Cancer Man And Aries Woman Compatibility – A Passionate Storm

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
While Cancer man and Aries woman have some differences, they also have some things in common. They are both passionate about their lovers...Keep reading.

Cancer men are part of the first water sign of the Zodiac, and these sensitive souls emphasize their deep capacity for love, concern, and the ability to give nearly endlessly. 

They are unlike any other men as they are firmly in touch with their softer side. He’s a woman that won’t hesitate to reach out to check on those he values, and his capacity for caring is nearly unfathomable. He’s unlike most men and this is what makes him so incredibly special.

The Aries woman may be alluring to the Cancer man, but he may have to leave her comfort zone to make it work because this lady is certainly a firecracker that not many men know how to tame. 

It may be a little difficult for a Cancer man to really have the power strong enough for an Aries woman, but stranger things have happened. In fact, he might actually be just what the Aries woman needs. 

Aries and Cancer can seem like they’ve got nothing in common, but this isn’t entirely true and the fact is that Aries men and Cancer women aren’t irredeemably incompatible.

The Aries woman and Cancer man aren’t an obvious match, that’s true. But with enough understanding from both parties, these two have the capacity to overcome differences to appreciate each other for what they have to offer one another, and even for what they’re unable to offer.

The Cancer Man – A Nurturing Caretaker

The Cancer man is an incredible partner because of his natural intuition and sensitivity. These guys are ruled by the Moon, and so the changeable, soft, internal processes of the Moon are where the Cancer man can thrive. This world can be quite tough for him, but with the right woman, he can soar to new heights.  

The Moon is a motherly planet linked heavily with the ocean, and so qualities of water and that which is hidden live within him. Sure, this may be unusual for a man, but we need more men who are this sensitive.

Cancer men may struggle to put their emotions and inner state of being into words as it is so unacceptable for men to be this way according to society. They understand the world in such an emotional way that words can fail to describe the feelings within them. As a result, he can be quiet and introspective in general. This man is most definitely shy and introverted.

The Cancer man is highly changeable and can often be quite moody. The tone of the room can shift suddenly when his mood changes, but others may not realize that the change came from him. 

The smallest glance, ignored text, or gentle kiss can change the way that he presents himself at that moment. All of this can happen without others realizing the shift. He is extremely sensitive and sometimes he might take this too far.

Cancer men defend themselves and their loved ones to the end. He is fiercely protective and nothing and no one will ever hurt the ones he loves. 

The Cancer man’s attractive power lies in his sweet and attentive nature. He’s unlike any other man. He’ll attract those who are wounded or who need shelter and he usually has no issue providing the care that they need. He can be the most nurturing man a woman has ever met, and that’s how they become addicted to his energy.

The Aries Woman – Fearless and Confident

When you think of a maneater, you’re probably conjuring up images of an Aries woman; a woman who is ferocious and fierce, someone who knows her own mind and always gets what she wants. 

She is someone who values physical strength, courage, stamina, and conviction, and her passion for life speaks for itself. These are all the traits of a typical Aries woman.

These women are totally fearless and certainly know how to take risks. They keep their head on their shoulders even when the world seems to think they are going mad. They bring passion and sometimes are the cause of conflict in the world, but this is just their spunk and honest nature. 

These ladies take initiative when no one else will. This is a woman who knows herself and because of this, she is typically incredibly calm in the face of adversity because of her inherent confidence.

Aries women reside within their bodies and have a lot of control over them. Physical activity is of the utmost importance for an Aries woman. She wants to feel strong because it makes her feel sexy and capable in the world. 

Many Aries women can be found at the gym or in competitive sports. Mars represents quick bursts of power, so lifting weights and hot yoga are some of her most ideal activities in the world. When her body is moving, she feels happiest.

Aries women are the sexiest ladies there are. They enjoy sex more than most and need quite a lot of it. Whoever gets to be with her is a lucky guy! They need a sexual release, lest they take their tension out on someone or something undeserving. 

If they have plenty of outlets for their energies, then the Aries women are cool as a cucumber and are not prone to violence or anger. All an Aries woman needs is a creative outlet for the passion that tends to build up inside of her.

Aries Woman And Cancer Man 2022 Compatibility

This year is pretty darn good for Aries and Cancer couples. There is just so much positive energy in 2022. Although this couple may be odd for some, they do have some things in common, and taking initiative is one of them. 

Going for what you want should be the theme this year. If you like a Cancer man, go for it because Jupiter is in Aries this year, which is only going to encourage you to go for gold!

Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, which implies that it is most comfortable in the sign of Aries. Mars in Aries gives the Aries woman a natural boost of confidence and stamina. 

Your most authentic self is displayed effortlessly during this time and while Jupiter is in Aries, you get an even greater boost. Aries will draw to you anyone who finds your core nature attractive from mid-June to early/mid-July especially.

Aries will be naturally romantic and flirtatious when Leo’s energies abound. It is time for you to embrace your sexuality and have some fun. The Sun is in Leo from July 23rd to August 23rd. This period is a month where Aries is more likely to be more flirtatious. You’ll definitely feel more self-confident over this period. So, make a move girl!

Cancer’s ability to give love effectively is most potent during periods where Scorpio energy is present this year. The water seasons will help him to feel even sexier. 

The Sun is in Scorpio from October 24th to November 22nd. Venus enters the sign of Scorpio from October 24th to November 16th. This combination of two positive planets in the sign that enhances your ability to show love is good news for Cancer men!

During this time, showing your Cancer man your love and appreciation for him will be noted by him.  He might still be shy and introspective over this period, but there is a willingness for him to be more romantic and open to falling in love then.

The Cancer Man And Aries Woman: Intellect And Communication

The Aries woman thinks in a sharp, honest, and quick-witted way. Her style of thought is influenced by Mars, which encourages fast-talking and a factual point of view. 

Aries women are generally intelligent because of their curiosity and drive to be the best. An Aries woman tends to have a sharp tongue that can be hurtful if she is not careful.

Cancer men are ruled by the Moon, and the Moon influences this man to be shy and keep his thoughts to himself. Cancer doesn’t like to express himself directly, preferring that others intuit what he is thinking. 

It isn’t always easy to figure out what a Cancer man is thinking. Since he struggles to communicate directly, he often resorts to passive-aggressive tactics to get his point across, unfortunately.

Aries and Cancer have differences in their style of thinking and expression that can be frustrating to them both. Aries thinks quickly and says what’s on her mind immediately in most cases. She is a straight shooter. 

On the other hand, Cancer allows conclusions to dawn on him over time and then he holds onto those thoughts until he is forced to directly express them. This can cause quite a bit of conflict.

The subtlety of the Cancer man can go right over the head of a Cancer woman, who is initially oblivious to hints and dancing around the point, deeply triggering the Aries woman. She just wishes he could be direct with her, but this seems impossible for some reason. Once Aries realizes that Cancer is being passive-aggressive with her, it can be deeply triggering to her. She just doesn’t get it.

The Aries woman would prefer a direct communicator because the Aries struggles to intuit the thoughts of others. She needs someone to be straightforward with her because she can’t mess around not knowing what is going on. 

She sees this as a waste of precious time. Cancer finds communication to be difficult, and so he hopes for a partner who naturally understands his needs. This can cause big problems for both of them as they both find their means of communication very frustrating. However, there is definitely space to compromise and work through this.

These two styles of communication can be reconciled if both parties make the decision to compromise for one another. Anything is possible, remember!

The Cancer Man And Aries Woman: Physical Chemistry

Aries women and Cancer men can appreciate the physical appearance of one another, but it takes some extra bonding to bring them to the realization of how attractive the other one really is. 

Their personalities might make them think that there isn’t really attraction there and that there is too much friction. However, friction can be quite good in a sexual relationship. They may have to let go of their natural ideas of attraction to be able to appreciate how sexy the other is.

Aries women like a lot of sexual stimulation, and Cancer needs a lot of emotional stimulation. They don’t really speak the same language sexually. Aries can have sex casually – it doesn’t necessarily need feelings involved – which can make the Cancer feel like little more than a hook-up if Aries doesn’t do her part in showing her Cancer man that she is taking the relationship seriously.

Cancer men view sex as a physical manifestation of security and love in a partnership. They need this emotional connection to feel safe enough for a sexual bond. The Aries woman may get frustrated with how ‘deep’ his idea of sex is. 

The extra effort and emotional availability involved in keeping the Cancer man sexually satisfied could be enough to make the Aries wonder if she has a chance. It just seems like a lot of work for such a straightforward woman.

One thing that these two have in common is that they both appreciate physical touch. Affection is very important to them both. The Aries woman will have to take the lead and will have to make sure the Cancer is in a receptive mood to begin with. 

The Cancer responds well to romantic gestures like holding her hand, stroking her hair, or giving a massage. It can still be an entryway into more intimate acts that leaves both parties feeling okay about the exchange. The Aries woman will need to learn to take things slow with him.

