How To React When A Cancer Man Pulls Away

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What to do when a Cancer man pulls away? Maybe your Cancer man is trying to get some space between the two of you so that he doesn’t make any more mistakes...

There is nothing more heartbreaking when you know that your Cancer man is pulling away from you. It can drive you crazy wondering what on earth you did wrong. So how to react when a Cancer man pulls away? And is there anything you can do to make him come back to you?

It’s so frustrating when you’re thinking that you’re headed somewhere special with your Cancer guy only to have him pull back. Why would he do this? You simply don’t know what to do when a Cancer man pulls away and ignores you.

Here are the possible reasons why a Cancer man ignores you and how to react when a Cancer man pulls away:

Why Does A Cancer Man Pull Away? (3 Possible Reasons)

Maybe Things Have Gone Too Far Too Fast

Cancer men know better than to move too quickly. However, sometimes he gets so excited that he cannot contain himself so he jumps right into something he should wait on.

This means he could dive right into a relationship with you and he doesn’t know enough about you to really be sure that you’re the right one. He’ll feel overwhelmed at some point and then feel the need to cool things off a bit.

This would make a Cancer man pull away a little bit but not likely for good. He could wait for you to text or call him first in order for him to respond. Also, he may wait before he replies to you.

When possible, take it nice and easy. If things went too fast, then slow, then back down just a bit and you’ll find things may run a bit smoother for the two of you.

He Wants Some Space

When a Cancer man pulls away, maybe he is trying to get some space between the two of you so that he doesn’t make any more mistakes. He wants to pump the brakes and try to get to know you over time but he knows that you’re excited and may not want to slow back down.

This would make him feel awkward and not know what the right thing to do is. Sometimes the Cancer man will back up far enough that he’ll suggest being friends first and trying to go forward from there.

Naturally, this will leave any woman confused as to why he’d be hot and start something then suddenly become distant or start to ignore you. He’s not firing on all cylinders and isn’t sure how to proceed. He’s confused.

He Might Not Know How You Feel

If a Cancer man is interested in you, but for whatever reason he thinks you aren’t interested in him, he may pull back. This is why it’s important to always let a Cancer man know you have feelings for him.

He isn’t going to waste too much time trying to cultivate a romance with someone who isn’t as into it as he is, thus, he will start to become icy or back out completely.

If you haven’t yet told your Cancer guy what you feel, you may want to consider doing so. That will prevent him from backing away due to not being sure whether or not you’re into him.

Don’t give your Cancer man a reason to become cold or reserved. He’s a very warm man and will remain so when he knows that the woman who he’s into is for him and him only.

Be brave and let him know what is important to you so that you don’t lose him. He has to know where you’re coming from, what your needs are, and what will be best to work through your bumpy patch.

What To Do When A Cancer Man Ignores You

Give Him Space To Breathe

If your Cancer man is either very angry with you or hurt, it’s going to require a bit of work. Especially if this is the reason why he is ignoring you in the first place. First, he’s going to want some time and space to sort his heart out. He may want to think about why he’s with you.

Giving your Cancer man space gives him a chance to cool down and think about the situation with clarity. If you keep reminding him that he is upset with you then you are not giving him a moment to sit with his feelings.

Remember, a Cancer man is very sensitive and he is like an antenna to other people’s feelings which can be incredibly overwhelming to him. He needs to be on his own for a while so that he can disconnect from the world. No wonder the Cancer man does this disappearing act!

2. Apologize To Him

When a Cancer man ignores your text, what you’ll need to do is let him know that you are sorry if you hurt him without thinking or made him angry when it wasn’t right. You should apologize and tell him you won’t do it again.

Then you should tell him that when he’s ready to talk to you that you’re here for him. Give him some time. I’d say that the time frame you have to wait will rely on how bad it really was.

It may be days, but then again, it may be weeks. Sometimes Cancer men break up with women due to being so overwhelmed but then a year or two later, he’s ready to give it another shot.

You never can tell which direction he’s going to swing because it’s all based on what he feels. However, if you apologize for what happened and tell him you’re working on it and won’t do it again, then he may come around sooner.

If you do not apologize, he will hold it against you and it may be a good long while before he talks to you again. Then when you do reach out to him, he may tell you off or just not ever reply again.

It all depends on how bad it was and how much time he feels he needs. Just be sure to admit your fault (if it was your fault) and let him know that you’re there for him.

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Cancer Man Not Responding To Texts? Here’s What To Do

When A Cancer Man Ignores Your Messages

This is where things take a turn that you probably will not appreciate. Cancer men do tend to ghost people if they decide that their partner isn’t the right one. This would mean a Cancer man ignores your texts or doesn’t call you back.

I wouldn’t wait for too long while this is going on. If you have gone a week or two without him responding to you, he may not be into you anymore or thinks that he’s done.

What you’ll do is test him to see what the deal is. Text him and tell him: “I really deserve to know what is going on between us, can you please give me clarity?” and see if he responds.

If he doesn’t respond then you’re going to have to consider that he may not be into the relationship anymore. If he does reply, you’ll quickly see which way he is swinging.

A Cancer man not texting back may tell you he’s been busy, been thinking about things, or that he thinks that it’s just not what he wants at the time. Either way, you’re going to get some sort of answer whether he texts back or ignores it.

I hate to say it, but once a Cancer man decides to move on, he does so. He may move on with someone else or he may just move on from the woman he feels it’s not working with.

There isn’t much you can do when he acts this way other than asking him why he isn’t speaking with you. Be forward with it and see if he answers or if he continues to be quiet.

If you’re in a situation where your Cancer man says he doesn’t think it’s going to work and you’re feeling lost and unsure of what to do, I strongly recommend my 30-day Cancer Man Love Challenge. This program is designed to give you all the tools you need to bring back the passion and connection in your relationship. Start your journey today!

Is Your Cancer Man Distant After Intimacy? Here’s What To Do

Cancer Man Distant After Intimacy

There is that dreaded thing men do when they’ve become intimate with a woman. They will pull away and make her question all her choices. Even sensitive men like Cancers do this and it is extremely frustrating.

However, the thing with a Cancer man is that they aren’t going distant because he doesn’t like you. Usually, the contrary is true, that he likes you so much he feels like he is going to lose himself if doesn’t play it cool.

When a Cancer man withdrawal after being intimate with you, you must give him enough space to breathe to figure out his feelings. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm him and make him feel like he has made the wrong decision by being intimate with you.

He’s Perhaps Upset With You

Naturally, there is always a chance he may be upset with you for some reason and so he gives you the silent treatment. With a Cancer man gone quiet; this can show you he’s upset and clearly, you need to do some groveling.

He’s the one that wants to tell you what you did wrong so that you don’t repeat the process and also so you can apologize to him. He gets hurt very easily, as he is sensitive.

If he pulls back out of nowhere then it’s probably something that you did that maybe you’re not aware of. It may be best to give him time to cool off and then ask him what happened. Tell him you can’t fix it if he doesn’t tell you.

That should rattle him enough to speak up. It’s not good for either of you to hold feelings in. Communication should always be worked on between you two if you want it to last. This is what to do when a Cancer man pulls away.

When Cancer man pulls away, you’ve got to rattle him a bit. If you ignore a Cancer man or try the “tit for tat” method, you will fail. He won’t like it and he will just go ahead and let you go.

While you want to give him some space, you also want to ask him what went wrong and what you can do to make it up to him if it was in fact your fault. He can’t expect you to fix what you don’t know is wrong.

