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7 Ways To Make Your Cancer Ex Regret Leaving You

Have you been left by a Cancer guy? Missing him and wishing he felt the same? Are you looking for a way to make him regret leaving you? The work is already halfway there – this is a sign that clings onto the past, whether you try to make him or not! Here are some ways to ensure that he wishes he never left: 

Ladies, if your Cancer man has left you and you are worrying about whether or not he regrets it – don’t. This is the one sign you can totally rely on to always look back down memory lane and wish he’d never broken up with you. 

You see, Cancer men hold onto the past, which includes their past relationships. He was probably pining over his ex when he was still with you. Hence, it’s not that hard to make him regret leaving you in the first place! 

Just remember that making him regret leaving you may not bring him back – if that was your intention, of course. It might just create more hurt, and more confusion. 

As you know, your Cancer ex is super-sensitive and can easily get wrapped up in emotional drama! And, do you really want that in your life? 

So, without further ado, here’s how to make your Cancel ex regret leaving you, and perhaps bring him back into your life and start over: 

7 Ways To Make Your Cancer Ex Regret Leaving You

1. Remind Him Of The Memories You Had Together

One of the favorite things for a Cancer man to do is take a walk down memory lane. He cherishes the memories you have made together, and it’s the one single thing that will make him most long after you and your relationship, and fill him with regret

Reminding him of these memories, whether you’re out for coffee, or chatting on instant messaging, over the phone or posting a memory on social media, is a sure-fire way to have him feeling strong and intense emotions over the past! 

2. Ignore Him When He Reaches Out Emotionally

Ignoring Cancer Ex When He Reaches Out Emotionally

Cancer is a water sign, which means that he functions primarily on an emotional level. He’s a “feely” kind of guy, and like his symbol, the crab, he can be rather clingy (think of his pincers!). 

You’ll find that even after the relationship is over, he’s very likely to reach out emotionally to you. It seems a little unfair, seeing as he left you, but Cancer people can be a little emotionally self-indulgent in that way. 

If you want to make him regret leaving you then one of the best things you can do is withdraw emotionally. Don’t be there for him anymore, and make it clear that this is the consequence of him leaving you.  

Once he sees that you are no longer there to mother him, he will have some serious second thoughts! 

3. Get Along With His Mother

Cancer men are usually very attached to their mothers. Their ideal woman is one who gets along with her, as well as with the rest of his family. 

If you already have a relationship with his mother, that’s great – keep it up. Go for coffee with her, have walks, and be her friend. When he sees that you get along so well with one of his favorite people in the world, he will definitely be wondering if he did the right thing by leaving you! 

Plus, it’s very likely that his mom will be on his case about why the two of you aren’t together anymore. You want her on your side – trust me! 

4. Take Back All Your Things From His Home – And Visa Versa

Making Cancer Ex Regret Leaving You

Because Cancer is a sign that just loves his home, it’s likely you spent a huge amount of time there together. And visa-versa! Of course, you may have even lived together, as that is usually what happens very quickly when getting into a relationship with this sign! 

One way to make him regret leaving you is by removing all of your things from his house. Your clothing, photos, decorations, toothbrush, and so on. 

Should you leave anything behind? Yes! Leave a photograph or two, because as we know from our first point, Cancer men are hugely sentimental and very responsive to pictures and memories! You do want to make him miss you, right? 

5. Take Photos Of The Two Of You Off Social Media

Cancer men are very likely to be the types to scan over your photos together over and over again, longing for days gone by. This fills him with nostalgia, and possibly regret, but not more regret that not having any photos to pine over! 

Removing your couple photos from social media will make your Cancer ex practically go into a frenzy of regret! You can always download them onto your desktop and save them for yourself, of course. This is a harsh way to make him regret leaving you, but it does work. 

6. Move In With Someone Else

How To Make Cancer Ex Regret Leaving You

If you are ready, and you’ve met someone you like – yet you still want to make your Cancer ex regret leaving you – move in with them. Or, move in with your bestie. Just move out of the home you shared together, so that there’s no more chance of him ever going there again. 

He will feel major regret that he can never return to the place where you once shared memories. And you will get a fresh new start! This is a win-win for everyone, really. 

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7. Stop Going To Your Old Favorite Places

Because Cancer men are the types to be ultra-sentimental, they are very likely to keep returning to your favorite places together. For example, the place where you used to have your Saturday morning breakfast, or the place where you had your first date. 

Even if you really like that place, find somewhere new and press the reset button. This will be great for your own mindset, and also, when he goes there and doesn’t see you anymore, he may have a sudden feeling of regret. 

In conclusion, ladies, if you want to make your Cancer ex really regret leaving you, a lot of it is just going to involve memories and sentiment. If you can trigger these two things for him, he will have regret over leaving you, guaranteed!

And trust that he really is feeling the loss as much as you are – this isn’t a heartless sign. Quite the opposite, in fact. Check in and ask yourself why you want him to regret leaving you. Do you want him back? Or do you a want revenge? Or do you just want someone to share your feelings with? 

The best revenge, as they say, is by being happy and moving on. Sometimes, making him regret leaving you is just going to drag the pain out. 

I’d love to hear from you – have you broken up with a Cancer guy before? Did you have regret – did he? Please go ahead and share your stories below, I love hearing what my readers have to say! 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “7 Ways To Make Your Cancer Ex Regret Leaving You

  1. I dated a cancer guy for about 7 months. I fell in love and he was a player. I don’t know for sure if he physically cheated but as I like to say “diffinatly work on the back burners”. We hadn’t been broken up a week and he was with someone else. Someone he had on the back burner! I do miss him because like I said I had fallen in love and I really wish I could make him miss me as I do him.

    1. Hi Tonia!

      I am so sorry to hear that your Cancer situation didn’t work well. Some are bad seeds like other signs have a few bad ones as well. If you did get him back, would you even be able tot rust that he wouldn’t do the same things again? He moved on quickly as well. That’s not a good sign. It seems he’s not really ready to settle down. Give it some time and then try to reach out later and see how he’s doing. Then you’ll figure out if there is a chance or not.

  2. Hi am currently in separation with my cancer baby daddy it’s been six months he walked away from us for someone else however I only talk to him unbehalf of the child I really still love him tho am a Capricorn so I can let my guard down to let him really know how I feel he removed us I took my self out his way but whenever we talk he seems to be so caring towards me but I just pretend not to care but I do am confused am hurt because we talk about our future so much it’s been 6 years just so easy to remove and forget

    1. Hi Rusheda!

      I am so sorry to hear about your separation. I know that’s a struggle. I don’t think he just removed and forgot sweetheart. You two had a child together so a bond is always going to be there like it or not. You didn’t mention if he’s still with that other person. It’s possible he will actually figure out that no one compares to you and will want you back. I’ve seen this with Cancer men. They think the grass is greener on the other side until they go over there and figure out the grass was the best where he was so he goes back. For right now just focus on you and your child sweetheart. Let everything else flow as it may. I wish you all the best!

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