Cancer Man Horoscope for July 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you wondering how July is going to treat your Cancer man? Check out the monthly horoscope predictions for a Cancer man...

Welcome Sweethearts to the horoscope reading for your Cancer man for July. Can you believe it? We have passed the solstice, we’re into July, and 2024 is simply motoring along. However, the flavor of this month is very different…

So far in the year, we’ve had quite a lot to process in terms of Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and also Neptune, but this month, it’s Pluto that is triggered, and several times, as Mercury, Venus, and the Sun enter Leo.

The energies are a lot more intense, feelings are stirred at a deep level and there’s a great opportunity for transformation, but sometimes the more thorny issues in relationships simmer below the surface.

Remember, with Pluto, all is not always what it seems. Sometimes what is essential is invisible, and you have to be intrepid, observant, and use your perceptive power to understand what’s really going on in your relationship.

So, this is a month to be savvy, to also be a little bit self-protective and wise. Let’s have a look in detail and try to understand how you should play the game with your Cancer man.

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Cancer Man this July…

Mercury enters Leo on the 3rd of July

Mercury entering Leo sounds a little bit stubborn, dogmatic, and flamboyant for a Cancer Man, however it’s also a rather thoughtful, conservative, although definitely a stubborn placement too. He tends to have very strong ideas about things, particularly with Mercury being opposite Pluto.

In the case of your Cancer man, it brings out a very possessive and jealous streak. He can also be incredibly territorial, so if he has any buttons or red lines, you don’t want to go near them right now.

If you step on his toes or go into sensitive territory where he’s going to feel violated, hurt, or like his privacy hasn’t been respected, he’s going to have a powerful reaction.

If you know him well, you’ll know where those buttons are and you’ll know to stay clear. But if you don’t know him that well, some of his behavior can baffle you. He may become evasive and go silent if you’ve upset him, so it’s important to just be apologetic, send an olive branch, and resolve to understand him better in the future to circumvent any of these issues. 

If things are going well in the relationship, this is definitely a time where you could work on the physical and affectionate side, and it could be pretty awesome for your sex life, but always approach him in a sensitive way.

New Moon in Cancer – 5th of July

This New Moon is fantastic for relationships for Cancer Man, particularly marriages and ongoing relationships. It’s a great time to get married, engaged, or simply put more effort into making a relationship work on a practical level.

This is also a time when he can see a friend in a new light. So even if you are only in a friends-with-benefits relationship or perhaps you’re on a pause, he’s more likely to want to turn it into a full-blown relationship or get more serious.

Again, this is a time when he tends to be more needy emotionally. He wants reassurance and likes to be in a solid relationship, which means he works harder at love. He should also be showing more of himself to you and getting over that Cancerian reserve that he often has.

This is also a great time for any new activities you want to do as a couple, so you should not stagnate. You should make sure that you are keeping the relationship fresh and maintaining momentum towards both of your personal growth.

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Venus enters Leo – 12th July 

This placement promises passion, a depth of feeling, and a great opportunity for romance. There’s also the potential for gifting, treating, and spoiling each other.

If you haven’t celebrated his birthday yet, or if his birthday is still coming, make it a special one. Let him know how much he really means to you, but remember, trust is key right now, so you need to let him know that he is the apple of your eye and you cherish and adore him. Don’t leave him in any doubt as to your feelings.

This is a great time to treat yourselves to some luxury, such as spa breaks, champagne, oysters, and anything indulgent. It’s certainly a great time for all those aphrodisiac foods. Remember, quantity time and quality time are both important, so invest in the relationship right now with the time you spend with each other.

Mars enters Gemini and the Sun enters Leo on the 21st of July

Now, these particular placements can cause some stress for the Cancer man. There is a rather stop-go effect, so while one moment he is enthusiastic, loving, and eager to share, at other times he can be quiet and reserved. He can quickly and unexpectedly go into his shell, so you have to be able to adjust very quickly.

When you see that he’s going cool, give him some space. When you see that he needs affection, move forward. It’s all about adjusting. Don’t take anything personally.

This is a time where he feels a lot of inner tension and sometimes relationships can be a little bit demanding, whereas other times he really needs a lot of emotional feedback. So, play it by ear and give him the attention he wants

Mercury enters Virgo – 26th of July

This represents a really productive time for conversation in terms of your relationship. It’s particularly good for conversations in long-term relationships and marriage about commitment, your future, and what you both need to do to feel more secure in the relationship.

It’s not so much about needs; it’s more about the practical things you can do in terms of being more organized or planning your future that can make you both feel that you are mutually invested and committed to relationship goals and similar aspirations.

Themes for a Cancer Man this July 2024

The themes of this month are intensity, privacy, and trust in relationships. It’s about investing in love, showing each other you care, and working on trust and fidelity.