Remind him of that and you’ll have a better chance of making it work and getting him to come out of his comfort zone at the same time. He needs to be able to totally open up and trust you.

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Maybe He’s Lost Interest In You

One of the other reasons a Cancer man is acting distant or icing you out is that he’s decided there is something about you that doesn’t sit well with him. It doesn’t mean you’re flawed or a bad person.

It just means he’s looking for something specific and if you haven’t got it, he’d let go and move on. Sometimes he may do this without saying much in hopes it will just fizzle out without having to officially break it off.

He doesn’t like confrontation at all so he generally isn’t good with breakups. He’d rather ignore a woman and let it work itself out over time. It takes the pressure off him even if it is a coward’s way out.

If a Cancer man loses interest in you or doesn’t see a future with you, he’ll for sure back off and you’ll hear very little, if anything, from him. It really sucks and it isn’t fair but he’d rather it die out in its own natural way than, to be honest, and tell you face to face.

Give it a few weeks and you should be able to tell which of these options may hold true. He’ll either periodically contact you, he’ll come back fully, or he’ll never be heard from again.

Either of these will give you an idea of where his head is at. Of course, you may try just flat out asking him what is going on and if things are still good between you. Give him a little space but don’t let go.

So, When A Cancer Man Is Pushing You Away, Should You Let Him Go?

You may be asking yourself “When a Cancer man is ignoring me, what are my options?”  Leave or try your best to get through to him? What will I do with our relationship?

After a few weeks, if he still hasn’t straightened up, you may have to work at letting go of him. Cancer knows fairly quickly whether or not someone is going to be the one to last through time.

As such, he’ll back up when he feels he’s jumped too quickly but he’ll also back up if he thinks that maybe the woman he likes isn’t entirely what he’s looking for. His moods can play a role in any of this as well so be aware.

With a Cancer man gone quiet, there is most definitely a reason. You will have to decide what you feel intuitively. What does your gut tell you when you think of your love for him? That’s what you have to trust ultimately.

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When Your Cancer Man Disappears After Intimacy…

Does your Cancer man pull away or get quiet when you’ve just had a deep emotional connection? Or does he seem to disappear just when you thought he was getting closer?

Have you felt confused by his hot and cold behavior?

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If he has either one of these attachment styles, you’re going to end up feeling extremely confused at times. And both are caused by childhood trauma.

When you can see the scared little boy inside him that had to shut down his feelings if he’s Dismissive Avoidant… Or have a parent not provide his needs consistently if he’s Fearful Avoidant

It can make it easier to have empathy and compassion for his confusing and frustrating behavior.

But that won’t fix it.

And while advice on attachment styles can be helpful… What you really need to stop this frustrating hot and cold cycle is to understand him better.

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67 thoughts on “How To React When A Cancer Man Pulls Away

  1. The cancer I was seeing kept telling me he was in love with me and loves me now he’s not talking, keeps cutting me dead blocking unblocking he’s messed my head up big time.

    1. Hi Fiona!

      It sounds like your Cancer guy is very confused with what he wants. He gets close to you and while he enjoys it, he also gets scared then freaks out. This makes him a bit dramatic. It probably has to do with his past. If you’re confused by him, ask him what he wants and make sure that he tells you. Once you figure that out, if it’s not what you want, you can break it off and be done with the roller coaster relationship. Communication is huge!

    2. Hello Anna,
      I am a 21 year old Taurus women dating a 24 year old Cancer man. I met him on tinder as I was trying to escape a very toxic friendship with another Taurus man. When I first met him there was an instant connection between us. Our first date we got stuck in an elevator together on valentines day. We managed to make it a night only one sees in the movies. After that the relationship quickly built and within two months he asked me to be his girlfriend. He had come out of a 5 year relationship with a Capricorn in 2018 and after had only hookup/fwb relationships. I take relationships very seriously and as a very independent Taurus women I want my academic success to be my main priority. I have been 100% blunt and open with him, stressing my fears of moving too fast and getting distracted (which I have been) and he said he understood at the time. Now that we are dating I am starting to feel him distance a bit. He tells me he loves me, buys me items, goes above and beyond doing what no man has done before. I’m just starting to fear this relationship may have moved too fast in terms of I was not prepared for his constant mood swings. He says things with passion and it’s almost like 2 weeks later he does something that counters that. We have a very open communicative relationship, but it just seems like I am always the one who gives in because I get so exhausted after bickering with him over things that are so petty. He’s expressed thoughts that make it seem that he wants a submissive women, and that I am not. Yet In the beginning of the relationship he expressed he liked that I was a switch. Sex to him is a very big deal and honestly a big part of our relationship. He is dominant but for me as a switch I feel as though I intimidate his masculinity and it’s starting to bother him. I have never met a man I have felt was one I could see a future with until I met him. He follows through and I know he cares about me. I’m just afraid the initial sparks will die out. I don’t want to waste my time. I’m 21 and have my whole life ahead. I became so custom to being alone,but I’m afraid that if these small issues keep building up that our relationship will end. I would hate to think of him as the one that got away:( Should I stop bringing up all the small stuff and give him time to think about our relationship without pressure?! Advice needed.

      1. Hi Elissa!

        Issues will keep arising if you do not find a proper way to communicate. You two need to sit down once or twice a week and touch base with each other. Tell each other exactly what is going on with each of you and how you feel about it. When these avenues open up better, you will understand each other better and will have less struggle. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

        1. Hi I’m a 23 year old Scorpio and my cancer man is 27 we both have been talking for 4 months now and we are total love birds but he’s starting to get a little distant with me and I’m literally so lost because I don’t want this to end I love him so much he’s so sweet with me he ended up leaving his ex to be with me but she ended up having the baby that was on the way so he’s been spending time with them but something keeps telling me that he’s hiding something from me I don’t know but he’s been in jail for almost 1 week now and he just got home today when we saw each other we were so happy he gave me my hugs my kisses he was happy to see me but I told him if he needs his space rn to get his self together I’ll give it to him I just don’t want us to lose that happy feeling and my daughters love him and so do I please help 💔

          1. Dear Sakina,

            Give him enough time to process what’s going on. This time for him will allow you to have your thoughts on the situation too and you can find out what the best plan of action is for this situation.
            You shouldn’t change who you are for anyone, but if you’re looking to be with him, try being tougher. Be emotional, have feelings, but contain them around him to a certain extent. Be calm and content around him. Don’t criticize him, don’t judge him. Let him deal with his insecurities and whatever is holding him down emotionally.
            Show him that you are happy with your life. Cancer man doesn’t like drama, therefore you need to make this situation as light as possible.

            I hope all goes well for you both!

  2. Hi I’m in a situation, my partner is a cancer/Leo cups.
    Things have been going great until he’s become a little withdrawn. I picked up on this fairly quick and asked him if he was ok. After a week of treading on eggshells we had a chat, something I was not expecting was the raw emotions from him. It upset me to hear him crying.
    He told he every thing was getting on top of him, work, lack of sleep, pain from an operation and the worry of us. Couple of things that did not sit well with were brought up.
    It came out that things had moved quicker than we expected. I have previously said we should take things a little slow.
    He admitted he had encouraged things.
    Now I’m at place following that heartfelt conversation, with not knowing what to do? Other than give him his space. But then the feat of not hearing from him again haunts me. I love this guy and admire his openness about how he is feeling. His past is impacting on us. I’ve tried to be as understanding as much as I can and this is not a complaint or the issue for me.
    He’s asked for time to think. I asked him if he did not want any contact from me, his response was its harsh to suggest it. Still wants to keep in touch and it may work out between us, it may not.
    I Want to contact him but cant bring myself to doing so. I’m hurting too and he does not know this nor do I plan on telling him.
    I’m writing this comment on here 24 hours after our conversation.

