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What To Do When A Cancer Man Ignores You – Why Is He Distant?

It’s so frustrating when you’re thinking that you’re headed somewhere special with your Cancer guy only to have him pull back. Why would he do this? What to do when a Cancer man ignores you? Here are top reasons why he is doing that.

Maybe things have gone too far too fast

Cancer men know better than to move too quickly. However, sometimes he gets so excited that he cannot contain himself so he jumps right into something he should wait on.

This means he could dive right into a relationship with you and he doesn’t know enough about you to really be sure that you’re the right one. He’ll feel overwhelmed at some point then feel the need to cool things off a bit.

This would make him pull back a little bit but not likely for good. He could wait for you to text or call him first in order for him to respond. Also, he may wait before he replies to you.

When possible, take it nice and easy. If things went to fast then slow them back down just a tad bit and you’ll find things may run a bit smoother for the two of you.

He Wants Some Space

Maybe your Cancer man is trying to get some space between the two of you so that he doesn’t make any more mistakes. He wants to put the brakes on and try to get to know you over time but he knows that you’re excited and may not want to slow back down.

This would make him feel awkward and not know what the right thing to do is. Sometimes the Cancer man will back up far enough that he’ll suggest being friends first and trying to go forward from there.

Naturally, this will leave any woman confused as heck as to why he’d be hot and start something then suddenly becomes distant or starts to ignore you. He’s not firing on all cylinders and isn’t sure how to proceed. He’s confused.

He Might Not Know How You Feel

If the Cancer man is interested in you, but for whatever reason he thinks you aren’t as into him, he may pull back. This is why it’s important to always let Cancer man know you have feelings for him.

He isn’t going to waste too much time on trying to cultivate a romance with someone who isn’t as into it as he is thus he starts to become icy or backs out completely.

If you haven’t yet told your Cancer guy what you feel, you may want to consider doing so. That will prevent him from backing away due to not being sure whether or not you’re into him.

Don’t give him a reason to become cold or reserved. He’s a very warm man and will remain so when he knows that the woman he’s into is for him and him only.

Be brave and let him know what is important to you so that you don’t lose him. He has to know where you’re coming from, what your needs are, and what will be best to work through your bumpy patch.

He’s Perhaps Upset With You

Naturally, there is always a chance he may be upset with you for some reason and so he gives you the silent treatment. With Cancer man gone quiet; can show you he’s upset and that clearly you need to do some groveling.

He’s one that wants to tell you what you did wrong so that you don’t repeat the process and also so you can apologize to him. He gets hurt feelings very easily as he is sensitive.

If he pulls back out of nowhere then it’s probably something that you did that maybe you’re not aware of. It may be best to give him time to cool off then ask him what happened. Tell him you can’t fix it if he doesn’t tell you.

That should rattle him enough to speak up. It’s not good for either of you to hold feelings in. Communication should always be worked on between you two if you want it to last. This is what to do when Cancer man ignores you.

When Cancer man acts distant, you’ve got to rattle him a bit. If you ignore him or try the “tit for tat” method, you will fail. He won’t like it and he will just go ahead and let you go.

While you want to give him some space, you also want to ask him what went wrong and what you can do to make it up to him if it was in fact your fault. He can’t expect you to fix what you don’t know is wrong.

Remind him of that and you’ll have a better chance at making it work and getting him to come out of his comfort zone at the same time. He needs to be able to totally open up and trust you.

Maybe He’s Lost Interest In You

One of the other reasons Cancer man is acting distant or icing you out is that he’s decided there is something about you that doesn’t sit well with him. It doesn’t mean you’re flawed or a bad person.

It just means he’s looking for something specific and if you haven’t got it, he’d let go and move on. Sometimes he may do this without saying much in hopes it will just fizzle out without having to officially break it off.

He doesn’t like confrontation at all so he generally isn’t good with breakups. He’d rather ignore a woman and let it work itself out over time. It takes the pressure off him even if it is a coward’s way out.

If he lost interest in you or doesn’t see a future with you, he’ll for sure back off and you’ll hear very little, if anything, from him. It really sucks and it isn’t fair but he’d rather it die out on its own natural way than to be honest and tell you face to face.

Giving it a few weeks and you should be able to tell which of these options may hold true. He’ll either periodically contact you, he’ll come back fully, or he’ll never be heard from again.

Either of these will give you an idea of where his head is at. Of course, you may try just flat out asking him what is going on and if things are still good between you. Give him a little space but don’t let go.

Should You Let Him Go?

You may be asking yourself “with Cancer man ignoring me, what are you my options?”  Leave or try your best to get through to him? What will I do with our relationship?

After a few weeks, if he still hasn’t straightened up, you may have to work at letting go of him. Cancer knows fairly quickly whether or not someone is going to be the one to last through time.

As such, he’ll back up when he feels he’s jumped too quickly but he’ll also back up if he thinks that maybe the woman he likes isn’t entirely what he’s looking for. His moods can play a role in any of this as well so be aware.

With a Cancer man gone quiet, there is most definitely a reason. You will have to decide what you feel intuitively. What does your gut tell you when you think of your love for him? That’s what you have to trust ultimately. 


The Cancer man acting distant means that he’s not right with his emotions whether that has anything to do with you or if it’s just his own insecurities; he’s just doing what comes natural to him. He withdraws into his crabby shell.

It’s a protective maneuver. Eventually he has to face his feelings though and find a way to make his life work. Luckily with Cancer man, going quiet for him doesn’t last long. He’s too outgoing to shut himself off for any length of time.

Naturally, it may help you to know more about the Cancer man so that you’re able to read him easier going forward. Click here if you would like to learn all that you can about this complicated Cancer guy.

Cancer men are totally loving but they for sure have emotional sides as well. Learn who he is!

If you still wonder what to do when a Cancer man ignores you, then you need to read my new book called Cancer Man Secrets. There you’ll find everything about your special Cancer guy.

Did your Cancer man ignore you but you brought him out of his shell? What worked for you? Please tell me!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. The cancer I was seeing kept telling me he was in love with me and loves me now he’s not talking, keeps cutting me dead blocking unblocking he’s messed my head up big time.

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