When A Cancer Man Is Done With You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to know when your Cancer man is done with you? How does he act and what will he most likely do when this time comes? Find out here...

Hello, my lovely! Dating a Cancer man is one of the most positive experiences a woman can have. This man is just so emotionally intelligent and sensitive, making the relationship incredibly deep and fulfilling. However, like any other relationship, there may come a time when a Cancer man is done with you.

You might fear this as you don’t know what to expect or how he is going to treat you when he has decided that he is done with you. When a Cancer man is done with you, he will start acting really strangely and may become distant and cold, which is very odd for him as I am sure you know.

But don’t worry, there are steps you can take to handle the situation with grace and dignity. Continue reading to find out about how do you know when a Cancer man is done with you!

When A Cancer Man Is Done With You…

When a Cancer man is done with you, you might become a little shocked and surprised at his behaviour as it will be quite different from how he usually treats you.

It might even feel like you are dealing with a stranger you don’t know at all. It is a very confusing situation to be in. He may even exhibit a variety of behaviors that indicate a shift in his feelings and intentions.

A Cancer man, when he’s done with a relationship, might become distant and withdrawn. This is a significant change from his typically emotionally available and caring nature. No wonder it is such a shock!

He may communicate less, avoid deep conversations, and seem less interested in daily activities with you. His nurturing tendencies could diminish, and he might stop making the effort to check in or support you like he used to.

Additionally, a Cancer man may explicitly express his feelings and discuss the reasons for the relationship not working out, as they are generally straightforward with their emotions after he has given himself some time to figure out what he is feeling.

7 Obvious Signs A Cancer Man Is Done With You

Here are seven potential signs that a Cancer man might be done with a relationship:

1. He Starts To Withdraw

When a Cancer man is done with you, he will start to withdraw and become distant which tends to be very heartbreaking. His bewildering behaviour might leave you feeling shocked and confused.

His nature is usually so open and connected that it might come as a shock when he acts to cold and closed off. This is usually a sign of him detaching from you emotionally and slowly letting go of the relationship he has with you.

You might notice that he is more emotionally guarded with his feelings and just doesn’t share with you as willingly as before. He may come across as emotionally shut down and unavailable which is exactly the opposite to which you are probably used to.

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2. There Is A Gap In Communication

A Cancer man is usually very considerate and one of those guys who likes to check in and communicate as often as he can. So it can come as a big surprise when he check in with you a lot less frequently.

He may stop the usual daily messages, calls, or other forms of regular check-ins that are characteristic of his caring nature. And he might become unresponsive or take a long time to reply to your messages, leaving you feeling ignored and left out.

When he does communicate, conversations may be notably shorter, more superficial, and lacking in the depth they previously had. You will also notice that he might steer away from deep conversations that involve discussing feelings or the relationship, opting instead to keep things light and non-committal.

And the writing is definitely on the wall if you find yourself always initiating contact, and getting less feedback or engagement from him than before. Something is definitely up!

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3. He Is Acting Avoidant

One of the best things about a Cancer man is that he is usually so emotionally available and invested. However, when he’s done with you, he may start acting avoidant.

You may notice that he is avoiding spending time with you and may seem rather disinterested in all the activities that the two of you used to enjoy together. He will come across as apathetic and disinterested.

It might seem like it is easier for him to not have to deal with you and the relationship anymore. He is clearly slowly detaching himself from the relationship he has with you.

4. He Is Emotionally Unavailable

When a Cancer man is done with you, he will become emotionally unavailable. This is probably the toughest sign to witness, especially if you were used to him being emotionally open and supportive before.

You may notice that he is more closed off and distant, not showing much emotion or vulnerability. His caring and nurturing behavior may diminish, and he might no longer be as supportive or empathetic towards your needs.

You can no longer rely on him to be there for you or to give you the emotional support you need. You may find yourself feeling like you’re walking on eggshells around him, as if any attempt to connect with him emotionally is met with resistance or silence.

5. He Pulls Away Physically

As one of the more affectionate signs in the Zodiac, it might come as a big surprise when your Cancer man starts to pull away from you physically. It is an indicator that he does not want to be close to you anymore.

This can involve avoiding physical touch, such as holding hands, hugging, or cuddling. This could also mean that he is no longer interested in sex or becoming intimate with you.

He is shutting down and trying to detach from you in every way possible, including physically. This is very painful to experience, as physical intimacy is often a way for couples to connect and bond.

6. He Makes No Effort

A Cancer man is always the type of guy to want to put his relationships first and sees his romantic relationship as a priority in his life. You know what he is like when he is in love with you.

However, when a Cancer man is done with you, he will stop making any effort in the relationship. He won’t initiate plans or activities, and he may even cancel or make excuses to avoid spending time with you.

There will be no effort on his part to communicate, compromise, or work through any issues that arise. It will be very clear that the two of you have problems that he is just totally unwilling to want to address or resolve.

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7. He Becomes Critical

Cancer men are usually very nice and friendly men to be around. However, when a Cancer man is done with you he can become quite passive-aggressive and make very negative comments about you or your actions.

He might start to openly express dissatisfaction with you and the things you do. It might feel like he is constantly nitpicking at you and seeking out flaws to comment on to make you feel bad about yourself.

Instead of trying to resolve the issues between you, all he is doing is pointing out the flaws without any desire to work on them or find a solution. His attitude is negative and full of complaints!

How To Know A Cancer Man Is Over You

When a Cancer man is done with you, there are several signs to look out for. It will be quite obvious that he has checked out of the relationship because of the way he has been withdrawing from you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

You’ll also notice a stark reduction in communication. Frequent check-ins and deep conversations are replaced by brief, infrequent exchanges, if any at all. His responses might become delayed, and when he does engage, the warmth and detail that characterized previous interactions might be missing.

Then there’s avoidant behavior, where he starts to sidestep spending time with you altogether. Activities you used to enjoy together no longer seem to interest him, and he might actively avoid making plans. Even in shared spaces, he may seem distant, opting to engage with others or spend time alone.

Emotional unavailability is another telltale sign. A Cancer man in love is usually supportive and empathetic, but if he’s over the relationship, he might close himself off, becoming less receptive to sharing or listening to your valid emotional concerns.

His physical distance can also be particularly striking. Cancer men typically value physical touch and intimacy as expressions of love. If he starts to dodge physical affection or intimacy, it’s often a strong signal of emotional detachment.

Will A Cancer Man Regret Leaving You?

One thing I always try to remind my clients about Cancer men is that they tend to be very moody and even fickle at times. When they don’t feel good, they will try and take this out on everyone else.

But their moods often fluctuate. You can’t expect him to be the same person every day because his moods ebb and flow like the Moon that happens to rule the sign of Cancer.

This means that if he has left you, then there is a very big chance that he might soon get over his mood and realize he has made a major mistake by leaving you. He may experience regret and come back seeking reconciliation.

He is the sign that tends to get the most sentimental and attached to his memories of the past. This could work in your favor because he may start reminiscing about the good times you shared and begin to miss the emotional connection you had.

So, in short, yes your Cancer man will definitely regret leaving you and probably a lot sooner than any other signs in the Zodiac…

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