The Cancer Man And Aries Woman: Shared Values And Interests

The Aries woman and Cancer man have different ways of expressing their values and interests in life, which can leave them struggling to come up with points to bond over. One is fiery and bold, while the other takes things slow and steady. 

Finding the areas of overlap and stretching their own boundaries can create opportunities to relate to each other because there are many opportunities for growth in this relationship.

The Cancer man is someone who enjoys their hobbies in private or whose hobbies revolve around private spaces, like their home or bedroom. They are interested in the kind of things that provide comfort and security to themselves. 

They may make a hobby out of caring for others too. Cancers may enjoy cooking, crafting, making art, and watching TV, to name a few things. He is very sensitive so it is important for him to have hobbies that can calm him down and make him feel safe and secure. He really enjoys spending time by the water as it makes him feel at ease and serves as a stress reliever.

The Aries woman’s interests lie primarily with thrill-seeking activities that get her heart racing. She is without a doubt an adrenaline junkie. She needs to be able to see how far she can push things. That’s what gets her most excited in life. 

They need a lot of stimulation to stay interested, and so they seek activities that carry a level of excitement. They often enjoy sports, adventuring, competitive activities, and being outside.

While their hobbies seem irreconcilable, Aries and Cancer can capitalize on the areas where their interests coincide. For example, Aries may not normally like TV, but perhaps she’d watch competitive sports with the Cancer on TV. Conversely, Cancer doesn’t usually like being outside too much, but if there is a cozy campfire and lots of snuggles involved, he may make an exception. 

They can really learn new things if both of them are open to getting out of their comfort zones and finding a means by which they can relate to one another.

The Cancer Man And Aries Woman: Love Compatibility

The love compatibility of the Aries woman and Cancer man can become strong with enough work and compromise. It won’t be easy, but of course, it is very possible. These two signs do have one thing in common, which is their strength in their romantic capacity and long-term potential with one another. They both love to be in love.

Both Aries and Cancer are what are known as cardinal signs. This means that both Aries and Cancer take a lot of initiative within their own elements. Cardinal signs have more ability to get things started than other types of signs. They get excited about new beginnings and feel their best at the start of things.

This is what brings the Aries woman and Cancer man together in the first place. They like what they see and go for it. These two signs are more willing to enter a new relationship because new relationships are exciting to them more than others. The key with these two is finding ways to create many new beginnings within the context of a long-term partnership.

Aries and Cancer can run out of steam within a partnership together, which is the biggest romantic hurdle. They can get tired of one another easily. Agreeing to see the relationship as a long-term project with many milestones to keep it feeling fresh and interesting could be the key to a long-term partnership between Aries women and Cancer men.

They’ll need to rely on this approach because it will soon become clear that Aries and Cancer are two radically different individuals with conflicting needs. Their style of loving one another may feel unnatural or triggering to the other once the lighthearted fantasy of the honeymoon phase wears off.

The good thing is that these two see each other. They see what a good person the other is, and so they are often willing to put aside their egos to work with one another. 

This relationship really has great potential to flourish. Being open with one another and putting love first will enable them to make new beginnings in their approach to one another all through their relationship, keeping each other engaged.

Friendship Score: 5/10

The friendship between an Aries woman and a Cancer man can last a very long time, but in order to cross that threshold, they are forced to practice conscious understanding of one another. 

Because, unfortunately, certain things just don’t come naturally to them both. They often miss the mark, but they can make it happen. It’s a lot of work, but once both of them come to an understanding, the friendship aspect can work.

The Aries woman needs some form of rebellion in her friendships, which juxtaposes the Cancer’s need for stability and stability in relationships. The Aries and Cancer’s friendship can leave the Aries feeling bored and the Cancer feeling unsettled.

The Aries woman can see the Cancer’s friendship as an exchange and unless things are fair and even between them, then the Aries can feel offended. They don’t like giving and giving without receiving and sometimes a Cancer needs a lot of attention. 

The Aries may also feel like she pays for everything they do together even though it is usually the role of the man to do this. Because she is such an independent person, she wants to show him she can take care of herself, but then it might cause the Cancer woman to think that she is always going to take care of him. 

This is not what she wants. She needs a man to take control as well. Cancer could feel like the unsung hero of the friendship, putting in a lot of work for minimal recognition. They both end up thinking they give more than they receive because their priorities are just so different.

