Do Cancer Men Lie? And How To Know A Cancer Man Is Lying

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do Cancer men cheat? Do they lie? What would make a Cancer man lie even if he doesn't want to? Read on and discover if you can trust him.

Struggling to find out why do Cancer men lie and how to know if your Cancer man is lying to you? You’re not alone. In my experience as a relationship astrologer, so many women and men battle with overcoming betrayal.

The most simple answer related to a Cancer man lying is that he wants to spare someone’s feelings. My best advice is to slowly build a sense of intimacy between you and be as honest and open as you possibly can.

Are Cancers known to be untrustworthy? You’ll be happy to know he definitely doesn’t fall under the category of a sneaky kind of guy. In fact, Cancer men are among the most sensitive and easily hurt Zodiac signs.

This can cause them to come across as cold and defensive. Strange right? Is the most sensitive sign coming across as the least caring? It’s simply a protective mechanism. The truth is, Cancers have more trust issues than you; they just hide them better.

But why are Cancer men liars? Well, if you’re looking for the answer to this very complex question, then look no further. This article is going to explore why Cancer men lie. So keep reading if this is something you have been curious about.

Do Cancer Men Lie?

Cancer men are a lovely bunch, but they are definitely complicated men to be around. They are so emotional and sensitive, but they’re not always honest, especially if they know that they are going to hurt someone’s feelings. 

They hate being the cause of someone else’s pain, but unfortunately, the people pleaser living inside of him might cause him to hurt more people than he ever imagined he would. 

Cancers struggle to be very forward and honest sometimes. They would much rather want someone to feel comfortable than give them the truth. 

This can cause quite a few problems because it might mean that you never know where you stand with him. When a Cancer man lies it causes a lot more problems than he might ever realize.

Are Cancer Men Liars?

Cancer can be the biggest liar in the Zodiac, but they don’t have bad intentions. Usually, it is quite a good sign if a Cancer man gives you a white lie or two because it means that he likes you so much that he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Of course, lies should be kept within reason, and it depends on the context. Big lies are always going to hurt, and for some of you, smaller ones as well. But try to understand his point of view and see that his intentions are usually quite good.

How To Know A Cancer Man Is Lying To Me

One of the clearest signs a Cancer man is lying to you can be seen when you notice him suddenly become unreliable and makes a bunch of excuses not to be with you. He may accuse you of being clingy while he is not paying any attention to you. He will try to hide how he truly feels…

Here’s how to tell if a Cancer man is lying:

When Your Cancer Man Gets Distant

If a Cancer man avoids spending time with you in any way, asking for your help, insight, support, or opinion, and if he makes up the reasons for his behavior, that is one of the signs he is lying.

If he just seems distant and avoids looking you in the eyes, you can be sure that something is off. He will avoid reaching out to you by calling and texting.

Being on the receiving end is certainly not pleasant. Cancer men are game players who can manage to hurt women unintentionally. He normally wouldn’t try to hurt anyone, but he would rather hurt her that way than talk to her directly.

When he realizes what is going on, he’ll sort of freak out, and in an attempt to not hurt anyone, he’ll just decide to back down or get out. He’s not the best at being forthcoming or honest about what he’s really doing.

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When He Is Unreliable

Your Cancer man suddenly becomes a man you cannot rely on. This is not that attractive, right? Especially when you’re building a bond of connection and trust between the two of you.

If you find him holding onto you at one point and standing you up at the next, you can be sure that this is a red flag. 

He will lie to convince you that something has come up and he cannot be with you as agreed or attend a dinner with your friends but don’t settle for that. He will cancel plans without giving you any valid explanations, and this will make you feel confused.

You need to be aware that a Cancer man lying to you is to spare your feelings, especially when he has no intentions of making this relationship work.

He Accuses You Of Lying

If your Cancer man avoids answering your question with another question, this is a red flag. That means he is deliberately redirecting your question and wants to shift the problem.

It is his way to distract you from the conversation, and it is also a defensive mechanism. He may accuse you of being nosy and dishonest.

Once you feel your Cancer man is lying and you have a great hunch, then there’s probably something going on.

