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Can you Truly trust a Cancer Man? What to watch for

I’ve had plenty of women ask me similar questions about Cancer men. Cancer men are known to be loyal. However; they have sketchy sides to them that are difficult to know for certainty what is going on. Here are some things to consider.

Intentions Set the Pace

Much of the time when a Cancer man gets involved with a woman; he isn’t thinking about how he can con her or fool her. However; if he finds that the woman is easy to manipulate; he may go overboard.

If she lets him get away with things time and time again; he’ll assume it doesn’t matter anymore then do what he wants but keeping it on the down low. That means he’ll possibly lie or alter the truth.

He may sneak around and cheat or scam on another woman. These are some of the worst scenarios to think about but they are definitely something a potential mate needs to know.

Cancer DOES have the capability to blow sunshine up people’s butts to get what they want at the time. It may backfire on them later when those same people learn the truth and that he wasn’t doing what was right.

If he isn’t getting the adoration and attention he seeks; he may seek it in another woman or multiple women. It CAN happen. The thing is; you cannot assume that ALL Cancer men are going to be this way.

There are some Cancer men who have full intention on loving their one and only woman until the day they die. That woman is like a woman that doesn’t take any guff and can spot a red flag before he even plants one.

Addiction Problems

Can You Truly Trust a Cancer Man

If your Cancer man has a problem with some type of addiction; he’s likely to be ashamed or feel guilty about it but he absolutely will not tell you the truth. He will hide it because he’d be embarrassed if you knew.

In the case that his addiction is one of a sexual nature and requires him to be with multiple women; THIS is something you need to pay heed to. There will be signs to look for such as him looking at porn too often, him not coming home when he says he’s going to, him going “to the store” but being gone for more than an hour, etc.

If you see these types of things going on then he is doing something very shady. Don’t confront him right away though as he’ll only deny it and try to turn it around on you for spying on him.

Wait until he’s unsuspecting and maybe even bring in a third party that can be objective. That way they can sort of be a go between that helps you two to talk without pointing fingers.

If he can admit he has a problem; this is the first step. If he cannot or will not; it’s up to you to decide to stay with him or to move on but I can honestly tell you; he’ll never be straight with you.

Lies will continue as is his sneaking around. This holds especially true with drugs or alcohol addictions. Again, not ALL Cancer men are like this. All Cancer man DO have the capability to fall off the wagon into addiction.

Not all of them will actually want to or allow themselves to. The ones that opt to stay clean no matter the temptation; will also be able to be forthright in telling the truth to the people they love.

For the Sake of Lying

Some Cancer men just lie because it makes them feel powerful and good about themselves. They get some sort of weird high from it; especially if they get away with it.

They may also have a tendency to embellish about their lives. They call up one of their best friends they haven’t seen in years and talk about this awesome computer home network they have set up.

However this network is one computer that works and 4 that are not functional that are just sitting around. The person he’s talking to is a big computer fan and thinks that this Cancer guy just leveled up and is more awesome.

So he gets this high feeling that he’s the big man even though the reality is; he only has one computer that works fully and has no accessories to set up the full network.

Embellishing is something Cancer loves to do in order to make people think he’s something he’s not. Why? Attention! This is simply another form of getting kudos and pats on the back.

How to know if he isn’t being honest

Can you truly trust a Cancer man

This is probably what most women really want to know about the Cancer man when it comes to detecting lies. Simply put…. Communication. Start out your relationship where you’re both 100% with each other.

It may make you uncomfortable as he may tell you things that you don’t really want to know but if he’s being honest; you cannot get mad. Accept it at face value, work with it, and find a way forward.

If there are desires he has and he tells you, don’t belittle him or tell him he’s gross. Ask him why he feels this way and if there is anyway you can help. What I mean by this is if he has a certain fetish he needs to fulfill; how can you help without another person being involved?

If it’s something you really don’t like, perhaps you can give him an alternative that he can possibly entertain. When it comes to other possible lies or desires he has, honesty is the key.

With you both telling each other EVERYTHING every single day; there is no real reason for him to lie, cheat, or blow sunshine up your rear. It’s probably not an easy task and you’ll need to be a strong woman.

Perhaps you should learn more about the Cancer man before you continue. He does have some amazing qualities too that outweigh the bad. Click here for more information.

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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