Cancer Man In Bed — The Complete Guide To Cancer Man Sexuality

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you started dating a Cancer man or are scoping out this delicious treat of a man? Keep reading and find out what is Cancer man in bed like....

A Cancer man in bed is something every woman needs to experience at least once in her life. These guys are very sensitive and intuitive and this is what makes them such wonderful lovers!

Knowing how to please a Cancer man in bed is relatively easy, you just need to understand him and how his personality works! Knowing his inner world will give you access to know what does a Cancer man like in bed.

This can make you an extremely powerful force and give you the magic to make a Cancer man fall completely head over heels for you. Are you interested in finding out more about the Cancer man in bed? 

Then this is the guide you have been waiting for. Everything you need is written here and will turn you into a complete pro when it comes to dealing with your Cancer man in the bedroom. 

Sounds good? Then keep on reading to find out more about what this man needs from you in the bedroom! 

Cancer Man In Bed — Why Are Cancers So Good In Bed?

Those of you who have slept with a Cancer man know how amazing these guys are in bed! They will absolutely blow your mind at how they just understand what you need from him in the bedroom. 

The reason they understand this is because of their highly intuitive and empathetic natures. A Cancer man can feel when someone needs something from him. You don’t even have to voice it, he can just feel it internally using his intuition. 

One of the best attributes a Cancer man has is his innate desire to want to take care of others. The best thing for a Cancer man to do is to have someone to nurture and take care of!

And what better way to take care of someone than to make sure that they get to experience the most extreme pleasure they have ever felt in their life! This is simply why a Cancer man is so good in the bedroom!

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What Does A Cancer Man Like In The Bedroom?

All Cancer men are different but there are a few fundamental aspects that these men enjoy when it comes to sex. Here are some of the things a Cancer man likes in the bedroom:

Can’t Go Wrong With Flirting

If you want to get down and dirty with your Cancer man, flirt with him first. Use sexy innuendos to lure him into the bedroom. 

Make him feel excited for what’s to come by whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Try reading some sexy poetry to him. He will feel special and surprised.

A Cancer man can experience very passionate sex anytime you make him feel special. Take a look at a sexy romance novel or magazine, and read some passages. 

The best way to plan a delicious night of play is to get into his head first. Erotica will intrigue the Cancer man since he is open to experimentation. 

Have fun playing with him. Give him a lot of kisses. Spend quite some time making out with him. The tension between you two will be built by him. Playing with each other can be more enjoyable than the end itself. It’s fun, it’s hot, and it’s for lovers. Try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Physical contact is important to the Cancer man. He will feel more confident in his feelings for you if you touch and caress him more. You’ll be glad you put the effort into getting your Cancer man in bed! 

Initiating Intimacy

There are times when Cancer men are rather shy and unsure about whether or not you want what they offer. You should go for it if the chemistry works for you. It shouldn’t be difficult to get him going!

Start by caringssing, kissing, and feeling him up in the chest area. Tell him what your fantasy would be like with the two of you. Make him feel sexy by telling him how hot he is.

This is only recommended if he is responsive. You might want to ask him if it’s okay if he seems awkward. Proceed if he says yes. 

Dress sexily or wear sexy lingerie. While making out with him, let your lacy bra show through your blouse a little. It won’t be a problem for him to take it from there once you give him the green light.

To let him know it’s okay to ravage you, you must know he’s respectful of you. You have sent the signals, but make sure he is aware of them by taking another step.

You can always tell him in his ear: “I want you.” That’s pretty much all you need. Whenever he’s into it, it’s game on! And if you want some hot tips to drive your Cancer man crazy, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Cancer Man.

Ask Him About His Desires

If you’ve had sex with him or are planning to, ask him what he really enjoys in bed. What are the fantasies of a Cancer man in bed is something you can ask him directly? 

Then you can see what he would like to do with you and how he would like to do it. It’s the easiest guidebook to follow because it’s his. 