It’s also about doing brand new things together that can reignite the enthusiasm for love and keep you both on the road to personal growth. Relationship ambitions and each of your personal ambitions need nurturing; they are both important.

Magic Motto – “Strength through trust, love through our commitment to be better people individually.”

Magic Text – “You lead, I’ll follow that lead and respect this divine and fated relationship path.”


The moon waxes from the 5th to the 19th of the month, and this is the two week period of the New Moon and is most favorable for brand new goals, date nights, romance, and doing things for the first time. This is his launch pad where he can be entrepreneurial and take on new challenges. This is suitable for short weekend breaks.

Relationships based around communication on the internet are favored as are internet dating. This is an excellent time for discussion and improving your communication with a Cancer guy.

A good waxing period for short breaks and city escapes. Communication, internet dating, and understanding in relationships are enhanced. This fortnightly period is great for his new business ventures if they involve teaching, writing, IT, or journalism. This is not a great time for PR and public speaking. Job interviews and brand new ventures in terms of career direction are not favored.

This is also very suitable for new career ventures in medicine, holistic medicine and healthcare. Positive thinking about creative visualization using the law of attraction is enhanced during the waxing phase.

This is a very favorable time for meditation or spiritual pursuits. Relationships that are very spiritual and based on empathy are favored.


Avoid resentment as in marriage, you guys need to put down your other “stuff” in order to enjoy sex, because often it’s hard to relax and let go in the intimate arena because you are struggling with trust and you may both be harboring doubts or bitterness. Sex is great once you have had the courage to deal with the other relationship issues that you are both avoiding.

July 2024 Horoscope for a Cancer Man

Week 1: Get the look

With the New Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus and trine Saturn in Pisces, this should be an aspirational New Moon. It’s a great time for a ‘New Year’s’ resolution as a couple, and it’s also a wonderful time to celebrate your relationship.

Whether you are thinking of getting married, or engaged, or if you just want to do something special and memorable, what a fantastic time to do it! What’s important is to focus on your relationship…

You want to do things that make him feel physically good, so treat your Cancer man to new aftershave, a massage, new clothing—these things go down really well. Compliment him on his physique.

It’s a very visual time, so it’s also important for you to make an effort in terms of dressing in a colorful, exciting way that is appealing to the eye. It’s all about sex appeal and excitement this week, which is kind of interesting, isn’t it?

Week 2: Taboo Seeking 

Now the Sun in Cancer trines Saturn, and we also have Venus in Cancer sextile Neptune and opposite Pluto. The key right now is sensitivity in relationships but also broaching important issues. This is a time to perhaps broach some of the taboos in the relationship. These could be to do with money, previous partners, or insecurities or anxieties either of you have.

It’s so important right now to solidify the relationship by not shying away from the difficult issues, but it’s also important to do it in a calm, measured way. What’s wonderful for relationships right now is to understand what is really important, to identify key problem issues that crop up, and to broach them in a fearless yet rational way.

Week 3: Catalysts and Clicks 

Mars will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus for the last time for another 80 years, so it’s quite a significant week in that way. How does this affect your Cancer man?

Well, it’s a time when a new friendship could revolutionize his life. Perhaps you are that friend, and you are going to be a catalyst for a whole new world of adventure for him. Sometimes it’s important for him to supercharge his networking as a way of gaining a foothold in a new career.

So if you need to help him to reach out and be more visible within his professional community, definitely help him with that. The key word here is innovation and change, so he needs to be fairly adventurous with his ambitions and communicate with his wider professional community.

This is great for those of you who are in friends-with-benefits relationships or have been long-term friends with a Cancer man because something could happen and things could suddenly click, and your relationship could go to a whole new stratosphere.

Week 4: Chip is Down 

The Sun moves into Leo opposite Pluto and will also sextile Mars, which has now gone into Gemini. This is a particularly sensitive week for your Cancer man, he could be easily triggered, so it’s very important to be a strong and reliable partner.

What he needs from you right now is consistency. You should show loyalty and whether you are in a new relationship, marriage, or still friends, it’s so important that you have his back. Show him that when the chips are down, you will stand by him and you believe in him.

This is what is most important in love. This is not a time when love is about cliches, frivolous, and trivial things. It’s a time to put your money where your mouth is. No more talking the talk; you walk the walk, and that is what will win his heart.


This is a purposeful and productive month in your relationship and if you do the right things ie if you are mindful and sensitive, the relationship can become so much more meaningful and rewarding.

It’s a good time for commitment as well, so relationships have the potential to become more serious. This is also a time for your ambitions as well as relationship ambitions, and therefore you guys should be encouraging each other to reach for the stars. The relationship should help propel you to greater heights in your respective careers.

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