Cancer Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility – How You Match?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
At the beginning, Cancer Man and Taurus Woman may feel its love at first sight. However, there are some obstacles they will need to overcome...Keep reading.

Cancer men are part of the first water sign of the Zodiac. These sensitive souls emphasize their deep capacity for love, concern, and the ability to give nearly endlessly. 

They are unlike any other men as they are firmly in touch with their softer side. He’s a man that won’t hesitate to reach out to check on those he values, and his capacity for caring is nearly unfathomable. He’s unlike most men and this is what makes him so incredibly special.

The Taurus woman will absolutely adore the Cancer man, as he knows exactly how to meet her needs and give her what she wants in a relationship. This romance has the potential to be incredibly strong. 

These two are definitely made for each other and love being together. It doesn’t really get any better than this. This is a relationship that is absolutely love at first sight. 

A Taurus woman and a Cancer man are made for each other. They may have their ups and downs, but for the most part, this relationship can only go from strength to strength.

Are you in this coupling? And are you interested in figuring out the formula of how to make this relationship golden? Then keep on reading to find out more about what you need to make this relationship last forever. 

The Cancer Man – A Nurturing Caretaker

The Cancer man is an incredible partner because of his natural intuition and sensitivity. These guys are ruled by the Moon, and so the changeable, soft, internal processes of the Moon is where the Cancer man can thrive. This world can be quite tough for him, but with the right woman, he can soar to new heights.  

The Moon is a motherly planet linked heavily with the ocean, and so qualities of water and that which is hidden live within him. Sure, this may be unusual for a man, but we need more men who are this sensitive.

Cancer men may struggle to put their emotions and inner state of being into words as it is so unacceptable for men to be this way according to society. 

They understand the world in such an emotional way that words can fail to describe the feelings within them. As a result, he can be quiet and introspective in general. This man is most definitely shy and introverted.

The Cancer man is highly changeable and can often be quite moody. The tone of the room can shift suddenly when his mood changes, but others may not realize that the change came from him. 

The smallest glance, ignored text, or gentle kiss can change the way that he presents himself at that moment. All of this can happen without others realizing the shift. He is extremely sensitive and sometimes he might take this too far.

Cancer men defend themselves and their loved ones to the end. He is fiercely protective and nothing and no one will ever hurt the ones they love. 

The Cancer man’s attractive power lies in his sweet and attentive nature. He’s unlike any other man. He’ll attract those who are wounded or who need shelter and he usually has no issue providing the care that they need. 

He can be the most nurturing man a woman has ever met, and that’s how they become addicted to his energy.

The Taurus Woman – Sensual Seduction

The Taurus woman is the embodiment of solid, stable Earth energy. She is Mother Earth personified and her sensuality oozes from every pore of her being. Her Earth Goddess roots have empowered her with great beauty, grace, and style. 

Being ruled by Venus, the Taurus woman is obviously feminine and graceful. She has all the qualities a man could ever want in a woman. She has wit and a great sense of humor, which serve her well in the dating game. Men just absolutely love being around her.

Taurus women gravitate towards the finer things in life. They love to indulge their senses and get as much pleasure out of life as possible. Their taste is impeccable when it comes to food, clothes, scents, and men. 

They know their worth and they don’t take anything less than what they deserve. These women hold their ground in their opinions and know what they want in life.

Trying to change the nature of a Taurus woman is like trying to move a sitting bull. It’s just not going to happen! She is who she is, and no one is going to change that about her. Taurus women stand firm in their convictions and aren’t impressed by cheap methods used to stray her attention away from what’s real. She has a very good detector for nonsense.

Taurus women, being ruled by Venus, need healthy doses of pleasure every day. This can range from high-quality chocolates and comfortable blankets to slow and deeply pleasurable sexual encounters. 

She’s unlikely to have sex with just anyone… As I said, she knows what she deserves. She knows she can’t just give a good thing away. She’d much rather have sex with herself than give it to someone who is less than deserving.

