Cancer Man Scorpio Woman Break up – How It Will Go?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you a Scorpio woman on the verge of a breakup with a Cancer man? Are you planning to break it off but unsure how he will react? Maybe you know he’s going to break up with you and it makes you worried.

Are you a Scorpio woman on the verge of a breakup with a Cancer man? Are you planning to break it off but unsure how he will react? Maybe you know he’s going to break up with you and it makes you worried. Whatever the case may be, it might help you to keep reading about the Cancer Man with Scorpio Woman break up to help guide you.

The Connection Gone Sour

It’s hard to believe that two water signs might cause enough strife between each other that it could come to a screeching halt with their love. The Cancer man with Scorpio woman match is actually a really great one.

They likely have much in common but may fail where important issues like values in life are concerned. They may also not communicate properly which can cause the failure of many relationships.

Did a failure happen between you and your Cancer man? Did you two fail to communicate properly and now things just aren’t the same? Did he perhaps lie to you or keep secrets?

Were you totally honest with him? Whatever caused the two of you to part your union; you obviously have a difficult situation ahead. Whether he’s breaking it off or you are, this isn’t going to go well.

You two are so tight knit most likely (unless this was casual) and that is a hard bond to put to an end. You’re both deeply emotionally impacted by this. Cancer man is good at retreating into his shell and so you may not see it right away.

However, Cancer men have a tendency to not control their emotions all that well to a point where he may actually cry. It doesn’t matter who is doing the breaking off, it will be painful.

Scorpio lady, you are a very emotionally driven person too and so you may very well react in a similar fashion. If you’re the one doing the breaking off, you may harden your shell and come off as harsh or brutal toward him.

You put up a good show in not wanting him to see that it’s hurting you to break up with him. It’s a defense mechanism. He’s not as good at doing this sort of thing. Just keep in mind that you’re both sensitive and it hurts no matter what.

You’ve Decided That You’re Done!

Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman Broke Up

The Cancer man will possibly beg, plead, offer to change, and try to get you to change your mind. He’s open to try anything at all to keep you from breaking it off but if you’re committed to ending it then you’ll have to be as honest as possible.

No matter how you do it, it’s going to be a brutal process for your Cancer man. He’s going to feel it deep inside, he’s going to feel he’s a failure, he might become depressed, and he’ll hide out for quite some time to work past it.

He may layer try to reach out to you to see if he can’t get you back. Don’t be surprised if he tries this multiple times. If he really believed you were the one, he’s not going to let go of it easily.

While this may not get your attention, what you may not be aware of is that if you notice he’s talking to other women and perhaps feeling something with someone else, you’ll surprisingly become jealous and realize that you still love him.

I’m not saying this will for sure happen but it’s definitely possible. What I’m trying to express here is that maybe you should totally think this through before you end it. Is the reason you want to end it something you really can’t get past?

If it’s not then you have to do what you have to do. However, if it’s something that can be worked on or solved then try talking to him about it. Bring in a third party to help you two via mediation if need be. If love is still there then don’t give up. This is an excellent match.

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He’s Decided He Can’t Go On

Cancer Man Scorpio Woman Break up

If your Cancer man is the one who seems to be pulling back and retreating then he must really think that there is something that is not compatible with you two or he’s lost his loving feeling.

Cancer men have a tendency to fall fast when he finds someone he connects to easily. Scorpio woman is someone he definitely can see himself being with for the long haul. He’s one to act now and pay later.

That being the case, he may feel he’s in love right out of the gate but then once he starts to really get to know someone, he may realize that she’s not all he expected or wanted and it makes him start second guessing himself.

Sometimes he’ll feel resentful toward his partner as though it’s her fault he rushed into it. He has no one to blame but himself if he didn’t take his time and let things flow naturally.

No matter what he’s feeling, this break isn’t going to be easy for him. He often takes months to accomplish it because he starts to then gets nervous and doesn’t want to hurt his partner. He feels horrible for inflicting sadness on anyone.