Just ask him out of the blue while you’re cuddled up on the sofa or in bed… “What makes you tick? What do you like the most in bed?” While he may be shocked that you asked, he will give you an honest answer if he wants to be intimate with you.

You should be open to trying what he says, unless it is unreasonable. He will be attracted to spontaneity or willingness. You can return the favour by sharing your likes and fantasies with him. You’ll find him more than happy to assist you. 

When you communicate what you want in bed, the Cancer man will feel fulfilled and excited. The result is even more intimate moments.

Be Girly & Romance Him

While kissing and caressing one another, wearing sexy underwear will turn him on.

In addition, he is particularly attracted to feminine women. A dress or skirt is one of his favorite pieces of clothing. Wearing these things for him from time to time will benefit you even if you don’t wear them often yourself.

When you spend time with him, you can wear outfits that are specific to that occasion. If you are wearing a skirt or dress, wear thigh-high stockings underneath. He’ll go wild! Floral prints are wonderful for a Cancer man. There is something romantic about the female form and the femininity of flowing dresses or skirts that appeals to him. 

Put on something very feminine with some soft scents such as vanilla, jasmine, or another floral type of scent via perfume or oils. This combination will make him feel at home and in love. Being a woman is truly the best thing you can do. 

As long as you let your feminine side shine through, he will be happy even if you are more of a tomboy. 

There is no doubt that you need to dress the part in the bedroom. While he will love you naked, if you wear frilly lacy things, he will be in heaven and will reward you very well!

Be Gentle With Him

There is a lot of sensuality in the Cancer man. Unlike some men, he doesn’t enjoy rough sex. Therefore, when initiating, be gentle. Touch him because that’s how he is and what he wants.

It is important to cuddle, hug, and kiss a lot when you are in bed and when you are out of bed. After sex, he likes to cuddle. It’s possible he’ll want to talk before sleeping. 

In addition to how you feel, he wants to know if it was beneficial to you. Giving him positive feedback is a good idea now. 

Could you imagine a man wanting to cuddle and talk afterward? You’ve got a Cancer man there! 

Make a physical connection with him by holding hands. It is something he longs for. If you want to be fire in the bedroom, you must always be sensual and loving toward him. 

When it’s done right, the Cancer man in bed is the best experience you’ll ever have. The majority of the time, he wants to take the lead and please you. 

It doesn’t matter if you initiate, he wants to take it from there. He wants you to be the feminine and him the masculine. He wants a Yang to his Yin. Be that woman for him.

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His Most Sensitive Spots

I am referring to Cancer man’s erogenous zones. As his lover, he appreciates your attention to certain sensitive areas of his body.

Think of Cancer as the family man. He has a huge heart, so he must be very caring. Therefore, it’s not surprising that his chest is his most sensitive area! This is the place where you can both show him love and turn him on!

When you talk to him closely or make out with him, he will love it when you place your hand on his chest. 

Turn him on by caressing his pectorals and paying attention to his nipples. Kissing, licking, and sucking on the nipples will do this.

It might be a good idea to massage his back and chest. He will relax but be turned on at the same time. For Cancer men, skin-to-skin contact is a symbol of sensual love. You can caress his hand even if that is all you do.

Whenever you touch him, he will feel your soul’s energy and be drawn to you. The chest is the spot where you’re going for the goal.

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How To Please A Cancer Man In Bed — 7 Hot Ways To Drive Him Crazy

Getting in tune with your Cancer man is super exciting, especially when you know how to please him in bed. Here are some ideas that will definitely drive him crazy:

1. Show Him Your Intention

If you’re hot and ready to go with the Cancer man, let him know it. Whisper in his ear that you want him, touch his leg while you say it, and make sure he knows what is on your mind.

You can also send suggestive text messages that let him know what you’re thinking about or what you want with him. Men can be rather oblivious no matter what sign they are.

Letting the Cancer man know what you’re angling toward, he’ll appreciate your candor. Unless he’s totally not into it, he will let you know or will reciprocate the sentiment.