He Hides His Feelings From You

As a water sign, Cancer is known as the most sensitive person in the zodiac, aside from Scorpio and Pisces. However, he is also very protective of his feelings and doesn’t share them with just anybody!

When a Cancer man stops sharing his feelings with you, no matter how big or small, he really is shutting down and choosing not to trust you with his heart. And if he’s not putting his trust in you, you can be sure that he is not keen on moving forward with the relationship.

If you find him holding onto you physically when you’re together and finding it hard to be affectionate, you can be sure that he’s showing you a non-verbal sign of untrust and disrespect.

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Your Cancer Man Looks Guilty

A sure sign that your Cancer man may not want your presence is when he withdraws and goes into his man-cave for an extended period of time… and doesn’t come out. At all.

He doesn’t reach out at any point to contact you and tell you about his feelings, that he misses you, or that he has a memory of you. When there is absolutely nothing, it’s not just because he’s hurt. It’s because he’s trying to get over you, and reaching out will make that worse.

It’s a decision for him to try and move on, so you should mirror him and carry on with your life, too. He will look guilty and make you wonder why. He may even guilt-trip you when you are trying to decode him.

When A Cancer Man Gets Caught Lying — Should  You Forgive Him?

Well, it depends. The trust was broken in some way. This means that it will need to be rebuilt. Remember, being friends first and foremost will help you lay the foundation for building trust again if you are willing to take that road. Some women just move on without hesitation if they discover their Cancer man has lied.

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Why Do Cancer Men Lie? 3 Possible Reasons

He Is Cheating On You

Much of the time when a Cancer man gets involved with a woman, he isn’t thinking about how he can con her or fool her. However, if he finds that the woman is easy to manipulate, he may go overboard. The Cancer man lies to keep things interesting for himself.

If she lets him get away with things time and time again, he’ll assume it doesn’t matter anymore and then do what he wants but keep it on the down low. That means he’ll possibly lie or alter the truth.

He may sneak around and cheat or scam another woman. These are some of the worst scenarios to think about but they are definitely something a potential mate needs to know.

Cancer DOES have the capability to blow sunshine up people’s butts to get what they want at the time. It may backfire on them later when those same people learn the truth and that he wasn’t doing what was right.

If he isn’t getting the adoration and attention he seeks, he may seek it in another woman or multiple women. It CAN happen. The thing is, you cannot assume that ALL Cancer men are going to be this way.

There are some Cancer men who have full intention of loving their one and only woman until the day they die. That woman is like a woman that doesn’t take any guff and can spot a red flag before he even plants one.

He Is Seeking Attention

Some Cancer men just lie because it makes them feel powerful and good about themselves. They get some sort of weird high from it, especially if they get away with it.

They may also have a tendency to embellish their lives. So, they call up one of their best friends they haven’t seen in years and talk about this awesome computer home network they have set up.

However, this network is one computer that works and 4 that are not functional that are just sitting around. The person he’s talking to is a big computer fan and thinks that this Cancer guy just leveled up and is more awesome.

So he gets this high feeling that he’s the big man even though the reality is, he only has one computer that works fully and has no accessories to set up the full network.

Embellishing is something Cancer loves to do in order to make people think he’s something he’s not. Why? Attention! This is simply another form of getting kudos and pats on the back.

He May Try To Hide His Bad Habit Or Addiction

If your Cancer man has a problem with some type of addiction, he’s likely to be ashamed or feel guilty about it but he absolutely will not tell you the truth. He will hide it because he’d be embarrassed if you knew.

In the case that his addiction is one of a sexual nature and requires him to be with multiple women, THIS is something you need to pay heed to. There will be signs to look for such as him looking at porn too often, him not coming home when he says he’s going to, him going “to the store” but being gone for more than an hour, etc.

If you see these types of things going on then he is doing something very shady. Don’t confront him right away though as he’ll only deny it and try to turn it around on you for spying on him.

Wait until he’s unsuspecting and maybe even bring in a third party that can be objective. That way they can sort of be a go-between that helps you two to talk without pointing fingers.

If he can admit he has a problem, this is the first step. If he cannot or will not, it’s up to you to decide to stay with him or to move on but I can honestly tell you, that he’ll never be straight with you.