Her ability to entice men with her quiet, feminine allure is intoxicating. Her secret power is drawing men to her with her subtle nature that leaves them wanting more. She’s not the most noticeable girl in the room, but she is usually the most sought after all the same.

Cancer Man And Taurus Woman 2022 Compatibility

Act fast in 2022 if you want to take full advantage of the positive energy in store for Cancer men and Taurus women! Cancer and Taurus are two signs away from each other, which means that all positive transits will affect them both simultaneously.

I’ve noticed in my time as an Astrological Relationship Consultant that there is a high correlation between the placement of Jupiter in the chart of a woman and the type of man she attracts. While Jupiter is in the fellow water sign of Pisces, there is a good chance for a connection between the Taurus woman and the Cancer man.

Jupiter is a planet representing the husband in a woman’s chart, so the Taurus woman would be most likely to connect with a Cancer male while Jupiter is in Pisces because it creates a positive aspect to Cancer. Jupiter will be in Pisces until May 11th and then from October 28th again until December 20th.

Venus represents the wife in the chart of a man, so a period where Venus is in Cancer (the month of July and a bit of August in 2022) is the time when a Taurus woman can best attract a Cancer man. However, your ability to attract anyone will peak when Venus is in your own sign of Taurus, from May 29th to June 23rd.

A Taurus woman can more easily attract a long-term partner from October 24th to November 16th.

Cancer’s ability to give love effectively is most potent during periods where Scorpio energy is present. The Sun is in Scorpio from October 24th to November 22nd. Venus enters the sign of Scorpio from October 24th to November 16th. This combination of two positive planets in the sign that enhances your ability to show love is good news for Cancer men!

The Cancer Man And Taurus Woman: Intellect and Communication

There is truly a beautiful intellectual connection between the Cancer man and Taurus woman. These two individuals think quite similarly and are on the same page with most things. 

There is a simple understanding they share which makes it incredibly easy to get along in the relationship. And of course, it helps that both of them have very similar interests. 

The thing with Cancer and Taurus is that they are both home bodies and introverts. They usually enjoy spending time at home doing things like cooking, gardening, or making art. 

They have so many similar interests and this is what helps them click so well. There are endless things they can talk about and this just makes it so much easier for them to see eye to eye on everything. 

These two are quite emotional and empathetic people, so they can really share their feelings and be heard by the other person. This is extremely important to them both, as they each need to be with someone who is kind and compassionate.

The Cancer Man And Taurus Woman: Physical Chemistry

The Cancer man and Taurus woman have a beautiful connection together; there is quite an intense passion between you and your Cancer lover. You definitely know how to amp up the intimacy and seduce each other. 

This connection can bring you both great pleasure, and you find a deeper meaning in your relationship when you can explore it sexually. Both of you are quite affectionate and need strong physical intimacy to sustain a healthy relationship. There is nothing better than what the two of you get to experience in the bedroom.

However, commitment is really important for you both and you two are not the types to indulge in a one-night stand or a short-term fling. You need to know that you can trust the person you are sleeping with, or else you don’t really see the point. It is very helpful that you both feel this way. 

Together you can be really soft and sensual as you explore the language of each other’s bodies. The love you share is deep and affectionate, and the two of you just love being so close to one another.

This connection serves as a strong foundation for your sexual relationship. The two of you can easily merge your sensitivities with the passionate side of the union. Your bedroom antics are soft and sensual, yet deep, intense, and intimate. Sex is a bonding experience for you both and this is something you both yearn for in a relationship.

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The Cancer Man And Taurus Woman: Shared Values and Interests

When they first fall in love, they are starry-eyed. They truly believe that they’ve found “the one” in each other. The Cancer man finally found a woman who will be all his, all of the time. This couple sure likes commitment and spending copious amounts of time together.

The Taurus woman finally found a man that will treat her with the love and respect she’s always craved. She wants to be with a man who is happy to always have her around. The two understand that they can give each other a love that will last a lifetime. These two are definitely meant for each other.