Cancer men are very sexual and if he’s into you, there should be no real reason for him to pull back or resist your offer. Just make sure you are making him an offer otherwise he may not realize it and will move on with his day.

The Cancer man won’t mind at all that you’re taking control and showing him what you want. If he’s sitting next you, you can go in for a kiss while caressing him elsewhere. He’ll get that hint loud and clear.

2. Nothing Wrong With Romancing Him

While you may think that it’s a man’s job to romance a woman, you may consider giving it a try. The truth is, some men really like being romanced by a woman. They complain that women don’t do this often enough actually.

That being said, I think it might be a great idea for you to do things that show him romance and give him the right ideas. Send him a sexy card that promises him more gifts from you personally.

You can find naughty cards anywhere that sells adult novelties. He’ll be quite turned on upon reading it. The fact that you took the time to pick out a card and send it to him will make him feel very special.

There are also things like coupon books for couples that would work well also. These would be redeemable coupons such as “a free kiss wherever you want it” or other naughty things.

Taking him out to a romantic dinner will also blow his mind though a home cooked meal with you wearing something very sexy will work also. He loves home cooked meals and finds that in itself very romantic.

It’s the gesture of you being considerate, romantic, and sexy that will get his juices flowing. You can write him poetry too to let him know you care or to let him know how much you want him or crave him.

This is one guy in the zodiac you can actually send a flower to as well. It’s best to send one single flower or give him one in person than doing a dozen. More than one is typically for women and may make him feel less than masculine.

One rose will do the trick especially if it has a naughty note attached to it letting him know that you’re thinking of him and you’d like to get together with him very soon. You can bring it to him in person though if you have a date planned.

Just be sure that you’re romantic, classy, and very sexy. Cancer man craves a woman who can pull all of this off and yet still be a strong independent woman who takes care of herself.

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3. Flick His Switch In the “On” Position

Clearly if you want to really turn a Cancer man on, you need to take a very sexy approach with him. He loves sexy lingerie. Show up at his door with a trench coat on and wearing something sexy underneath.

When he opens the door, flash him. He’ll absolutely be floored and likely have an instant hard on. He’ll pull you inside the house and take you fairly quickly.

Cancer men have sensitive nipples so when you’re making out and it gets heated, you can perhaps get him to take his shirt off. Kiss, lick and nibble his nipples. He’ll go absolutely nuts.

Dirty talk is a very good thing with a Cancer man as well. The naughtier you are the better. Tell him what you want him to do to you or what you want to do to him before you actually do it.

You can send him very naughty text messages getting him going. He’s also one that loves visuals so if you aren’t afraid to, you can also send risqué photos of yourself to him that he can savor what you have to offer him later.

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You might be surprised with how quickly he responds or how quickly he shows up at your doorstep ready to live out the fantasy you presented him with. Cancer man is easily intoxicated sexually.

4. Be Open To Kink

This guy actually loves to get a bit kinky. If you aren’t afraid to, you can even try having sex in a public place such as a restroom or in a tent next to full camping sites. The possibilities are endless.

It takes a lot of bravery and sexy capability to turn on a Cancer man. He’s putty in your hands once you do turn him on. Though he may want to take control and make you be the submissive one.

However, he may also decide he wants to try something different thereby giving you the control to do whatever you want to do to him. He’s open to trying new things and experimenting.

Don’t be afraid to just go for it with the Cancer man. Unless there is something preventing him from being with you sexually then you should find great success at making him want you sexually.

5. Affection And Tenderness

Whether you’re dating a Cancer man or just having a casual encounter, the Cancer man is very tender and caring. He may actually want to cuddle after sex or give you some really sweet affection.

It doesn’t mean he’s in love with you necessarily but he could be. Again, you really want to be sure what your intent is with him from the beginning and let him know so that no one is confused as to what this is between you.

If you want a relationship with him, you might consider taking things slowly and waiting on the sex. Not a long time but long enough to establish a “courting” pattern therefore it leads somewhere special.

