Cancer Man Compatibility: How A Cancer Man Matches With Women

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What's the best match with Cancer man? Aside from being with someone of the same sign, there are other signs that are every bit as suitable. Keep reading.

Are you dating or thinking of dating a Cancer man but wonder how you may match up with him via your own Sun sign? Here are where the signs fall for this family driven man.

Same Sign Compatibility

The very first sign to look at is the same sign. Often times the two are very much alike and can therefore easily form a more understanding bond. There are exceptions with some signs but Cancer happens to be very compatible with their own sign.

Cancer man with Cancer woman can make a very stable team together. They understand that each of them has moods and they also are both family-oriented thus bonding, marrying, and having children is the goal they share. They will have to watch out for their individual mood swings though.

Great Matches

cancer man compatibility

Aside from being with someone of the same sign, there are other signs that are every bit as suitable. The Cancer man with Taurus woman, for example, is a delightful match. Taurus woman can provide Cancer man with family and security.

They both would prefer to have a nice routine, life a family oriented type of life, and always come home to each other. Both can be jealous and possessive, however, so they’ll need to keep their cool to make it last.

Another fantastic match would be Cancer man with Virgo woman. She will appeal to Cancer man’s desire to be loyal and have loyalty back. Virgo woman will make a great mom and partner.

These two will likely have fantastic sexual chemistry and can communicate fairly well together. These two will be on the same page in many ways and can make a nice match if Cancer man can keep his emotions in check.

Of course, there is the Cancer man with Scorpio woman. Scorpio woman is zesty and passionate. If Cancer man can romance her into settling down with him, she’ll be a fantasy partner.

These two are likely to have a very steamy sex life together. Since both of these signs are driven by their emotions, they will have to channel their feelings and be sure to always keep communication open.

Finally, right up there with the others, Cancer man with Pisces woman can be rather dynamic. They are likely to have much in common, will have a very pleasurable sex life, and successful family.

These two will have to make sure not to let their fantasies get away with them. They will need to work at keeping their feet on the ground. If they can do this, they should be able to make it last for a very long time if not forever.

These particular signs are some of the best but don’t feel intimidated if yours isn’t listed here. There are always exceptions depending on the level of compromise a couple is willing to make.

Good But Needs Work

The Cancer man with the Leo woman may be fulfilling where compliments and adoration are concerned. The romance between them will be beautiful and the sex is likely to be tender if Leo woman doesn’t dominate too often.

There is a great possibility with these two if they can keep each other filled with loving compliments. Leo woman will do well trusting in her Cancer man who will do anything to make her happy. She will need to learn to be understanding of her Cancer man’s mood changes.

There is also the Cancer man with Capricorn woman. They are both very family oriented but Capricorn woman will take her career very seriously also. She’ll be happy to be a mom but she’ll want to continue to work.

Perhaps the Cancer man can agree to stay at home with the kids if they prefer not to use daycare. Sex between these two will be steamy and kinky. The area where they will need work is with communication. They will need to learn to open up to each other instead of hiding their innermost thoughts.

All in all, these two signs may be a good pairing for the Cancer man but will require him to do a bit more work. Success is possible if communication can be tweaked and the women are open to being honest.

Least Likely To Match Up

cancer man compatibility

There are a few signs that are probably not that well matched with Cancer. Again, there are exceptions but it’s up to the couple as to how hard they want to work at the relationship.

One of these matchups would include the Cancer man with Gemini woman. These two can clash as Gemini is a bit more of a free spirit and needs time to herself. If Cancer man can understand this, there is a chance.

The Cancer man needs an emotional type of feeling where sex is concerned whereas Gemini doesn’t need quite the intensity. Communication may not be very easy between these two. Gemini sometimes likes to keep secrets as does Cancer which could blow up for them both later.

Another possible match that requires much work would be the Cancer man with Aquarius woman. Cancer man may be too sensitive with the honest and blunt Aquarius woman.

Again, Cancer man needs tender sex where Aquarius likes to have sex sometimes just for the sake of having it. There may be a sort of disconnect making Cancer feel unfulfilled. They will also need to learn how to really open up and talk to each other.

Not Likely To Match

There are two more signs that Cancer man can consider. The Cancer man with Aries woman may make a very difficult match due to him being too sensitive to the way she talks or how impulsive she can be.

Lastly, there is the Cancer man with Sagittarius woman. The Sagittarius woman will excite the Cancer man with her free spirit. However, she may not want to settle down and build a family life.

Just remember, there are other angles to consider so none of these signs are set in stone. There are always other possibilities and ways to work around difficulties depending on the two people and how much work they’re prepared to do. Is he right for you? To find your current compatibility score, use my calculator.

Naturally, it may be a good idea to accrue as much information as you can about the Cancer man to see if you CAN find a way to make it work and to last.

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