The Aries woman and Cancer man should agree to share responsibility for finances and effort in the relationship. This is when a friendship between the two can bloom. They may find that they bond over taking care of animals or shopping together.

Relationship Score: 4/10

The Aries woman and Cancer man may not immediately see eye to eye and so a relationship together is not an obvious choice for one another. But things may progress naturally and totally unexpectedly. 

They need to be together for prolonged periods of time in order to see beyond the initial feelings that they elicit from one another. This relationship takes time to develop. So, patience is definitely needed.

The Aries woman can find that the way a Cancer man expresses love forces her to reevaluate her own capacity for change. She may feel that to understand her Cancer guy’s relationship style, she is forced to burn down her entire understanding of relationships in general, which is obviously a triggering process. 

The Aries could find gratification after doing so, but it takes a lot to get her there. Although Aries always thinks she knows better, the wonderful thing about her is that she is always willing to learn.

The Cancer man could see the Aries as a provider first and foremost, which he sometimes feels a little uncomfortable with because he wants to be able to do this, however, the Aries woman is more of a go-getter, so this comes to her a lot easier. This can cause quite an imbalance in the relationship which, in turn, causes problems. 

The Aries woman is concerned with her own needs first in most cases, so the idea of giving someone else the things that she worked for can take some time to come around to. It really doesn’t sit well with her. The expectation that Cancer has for her in this sense can feel like a lot to have to get used to.

These two will have to reshape their ideas of relationships in order to find an easygoing way of relating to one another. Paradoxically, getting to the easygoing side of their relationship will require a lot of thoughtfulness and care.

Soulmate Score: 8/10

The spot where Aries women and Cancer men can shine together is in their soul’s journey together. These individuals have quite a spiritual journey they share. 

These are two signs whose souls have worked together for a long time and they are drawn to each other in this life for the lessons they’ve already agreed to teach each other in this lifetime. This is why they continue to meet again and again. 

The Aries woman’s soul recognizes the love that Cancer has given to her in the past and this is actually what she needs to truly embrace her femininity and what it means to be softer as a woman. 

Cancer has freely expressed love and affection to the Aries woman in past lives, which can serve to put the Aries at ease around the Cancer in a way that she can’t explain when considering the ways that they otherwise don’t seem like an obvious fit. They have qualities they can only recognize in each other.

The Cancer’s soul recalls the friendship and optimism that the Aries has introduced him to in the past.  Sometimes the Cancer man can be quite moody, so he needs Aries to jolt him out of his misery. 

The Cancer remembers on some level that the Aries has ultimately provided him many opportunities to expand the growth of his soul, and his soul intuitively knows that this is also the mission with her here.

The Aries woman and Cancer man have purpose together here in this lifetime; they have a lot of work they can achieve with one another and so this inherent draw to one another can overcome a lot of challenges that the other provides.

In fact, the reason they are together is for the growth of their soul which can keep them aligned with one another far beyond what reason can explain. They have a path they need to walk together.

Marriage Score: 6/10

When it comes to matters of the family, you and your Cancer man are a lot more similar than what you might expect at first. Although you are more aggressive, and Cancers are a lot more sensitive, you are both natural leaders and follow your gut when it comes to protecting your family. 

Aries, as a parent you are of the belief that your children need to experience life and learn their own lessons, while your Cancer man will take on the role of the emotional nurturer. Together you make a wonderful support system and create an environment where everyone can shine.

You might initially seem like opposites, but you actually have quite a bit in common and really know how to have a lot of fun together! It does take work, but the two of you don’t mind getting stuck in to make things perfect.

Aries, you really know how to help your Cancer let their hair down. Your fun spontaneity really rubs off on him and just you watch, you’ll quickly start seeing him climbing out of his hermit shell.

Aries, you don’t like to admit it, but now and then you just want to sit back, chill, and get comfortable. And there is no one better to help a fiery Aries to calm down than a sweet and serene Cancer man.

Having a Cancer man can really feel like a bit of a sanctuary. The two of you are a brilliant support system for one another. You have each other’s back, which is really great because you are both so protective!

The Cancer Man And Aries Woman: Celebrity Couples

Relationships between Aries women and Cancer men can go wrong if two people aren’t willing to meet each other halfway. There is the potential for a lot of love but it takes work. 

A good example of this is Shannen Doherty from Charmed and 92010 fame and her partner Kurt Iswarienko. They have been together since 2008 and tied the knot in 2011. 

This relationship has definitely had its ups and downs, especially with Shannen being diagnosed with breast cancer. Kurt has stuck by her side the whole way, just showing how caring, nurturing, and supportive a Cancer man can truly be.