There is no need to hurry up. If he tries to hurry you should make sure you check to see what his intention is with you before you proceed. Then you’ll know if it’s possibly love or just sex.

6. Load Him Up With Lovins!

Cancer men find it hard to resist a woman who is very attentive and caring with him. He loves attention, feedback, compliments, and adoration. When you’re kissing him on the cheek, touching his hands, or looking in his eyes, it all counts.

He’ll take note of this and understand that you actually care for him. This in itself is a huge turn on for him. All he wants is to be loved and cared for by a woman that can also make him feel secure.

The more affectionate you are; the more he gets the point of what you may want with him. Trying to get closer to him in bed will require some classy but sexy moves from you.

Next time you’re going to spend some time with him; wear something a little sexier than you normally would wear. Don’t look trashy but look as though you’re the naughty professor about to school him. Get my meaning?

You can put your hair up but make it so that it’s all too easy to pull that ponytail holder out to let your gorgeous locks touch your shoulders. Wear some thigh highs and a skirt with a slit in it. He’ll be in heaven!

7. Keep It Cool And Collected

As hot as it may get when you’re making out with your Cancer guy; don’t try to push too hard or become overzealous. He isn’t one for a woman who is really aggressive in her approach.

Hinting or leading is one thing but if you’re trying to jam your tongue down his throat and grabbing his crotch; he’s likely going to think you’re out of your mind or only want him for sex.

He wants to feel romanced, loved, and cared for. He associates sex with love and adoration. Once he feels that chemistry and connection with you; things could be a bit more heated and HE will start turning it up.

That means he’ll take the lead and proceed to get kinky. Let him try his way and don’t forget to compliment him. If it’s not all of what you want; next time you can say “let’s try this and see how this works”. He’ll gladly do it for you.

As long as you tell him he’s amazing, he’s sexy, and you cannot wait; he’ll be all too thrilled to bend over backwards pleasing you. Let him take the lead though when you’re making love for the first time.

What Turns A Cancer Man On Sexually? (You Can’t Afford To Miss This)

Cancer men are surprisingly open minded when it comes to sex, but if you’re out of ideas on how to turn him on sexually, then you need to read this next part to understand how he works!

Cancer men love to have the very best and they love pleasure in all forms. This is what makes them want to buy the very best, eat the very best, and to have a beautiful woman that he can make love to often.

It’s also true that Cancer men can have a tendency to give way to addictions of all kinds. It doesn’t mean they will do it but they are prone. They have addictive personalities which can get them into trouble if they aren’t careful.

A fetish can be classified under and addictions when it comes to things that help him get off sexually. This can be anything like porn, certain sexy outfits the woman wears, thigh high stockings, or certain positions that he prefers.

It could be that he prefers to have sex with the light on always so he can see his partner. He may also like to have sex in front of mirrors because he’s a bit of a voyeur. He may want to watch his partner masturbate in front of him.

There are a variety of things that the Cancer man may prefer. He’s also not turned off by the thought of a threesome or group sex either if his partner agrees to it or suggests it. He will never make his partner do what isn’t comfortable for her though.

You don’t have to worry about him doing these things if he’s not with you. He will be loyal but he will always have it in his mind what it would be like and you may catch him looking at pornography from time to time to fulfill his desire.

It doesn’t mean he has to be addicted to it. It just may mean that he has needs and unless you’re going to dive into it with him then you’ll have to accept that he needs to look at it in another form so he feels fulfilled.

He may not open up to you about his desires and secrets right out of the gate. This is something that comes with time and experience with you. He has to have a certain level of comfort before he’ll open up about this sort of thing.

The more open you are about your own desires, secrets, and fetishes, the more he may be cozy with telling you what his are. In fact if there are things that you ordinarily wouldn’t tell someone, it’s alright to tell him.

He’s not ever going to make you feel bad or ashamed of what you like. He will be more likely turned on but even if he isn’t, he won’t give you any crap about what you like because it’s who you are. He understands this.

Do Cancer Men Have High Sex Drive?

