Are Cancer Men Toxic? Find Out Here

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you worried that you’re in a toxic relationship with a Cancer man? Read more to find out if Cancer men are toxic actually?

Hello, my lovely angels! I hope you are all doing beautifully. Cancer men can really be lovely creatures, but there is a side to them that can be a little toxic. Cancer men are known for their nurturing and sensitive nature, but this can sometimes manifest as possessiveness or moodiness.

When dating a Cancer man it is really important to be aware of these tendencies and approach them with understanding and patience, but also know when to draw the line.

Cancer men are often deeply attached to their loved ones, which can be endearing but also lead to feelings of possessiveness. A toxic Cancer man can be quite tough to deal with and can lead you to spiral out of control.

Do you think that your Cancer man might be toxic? Then you have come to the right place, in this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Cancer men and are Cancer men toxic actually?

Are Cancer Men Toxic?

Just like most zodiac signs, Cancer men have their strengths and their weaknesses. Although Cancer men are not inherently toxic, there are some traits that can be perceived as toxic under certain circumstances.

These guys are very sensitive and feel everything, this can sometimes lead to them being moody or temperamental, which can be challenging to handle. You might not always know which mood swing they are in and this unpredictability can be unsettling.

They can also be a little manipulative and use their sensitivity to guilt-trip others or to get their way. This manipulation can be a toxic behavior that can negatively impact their relationships.

They are mostly good people, but if a Cancer man hasn’t worked on himself and processed his emotions in a healthy manner, he can be really toxic to be around.

5 Examples Of A Cancer Man Toxic Traits In A Relationship

Here are some of the most obvious signs a Cancer man is toxic:

He Constantly Brings Up The Past

Cancers are ruled by the Moon, and the Moon is the mother of memory. This means that in the eyes of Cancers, the past is just as important as the present moment. This can create someone with a great respect for family legacy and wisdom of elders on one hand, but it can also create someone who simply won’t let things go. 

This is a toxic trait, because Cancers are so stuck in the things that you may have done in the past that they don’t give the current you a chance anymore. This can have you feeling like you’re always defined by past mistakes even though you may have done a lot of work to overcome flaws. 

He Becomes Very Clingy

Cancer’s top concern is stability. This is shown through their love of the home, where they can keep everything that makes them feel safe within arms’ reach of where they stand. Knowing that what the love is safe and secure under their loving gaze makes them feel content. But when it goes too far, the Cancer is at risk for becoming toxic.

This can occur because the Cancer will feel the need to pressure their loved ones to stay safe and secure by their side… no matter what the loved one has to say about it. This can keep their loved ones feeling torn and asking themselves “Do I go my own way and follow my heart, or do I stay by my Cancer’s side to make him feel safe?” 

He Won’t Communicate

Cancers are ruled by the private and empathetic Moon which inclines them to bottling their feelings up inside. This can leave the lovers of the Cancer either totally unaware that the Cancer is suffering (while the Cancer simultaneously blames them for not asking what’s wrong with them) or they sense the discord within the Cancer and naturally blame themselves. 

This creates a relationship which may seem okay on the surface, while one or both parties are secretly stewing with no sign of getting real and honest any time soon. This can leave both parties coming to silently hate the other for reasons they can’t even put their fingers on. Yikes!

He Makes You Responsible For His Emotions

Cancers are incredibly sensitive. If you’re in a relationship with one, then I don’t need to tell you that! He picks up on the slightest energy shifts and then takes them on himself, like all water signs do. They will find themselves feeling glum for reasons they are unsure about, but will begin to look for reasons why in other people.

This means that if work stressed you out that day, the Cancer is then blaming you for their bad mood! How does that work? The Cancer will subtly pick up on your inner change and then assume it’s them that caused it. As a defense mechanism, they then will say that it’s something that you did, even though in reality you consciously had very little to do with it.

Sound confusing? Such is the life of the water sign. They are so acutely sensitive to energy and it’s so overwhelming to them that they project this discomfort outside of them.

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He’s Manipulative

Perhaps the Cancer’s worst toxic trait is being manipulative. The Cancer often feels powerless to the forces that surround them. People who feel powerless often turn to forms of manipulation in order to fenagle some of that power back from those around them, whom they perceive to be in control of their moods, ultimately. 

This means that Cancer may throw pity parties, resort to guilt tripping you, make idle threats, or intentionally blow small problems up. This can leave their partner feeling at the mercy of the Cancer’s moods and actions, which is totally unfair and mentally draining for the partner of the Cancer.

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How To Deal With A Toxic Cancer Man (Follow These Easy Ways)

Dealing with a toxic Cancer man can be quite exhausting and very emotionally draining. You might never know what mood to expect him to be in, and this uncertainty can take a toll on your own well-being.

Communication is a really big part of dealing with a toxic Cancer man. It is so important that you share with him your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. He needs to know how you feel about his behavior and its impact on you.

He might be feeling insecure so it is quite important that you make time to reassure him about your feelings towards him, but also be firm in establishing boundaries for what behavior is unacceptable.

Sometimes you just need to be patient with him and allow him to move through his emotions, so giving him some space to breathe can definitely help him to calm down and reflect on the situation.

Here is how to deal with a toxic Cancer man:

  1. Recognize your growth as well as his.
  2. Reassure him of your feelings, and that when you need to take space it is not personal.
  3. Be open with your own communication and show him that you are a safe and secure person for him to open up to.
  4. Ask him helpful questions about what he is feeling to help him process and get to the root of why he is feeling negative emotions.
  5. Set your own boundaries and let him know how it makes you feel when he resorts to toxic and manipulative behaviours.

FAQs On Cancer Men Toxic Traits:

Here is some more information on Cancer men and their toxic traits:

What Are The Negative Traits Of A Cancer Man?

Some of the negative traits a Cancer man might have is that he is often moody, passive-aggressive, and tends to retreat into his shell when he’s upset. He can be quite manipulative and use emotional guilt to control situations. He can sometimes shut down and stop sharing his feelings, leaving his partner feeling isolated.

Why Are Cancer Men Toxic?

Cancer men are toxic because of their strong emotional nature combined with their tendency to internalize their emotions and avoid open communication. They can be very insecure and may resort to manipulative and passive-aggressive behaviors when feeling vulnerable or threatened.

Are Cancer Men Players? (Can You Trust A Cancer Man?)

Cancer men are not typically players, as they tend to seek emotional connection and long-term relationships. They prefer to have a strong bond with one person and are generally loyal and committed in their relationships.

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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