He can also be indecisive about it so he may want to do it but then waits a week or two and changes his mind again. He’s not stable when it comes to making a choice to end things.

When or if he finally does with you, he’s going to do his best to be tender about it but no matter what he says, you will take offense Scorpio. That’s just how it rolls. Eventually you may understand but not right away.

Cancer men may want to give it another shot later on down the line if you try to again but he’s going to want to be free to explore his life for a while before he tries once more.

This isn’t an easy break up and it’s better to try to work it out and find a way. It’s up to you to save it or leave it be.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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4 thoughts on “Cancer Man Scorpio Woman Break up – How It Will Go?

  1. I was dating a cancer man.. I and my ex felt a deep emotional bond like never. We both were very serious about the relationship and wanted to stay together forever. However, in 2021, I was going through some very bad times. Be it my health, studies, work or family pressure, nothing was going well. I became depressive and went into my shell hoping to heal.. I was expecting for more emotional support from my partner. He was going through a new phase, got recruited into the army and training started in August 2021. I tried hard to get things back together when in July he said we should take a break. I couldn’t handle it. I was not at all ready for it. Love was there a lot but I became less expressive because it was hurting me to know he was going away from me and we would barely talk as he gets into the army. I couldn’t clearly tell him what was going on with me as I myself didn’t understand anything. I felt so tired and confused. It is only in 2022 did I realize what happened. Later when he was training he called me up and broke up. The reasons also he wouldn’t say properly or he wouldn’t elaborate. He’d say I have changed and I’m not a good guy. I used to feel I was good for you before but I’m no longer. I have completely changed and I don’t want to give you hopes that I’ll become the same guy I used to be and come back. He also said that he used to feel like he’s giving more to the relationship when I was going through trauma because of my personal life issues.
    In just sometime he got into a new relationship with an Aries woman and are still together. I shouldn’t but I stalked his gf profile and saw his comments with hearts.
    It just becomes harder for me. I felt like he still didn’t give proper reasoning to me didn’t explain things properly, so I messaged him to pls come back, he called me and was angry that I knew he had moved on but still I messaged him that.. repeatedly said this is very bad. He said me to move on and not to hold onto the Past and in this case he said its better not be friends also.
    He acts a little cold towards me.
    And worst part I don’t know why I’m not at all able to get over him. And he so easily got over me. What should I do? Can I try to stay friends with him? Does he hate me? Wi he ever come back?

    1. Hi Mansi!

      I really hate to see this sweetheart. The only thing you can really do here is let go. He has made his statement about cutting it off totally with you and you can’t do much to change his mind. If or when he thinks he’s made a mistake or wants to be friends again then he’ll come back around on his own. Taurus men are pretty definite on decisions such as these and what solidifies it is the comments and hearts on his Aries woman’s stuff. I’m so very sorry you’ve had to deal with this. Give him space and time to see if he does come around but until then you’ve got to take care of yourself and don’t push anyone away that has love to give you. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  2. I met my cancer man at work and there was a. Immediately sparks between us but due to my obligations I just ignore how I felt and go on with my life. Few years after he contacted me and we started dating.

    We both know that we love and care for each other deeply but for some reason I felt he was a jealous man. I didn’t like it so I broke up with him. He took our break up badly and depression hit him to a point that it caused his own life.

    Until now I regretted breaking up with him. I should had talked to him and settled our differences. I love him so much until now and he was and still the love of my life.

    Please think it over thousands times before breaking up with your cancer man. ‘Hope this will help others to think first before breaking up with someone you love who loves you deeply! GOD bless!

  3. i to loved a cancer man but we usually fight the thing is tht love can only lead to fights but we both were always together in wt ever we do …but alas we both fight for silly reasons and then we both used to compromise … even tho love or not i have a deep crush on him i dont know wt to say sometimes i dont know wt will happen as we both r going to be separated next year and now i feel i am missing something very important in my life

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