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Cancer Man And Aries Woman Compatibility – Is This A Good Match?

When the Cancer’s water sign combines with the Aries Fire sign, there is a feeling of opposites attracting. This will initially get these two in love with each other. While drawn to each other like a moth to a flame, this relationship requires a bit of work and finesse to make it last. The Cancer man and Aries woman compatibility is something that is fairly strong and durable.

Cancer Man Aries Woman – The Chemistry

Aries woman will be more direct with what she wants which could cause the Cancer man to feel criticized or not good enough for his lady. He is sensitive and needs to feel as though he’s good at what he does.

This can be the case with the Cancer man and Aries woman both in and out of the bedroom. Cancer man will do everything he can to make his Aries woman happy and thrive in their relationship. However, she may be a bit more demanding than what he can provide.

Cancer man is very passionate and wants to see his Aries woman smile. He loves her beauty and would give anything for her to feel happy with him. If he feels she’s not satisfied with him, it may cause problems.

Aries woman needs to learn how to be more soft and loving to show her Cancer man how much he’s appreciated and care for so that their love doesn’t fizzle out. Sugar from her will lure him far more than vinegar. This will take a bit of work but if they both really want it, they can make it last.

In fact, the Cancer man and Aries woman could indeed become each other’s Soul Mates if given the right timing and the right amount of care between the two of them when they find common ground.

Aries Woman Personality Traits

Cancer man and Aries woman

The Aries woman is fire. She’s impatient, impulsive, and speaks her mind without sometimes thinking about it first. She’s strong, resilient, and can have quite a hot temper. It’s possible for her to be quick fused as well.

No doubt that the Aries woman is rather jealous and possessive when it comes to her partnership. When she is feeling insecure about her partner, she may want to control his comings and goings. This would mean making sure he tells her where he’s going, with whom, and for how long.

In essence, she needs a bit of security to know for sure her partner isn’t cheating on her or even flirting with other women. When she does feel secure, she loves to show how much she loves her man by cooking him amazing meals or doing other things she knows he adores. She into showing her love more than professing it.

Aries woman is fiery but she’s also very sensual and giving in bed. She’s an amazing sex partner. She’s adventurous and up for trying new things. Any man would be lucky to have her.

When Aries Woman and Cancer Man meet, it will be fireworks, instant attraction, perhaps even love at first sight. She will see a compassionate man who is so very sweet to her. She’ll think she’s found an Angel sent just for her.

She’ll see him as her comforting partner that will help her to learn how to lean on someone else instead of trying to take care of stress all on her own. Her Cancer man will provide her with much compassion.

Cancer Man Personality Traits

This is a deeply sensitive man. He’s also known as the crab of the zodiac which makes him the type of guy that is shy. He also pulls back into his shell if he feels frightened or upset. He doesn’t handle criticism very well or discord.

He can be very moody at times. It can be hard to tell what type of mood he’s going to be in from day to day. Anything can send him off to being very happy or being very upset. Knowing he could change at any time keeps a woman on their toes for sure.

Cancer man is built for finding a woman to love, marry, and have children with. Home and family is what he was born for and what his life goal is ultimately. He’s the “family guy” of the zodiac. He lives to make his home comfortable and his family very happy.

When he finds the love of his life, he’s very passionate in his approach with her both in and out of the bedroom. He will do whatever she needs to make sure she’s satisfied with him. He’s a very giving lover.

Cancer man with Aries woman will create a wonderful blend of strength, beauty, and will teach them emotional balance as long as they prove to each other that they’re there for the long haul.

Cancer Man And Aries Woman – What Works?

Cancer man and Aries woman

While Cancer man and Aries woman have some differences, they also have some things in common. They are both passionate about their lovers and they’re both somewhat jealous/possessive.

As long as they trust each other, neither has anything to truly worry about. These two are also caretakers in terms of, they want to take care of each other. Cancer wants to make sure that his love has all she wants and desires. He wants her to see him as her Prince Charming. She will want to take care of him in practical ways.

These two will be working toward making each other feel very secure. They’ll spend a great deal of time together. Cancer man will need to keep up with his Aries woman’s desires to have adventures.

She will have to give him time to himself now and then to think things over and refresh himself. As long as they trust each other, they truly can make it work. A building that trust will take lots of work and effort.

Cancer man and Aries woman are both very loving and will share in the warmth they can provide each other as a couple. They both want to be successful and make as much money as they can.

The Cancer man and Aries woman both want to be wonderful parents to their future children. She’ll have no problem being the disciplinarian as long as the Cancer man respects the rules she’s put into place.

Lucky for the Aries woman, the Cancer man will typically use his powers of empathy to know what she wants even before she does. He’ll provide her with what she requires to make her feel good.

Cancer Man Aries Woman Marriage

There are definitely some things that the Cancer man Aries woman Soulmate union needs to work on if they’re going to make it last. They are definitely capable of doing so if they truly love each other.

