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Cancer Man And Leo Woman Compatibility – Is This A Good Match?

What could happen between a water sign and a fire sign mingle? The water sign could possibly put the fire out and end up with smoke. The fire could also make the water boil. Cancer man and Leo woman are drawn to each other for the sexuality vibe they put off. They both crave attention and love. However, Leo may be a bit more outgoing than Cancer is comfortable with. What are the pros and cons to this duo? Keep reading for more information.


From the get go, Cancer man is in awe with the beauty and wow factor that Leo woman has naturally. She’s able to draw just about anyone in initially. She’s quite striking and it’s hard for any man to really resist getting to know her.

Upon talking, they seem to have plenty of intelligent conversation to keep them engaged. In the beginning, they are drawn to each other but may not be the best pairing as time goes on.

They start figuring out that they may not have as much in common as they hoped they would. Leo woman likes to get out and do stuff including being social. Cancer man would prefer to stay home and enjoy time with the right woman.

Leo woman wants to be in the spotlight and the center of attention. She doesn’t understand why the Cancer man doesn’t get this. Cancer man is one that craves attention and adoration but doesn’t feel the need to do it socially.

At times the Leo woman may come off so strong to the Cancer man that he slips back into his shell and doesn’t want to share himself with her. She may say things that hurt his feelings and cause him to shut down.

He may pull back his affections if he’s not feeling appreciated or cared for. These two CAN work on it but it’s going to be a long difficult road if they do decide to pursue the relationship.

Leo Woman, Who She Is

Cancer man and Leo woman

The Leo woman is strong, beautiful, commands attention, is talented and a force to be reckoned with. It’s easy to see why any man would be drawn to her. It’s often common for a Leo woman to be in the entertainment of some kind.

If she isn’t, she’s likely involved in some other high power job or career that allows her to be a leader or pioneer. She’s good at what she does and she knows how to make it work.

Leo woman wants a man who is going to give her lots of love, attention, and affection. She wants a man that will be there when she wants him and is likely why she’s drawn to men who are not quite a social butterfly type.

Leo women love outgoing guys but gravitate toward men who would rather stay out of the limelight because that’s her domain. She’d rather have the kind and sweet man at home that will cater to her desires.

When the Leo woman meets the Cancer man, he’s exactly the type of guy she’d like. He’s loving, sweet, charming, good-looking, and yet appreciates home life. She can see the potential of love, marriage, and children.

However, she will discover that she also has to give her Cancer man lots of attention and affection. If she eats it all up and doesn’t return it; he gets cold toward her. He may not be her soul mate after all.

Cancer Man, Who he Is

The Cancer man is willing to give all the love and attention to the woman he falls in love with but he will assuredly need for her to give him the same in return otherwise he feels it’s one-sided.

Cancer man relies on love to keep him afloat. He’s an emotionally driven guy that feels his way through life. He will be no different when it comes to relationships. Finding a woman who will help him balance is his goal.

He wants to ultimately have a giving and loving woman with whom he can form a bond, become serious, get married, and have children. He’s all about trying to build the perfect home for his endearing future family.

This may be one reason why the Cancer man loves to stay at home so often. He’s not horrible with socializing but he’s more of a private person who keeps his friendship circles rather small.

He doesn’t trust easily so having only a few close friends seems to suit him best. He may meet a new woman through a friend or perhaps even online. Cancer man with Leo woman may be a difficult match.

They hit it off at the beginning but find over time that they really don’t understand each other which makes it hard to navigate or meet each other in the middle. It can be done but it won’t be easy.

What Works Between Cancer Man and Leo Woman

It’s hard to find the things these two may have in common that hold potential for them. One thing that may be there is the ability to trust one another. It takes a while for a Cancer man to trust any woman.

However, the Leo woman will help him to open up and trust her quite easily. She will trust him since he likely doesn’t do anything that would make her feel threatened or suspicious.

As long as the two make each other feel loved, they can maintain this sense of trust. However, if the Cancer man feels a lack of love coming from his Leo lover, he may start to lose the trust.

These two both have big hearts and hold the potential to really and truly love each other. Being able to talk about how they feel about any given topic is one thing that they may do well with.