    1. Hi Sinita!

      Alright, if you do not reach out to him he’s going to think you’ve lost interest or given up on him. There is nothing wrong with checking with him to see how he’s doing. In fact it shows the fact that you still care for him and he’ll appreciate it. You can say “Hi there, I hope you’re doing alright”. Keep it simple yet expressing your care for him so that he understands you haven’t given up. It’s important! Hang in there.

  3. I fell for a cancer man not expecting this, it was suppose to be a one night stand but since day one we felt as we knew each other from past lifes. I met him on 2016 now it 2020. I asked for that talk and he said his emotionally not available both of our worlds cant be mixed, and I told him I wont settle for someone half time, our physical attraction is intense we fell like were in extasy but naturally high for each other. He opened up then close up, his scared to have feeling for me. I love myself and I want to stop feeling this craving I have for him and I want him to look for me and ask me to be serious with him if not I will love him by distance and wish him the best. He learn to be alone after his 4 year relation that went really bad and I think he doesnt want to change and loves being alone and if he dances to his own beat of the drum and their is no way on changing him. We dont have to talk to feel each other, is like were connected I text him and he just sees it and then in days I hear from him like who is more crazy here? Do I feel Ignore definetely. Cancer man are amazing partners but their mood swings and the way they think and act that just mind blows me and I am a scorpio. We have feeling and we love and want to feel love we are not those dark creatures that they make us seem to be.

    1. Hi ScorpioWoman,

      You two definitely get each other since you’re both water signs. That’s a very normal thing. Yes Cancer man does have some huge mood swings but as long as you know this and are able to get through it without causing disruption to the relationship then you’ll be just fine. Find a formula for success for you two and stick with it. It takes trial and error to get there sometimes but you’ll be alright.

  4. Hi I started seeing a cancer man recently everything went well until he gets moody, and I’m tired of the moodiness.

    1. Hi SagittariusGal36!

      Yes, they are very moody for sure. Sagittarius has a hard time coping with this as it’s not something they’re accustomed to. If you learn his moods, you can learn how to avoid certain circumstances as well. It takes time and it takes work but if you feel he’s not worth it then you may want to keep moving forward on your own. You have to decide what you can and cannot handle. No one else can tell you otherwise.

  5. I was dating a Cancer man since October 2019 and everything went so fast. We clicked immediately he told me he had a strong connection. Sexually it’s been the best we have both ever experienced. There is definetly a huge attraction there. Then I accidently did something where he felt I was trying to be possessive, that was not the case. Eventually it kept dying out and he broke it off in December telling me he was going to try with his ex because she had apologized and wanted to try again. I believed him then, so we remained acquaintances in social media. He would like much of my posts. A month and a half after he broke it off he claims he made a mistake and wanted me to forgive him. He declared his love for me and so on. Valentines day we saw each other after two months and it was great. The following week it began to die down again. I think he has been speaking to someone else, it’s my sixth sense and it never fails me. It’s been 3 days neither of us have reached out. I think it’s over but not sure if he will call again. I certainly won’t. Not sure what happened. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi SaggyLady7412,

      Yikes, I’m sorry he slipped up and went with the ex. His feelings are intense and sometimes he make choices on the fly due to how he feels at the moment which isn’t always the right thing to do. If your intuition is telling you that he’s speaking to another female then you had better trust it. He sounds like a cheat and best to avoid. Don’t reach out. If he loves you he will find a way to connect. If not and he’s just after the chase then he won’t. You deserve better honey!

  6. So I’ve been talking to this cancer for a couple months now and its LDR. the last visit we had huge heart to heart and we made it official then something happened and he expressed his disappoint in me and I was upset about him listening to others versus me, so I kind of put him in his place and he felt I wasn’t being remorseful. He mentioned that he feels I’m not ready for a LTR and we can just have fun together. Now he’s not answering my calls. I decided I’ll give him his space but idk for how long, idk what to do.

    1. Hi ONsag!

      It sounds like to me he just wants to be a “friends with benefits” as far as when you two are able to get together for sex or perhaps cyber sex. That’s not good enough though if you’ve invested your heart. I’d say that he either needs to commit or you need to move on. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  7. I need to know how to be able to get the Cancer man Secrets thru another way rather than Clickbank, trying to pay with my paypal account and it does not go thru, this is not the first time this happens. Tk u

    1. Hi martha costa!

      If you try again, click to contact my support team and they will do their best to help you out Martha. There is always a way to get it done. Wishing you the best!

  8. Hi ,Anna Kovach
    I’m a scorpio woman.,I have been dating with cancer man for three weeks ,I guess…
    I have read all of ur guidelines about ” Cancer Man” but not the purchase one”Cancer Men Secrets” , I connect with him everyday since the day we met,but the thing is we don’t talk very much after one month and during this pandemic,we get so cold between us,,We are not in relationship but just dating,I really want to know more about him but not sure he is the one for me,I still trying to reach out to him in everyway I could be.Please let me know how should I do with this cancer men (after knew for one month),I know u are the best❤️,Anna

    1. Hi Alina!

      Tell him a very heartfelt way that you’d like to get to know him better. Otherwise, you’ll need to give it more time and be patient. You’re on the right track the best way you can be at this point. It’s probably very hard to get closer with everything going. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  9. Taurus here in love with Cancer man. Things were going good until a few months ago and then we had a huge blowout. Huge! I apologized for my actions and words that he said cut him deep. His friend says to give him space and time and allow him to miss me. His friend also says that he loves me and to not give up on him. Let me also say I never dealt with a Cancer and didn’t know they have severe mood swings…until after the big blowout. He said things cannot go back to how they were over night that it will take time. He has gone out of his way to help me a few times…then he becomes distant. I love this man dearly. I’ve read that ww are very compatible. I’m having a difficult time dealing with his mood swings, depression, and passive aggressive behavior. He’s going through some personal issues right now so I’m trying to be supportive and patient… DT is I saw I love him?

    1. Hi Moon Gazer!

      Yes, Taurus is capable of hurting a Cancer very deeply. He’s very sensitive and Taurus are very blunt. I would agree with his friend for you not to give up on him. He needs time and will work through his troubles. He’s probably afraid of it happening again and so he’s being cautious. It sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing though being patient and supportive. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  10. Hi Anna … Scorpio woman seeing a cancerian man. Things were so great … We kept in touch all the time… Like constant contact … It was jus amazing how we connected. He came to the conclusion that he sees me as marriage material… I had my guard up … And now that I’ve let it down it seems like he’s backing off a bit… We have been arguing alot lately …but he’s been like having this wall up. We still remain in constant contact but he’s not beIN that sweet person. I told him if he wants to end things that’s fine. The minute I back off he comes for me. .. when I’m warm now he’s acting guarded. I’m tired of mind games. Is he not interested in me or wots happening . Pls help

    1. Hi Farah!

      That sounds about right sweetheart. He’s scared to death about commitment even though it’s what he wants and probably yes, with you. Just give it a bit of time and let him continue to see that you’re what he wants and needs in his life. If he keeps up the games though tell him stop it and that if he truly cares then you two should just be together and that’s it. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  11. Please help, we were together and he called it off (I believe we moved too fast, as his situation where he lived went sour and I offered him to live with me). After breaking it off he said he isnt going anywhere and still loves me and cares for me, he just needs to work on his own stuff as he knows how, alone. A few months went by and we were just friends and he professed his love to me again. We became intimate, a few weeks later, he became distant again and now I haven’t heard from him in 4 days. I have been going through a lot of issues with work, etc and maybe my stressful situation pushed him away. I want to reach out to him as I know not reaching out to him is making it worse as he is a Cancer sign and I don’t want him to think I don’t care anymore but I also want him to respect me and I don’t want to come off needy. Please help, what do I text him??!!! Please!!