Since they are both sweethearts to everyone they meet, they will come off as a very loving couple that everyone likes to be around. They can prove to be an amazing example for those that are watching and taking notes.

These two both desire to create a family and raise children. This is something that connects them in a very deep way. They see eye to eye. They are also both on the jealous side, so it’s not likely either will stray from one another.

Each of these two may require some solitude from time to time. Since they understand this about each other, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. They both know that the other will come home to them and all will be well.

The trust level once built will become incredibly strong with them. It will take a while to get there and they’ll have to overcome some problems first but they absolutely can succeed.

The Cancer man will benefit from the Taurus woman’s ability to stay calm and patient. In return, a Taurus woman will get all the love she could ever ask for from her Cancer guy.

Cancer Man And Taurus Woman: Love Compatibility

It really doesn’t get any better than this with your Cancer man. The relationship with your Cancer honey is pretty much what you have been looking for your whole life.

This union just works and the two of you click like no other. The two of you have so many similarities, and this is what makes it simply easy for you two to fall in love. Both of you are compassionate, nurturing, kind, and generous. In all honesty, you and Cancer are some of the sweetest people there are. 

Together you can be very comfortable and your Cancer probably feels like home to you. It is just so easy to be in his presence. There is nothing better than feeling like you can be yourself with someone.  

This relationship takes the cake when it comes to passion, romance, and sensuality and this creates a feeling of deep love and trust. Both of you are looking for commitment and a love that can last a lifetime. You both want something long-term. Neither of you are interested in casual dating. 

Taurus and Cancer, this is a match made in heaven. The two of you make one of the strongest and most enduring couples around. You both thrive off of stability and security. There is nothing better for either of you than the comfort you get from being in the arms of a lover.

This relationship is wonderfully romantic and very sensual. The two of you understand each other deeply and the love you share is quite tender and special. As individuals, you both crave emotional and material security. You each like the idea of being able to provide and take care of your families. 

This is why the two of you work so well together, you have the same drive and motivation in life. This makes you a mean team! Settling down and starting a family is something you both strive for. The two of you value dependability and loyalty, qualities you share and find in one another.

As a couple you make the best of friends, and the strongest of lovers. Being in a relationship with one another feels like coming home. The two of you are extremely loving and supportive when you feel safe. 

You are both introverts and love spending time at home together. Comfort is key for the two of you. So, don’t be surprised if you build a cozy love nest. This connection is built on friendship first and foremost. Love and trust grow with time; neither of you are likely to rush into a commitment. Slow and steady wins the race and prevents a crash and burn.

This relationship is pretty much perfect, but conflicts may arise from time to time. Taurus, you can get quite comfortable in your routine and refuse to adapt and change. Your determination is what makes you so special, but it can also make you quite stubborn. Be more open to new experiences.

Cancer is very flexible and doesn’t mind compromising. So, it is important that he expresses the way he feels when he is unhappy. He doesn’t want his emotions to lead to resentments if he notices that you, Taurus, aren’t changing from your own accord. The two of you need to be mindful and remember to be open and honest in your communication.

Friendship Score: 9/10

This is a friendship that feels like family, and vice versa. You are both looking for security in all your relationships, so you really know how to look after each other. You have so many shared interests and a natural camaraderie that makes it so easy to get along. 

Both of you are very sensitive people and you need a friend like one another. It is important to have people who understand you like this. You need similar things in life, which makes it super easy to understand one another and with one another it seems so effortless. 

The best thing about this friendship is that the two of you can really depend on one another. You are both super stable and reliable and do your best to maintain the peace and harmony in the friendship. You want the best for one another, and will support each other until the end. This friendship can last forever and is unlikely to go anywhere. 

Relationship Score: 10/10

Taurus, this is one of the best relationships you could ever have; nothing comes close to what the two of you have. You and your Cancer are pretty much made for each other. 

You are very similar individuals with the same kind of outlook on life – this is what makes it so easy for the two of you to get along with one another. There is a special ease the two of you share. 