Cancer man Aries woman marriage is something that can and will happen if the two love each other enough to get past any issues that they may have. They can be quite successful as a couple if they really try.

All it takes is for the Cancer man in love with Aries woman, is for his Aries woman to show him how much she truly loves him and will do whatever it takes to make it last for the long haul. The Cancer man in love with Aries woman will make for a strong force of nature!

What Cancer Man thinks of Aries Woman, especially in bed

The Cancer man will hold his lady Aries in high regard. As a family unit, they know they can build strength and something long-lasting. He sees her as a pillar of strength, independence, and honesty. He knows he can rely on her to always tell him like it is.

He knows that she will bring fire into the bedroom. The Cancer man and Aries woman sex will be plenty spicy and full of play. Cancer knows his Aries love will show him all she has.

She may be more dominant than he is and he’s alright with that. It’s easy for a Cancer man to fall in love with the Aries woman. He knows he can always depend on his Aries lady to be loyal and true to him.

This makes their sex lives very fulfilling and long-lasting. He is free to be himself and she’s able to work with him in teaching him what she needs from him. He’ll adore catering to her sexual desires.

Cancer Man Aries Woman in Bed

As mentioned, the Cancer man is very generous and wants to please his lady love.  The Cancer man and Aries woman in bed are quite a sexy mixture to be really honest.

Aries woman loves to take charge and show her Cancer man just how much she can please him without him doing hardly anything. He in return wants to give her exactly what she needs or asks for.

The two are likely to spend hours with their sexual desires. They can definitely satisfy each other and make it something they look forward to after they’ve spent the day away from each other working or taking care of things.

These two also have potential at being kinky and trying new things. Aries woman is always curious about experimenting and Cancer man will for sure, cheer her on to do so.

Cancer Man and Aries Woman Problems

Cancer man and Aries woman

While there may be a good connection for these two. There are also some drawbacks and what causes this relationship to be one that won’t be entirely easy. One of these things is Aries woman’s temper.

She may get upset with him and criticize what he’s done or how he acts. Cancer man is very sensitive and it may hurt him or wound him. If she does that enough, he may seek solace elsewhere or he may end things.

When Cancer man is having a mood swing, he may have a tendency to close himself off or want to be alone. Aries woman may not understand this and take offense thinking he’s ignoring her.

The Cancer man and Aries woman relationship will take a whole lot of communication and set some healthy guidelines. Each of them needs to keep themselves in check when it comes to interacting with their partner.

Cancer man needs a bit of stroking of his ego if he’s to stay put otherwise he may seek attention from others willing to give it. This would definitely set Aries woman’s temper off.

She’ll need to make sure that she gives him adoration and compliments whenever possible. The more she does, the more secure he’ll feel about their love and her loving eyes toward him.

He’ll also need to give his Aries woman time to herself from time to time so she can do “girl stuff” or even spend time alone. She needs to recharge her own inner battery to feel confident in herself and in the relationship.

If the two cannot give each other what they need, they will both react badly. This could lead to infidelity, anger, resentment, and pulling apart.

Cancer Man and Aries Woman Breakup

When a Cancer man and Aries woman break up, they’ll struggle. If Aries woman does the breaking up, she’ll likely not be very kind about it. If she’s angry or hurt, she’ll lash out and may say some unforgivable things that hurt Cancer man to the core.

If Cancer man is the one that breaks it off, he’ll struggle with it because he doesn’t like initiating any breakup. He’ll find some roundabout way to cause her to get upset or angry enough with him that SHE will break it off.

However, if he does break it off, he’ll try to be as sensitive as possible about it. Unless he was cheated then he’ll verbally be a bit unkind himself. It would take a great deal of maturity for these two to break it off without animosity or hurt that will be residual.

Cancer Man And Aries Woman – The Final Score

When it comes down to it, these two can make it last for a very long time if they really and truly want to. However, it will take a whole lot of effort, communication, understanding, patience, and growth.

Aries woman may not have the patience required for being with a sensitive crab. He may not want to wait for her to get a grip on their relationship either. He may want to move on to someone new or he may walk away.

He may shut himself off too often if he isn’t opening up to his Aries woman. This will make her feel confused, hurt, and perhaps angry. This it builds over time and turns into a mass eruption later on down the line when it’s probably not appropriate.

As long as Aries woman lets her Cancer man fuss over her and take care of her despite her independence, he’ll give her all the love and security she could ever possibly ask for. As long as she gives him lots of attention and positive feedback, he’ll be happier than a bug snug in a rug!

If I had to give these two a scoring with a 1 to 10 Stars, I’d have to give them a 7. They’re not the best match but they’re certainly not one of the worst. They just need a bit of elbow grease to keep it going. It’s possible and it’s certainly workable if they truly love each other.


A Cancer man could be the love of your life but you may still need some help working him out. How should you approach him and what will keep him enthralled?

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Are you an Aries woman having a successful relationship with a Cancer man? How did you do it? Please tell me all about it!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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