    1. Hi Olga!

      It sounds like he’s unsure about the relationship you two have and if you belong together or not. This is what is making him yo-yo back and forth. He loves you but doesn’t know if it’s something that will last forever. He stresses about everything else and that makes him put love on the back burner also. I would tell him you’re there for him and are being patient but if he keeps giving you red flags then you may have to let go. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  12. I’m an Aquarius. Me and the cancer both have our own legal partner. I’m miserable in my marriage and he hasn’t seen his other half for almost an year due to COVID-19. We met thru my brother, and we just kinda started chatting everyday from morning to night until one night we hung out together and a drama happened -that I told him that I’m attracted to him. And he was so shocked and kinda freaked out saying he doesn’t want to step in between me and my other half. But he also said he does not want to give up our connection as well. But then he stopped talking the next day and till now it has been two weeks. During these two weeks we have small talks, but not like how we used to talk everyday anymore. He still follows my social media and likes my posts… but Maybe he was never into me anyways :’( Not sure what to do anymore

    1. Hi Schan!

      Be careful with a Cancer man that is willing to step out of his marriage to find what he’s looking for. That may also mean he could do it to you later on. Cancer men love women who compliment them or make them feel good. They cross lines they shouldn’t. If he stopped talking to you it may be that he realized what he was doing wasn’t right for anyone involved. Small talk may be all you get from here on out with him unless he leaves his partnership and you leave yours. Learn more about the Cancer man by reading my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  13. Good afternoon! I’m a Scorpio woman who likes a cancer man. We are both single parents 50/50 and both have 2 kids (5 to 8 years old) we met a couple weeks ago, he invited me for dinner to his place and afterwards we did have sex and I spent the night at his place. Since then, yes he had his kids for the week but doesn’t speak to me. He keeps in touch- how’s your day and that’s about it. At the begging he said good morning every day, took the time to text me over his lunch and talked to me on and off at night. I did tell him I felt good with him the last time. I don’t think this would make him run away!! His so short on his answers (yes, no, good) never more when usually he be a chatterbox. After all I have been reading on him (lol) I don’t want to confront him right away, I want to give him space but it’s confusing the hell out of me. He could just not talk to me anymore and I be ok with that. He juste everyday keeps in touch but makes no advance or try to make plans with me. Do I just don’t answer anymore? Or wait. But how long do I give him to get out of whatever emotion/state of mind his in!!

    1. Hi Annie!

      I think you should simply say to him “I really miss the way you used to be before when you talked to me often. Can we get back to that?”. I think that will let him know what you want and it’s not pushing him or making him feel pressure. If he’s busy or has something going on, he’ll probably tell you at that point. If you’d like to learn more about Cancer man, please check out “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  14. Hi Anna! I love your blog. I’m a 23 years old Taurus woman and he is a 25 years old Cancer man. We met in the middle of August and he took the first step. We hung out a few of times as friends (texted now and then) and then started chatting everyday. He’d send funny videos of himself and we were just getting to know each other until one night after drinking with friends we kissed and made it clear there was an intimate interest. We kept getting to know each other through text because he was finishing his masters. I spent a weekend with him, we got involved sexually, and we chatted for HOURS. I’d never felt a connection like that. On September he finished his masters and went on a vacation. I understood he wanted his space so when he didn’t text me I didn’t take it personally. When he came back the texting died down, but he still reached out now and then. I took the initiative of arranging a date and it was, again, wonderful. We spoke for hours and he was very honest saying that he wasn’t much for texting (which i had noticed when we first started hanging out) and wasn’t in the headspace to chase after people, or give people justifications for not showing up. He said he was focused on his projects, and we talked about his previous relationship. He also mentioned that if I hadn’t arranged the date he probably wouldn’t have done it. Then he said he did a similar thing with the girl he was dating before me (he never tried to hang out with her again and everything died down), but never told me why he did it. We hung out a few days after that and he just wanted to cuddle and watch netflix. This was two weeks ago. We still don’t text as much, but he still sends me funny stuff and updates me on what he’s doing. He calls me pretty, sends me a few tunes to listen to, and we’re supposed to hang out on wednesday. I’m willing to stick through and wait for him, but should I? I have never felt a connection like this before and I feel like I need to get to know the intentions behind his silence. If I know he just wants space for himself, I’ll be alright with it. But I’m always worried he’s no longer interested or has his eyes on someone else. What do you think?

    1. Hi TaurusGal!

      It sounds like he’s too busy to focus on a relationship right now and is why he’s acting this way. Since he gave you fair warning he’s not the best at texting you have to take it at face value. I don’t think he’s being silence because of you or anyone else. I think he’s just caught up in focusing on something and due to that, he’s putting romance on the back burner at the moment. If you’d like to learn more about Cancer man, please check out “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  15. Hi. I’m a Scorpio woman who has been dating a cancer man for about 2 months. Everything has been amazing right from the start. After the first time we met we have been inseparable, we text all day see each other 2-4 times a week. The last time we hung out I came out of the bathroom and thought I saw him texting another women and I became very mad. I did not say anything immediately but he knew something was wrong the moment I sat back down. It took about 30 mins for him to get it out of me but I finally told him and in my embarrassment he was sending a pic to a friend of where we were and he showed me. The rest of the night things were just off so finally that night we really talked about it all and why I did what I did (past relationship) and he explained why it worried him. He said everything was ok with us but we are 2 days out and I feel like he is very distant. He did text me this morning but that’s about it. I don’t know if I’m over thinking or should I bring it up again just to make sure everything is ok. Is he backing away bc he’s worried now.

