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The Cancer Man, When he’s HOT then COLD

Why does the delicious Cancer man seem to be hot one minute and then next thing you know; he’s cold or quiet. What makes him keep this tug of war type of feeling going? Does he care or is he just playing with you? Read more for information that may be useful.

Comes on Hot

Cancer men are VERY flirtatious. They are notorious for getting many women interested in him as he’s charming, sexy, and knows what to say to get attention. This is natural sex appeal.

He’s already good looking so this draws a woman in but then he starts laying on the “nice” comments and making himself seem like he’s interested. This can at times; be a game he is playing.

Sorry to say but; Cancer men are game players that can manage to hurt women unintentionally. He normally wouldn’t try to hurt anyone. However; he doesn’t understand that when he is “too nice”; he leads women on.

He doesn’t get it when a woman becomes very upset with him for not having followed through with all the flirting he was doing with her. He thinks maybe she shouldn’t have bought too much into it.

The thing is; she might not have been that into him if he hadn’t laid that charm on in a thick layer. He needs to learn to be more conscious of leading women on when his general intention isn’t as such.

When he’s into a woman though; he’ll lay it on that much thicker. He’ll go all out to make the woman feel as though she’s the only one in his world. However if she sees how he talks to other women; she’ll question his honesty.

Turns a cold cheek

Cancer Man Hot And Cold

If he isn’t committed to someone; he’ll flirt and then think nothing of it. Again; this makes him seem like a heartless jerk. It confuses women and makes them think that he’s just not into them and makes them feel bad.

When he IS dating someone though; the only reason he’d really pull back and seem as though he’s not as into his partner as he was; it’s typically because of doubts he has about that person.

Perhaps he had some expectations that weren’t met or she did something that he found questionable. Maybe he doesn’t like some of her habits or just something that doesn’t feel right to him.

This makes him want to take an evaluation to see if this woman is actually what he wants for his future. After all; he is seeking a secure relationship that will last a lifetime.

When something doesn’t feel right; he backs off and can tend to be less affectionate, lessens the text messages, and doesn’t try to put in effort to meet up like he once did.

Moody Fellas

To be honest; Cancer men are very emotionally driven people which can make them moody. They change moods like they change underwear. You never are really certain which mood you’re going to get each day.

This can make him swing from being happy and in love to feeling despair and that things are not going the way he wanted. Then he may go back to being so in love that he can’t think straight.

His feelings are almost like being Bi-Polar. He doesn’t often know what mood he’s going to be in either. This makes him constantly question himself, his devotion, the woman he cares for, and whether or not the relationship is worth his efforts.

If your Cancer man has gone cold out of the blue; wait a little while and see if it changes again. If it’s his mood; he’ll likely get himself back together and be normal again. Try not to jump to any conclusions.

However; if he seems to really pull back; there may be a bigger issue than just his mood and it would be worth talking to him to find out what is going on. That is; if you can even get him to open up.

Scared of Relationships

Cancer Man Hot And Cold

Naturally if a Cancer man has been horribly emotionally wounded; he will react when he gets too close to someone. He will especially do this if he’s gone into a relationship far too quickly.

He’ll suddenly realize he went to fast and doesn’t really know what he is doing nor does he really know the person he got involved with. This freaks him out and he starts going backwards.

Some of them will even try to get their new partner to go back to being friends for awhile while they get to know each other better. This isn’t fair to the woman and is very confusing for sure.

My best advice here is to make sure you take your time with a Cancer man. Don’t let him go to fast because if you do; this could very well happen to you then you’ll be the one writing in asking why he’s doing this.

He gets excited and he is in love with love itself. So the prospect of falling in love with someone new turns him on and is why he easily falls into a relationship when he should really take his time.

If he is gently reminded that it’s best to pace the relationship so that it can grow in a healthy way; he’ll abide by it and he’ll learn from it. He may even keep to it without ever going cold.

The bottom line with the Cancer man is that his habits need to be observed. You need to take it slow with him. Be nice and easy and you could prevent a disaster. Don’t assume that because he’s flirting or being nice that he likes you.

Observe his other actions to truly know if he’s into you or just being cute. When he’s into you though; he’ll be all over you. It may help you to learn as much as you can about this man by clicking here!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “The Cancer Man, When he’s HOT then COLD

  1. This article speaks to exactly what I have been experiencing with a cancer guy.
    I like him so much, he says he likes me very much, yet it moves so slowly. Which I guess I can deal with.
    However, he does go quiet on and off and he said its bc of his moods, or feeling sad, angry or depressed.
    He’s an open book with me. So that part is great, at least I know what is going on. I try to be patient however, it is hard bc I want the connection consistently as I have real feelings for him. We have talked for five months or more, went out, hung out, etc
    We are great when we are together, but he said he wants to see me more and wishes we lived closer. I feel the same, wish I could see him much more.
    Its just hard.
    And he has mentioned other random girls, or a dating app, in a very indirect way a few times, I am not sure what the intent is with doing that. Why would he tell me anything like that?
    He also said he was not having relations with anyone else, I didn’t ask he just said that when we’re were talking in general about liking each other and feelings.
    He also mentioned a while back he was going to go on a date but didn’t bc he thought of me, that was months ago. But I believe he is still active on a dating app now. I’m not sure.
    I promised myself if my heart started to hurt in this, I would walk away. It doesn’t hurt per say, but I’m lonely when he goes recluse, in a way that I miss him. I have a life and am busy, but I genuinely miss him if he goes quiet. Siiigghhh…

    1. Hi Lisa rin!

      Wow, it would certainly seem that he’s trying to be totally honest as per telling you about girls and the dating app. Then he saves it by saying he’s not having relations with anyone else. The thing is, if he’s still active on the app, you need to flat out ask him for exclusivity which would mean taking the app off. Tell him if neither of you are seeing anyone else then it just makes sense. If he refuses to do so then he’s trying to keep his options open. Then you have to ask yourself if you want to be the real deal or if you want to be an option. Trust in yourself!

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