There is a special bond that is created when you both see how nurturing, sensitive, and reliable each other is. You approach life in such a similar way which creates a beautiful relationship foundation. 

You will quickly notice that being with your Cancer is the safe haven you have always been looking for, and they recognize this in you too. This love is real and can last a lifetime. It really doesn’t get better than this, Taurus.

Soulmate Score: 9.5/10

If you’re wondering whether or not these two are Soulmates, yes, the Cancer man with Taurus woman Soulmate connection is very real. They’re as close as it gets. 

Soulmates are something of choice and these two choose each other most definitely. They feel very close and very in tune with each other once they get comfortable enough.

They satisfy each other in and out of bed. They are a united front to be reckoned with and will form a very healthy family life. It really doesn’t get better than this. 

This connection will keep repeating and coming together as these two people are meant to be with each other. It is as simple as that. 

Marriage Score: 9/10

Since these two are such a fabulous mix, they are likely to end up being married. The Cancer man and Taurus woman’s marriage is one to treasure. They’re very warm and cozy with one another.

As husband and wife, they’re likely to have a really respectful, loving, and trusting union. Once more, they will also make tremendous parents that teach discipline, hard work, and true love.

These parents will be in love with their children for sure. They will also have a very high likelihood of staying in love with each other for many years to come as long as they can work through their issues.

The Cancer Man And Taurus Woman: Sexual Chemistry

Because the connection you share is really deep, you can only imagine how amazing the sex is. The two of you are incredibly sensual and romantic. You and your Cancer are both the type of people who express your feelings through intimate touch and like to give your partner pleasure. 

Both of you are quite cautious when it comes to sex, and prefer waiting until you are certain about your partner before taking the next step. Neither of you could sleep with someone you didn’t have genuine feelings for. You feel safe and protected when you two are together.

Taurus, there is quite an intense passion between you and your Cancer lover. You definitely know how to amp up the intimacy and seduce each other. This connection can bring you both great pleasure, and you find a deeper meaning in your relationship when you can explore it sexually. 

Both of you are quite affectionate and need strong physical intimacy to sustain a healthy relationship. However, commitment is really important for you both and you two are not the types to indulge in a one-night stand or a short-term fling. Together you can be really soft and sensual as you explore the language of each other’s bodies. 

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The Cancer Man And Taurus Woman: Breaking Up

A Cancer man and Taurus woman will likely have a very difficult time with a breakup. If either of them thinks it’s time to end it, neither of them wants to be the “bad guy.” That means they may dance around it or plan it for a while first.

The Cancer man doesn’t want to hurt his Taurus woman’s feelings even though he may want out, so instead, he’ll pretend to be busy and take off as much as he can to avoid her.

The Taurus woman may keep herself extra busy with work or projects that aren’t demanding that much of her time. However, she’ll pretend it is so that she also won’t be around much.

The idea they both seem to share is if they start being less available that the other partner will get tired of it and break it off so they don’t have to. This makes for a very indecisive pairing as far as breaking up goes.

This could go on for months. If they do actually get around to breaking up, they may still feel bad and want to “remain friends” at which point, they start giving some mixed messages to their partner.

These two have the possibility of doing the breakup and make-up thing a few times before finally calling it quits. This will cause emotions to be a bit like a roller coaster and when it finally ends, it will be hitting rock bottom.

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The Cancer Man And Taurus Woman: Celebrity Couples

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin are a Cancer man and Taurus woman celebrity couple. These two have been together for almost 30 years. They met on a blind date in 1996 and have been inseparable ever since. They both agree that this was a love-at-first-sight connection. This couple knows how to treat one another with kindness and always treat each other with compassion and compromise.

What Attracts Cancer Men To Taurus Women?

I’ve noticed in my time as a Relationship Astrologer that men are naturally attracted to the nature of the Taurus woman. She’s gorgeous and understated, which piques the interest of men who desire a put-together, classy woman.