    1. Hi Amber!

      Two water signs are typically good for one another but can have difficulties with communications. You’ve got to be very careful with jealousy tendencies though. Cancer man doesn’t like being accused of things any more than anyone else. You two both have jealousy due to your signs but you’ve got to trust each other. His distance is probably concern that he cannot do anything without being watched. I think you should let it go and move forward. He’ll get past it. You may want to read up on Cancer men via my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  16. Hi, I don’t know if anyone is still responding to this site but I am in a rut with a recent Cancer man. I’m an Aquarius and we met playing video games online. He actually pursued me by sending a friend request right before he began talking to me and being my first time talking to a guy I was very shy and continued to talk to him. We’ve been on and off talking since December of 2020 and at first, he was very excited to show me this app he wanted to talk to me on and he also began asking about me like where I’m from, what I look like and he would say that I have a beautiful voice and I am very beautiful. In the beginning, though I was hesitant I really enjoyed talking to him and he made me feel comfortable and I barely like Anyone and I really like him. We both have trust issues because he told me he has been mistreated before but it seems we both aren’t thinking about a relationship at the moment. I reassured him letting him know I had been through recent traumas in my life and have trust issues and we both agreed to go slow about getting to know one another or so I thought. He is very competitive and is always teasing me when we play the game and talk. Somedays he would text me and blow up my phone asking about me and then other days he would get quiet and thought I had left at least 2 messages he would never respond back. I felt like I was being clingy and overdramatic a lot with him but he remained very calm and was fine. One time he told me the app can make calls and was just being funny and I overreacted and told him I only like texting, he said maybe one day. And about two weeks after that I texted him letting him know i was worried because he wouldn’t respond back and eventually asked if he could hear my voice for 5 minutes in which I told him I hated my voice and that as much as I would love too, I don’t have a headset in which I needed to talk on the app. Over the course of the end of the month, we would chat on and off and he would ask to see a picture of me or a phone call and I would tell him when I’m ready I would call him in which he understood. Eventually, going into January he began giving me nicknames like “cutie”, “boo”, and his most recent name “Hunny” in which I would just say you are so silly or send a blushing emoji. But throughout the days in January, he began to get quiet and not respond back. His messages would be short or spaced. I play a lot of guessing games with him to get to know him in which he always plays along like when I guess his favorite colors and he would make me laugh. But now he’s quiet and I feel like I did something wrong or said something to make him distant. I felt like scared him away. But I also knew I couldn’t blame myself because he was the one who pursued me in the first place in which he is very flirty and innocent when we text. He did at some point ask me if I liked him and I said he was definitely someone I like which is rare because I don’t like anyone. But more recently I told him if he was ever mad at me he could tell me and I would not be upset, in which he replied back he has no reason to be mad and that the same went for me lol. I miss hearing from him, and in the beginning, he would text me pics of him going to work and his job and memes but now he doesn’t. And sometimes if I said hey, he would say Hey Cutie or Hey Hunny. I’m just very confused by his actions and he’s been ignoring me a lot here lately and I don’t want to keep leaving messages but when I stay silent so does he and when I reach out the message just sits there for months. I feel horrible because I really REALLY like him and we have a lot in common but I’ll never know unless he talks to me. This isn’t the first time he hasn’t talked to me for a long time but this time I feel like because we are getting closer, it hurts me more. I just wish I knew what was going on with him. The very last message I left him was asking about how tall he was and that I was curious to know what he was up to, he then replied he was driving and mentioned his height. I felt bad when he mentioned driving because I had been blowing up his phone asking that stupid question and he was driving. Even though he wasn’t tripping off of it like I was, I just texted sorry to which he replied asking why I was sorry? I told him because something could have happened to him thanks to me and thanks for telling me anyway. He never said anything back and the next day I just said hey and he never replied like he usually does. He also works long hours and I would always keep that in mind when I texted him knowing he would be tired or sleep. I just don’t know what to do anymore and I’m on the verge of crying my eyes out because I feel like I lost a friend!!! I don’t want to lose him, he is the best thing I ever had!

    1. Hi Alexis!

      Yes of course I still answer on this site. It’s my baby! Thank you for commenting. It sounds like he’s putting his work as his number one priority which is pretty much normal if he’s a workaholic Cancer man. He has things going on with him and it’s probably emotionally overwhelming for him which would cause him to pull away or seem cold. He probably isn’t doing it on purpose though sweetheart. If he asked you why sorry it’s because he doesn’t perceive there being a problem. He probably thinks that you’re overreacting or being overly emotional yourself. If he doesn’t come around when you ignore him then it means he’s not as invested in you as you thought. A Cancer man in love definitely pays his lady lots of attention and often will chase her. I think you should tell him EXACTLY how you feel and what you want. He will then have to decide what he wants and if you’re the one for him. Tell him what you need to say then back off. If he truly cares, he’ll reach out. If he doesn’t then you know he wasn’t on the same level you are.

      1. Hello Anna, anyone still replies on this site?

        I am a 24 years old Aquarian woman, met the cancer guy (21) on social media. He is a profession sport player, I sent him a DM first, it was just something he posted I was interested in and he suggested that we meet. He made promises to come see me but never showed up and I understood how busy he was. He after that ignored me which drove me crazy and got curious why would he do that after showing interest. I texted, called with no response and one day he was happy after his match, we finally met for the first time and we had sex, I slept over his place.

        He was so loving and showing affection when I was over, he treated me so well but myself I wasn’t yet emotional invested so everything didn’t make sense, I was there for sex. He was very shy and couldn’t even look at me directly at night. To cut it short:

        He offered to drop me off, asked if I can over for another night and wanted to rent me a place which was very scary coz I’m very independent. So a rejected all those but not in a rude way, I didn’t want him to think I’m after his money. But later, I gained feelings and tried to reach other. He ignored me until one day I shared my feelings with him.

        He asked for my pics and I sent them nudes, I’ve been doing that and he comments and promise me that we will meet, how he misses me, he wants me, he wants to fuck me and all that and I wanted that so bad, he knows I would give him anytime.

        He was overseas and we spoke everyday and he promised to meet with when he back. Few days before he comes back he ignored me, but still checked my WhatsApp status yet not responding to me text. I knew they were back and never texted him coz I was waiting for him to tell me, he did after few days back but in a cold way. I asked if he cab come to see me, he never responded, why did he tell me he was back than? He frustrates me, he is on and off. So I decided to tell him how I feel about him and he read it and never responded. I felt played and used, coz why would he want me and drop me like that?

        I deleted my social media’s coz I’m trying to heal from it but truth is I love him, and want him only. I’m feeling better and now decided to also go quiet. I’m praying to hear from him one day, but he is the most inconsistent person I’ve never met, I get attracted to guys who don’t fully give me attention I don’t know why. I feel like he used the fact that I love him to get what he wants from me, like nudes, entertainment and security because WTF?

        1. Hi Aquahun!

          I hate to say it but it sounds like everything was sexually driven. If you were sending him nudes and the two of you were talking about sex a lot, it turned into that type of relationship rather than a loving and lasting one. Yes, Cancer men enjoy nudes but if you’re trying to be in a relationship with him, sending those pics will give him the impression that it’s a sexual thing. That’s why he’s on and off. I don’t blame you for deleting social media. I am so sorry you went through this sweetheart. Maybe with time, he’ll reach out and want more but if he does, don’t do sexual stuff. It will force him to reveal his true intention. Sending you healing love!

  17. First time in 34 years (including the toddler time) that I ever feel the need to ask for advice. English is not my language, so bear with me through my casual mistakes. 🙂

    However, I am a Scorpio (Leo Rising) with all walls up, being constantly afraid that by bringing them down, I may get hurt by this cancer guy (cancer rising).
    He wanted to meet me for 2 weeks. We have a common friend.. I refused and was pretty sarcastic about it. But… first night we met was the night he stayed at my home, followed by another one I stayed at his home over the night. Against my better judgement, I just could not refuse the crazy stupid attraction we had. It either IS magic, or it is all in my head. :)))

    We are much alike, but we are yet to know each other well… spend time and understand behaviors patterns.
    He used to be more interested in me before and during the weekend… but now, … it may be that I am all black and white, as I tend to be – but he’s checked out for an entire day. He was also not online at all on his mobile phone which is pretty weird. (not that I am a stalker, but wanted to check the dynamic there) .

    My issue is with how to handle communication with him.
    I know he was attracted by me being genuinely hard to get, but if I bring walls down- is it smart?
    Does he expect me to be nicer to him? I am usually a bit sarcastic in text and very warm in person. When I tried to be sweet in text he replied with ” how sweet ” which I find to be taking me for granted and not giving a shit on the message I tried to convey. so I brought walls high up again.