This kind of bad news can have a major impact on a relationship as it really tests the strength of the couple and the potential for them to stick together. But luckily the two of them seem to be stronger than ever now.

The Cancer Man and Aries Woman: Breaking Up

Breaking up is certainly not easy for this couple. They can really struggle with having to let go of one another. They both just do things so differently in every aspect of their lives, that the break up will be really hard because neither of them reacts the same. 

The Aries woman will be particularly harsh if she is the one doing the breaking up. She won’t be kind and considerate. But if the Cancer man were to break up with her, she would get extremely mad and not understand how he wouldn’t want to be with her any longer because she thinks she is the best. 

A Cancer man doesn’t enjoy initiating a breakup and finds it quite difficult to be the one who does it. He hates confrontation and will likely stay with someone for much longer than he should because he is so scared of hurting someone else’s feelings. He’ll find some roundabout way to cause her to get upset or angry enough with him that SHE will break it off.

However, if he does break it off, he’ll try to be as sensitive as possible about it. Unless he was cheated then he’ll verbally be a bit unkind himself. It would take a great deal of maturity for these two to break it off without animosity or hurt that will be residual.

Staying friends is initially not a very good idea because both these signs tend to be very sensitive souls and have trouble dealing with negative emotions. They first need some space and need to do some healing before a friendship can take place. 

However, they both might learn that they never actually had much in common and that it is probably better for both of them to be apart than to have anything to do with one another.

What Attracts Cancer Men To Aries Women?

As a Relationship Astrologer, I’ve realized that there are some things that a Cancer man is intrigued by within the Aries woman. The Cancer man may not initially understand her, but that doesn’t make him immune to her allure.

The Aries woman has traits that turn on a Cancer man, some of which are:

  •       Her drive
  •       Her passion
  •       Her ability to lead
  •       Her initiative
  •       Her affection
  •       Her beauty
  •       Her love
  •       Her strength

The Cancer Man And Aries Woman: Relationship Strengths

The Aries woman and Cancer man are a match that they may never have seen coming. Sometimes the greatest loves aren’t what you expect though and this relationship is certainly unexpected! The biggest strengths of a relationship between an Aries woman and a Cancer man are:

  •       Growth: Each partner in this relationship can learn lessons from the other. These two are familiar on a soul level with one another and they’re here to some extent to assist each other in their journey through this incarnation by bringing what needs to be addressed to the forefront. There is so much potential for growth with this couple.
  •       Understanding: A successful partnership between the Aries woman and Cancer man succeeds due to copious amounts of understanding. Successful couples are highly motivated to ‘get’ where the other is coming from, and this level of understanding allows them to find the best parts in one another. It takes work to understand each other so much, but eventually, they find a way.
  •       Compromise: Successful Aries woman/Cancer man relationships emphasize each partner’s ability to sacrifice a little for the sake of the relationship. These two can perfect what other relationships only dream of in the name of their partnership because of the differences that others might not have. But these two will always make it work.

The Cancer Man And Aries Woman: Relationship Challenges

The Aries woman and Cancer man can create a relationship that works for both of them as long as they are willing to see each other through the eyes of love and to be patient with the parts of each other that they don’t immediately understand. All it takes is some time and things can work out perfectly.

The Aries man and Cancer woman can struggle with some of the following issues if they’re not willing to put the partnership first:

  •       Lack of Communication: In the case of the Aries woman and Cancer man, it can seem difficult to talk to one another. They just don’t get each other at times. There always seems to be some sort of struggle. The Aries communicates with ease, but the brute and direct nature can make the Cancer clam up and feel intimidated. The Aries likely begs for communication, but may not be okay with the Cancer’s tendency toward simply dropping hints or being passive-aggressive. Simply nothing is ever direct with a Cancer man, unfortunately. 
  •       Different Priorities: The Aries woman puts herself first a lot of the time while Cancer puts others first most of the time. This causes quite a bit of conflict and misunderstanding. This can lead to a very one-sided partnership that Cancer rarely addresses due to his timidity and hatred of conflict. This causes strain that can go too long without being addressed.
  •       Not Enough In Common: These two signs can become overly reliant on just a couple of things that they share. Overall, they may find that they don’t have a lot in common, which can keep them feeling at arm’s length from one another when they have too little to connect on. But they can always be open to learning from each other if they really wanted to.

