independent, strong, caring, and understanding of his emotional side.

When the Cancer man meets the Aquarius woman, he’s instantly drawn to her strength and independence. He admires her and hopes she can teach him how to be more like her.

Learning her ability to think outside of the box would be very helpful to his decision making in life. Learning how to be more adventurous is very exciting to him as well. He has hope this union may work.

What Works Between Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

cancer man and aquarius woman compatibility

When the Cancer man and Aquarius woman partnership gets formed, they’re able to communicate with each other fairly decently. They seem to have an unspoken connection that no one else will understand.

The two are both highly intelligent and so they will have many interesting conversations over the years. They likely will never be bored with each other when they keep talking about exciting topics.

They likely will teach each other about a wide variety of topics and learn lots hobbies together as a couple. Aquarius woman will see Cancer man as a bit unusual and as such she wants to “observe” him to learn his inner workings.

This makes things exciting for her. The Cancer man will adore his mysterious Aquarius woman therefore, he will be trying to do what he can to get closer to her and get her to open up to him.

While these two share a love that isn’t the “norm”, they still love each other none the less. It’s a love that they build between each other that isn’t exactly meant for anyone else to get or approve of.

The Cancer man and Aquarius woman relationship can become quite strong and even lead them to marriage. If they can keep up with each other, they can have a very fulfilling life together.

What Cancer Man Thinks of Aquarius Woman, Especially in Bed

When the Cancer man thinks of his Aquarius woman, he feels a kindred type of connection with her. Though she may seem aloof at times, he’s able to see through it straight to her heart.

Cancer man knows the true essence of who the Aquarius woman is and what she really feels no matter what face she puts on. He’s empathic and can feel what she feels without too much effort.

He may feel guilty for the times that he’s a bit too emotional with her as she’s not one to deal with such things so easily. She can sometimes seem closed off or unable to process emotional situations.

Sexually speaking, the Cancer man and Aquarius woman sex takes a bit of work for him to be comfortable with. Cancer man has sex with his heart and how he feels about his partner.

Aquarius woman can have sex without too much emotion involved. She may seem detached or unavailable to her Caner man which can make him feel strange about their intimacy times. It will take time for the two to find common ground.

Aquarius woman can be rather exciting though and if she can allow Cancer man’s emotions play into it, they may find a fulfilling intimate life. It will take a bit of work to get them there.

Cancer Man with Aquarius Woman Problems

cancer man and aquarius woman compatibility

These two do have quite a bit that they will need to work on and overcome. Their sex life is one of the main things that may not go too well. With time and talking about preferences or being open to each other, they can fix this.

It won’t be easy and not having a fulfilling sex life may actually cause them to see other problems as being more intense than they really are. This is one of the first things they need to give energy toward.

Trust may be an issue with these two lovers. Cancer man wants security within a loving relationship. The Aquarius woman likes to spend much time doing her own thing which can make him feel a bit intimidated.

If she’s out too much or away from him, he’ll begin to wonder if her loyalty is real. He may have visions of her finding someone else to spend her time with that is easier for her.

These two may also find differences in their life values. Aquarius woman thinks it’s important to spend a good deal of time apart. Cancer man will want her to stay home a bit more. Until they can find some middle ground, this may forever be an issue with them.

While they have lots in common, they also have lots of situations or issues that they have to work to overcome. Their activities together may suffer as well. Aquarius woman may want to travel and be social.
Cancer man will not want to take part in all the action that Aquarius woman requires to feel happy in life.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Breakup

A break up with these two will be difficult. Cancer man has issues trying to break it off with anyone as he feels bad and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Aquarius woman also has a problem breaking it off with someone.

Both of these people would rather become cold and do their own thing thus being less available for the other. They may also have second thoughts about whether breaking up is even the right solution.

There may be a tug of war type of feeling with these two. They will both have to analyze things over time to see that they may just be too different for each other to make it work.

Then again, they may re-discover each other and decide to put the break on hold. You never truly know what may happen between these two as they have a hard time accepting defeat.

If they do dive off the deep end, one may end up cheating on another as to try to push along the break up via the other person actually finding out and calling it quits. There is also the possibility of forgiveness occurring and then again, they end up staying together.

The Final Score

cancer man and aquarius woman compatibility

The Cancer man Aquarius woman compatibility is a complicated one. They can either really make it with a lot of work or they can fail miserably even if they do learn valuable lessons from each other.

It’s a bit of a long shot for the two to make a harmonious forever match. It can be done but it will take a whole lot of work, love, and understanding. The question is, is either willing to give it their all?

Aquarius woman will crave time to herself or away from her mate to spend time with friends/family. It’s not that she doesn’t love her Cancer man, it’s that he doesn’t need to be with her all the time.

She sees this time apart as normal and healthy. He sees things very differently Cancer man wants home and hearth to be the main priorities in their relationship. A Cancer man and Aquarius woman marriage isn’t very likely but not impossible.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the Cancer man and Aquarius woman a 3.0. There is always a chance that they could make it work but it’s more likely that they will just see that they’re too different.

They may try to see what works for awhile because they’re drawn to each other. However, over time things start to unfold that reveal that these two are an odd match that may not have what it takes to make it.

I never say that a match is impossible because there are other astrological factors that could play a role and make things a bit different. Rising signs can have an effect as can moon signs.

If either is born on a cusp of another sign; this may also change their personality a bit which could alter the course that these two have together. Its’ always important to learn everything you can about your partner before making an important life decision. Be smart!

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