Cancer men are a lot more sexual than people give them credit for, however, the thing with these water signs are that they really need a strong connection to really enjoy sex. 

If they don’t have this bond and connection with their woman, they don’t really see the point in sharing their energy with her. However, when a Cancer man feels that connection, he will not want to stop!

This is when you will really see how high his sex drive can be and his unquenchable thirst he has for sex. You can tell how a Cancer feels about you based on how much he wants to sleep with you. 

3 Best Sex Positions That Drive A Cancer Man Wild In Bed

There are three positions that Cancer men crave more than any other position.

1. Missionary

Though some men see missionary position as traditional and unadventurous, you can always count on a Cancer man to favor this position. This is because he easily feels secure and comfortable with this tried and true position.

The missionary position allows a Cancer man to feel connected to you on a physical and spiritual level. He likes being able to gaze into your eyes or engage in deep, passionate kissing while making love. This position makes both options easier.

2. You On Top, Facing Him

Though Cancer men prefer to be as close to you as possible, when you are on top facing him, he’s also going to be thrilled.

This position gives him a chance to see your beauty. Cancer men are obsessed with frontal nudity and the sight of your face, eyes, mouth and breasts are a major turn on.

He also has a fantasy about being dominated. Though Cancer men aren’t usually interested in rough play, they do enjoy being submissive in the sexual encounter.

3. Spooning

Spooning positions can be very satisfying for Cancer men. A Cancer man will love this position because it provides plenty of physical contact.

He is likely to feel comforted and secure because this position allows him to feel the entire back of your body as you both lay on your side.

This position can also satisfy his desire for affection while making love. The more physical contact he can have during intimacy the better. Cancer men can even be a bit smothering as they need a lot of physical reassurance and connection.

If you want to make sure to please a Cancer man in bed, showing affection and lingering in bed before and after is essential. No matter what positions you use, it’s important to build him up emotionally as part of the process.

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He won’t be able to keep his hands off of you as you’ll really be able to connect on another level and create way more passion between you.


Still not quite satisfied about what you would like to know about Cancer men in the bedroom? Then keep on reading for more frequently asked questions about Cancer men in bed!

Are Cancers Aggressive In Bed?

So maybe his libido isn’t the problem but it’s more than he comes on too strong, is too rough, or touches you too much. If any of these things are an issue then you need to tell him to stop.

Most times when you tell him to stop, he will heed this. If he keeps trying, you’ll have to explain to him that you don’t like it and you would prefer he be a bit softer with you.

Knowing what you want is sometimes half the battle with the Cancer man rough in bed. He wants to please you and make sure that you get fulfillment.

If you don’t tell him what you like or do not like then he will try anything.

Let him know as soon as possible what you like and what you’re not comfortable with. This should help him figure out what he can try that won’t be so invasive or uncomfortable for you.

This is even true if he’s the type of guy that is touchy feely but you aren’t the type of woman who wants a man’s hands on her at all times. Again, if you’re uncomfortable, just tell him.

He’s an empathetic man so if you are honest with him in what you feel, what you want, and what you don’t want, he will likely understand. Unless he has an addiction, he will make adjustments to make you happy.

Do Cancer Men Like One-Night Stands?

Cancer men are probably the sign in the Zodiac that least likes one night stands, but this isn’t always 100% true as some Cancer men have a lot of Gemini placements in their chart. 

Cancer men would prefer to have a strong and intimate bond with the woman he sleeps with, but he is also a man and needs to have his needs met if it has been a while since he last got some action.

Do Cancer Men Like After Sex Cuddling?

Cancer men are very tender and caring, and due to this they often quite like to have the after sex cuddling. This is important to them as this establishes a bond with the woman they are with. 

A Cancer man would much rather feel that intimacy and closeness than just having plain old casual sex. That deep connection is really what they are looking for. 

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P.S. Not all men are turned on by the same things. 

You need to see EXACTLY what turns your Cancer man on based on his specific astrology. 

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