    He also texts a bit and then tells me he has something to do, so he ll reach out later. Later, with some random chat.. been 4 days and he did not mention any other day we should see each other…

    I just don t know if being sweet is ok, or being reserved is better , it is just too early to have these doubts… it actually feels pretty annoying.
    I used to date another cancer man in the past and he was stuck like glue to me… which seems to be something I actually like if it doesn’t destroy my social life.

    So, I am constantly afraid of losing control…
    What am I to do? 🙁

    I feel like I need to let him chase me in order to bring myself to trust that he means it. But you say he needs much attention as well… confusing.

    1. Hi Andre!

      Well… Cancer men can take things the wrong way as they are very sensitive so yes, if you are making sarcastic statements, he may see this as hurtful or disrespectful. If you are warm in person, that’s great. Try being sweet and flirty with him via text. I imagine this will make things very different. He does need someone to be gentle and warm with him. Now if you’re worried, I think you need to talk to him about it. Doing it gently will help. “I feel as though things may be falling apart with us because we don’t talk so much anymore. I miss you and would love to hear from you more.”… Yes, many Cancer men are “stuck like glue” with their mate but they’re not all the same. Also you CAN try the no talk thing. I’ve had women who have had success with that sort of thing. They stop chasing and suddenly the Cancer misses them and comes back around. Ask your gut which option is best. It will help you!

  18. Hi, I am a Scorpio female who has been seeing a Cancer male for about five months now. Things have been so wonderful as we are very much attracted to each other. He calls me daily….sometimes multiple times a day and we talk for hours. We also text frequently and see each other twice a week. He wants to take things really slow and is not ready for a committed relationship yet as he went through a messy divorce a couple years ago. His ex-wife really broke his heart and I know he’s afraid of being hurt again. He also has a four year old son with her that they share custody of. I have never met his friends or family, but his friends know about me. His son also knows about me because I will hear his son in the background asking who he is talking to and he will tell him he’s talking to me.

    We have grown very close and he knows my feelings for him as I have expressed them to him. We have both gotten emotional with each other. He also knows I want a relationship, but I know he can’t give that to me right now so I have made the decision to be patient and stick with him. He tells me to give him time because he really does like me and could possibly see a future with me. He also told me that he values our friendship and even if we don’t work out romantically he would always want to remain friends and keep in contact. I want the same as his friendship is special to me.

    The thing is…..everything had been going well up until now. I have been very sick and we haven’t been able to see each other in almost a month, but he still called me daily to check on me and see how I’m doing. He said he could not wait for me to get better so we could see each other again. All of a sudden though he has gone silent. No word from him in almost four days now. Today marks the fourth day. My texts go unanswered. This is very unlike him and I am worried that something has happened to him. Or maybe he is just ignoring me. I just don’t understand why as we haven’t had an argument unless something is going on in his personal life. He has told me before multiple times that he would never just ghost me as he knows I’ve had this done to me in the past and how much it hurt me. In my last text to him I basically told him if he needed space that was fine and that I would respect his wishes, but to please at least let me know that he was ok because I care about him. Still no reply. I am genuinely concerned and worried about him. Maybe he’s met someone else since I’ve been sick and while that would hurt, I’d rather just know because at least then I’d know he was ok. I am just so confused and hurt right now and miss him terribly.

    1. Hi CoraRose!

      I don’t think he would have met someone and ghosted you. I think something is going on in his life that he is trying to deal with and isn’t ready to talk to you about it yet. Cancer men get overwhelmed easily and so if he’s feeling that way for some reason, he’s trying to get himself together and regain his focus. I think I’d send one more text telling him that you’re there when he’s ready to talk. Then just leave him be. He will reach out to you when he’s feeling able and will let you know why he was not talking for days. Hang in there!

  19. Scorpio female seriously into a Cancer man. Found out something he was hiding from me and he cut off contact. My intuition is rarely wrong. Ex wife still has her address as his. She comes and goes but there is nothing between them otherwise. I know she hurt him bad. He got way pissed when i confronted him. Explained i understood and got how do you tell that to someone. Im an empath as well. Just feel he should have said something. Sex between us was something Ive never experienced. It wasnt just the physical, it was the energy and everything not spoken. Confronting was over a year ago and thru text. I still care for him. We were interested in each other long before anything happened. He was fine with having sex but thats all it would be after i found out. I cant and wont do that. He is still talkative at times but then goes into his shell. Told him a few months ago that i missed him and wanted to see him. He was fine with that until i said i had feelings. Silence again. Last month he msgs out of nowhere and mailed me something that i could use. Again, told him i missed him and had feelings. Talked for a day but the following day I reiterated the reason i told him about the feelings cuz i dont want to start anything back up without him knowing everything. Silence again. Am at the point where i will give him another week or 2 and then send him a video explanation. He is stubborn and needs to realize that me finding out the way i did was for the better. He only ever came over here. Had I went to his house to surprise him and she opened the door, was there or walked in, I would have instantly reacted and that would have ended up badly. Rationalizing and understanding was much better than my sting. Its to the point that it would be less painful for me if he just said he wants nothing to do with me. I give him his space cuz i know he needs it. Im just really at a loss. I dont even care that she comes and goes. I believe him when he says nothing is going on between them. But im so tired of hurting and being afraid to send him a msg on fb or text. He was told i hate being vulnerable and that he can crush me at anytime. Im at a loss …

    1. Hi Dumb! (you are not dumb btw)

      You two are on different pages. You’ve got to let time heal. He still has feelings for his ex or he wouldn’t react the way he has with you when you bring it up. He isn’t ready to deal with your feelings and by you telling him you hate being vulnerable and that he can crush you is kind of a guilt trip thing. That means he doesn’t want to do anything that would lead to this. He sets feelings aside and avoids. Space and time is all you can do here unless you want to try to move forward. Patience is the key ingredient. If you would like to know more, check out my books on Cancer man. They might help you more.

  20. Hi, I am a Virgo woman talking to a cancer man for about 5 months. He’s so hot and cold. We still haven’t seen each other in person. We live in the same town. I recently got out of a long relationship. We were talking and texting and I brought up an ex. He went silent after that. Will not respond to texts or anything. I tried apologizing, but nothing. I’m not used to someone being so emotional and sensitive. What can I do to get him to come back out of his shell? I did purchase all of your downloads to read but was out of the country when I did it and can’t figure out how to get back in there to read them.

    1. Hi Virgoinlove,

      Yes well, Cancer men are absolutely emotional and sensitive. They are also very moody. This is a conflict that Virgo & Cancer can have. They aren’t on the same page sometimes which things difficult for the two. I would talk to him like normal and act like it never was said. You already apologized so it’s not like that’s going to get you any further by apologizing again and why in the world should you even have to? He must have issues of his own he hasn’t shared with you yet. Just try to “check in” with him with a simple “hey, you alright?”. If he responds then you two can talk. If he doesn’t then give him more time then try again. If it’s still no then he’s probably pulled out. If you need more helpful pointers, check out my books on Cancer Man Secrets.

  21. I have been dating this cancer man a little over a month. He said he really likes me, I have met some of his friends and even some of his family members. However, there are things in his life that he says is stressing him out and he doesn’t know how to handle it. He asked me did I want to go out with him and I said yes and when the day came and I was confirming, I didn’t hear anything back from him when I texted him. Since, he hasn’t called me or texted me. We are friends on Facebook and Instagram. I am not sure if he doesn’t like me anymore or just needs space. We haven’t argued or anything so, I am confused and I am hurt.