It’s not perfect though, Cancer has expectations from Leo that she may not be able to live up to. She may not want to totally give herself over to him without something in return.

This duo can work but it will take a great deal of communication, finding a middle ground, and working toward a goal in their relationship otherwise this may be a very difficult match.

What Cancer Man Think of Leo Woman – Especially in Bed

Cancer man and Leo woman

The Cancer man is super sensitive emotionally. This means she may feel a bit threatened by the strong and go-getter attitude of Leo woman. He will be attracted to her beauty initially.

As time goes on and he gets to know her more, he’ll realize that she’s self-driven and though she does well at what she does, she needs LOTS of attention from her. He isn’t afraid to give it to her either IF she will also give back to him.

He will think she’s perhaps a bit too social and too needy of a social type of setting than he likes. This may make him uncomfortable. She may want to go out more often than he does which also makes him feel somewhat insecure.

He can feel her capacity to love and he is in love with that. When she doesn’t give it to him or reserves it for certain times, he’ll shut down and pull back into his shell thus not giving the relationship it’s all.

Sexually, they really don’t have a whole lot in common. He is a bit reserved until he’s certain of the woman he’s with. Trust is a huge thing for him to totally let loose and be passionate.

The sex will depend mostly on what state their emotions are in with each other. If they aren’t doing well in other areas of their love, the sex will dwindle and not be worth it.

Cancer Man and Leo Woman Problems

Sadly, with this couple, there are more problems than they are high points. That’s not to say it can’t or won’t work out but it’s going to require a whole lot of compromise and elbow grease.

These two have very little in common which means they have to work extra hard. They are drawn to each other from first sight but the Cancer man with Leo woman are not a match made in heaven.

Sex may be a problem as it’s not as fulfilling for either of them. Leo woman wants to take control and show her man her unbridled passion. Cancer man is more sensitive and rather tender in lovemaking.

The communication won’t be that great with these two either. Cancer man becomes quiet and cold when he’s not seeing that the relationship is going his way. Leo woman is outspoken and could hurt her Cancer man.

They communicate very differently and may require a professional hand to help them learn to understand each other enough to work on things together. Even the values aren’t very close for these two.

Leo woman wants to be out and enjoying being wild and free in a way. Cancer man loves the comfort of home and building a family. Leo woman also wants a family but her way of doing things is likely different from Cancer’s ideas.

Cancer Man and Leo Woman Breakup

Cancer man and Leo woman

The break up between these two may not be an amicable one. Cancer man is tender and doesn’t like to do the breaking up. He may stray or make himself less available for his Leo woman which makes the tension build.

He may take it so far as to having an affair or just simply not being around. This will hurt the Leo woman thus making her a bit angry. She will lash out at him and may be the one that does the breaking up.

On the opposite side, if the Leo woman isn’t totally satisfied with her Cancer man, she too may either look elsewhere for what she wants or may just call it quits with him. She’s more likely to speak her mind than he is.

Either way, someone or both of them is going to get hurt in the process of the ending of this relationship. Leo woman may even want to get a little revenge on the man that possibly hurt her.

If it just didn’t go well and both agree, they may be able to amicably part but that requires communication which is something that neither is good at with each other.

Final Score

Cancer man and Leo woman

While these two may try to make a go at this relationship, they will find that it’s going to be a very difficult process. However, if they really do fall in love and have the ability to find a compromise, they CAN make it work.

It will take lots of effort, lots of understanding, and perhaps even counseling if both parties are in agreeance. The love can be strong but only when they can truly “get” where each other are coming from.

This is a rough match that will be hard. The problems they need to overcome are truly from them not seeing “eye to eye” on various points of their lives. They have very little in common.

What could help save them is their big and loving hearts. They just simply need to find a way to make it so that they are open with one another. Again, it may help them to get outside help to help them communicate better.

Out of a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this couple a 2.5. This is a very difficult union. It’s not impossible but it certainly takes two strong individuals that can let their love overcome the problems they may have.

Perhaps if either of them has a rising sign that enhances their sun sign, they may be able to find a better connection with one another. There is always much more that may be learned about each person.

It’s a matter of truly getting to know someone as best as you can. Always trust what you feel deep inside because that’s the one voice that knows the right answer!

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