Lies will continue as is his sneaking around. This holds especially true with drugs or alcohol addictions. Again, not ALL Cancer men are like this. All Cancer men DO have the capability to fall off the wagon into addiction.

Not all of them will actually want to or allow themselves to. The ones that opt to stay clean no matter the temptation, will also be able to be forthright in telling the truth to the people they love.

FAQ About Cancer Man Lying

How do you know if a Cancer man is lying to you? Well, luckily for you, I have compiled questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate your relationship with your Cancer man.

Do Cancer Men Cheat? 

A Cancer man in love won’t cheat. He fears doing so because he knows that too much is at stake and how much betrayal would hurt his partner, so he won’t be tempted to cheat.

So, when a Cancer man is in love, he tends to be loyal.

Can You Trust A Cancer Man?

To be honest, if you’re going to trust any Zodiac sign, you’re in good hands when it comes to a Cancer man. These guys typically have very good intentions and hate the idea of hurting people.

Cancer men aren’t usually the types to go out and hurt you or betray you. It takes very rare circumstances for them to let you down, so don’t be scared to open up your heart to a Cancer. He’s very often one of the good guys out there, and you can trust them!

Do Cancer Men Hide Their True Feelings?

Yes, often. Cancer men tend to be insecure. Sometimes that can be rather annoying, but for the most part, it shows you his soft and sensitive side. This is a good thing to behold if you’re trying to build a future with him.

He will try to hide his true feelings because he fears getting hurt. Know that he’ll always worry about your feelings as well as what you really want from him. He will do his best to make sure you’re always set with whatever you want or need.

Stop Worrying About Your Cancer Man…

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with a Cancer man who won’t commit.

I know. I’ve been there with many of my friends dating Cancer guys.

I remember my very close friend crying herself to sleep at night, worried that her man would never commit to her. She lost sleep, time, and even work hours, all because she couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart and get him to commit.

As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that.

But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him. Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

How could she just give up on that?

But it wasn’t easy. It took a LOT of work…

She had to learn how to speak a different language… his love language <<

And it worked!! So if you are ready to sleep like a baby… Knowing your Cancer man is MADLY in love with you… And never feel anxious about him again…

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xoxo, Anna

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3 thoughts on “Do Cancer Men Lie? And How To Know A Cancer Man Is Lying

  1. Hi am dating this cancer man for about 3 weeks but am not sure if he really likes me he is married and has 3 children he told me they are separated but she comes by to check the children he told me they don’t have any sex and he wants to be with me am not sure if he’s telling me the truth I really like him and want to have a relationship with him he doesn’t visit me everyday he said because he has to work but he comes on the weekend he said he wants to have a relationship with me and everytime he calls or whatever he comes he always tells me remember I love you and no one else but I don’t know what to believe so can you help me please

    1. Hi Tamika!

      Is there a reason you don’t trust him? Are there red flags you’ve noticed that make you question whether he’s telling you the truth or not? If there are no red flags then you should trust that he’s being honest. Now, if he does act weird or does weird things then maybe your intuition is trying to tell you that he’s full of it and you should move on. The biggest thing is what your gut tells you. They can be good at lying but they cannot lie to your inner voice. Does your stomach tense up in a knot when he tells you things? If it does then your gut is saying he isn’t being honest. That’s how you can tell. I hope this helps you figure things out sweetheart. I wish you all the very best!

  2. Hi I am dating a cancer man who has been lying about his addiction to opiates. He actually was open in the beginning to tell me but minimized what it was and how easy it would be to get off of. Its hard to work on the relationship in a normal way or read astrology and it actually help when there is an addiction going on it seems the addiction takes over it all and so Im not dealing with a normal situation of relationship issues. He will be there for me when I need him and does wonderful boyfriend things with me and show me he loves me but all of the lies are so hurtful and create distrust.

    What happens when the cancer man hurts you how do they act after they see that something they’ve done has hurt you?
    How is it best to handle so he sees this has hurt me and doesn’t want to do it again?

    I don’t know if I cut him off and move on if he would finally get serious and get clean or if he will just stay as he is. I will have to do what is best for me regardless but would communicating with him even if I distance myself be enabling or would it still encourage a cancer man to step up to deal with his problem?

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