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Your Match: Cancer Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

When the Cancer man’s water mixes with the Taurus woman’s earth, it creates a lovely but maybe muddy mix. At the beginning, Cancer Man and Taurus Woman may feel its love at first sight. However, there are some obstacles they will need to overcome to make it last for the long haul.


At the beginning of the Cancer man and Taurus woman relationship, they will seem to have quite a bit in common which makes them feel somewhat comfortable from the get go.

They are both not interested in being too social. When they are, they’re both reserved and even a little on the quiet side. They are also both very private people which means they don’t want anyone to notice them much.

This couple will find solace in being in each other’s company when they go on outings and may actually try to do things that will either be between just the two of them or with close friends/family.

Any opportunity to have solitude between them will help them build a strong bond. Since they are both kind souls, the Cancer man and Taurus woman have wonderful chemistry.

In fact, these two may find a soul mate type of relationship with each other. Both partners are seeking security and stability which makes this a harmonious pairing if they can maintain it.

Taurus Woman, Who She Is

Taurus zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Cancer Man and Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is strong, independent, sensible, and is very much down to earth. Hence why her elemental sign is in fact, earth. She is logical and isn’t one for displaying too much emotion.

This isn’t to say that she will not express herself if she becomes too angry or upset. However, she’d prefer to put on her happy face and show the world that she’s a good person.

Taurus woman doesn’t want anyone to think she’s not a good woman. Therefore, she’ll do what she has to in order to maintain her look of having it all together. She will often hide or hold her feelings in side.

She will be slow to anger but if someone pushes enough, she’ll finally snap. Taurus woman is the kind that you need to let have a little time to herself to think things over and calm down so she can find the logic in it again.

The Taurus lady will not give away her trust easily and the man that comes into her life will have to have patience. Cancer man may not be the most patient but if he is smitten with her, he’ll do what he has to in order to prove to her he loves her.

The Cancer man and Taurus woman make a very comfortable match for each other as long as they learn how to communicate properly.

Cancer Man, Who He Is

The Cancer man is very kind, reflective, giving, feels things deeply, and is sensitive to other people’s needs. This is the type of man that will help a homeless person get to a shelter or make sure he/she is fed.

He will have a very soft spot for animals and nature as well. Cancer man lives to take care of mankind. What he covets more however, is the need for building and maintaining the love of family.

Truly he seeks the right partner that will make him feel secure and safe. He thrives when he’s in a loving relationship that feels stable for all time. Cancer man will gravitate toward a woman who will help him feel these things.

In return, he will provide all the very best food, clothes, and outings for the woman he decides to make his one and only. He will also make sure that his lady love understands that SHE is the only one for him.

When the Cancer man meets Taurus woman, it’s like magic! They both instantly find each other comfortable to be around and feel connected via their souls. They will almost feel like Twin Flames.

His soft caress will make her feel like a Princess. Her sensuality and desire to make him feel loved, makes him want to give her all he’s got. This is a wonderful match if they can work out any problems they may have later on.

What Works Between Cancer Man and Taurus Woman

When they first fall in love, they are starry eyed. They truly believe that they’ve found “the one” in each other. Cancer man finally found a woman who will be all his for all of time.

Taurus woman finally found a man that will treat her with love and respect she’s always craved. The two understand that they can give each other a love that will last a lifetime.

Since they are both sweethearts to everyone they meet, they will come off as a very loving couple that everyone likes to be around. They can prove to be an amazing example for those that are watching and taking notes.

These two both desire to create a family and raise children. This is something that connects them in a very deep way. They see eye to eye. They are both on the jealous side so it’s not likely either will stray from one another.

Each of these two may require some solitude from time to time. Since they understand this about each other, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. They both know that the other will come home to them and all will be well.

The trust level once built, will become incredibly strong with them. It will take awhile to get it there and they’ll have to overcome some problems first but they absolutely can succeed.

Cancer man will benefits from Taurus woman’s ability to stay calm and patient. In return, Taurus woman will get all the love she could ever ask for from her Cancer guy.

What Cancer Man Thinks of Taurus Woman – Especially in Bed

The Cancer man will be very turned on by the sensuality of the Taurus woman. He loves her gentle touch and her ability to feel special. It makes him want to give himself to her as often as possible.