The Cancer man is no exception. He’s ruled by the planet Moon who pines after the Venus-ruled Taurus woman for many reasons:

  •       Her beauty
  •       Her sensual nature
  •       How she plays hard to get
  •       Her good taste
  •       Her charm
  •       Her touch
  •       Her stability
  •       Her challenges
  •       Her sexiness

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman: Relationship Strengths

The strength of this couple is found in their commitment to a successful partnership with one another. They may have fewer challenges than some couples, this relationship is basically effortless and full of magic. I’ve noted some of the main sources of solidity for these two here.

  • Sex Life: This fire and water combination happens to be the two ingredients needed for a sensual and sweet style of lovemaking. These two speak the same language sexually and get exactly what they need in the bedroom. 
  • Soul Searching: Cancer and Taurus together are looking for similar things in life. These two are headed in the same direction and this is what makes this relationship so magical. They have the same spiritual journey and can support each other in this difficult path called life.
  • Emotions: Both Taurus and Cancer are extremely emotional people. These two know how to be compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive. They need this kind of love and are so lucky to find this within each other.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman: Relationship Challenges

  • Mood Swings – One of the first issues that may arise between these two is when the Cancer man has his mood swings. He becomes a bit dramatic at times and can even tend to throw temper tantrums. The Taurus woman is a master at hiding her feelings and doesn’t understand why Cancer has such outbursts. She won’t “get” this about him. She may think he’s a bit too dramatic at times.  In fact, if he does it too often, she’ll feel he’s disturbing her calm and perhaps isn’t the right match for her. She’s not good with someone who is a constant emotional train wreck.
  • Miscommunication – She may also be a bit abrasive when she responds to him at times. She is the bull of the Zodiac, so these things may happen occasionally.  He may say something heartfelt and she responds with something cold-hearted. It may not be her intention but it will hurt her sensitive crab. He won’t know how else to receive it and could clam up on her. To work past this, she will have to think before she speaks to not say something hurtful.
  • Oversensitivity – The Cancer man needs to be sure not to allow feelings that don’t involve his Taurus woman do not surface around her. Leave work at work, leave problems with others with them. It won’t be easy for him but a compromise has to be struck. A Taurus woman may try to push her Cancer man to do something she knows is best for him but she’s only trying to motivate him. He may not take it the right way and could lash out at her by saying something hurtful or he’ll pout.

These two need to learn how to open up and talk about their feelings, what they want, and how to keep things stable between them. These problems tend to arise later on in their relationship after they’ve gotten to know each other rather well.

It’s then that they have to decide whether or not they will compromise or if they will walk away and throw in the towel.

The Cancer Man and Taurus Woman: A Loving Pair

When scoring this pairing on a scale from 1 to 10, I give them about a 9. They’re really very well matched and can be a wonderful Soulmate match. These two fit each other fairly well.

As long as the Taurus woman can learn how to talk to her Cancer man without making him feel belittled or criticized, then he will respond in kind by not being too emotional about things they discuss.

If either of them goes a little overboard with each other, they will both shut down and communication will seem as though it never existed. They need to find a way to not let that happen.

The Cancer man needs to learn not to be so emotionally driven when it comes to discussing his thoughts with his Taurus woman. She’s stable and is the BEST shoulder for him to cry on.

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 Where Do You Go From Here?

If you’re a Cancer man or Taurus woman seeking to build on the foundation of love and affection that you have with one another to avoid common pitfalls for similar couples, I admire your commitment to one another. I’ve learned some little-known methods for aiding understanding and growth in partnerships just like yours.

I compiled all of the most essential tips for relationships like yours in your personalized guide, Cancer Man Taurus Woman Secrets.

I invite you to give it a look over and make sure to give me your feedback on the tips provided. I’m an eternal student of my readers, as much as they’re mine. That’s how I get the best information to keep passing on to others.

All of the ins and outs of a Cancer man and Taurus woman relationship couldn’t be covered in a single article, although I do my very best! That’s why I’ve published a personalized guide for relationship dynamics just like yours: Cancer Man Taurus Woman Secrets.

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