The Cancer Man And Aries Woman: A Hard Win But Worth It

The Aries woman and Cancer man are quite different, which can keep them from fully appreciating the good qualities of one another if they’re not consciously putting their relationship with one another first. This is not to imply that it can’t work. In fact, I’ve seen it work multiple times as this relationship can go from strength to strength in some cases!

It’s not a relationship for the faint of heart. These two can get too caught up in their own ways of being unless they are willing to put in a lot of effort. But all relationships take some level of effort and understanding. This relationship simply knows better how to deal with roadblocks when they come up.

The Aries and Cancer relationship can indeed get off the ground. The initiative that these signs are willing to take can become the backbone of their relationship, keeping them on task and willing to restart where they went wrong. If these two share a common goal and point of view, they can always make it happen.

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Where Do You Go From Here?

If you’re an Aries woman or Cancer man seeking to build on the foundation of love and affection that you have with one another to avoid common pitfalls for similar couples, I admire your commitment to one another. I’ve learned some little-known methods for aiding understanding and growth in partnerships just like yours.

I compiled all of the most essential tips for relationships like yours in your personalized guide, Cancer Man Aries Woman Secrets.

I invite you to give it a look over and make sure to give me your feedback on the tips provided. I’m an eternal student of my readers as much as they’re mine. That’s how I get the best information to keep passing on to others.

All of the ins and outs of an Aries woman and Cancer man relationship couldn’t be covered in a single article, although I do my very best! That’s why I’ve published a personalized guide for relationship dynamics just like yours: Cancer Man Aries Woman Secrets.

Check out Cancer Man Aries Woman Compatibility Secrets here.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach


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9 thoughts on “Cancer Man And Aries Woman Compatibility – A Passionate Storm

  1. I am involve with a married man so disc sign cancer he only wants with me for sex but I love him he has not interested with fully committed and seriousl relationship . I am aries
    Please help me what to do
    I am confused

    1. Omg I am also an Aries and I have a guy who is a cancer that I love very much. But I have also accused him many times and only using me for sex. Is this just something that most cancer men do? Or is it only with Aries?

      1. Hi Cecilia!

        Well actually Cancer men can use people for sex. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. You can tell if he is having commitment issues and is showing off many red flags. The best thing to do is trust your own intuition. If you feel it in the depths of your soul that he’s using you then it’s likely he is. Be careful honey! you deserve a lot better.

    2. Hi Lorna!

      Well unless you always want to just be sex for him then you need to let him go and find someone who is ready to give you commitment and love. He’s not going to do it and you know this. Find another Cancer man that will give you the love and relationship you want. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  2. I’m in love with a cancer man we’ve been together for more than 7months now. Though the first after 3months we had arguements and I was mostly complaining, which hurt him a little, but when I read about his zodiac signs, I understood him and I decided to adjust my behaviours and we are damn cool now. We love each other so much… I love him so much. Can’t wait to spend forever with him.

    1. Hi Lydia!

      I am so very happy that you actually loved him enough to see his side of things and get that you had to have a different approach. It’s not about changing who you are but it’s more about the compromise two people make for the sake of love and communication. What a beautiful affirmation, thank you for sharing with me!

  3. I have to agree with others I’m an Aries female meeting and dealing with a cancer male he was sexually driven and honestly it wasn’t THAT great but I enjoyed the chemistry in other things. I found out he is married not divorced with four kids not one. I was upset but at this point I don’t even have the energy to be angry shed a tear or go on a rampage in an Aries women fashion. At 50 I thought the games would be over but guess not.

    1. Hi AriesP!

      Cancer men definitely have a high sex drive typically. Oh my gosh… married with kids? I’m so sorry to hear that. You do you honey. Make yourself happy and let in a man who wants to be with only you. He’s out there! Don’t give up!

  4. Hi, I am an Aries woman, April 3 to be exact. However, I do not resonate too much with the Aries profile. In fact, many times it is the exact opposite of my character. I am somewhat sensitive, intuitive, and highly aware of myself and others. I am deeply attracted to this cancer man. He’s the one who started pursuing me. He’s never married, and is 48 ( I am 63, divorced, and he loves older women and tells me how hot I am). Never had sex with him. I won’t do that until I feel certain that he can commit in someway. He has told me that he’s very attracted to me and wants to spend time together but doesn’t want to be “serious”. I believe I should go along with making him feel comfortable and allow our feelings and trust to grow. I know he is nervous and shy, but confides a lot of his feelings with me. I can share anything with him and he’s ok with that. Any advise is welcomed!

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