He really loves that she’s so down to earth and easy to be around. He knows he can be open with her which makes him feel cozy and able to open up to her fairly easily.

In bed, it can be rather hot to trot between them. The Cancer man and Taurus woman in bed, are a blissful connection indeed. Cancer man is drawn in by Taurus woman’s allure.

He finds her very sexy, likely curvy, and supple. Her stability also turns him on more than he could ever imagine. It’s likely that he’ll be open with her when he talks about his sexual desires or fantasies.

Truly this connection uses their powers of intuition and knowing what each other’s needs are. There may be times where no words are necessary at all when it comes to sexy time.

The sex between these two will be erotic, sensual, and very gratifying for both of them. They connect spiritually on a natural level which also makes their lovemaking so fulfilling.

Cancer Man with Taurus Woman Problems

Taurus Zodiac Sign - Cancer Man And Taurus Woman

One of the first issues that may arise between these two is when Cancer man has his mood swings. He becomes a bit dramatic at times and can even tend to throw temper tantrums.

Taurus woman is a master at hiding her feelings and doesn’t understand why Cancer has such outbursts. She won’t “get” this about him. She may think he’s a bit too dramatic at times.

In fact, if he does it too often, she’ll feel he’s disturbing her calm and perhaps isn’t the right match for her. She’s not good with someone who is a constant emotional train wreck.

She may also be a bit abrasive when she responds to him at times. She is the bull of the zodiac so these things may happen occasionally. He may say something heartfelt and she responds with something cold hearted.

It may not be her intention but it will hurt her sensitive crab. He won’t know how else to receive it and could clam up on her. In order to work past this, she will have to think before she speaks as to not say something really hurtful.

The Cancer man needs to be sure not to allow feelings that don’t involve his Taurus woman do not surface around her. Leave work at work, leave problems with others with them. It won’t be easy for him but compromise has to be struck.

Taurus woman may try to push Cancer man to do something she knows is best for him but she’s only trying to motivate him. He may not take it the right way and could lash out at her by saying something hurtful or he’ll pout.

These two need to learn how to open up and talk about their feelings, what they want, and how to keep things stable between them. These problems tend to arise later on in their relationship after they’ve gotten to know each other rather well.

It’s then that they have to decide whether or not they will compromise or if they will walk away and throw in the towel.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman Breakup

These two may have a very tough time when it comes to breaking up. If either of them thinks it’s time to end it, neither of them wants to be the “bad guy”. That means they may dance around it or plan it for awhile first.

Cancer man doesn’t want to hurt his Taurus woman’s feelings even though he may want out so he’ll instead, pretend to be busy and take off as much as he can to avoid her.

Taurus woman may keep herself extra busy with work or projects that aren’t demanding that much of her time. However, she’ll pretend it is so that she also won’t be around much.

The idea they both seem to share is if they start being less available that the other partner will get tired of it and break it off so they don’t have to. This makes for a very indecisive pairing as far as breaking up goes.

This could go on for months. If they do actually get around to breaking up, they may still feel bad and want to “remain friends” at which point, they start giving some mixed messages to their partner.

These two have the possibility of doing the break up and make up thing a few times before finally calling it quits. This will cause emotions to be a bit like a roller coaster and when it finally ends, it will be hitting rock bottom.

The Final Score

When scoring this pairing on a scale from 1 to 10, I give them about a 9. They’re really very well matched and can be a wonderful soulmate match. These two fit each other fairly well.

As long as the Taurus woman can learn how to talk to her Cancer man without making him feel belittled or criticized, then he will respond in kind with not being too emotional about things they discuss.

If either of them goes a little overboard with each other, they will both shut down and communication will seem as though it never existed. They need to find a way to not let that happen.

Cancer man needs to learn not to be so emotionally driven when it comes to discussing his thoughts with his Taurus woman. She’s stable and is the BEST shoulder for him to cry on.

The two will give each other a security blanket that no one can get in the way of. Cancer man with Taurus woman is a beautiful and strong match! They have the capability of having the happy ever after type of love.

They will be tremendous as parents. There will be a wonderful balance of love and authority both. The children will be well rounded and happy. This is a fantastic match!

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