  22. I have been dating this cancer man a little over a month. He said he really likes me, I have met some of his friends and even some of his family members. However, there are things in his life that he says is stressing him out and he doesn’t know how to handle it. He asked me did I want to go out with him and I said yes and when the day came and I was confirming, I didn’t hear anything back from him when I texted him. Since, he hasn’t called me or texted me. We are friends on Facebook and Instagram. I am not sure if he doesn’t like me anymore or just needs space. We haven’t argued or anything so, I am confused and I am hurt. What should I so?

    1. Hi Keirka!

      It sounds like he’s really struggling with things in his life and has a hard time focusing on much. I think you need to give him some time to sort himself out. I think he likes you but just cannot handle dating right now. Try being friendly with him and hold off on trying to make it more. He really needs to get himself together then he’ll be more ready to date. If you need to know more about Cancer men, check out my book Cancer Man Secrets.

  23. I can’t believe I’m asking for advice but here goes. The cancer guy in my life just lost his mom two months ago (3 months after we met). He’s been in his hometown for a while now resolving some issues and I’ve tried to be supportive as best as I can be. At the same time I always wondered if I was what he needed right now so I asked him if he still wanted me in his life and he said yes but I don’t think I truly believed him. We don’t talk as much but the last time we did (a week ago), he reiterated his interest and I said would like us to communicate more often to which he said yes. Then silence for 3 days. Then I contacted and let him know of this isn’t what he wants he should let me know. No reply. A couple of days later I called him. He picked up but asked if he could call me back. It’s been 4 days. I texted asking if he was alright or if I offended him with my text, no reply. Ghosting doesn’t seem like the kind of thing he would do but I’m also confused by his behavior. I’ve given him the opportunity to end things more than once but he doesn’t take them so the silence is confusing. He’s 38 so I expect him to be able to communicate if he needs space. Should I just cut my losses? This all seems emotionally manipulative/abusive.

    1. Hi Anastasia!

      My condolences for your Cancer guy’s loss. That must have been really difficult and emotional for him. This loss will make him back and forth sweetheart. This will make him be hot and cold. Be patient with him. Too much on a Cancer man’s heart will cause him to be erratic and unpredictable. I think he does like you and wants more but has to be tippy top shape to give you the attention you want from him. I think he’s overwhelmed with his life and Cancer men go into their shells to cope until they’re ready to be more outgoing again. Stick it out sweetheart. Check on him and see how he’s doing. If you want to know more about the Cancer man, check out my books on Cancer Man Secrets.

  24. I (aquarius) met a cancer guy at work over 10 years ago. We immediately hit it off and were FWB for a while (i had just ended an abusive relationship) we went our separate ways amicably and I then got into a long term relationship. Over the 10+ years I’ve been with my partner, this cancer man has contacted me every year to saw if I would see him but I’d obviously say no. He recently found me again and this time my husband and I were going through a divorce so I agreed to see him. The connection was profound and its like we were right back where we started all those years ago. But then my anxiety kicked in. I started to get nervous and feel guilty and I would pull away and then ask to see him again. I did this twice (he was not happy about it) then decided for good I wanted to keep seeing him. While texting I made a stupid comment in response to him saying he will see me in a few years since he just got a ps5. I said alright ill find someone else closer to home (he lives 2 hours away) . I wasn’t serious at all but now he is ignoring me… I dont know what to do! I want to see him and I feel like he just thinks I’m a big ball of drama 🙁

    1. Hi Amanda!

      If you think there is a real connection with him then you need to be totally honest. Tell him the truth of how you feel and tell him you were only joking with your last comment. Tell him you’re not a drama queen, you’re just afraid of losing him. He’ll appreciate that and may actually want to try with you. If you don’t speak up though, it won’t happen. If you need more tips, check out my guides on Cancer Man Secrets. I wish you all the best!

  25. I have been having a fwb relationship for 3 years with a guy who like me is widowed. We met 7 yrs ago walking our dogs. My husband died first and his wife 3 years ago. He was honest that the he didn’t want anything serious. I moved a couple of miles away in June last year and we have still been seeing each other. I messaged him 4 days ago to arrange a meeting and he hasn’t responded this isn’t his normal behaviour. He is Cancerian me Libra. Do I contact him ask if something is wrong or perhaps has he decided to end it. Your advice would be helpful we are both 70years

    1. Hi Elaine!

      Yes, I think you should reach out and ask if he’s alright. Tell him you’re worried and if there is anything you can do to help that you will. If he’s been going through something then he may actually respond and tell you all about it. If he wants to end it, he will fess up. Cancer men don’t like being the bearer of bad news because they don’t want anything to think poorly of them. I think once you ask, he won’t want to worry you more so he’ll get back to you. Give it a try and I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  26. so I met this Cancer guy this december 2021 which happens to be my guy bestfriend’s older brother. he invited me to his place and show his plants. as the conversation goes on he grabs my waist and pull me closer to him telling me sorry if I am quick but i really like you and when youre with me no ones gonna harm you. to my suprise i told him why he was like that harassing me like that. he kept trying to bed me over but i dont let him win. he even kissing me passionately. to cut the story short he fetch me back home and said ilove you. i ididnt respond back. just say thank you for fetching me home. we exchange text everyday and talk about the 1st time we meet .

    and we arrange to meet again in my day off and this time i already slept with him .the attraction was so strong and it was love at first sight. fast forward we met the 2nd time around he ask me about what age do i like to have kids and in case we havent been work things out are we still gonna be friends with him and his brotha. and i said yes ofcourse.

    3rd time around while we were cuddling each other he said if we could be friends with benefits just like in other countries that were so practical. to my sadness he immediately notice it to my facial expression and said why are you sad? i just shift the conversation to i really like your eyes but deep inside im hurt. he also knows that i had a bf offering me going to australia but already refuse to now because hes the one im choosing.

    fast forward hes not in the mood this feb this year bcoz hes stuck 21 days in a hotel quarantine before he goes to his work . hes a seafarer. 9 days of no contact. so i let him come over me. on the 9th day he message me. “on march 4 ill be leaving the philippines” i responded coldly and he was joking over the christmas gift he promise me that he cant remember to bring whenever we’re meeting. just to make me feel good but im still cold in my replies. then i lashed out to him telling him i dont like the way he talks to me ignored me for days then chat that seems he didnt ignore me. also i pour out what i feel about the the gift he always forgetto bring. i told him im having tantrumpts over him. he explains that hes not a great texter and then hes phone its so hard to touch. but i still dont stop and even told him thats what you’re attitide now i know then to my suprise he break things off with me

    if this friendship is not healthy anymore lets cut this friendship but before that ill send you the gifft i promise you and ill pay for the money you loss when were in networking. im saying sorry if i had offended him but he refuse to accept my apology. hes wanting me to stop whining over i told him i like him so much then he said thank you. the 2 next days of not talking to each other ive found out that he unfriended me now on fb. im so sad. on march 6 he accept my follow request on instagram which i had did before things mess up. he views my instagram story once.

    its been 3 weeks now since the last time the arguement we had. i dont know what steps to take either ask him how he was and apologize or just wait for him to approach me again. i dont want to loose him. please help me what to so confuse

    1. Scorpio woman involved with Cancer man. We’ve been friends for a long time. He got married and we lost contact. Recently he found me, told me his marriage had ended and we started seeing each other. His marriage ended badly and he co parents his son with his ex, meaning along with his job he’s very busy and so times where he’s available has reduced, as has text communication.

      I’ve been very supportive, to the point where i feel i may be coming across as clingy, which has made him pull away. Unfortunately my suspicious Scorpio side means I’ve now convinced myself he’s no longer interested and is seeing someone else. I have loved this man for a very long time and cannot bear the thought of losing him. What do i do?

  27. fast forward hes not in the mood this feb this year bcoz hes stuck 21 days in a hotel quarantine before he goes to his work . hes a seafarer. 9 days of no contact. so i let him come over me. on the 9th day he message me. “on march 4 ill be leaving the philippines” i responded coldly and he was joking over the christmas gift he promise me that he cant remember to bring whenever we’re meeting. just to make me feel good but im still cold in my replies. then i lashed out to him telling him i dont like the way he talks to me ignored me for days then chat that seems he didnt ignore me. also i pour out what i feel about the the gift he always forgetto bring. i told him im having tantrumpts over him. he explains that hes not a great texter and then hes phone its so hard to touch. but i still dont stop and even told him thats what you’re attitide now i know then to my suprise he break things off with me

    if this friendship is not healthy anymore lets cut this friendship but before that ill send you the gifft i promise you and ill pay for the money you loss when were in networking. im saying sorry if i had offended him but he refuse to accept my apology. hes wanting me to stop whining over i told him i like him so much then he said thank you. the 2 next days of not talking to each other ive found out that he unfriended me now on fb. im so sad. on march 6 he accept my follow request on instagram which i had did before things mess up. he views my instagram story once.

    its been 3 weeks now since the last time the arguement we had. i dont know what steps to take either ask him how he was and apologize or just wait for him to approach me again. i dont want to loose him. please help me what to so confuse




    1. Hi Princess!

      Ok so slowing it down to FWB means not acting like you’re in a committed relationship. If you act like you’re more when you’re around him or talking to him; he’s feeling pressured and doesn’t think it’s a good idea anymore. He thinks you feel more and he doesn’t want that right now. That’s why he’s telling you not to hurt yourself. I see this happen a lot with clients. Never agree to downgrade because you have no say in his life anymore. Do not use your best friend either. I’m sure that wouldn’t be appreciated. You cannot reconcile love with someone who doesn’t want it. All you can do is let go and do the no contact thing. If he does actually feel love for you then he will return. If anything, check out this blog I wrote as it may give you more helpful hints. I wish you all the best.

  29. Scorpio woman involved with Cancer man. We’ve been friends for a long time. He got married and we lost contact. Recently he found me, told me his marriage had ended and we started seeing each other. He has opened up to me about his life, his childhood etc so i do feel emotionally connected to him. His marriage ended badly and he co parents his son with his ex, meaning along with his job he’s very busy and so times where he’s available have recently reduced, as has text communication.

    I’ve been very supportive, to the point where i feel i may be coming across as clingy, which has made him pull away. Unfortunately my suspicious Scorpio side means I’ve now convinced myself he’s no longer interested and is seeing someone else. I have loved this man for a very long time and cannot bear the thought of losing him. What do i do?

  30. My cancer man was good in all ways until I had a fight with him and told him that he was a liar because he had done some suspicious things that made me conclude that
    I apologized twice and first he said it’s ok and we should talk but after a fee hours in the same day he refused to talk and texted me that there is no need for any phone calls and he understood what happened and he knew it’s ok and told me to see u soon
    What should I do ?

  31. I am a Gemini women, met a Cancer male about 2 months ago. The first 2 weeks was next to being in heaven. He took such good care of me on our date. Texting me if I wanted to wake up next to him. Sex was amazing. On a Saturday morning he text me that a family member had passed. I told him to deal with that and I will be here. No pressure right. Later that Saturday I went to get my hair done which I told him the previous night of my appointment. The thing is we live in each others back yard. He has full vision of when my truck is parked or not. When I pull out I can see his truck. So I slept after my appointment thinking he is dealing with the death of his cousin. He texted me asking how my hair turned out, then left a message that he just passed m place. When I responded he accused me of being distant and not responding to him. I told him it’s not just him I can’t respond to anyone when I’m asleep, plus He had a family situation. He then told me I don’t chase no women. I said do what’s best for you cause I don’t argue and don’t understand what he is talking about. We didn’t speak for a week, I texted him that I missed him. Is been now 4 weeks, sometime he says he thinks about me. The things that gets me is that he text when he see my truck gone asking where I’m at in so many words. Then he is silent for days when I answer him. He texts me “Good morning beautiful”. I respond sometimes he text back and at time nothing from him, like he wants to know I’m there. I have taken to stand on texting him first telling him I miss him with hopes he will give up this mess. He eithers leaves me on red, no nothing. But the other day I felt I’m going to run into him, and sure enough we hit the corner, face to face. He literally ran the stop sign to get behind me. I played it off as if I didn’t see him as he was blowing. I turned into my complex. By the time I go into my apartment, there was a text from him. I said I was paying attention sorry I didn’t see you. Mind you he left me on read 3 days prior. Now nothing again from him. The short period of time we were together, he told me his son’s mom sent him through a lot. He said is 23 year old son told him he doesn’t need to date. I’m confused as these other ladies o how t deal with him. My other Gemini is telling me to block him and move on cause I feel like I’m being played. The kind Gemini is telling me he really wants you just give him time. Why the yo, yo of games with his man. We are grown grown adults I wouldn’t think it be like this. HHHHEEELLLP!

    1. Dear Confusedkey,
      Both of you are a mystery to the other one. You’re curious about each other and are dying to find out more. You find one another fascinating. You’re full of energy, always on the go, asking questions and figuring them out. You’re full of life and extremely sociable which is such a different pace from Cancer.Cancer couldn’t be more different if he tries. He is emotional, reserved, and sensitive. He keeps to himself and is rather introverted; it’s much easier staying in the safety of his own shell than making himself vulnerable to the world.
      Both your personalities are very complex, it’s no wonder you’re keen to learn more about one another. It’s deeply fascinating having a partner so vastly dissimilar because it always keeps the two of you on your toes!
      Tell him what you’ve noticed and ask him how he sees this relationship going.
      If you don’t get a straight answer from him, disappear for a while. Focus on yourself. When time elapses if he really cares for you, he will return to talk. I hope this makes sense sweetheart. 

  32. I’m a 52 Taurus female seeing a 41 Cancer Male. He is single with 4 young kids and has 3 businesses. We’ve been seeing each other over a year now. We are like twin flames soulmates but he has a lot going on in his life. We live 2/3 hours away from each other so we only get to see each other once or twice a week. Right now he told me he still wants to see me but he can’t commit or do serious because it’s not fair to me due to so much going on in his life. When I mention moving on he doesn’t seem to want that. He seems to do this every time we get closer. My gut tells me to hang on while he works through or he could be testing me. I just don’t know what to do

    1. Dear Dina,
      When a Cancer man is serious about you there are no guessing games needing to happen on your part. It will be very clear what his intentions are with you. You will feel his love and affection and there will be no doubt in your mind about where you stand with him.
      He will be extremely affectionate with you and prioritize your presence in his life. A Cancer man that is serious about you will be open and extremely vulnerable with you.
      He will let you know how he feels about you and he will be very clear about what his intentions are moving forward. The place you have in his future won’t be something you have to doubt or be worried about. If he doesn’t want to move on, then perhaps he needs space to reflect on his situation and contemplate his next move. Don’t be impatient with him, because if you start acting needy, he will slowly lose interest. Cancer men are very slow to commit. They take their time and make sure that they are committing to the right person. The last thing he wants to do is have his heart broken and this is why he goes at a snail’s pace. Don’t take it personally. Love & Light!

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