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Cancer Man Testing Me: Let Him Think He Has Succeeded with This

What are the supposed tests that a Cancer man puts a woman through when he’s really into her? What can be done when a woman thinks “this Cancer man is testing me”? Understand the Cancer man’s testing process by continuing to read this article. It may help you sort through this confusion.

Cancer Man’s Methods

The Cancer man has a way of doing things to ensure that the woman he’s interested in is someone he can rely on, keep, and be happy with. This is part of why it takes him awhile and also why he plays hot and cold.

In the beginning, the Cancer man wants to lure you in so he’s going to flirt like crazy with you to make sure you get that he’s into you. He’s going to be super nice, sweet, and charming.

He may also try to get you into bed to find out if you two have some real chemistry. This is one of the tests. He wants to see what you will do, how you will respond, and if you’re someone he can see a future with.

He wants to get under your skin and make you really want him. Once he does this, he will then move on to the next battery of tests to see if you make the cut. Clearly if you do it, you’ll be his next and possibly last lady love.

This sounds a bit unorthodox I realize but, Cancer man is one that loves to test just to be totally sure of what he’s doing and who he is with so that he’s not putting in a bunch of risk for someone who isn’t right for him.

Cancer Man Testing You

Then Come the Tests

The Cancer man will do things that bring out your vulnerability. He wants to see your heart to the core. His empathetic side will help him to asses if you’re being authentic or just telling him what he wants to hear.

He may bring up various emotional types of questions to see what you answer with or how you feel about it. He will watch your body movements, your facial expressions, and listen to your words.

Trust me when I tell you that it’s nearly impossible to ever lie to a Cancer. If you’re falling for one then had better keep it real. He will be able to sniff you out if you aren’t authentic in your approach.

While it may be uncomfortable for you, you’ll need to be open and talk to him. When he asks you personal questions, answer them. He’s asking for a reason that matters to him.

The more you open up to him, the more he will build trust for you and will return the favor by telling you about himself and his life as well. The Cancer man also wants to see if you’ll actually answer questions you wouldn’t answer for anyone else.

He seems to get a pleasure out of you doing things for him or talking to him about things you would ordinarily keep under wraps. It makes him feel important and cared for when you make him special.

Even though it may seem tedious and sometimes irritating, you need to talk to him. Communication is going to be a huge factor with your relationship with a Cancer man.

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Cancer Man Mood Test

Cancer Man Mood Tests

Another side of the Cancer man that will test you is his mood swings. He tends to have them often since he is so sensitive and empathetic. He may be in one mood one day then totally different the next. I can even change hourly.

The thing to remember is how you respond to his mood swings. If you get angry or upset with him, he’s going to think maybe you can’t handle him when he’s at his worst and maybe you’re not the right one.

He may even purposefully act moody just to see what happens with you. He wants to know if you’ll be supportive and loving or if you will blow your stack and let him have it.

He needs to know if you’ll be there or if you’ll run off. He may test your loyalty to him by not talking to you for days or weeks as well. If you blow him off when he does this then obviously you’re not invested enough.

Be aware that he does these types of things and prepare for it. Even if it ticks you off that you haven’t heard from him for x amount of time since you last messaged him, text him again and indicate you would love to hear back from him.

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It makes him think he’s won. At all costs, you must make him feel as though that you’re passing all his tests with flying colors. I’m not telling you to be dishonest or not be who you are.

Clearly if you are not this type of woman then you need to be honest and he may not be for you. If he is the right guy though, you’re going to want to be your very best no matter what he throws at you.

Show him you are confident, independent, and strong yet sensitive to his needs and will care enough to help him in whatever he’s going through. Don’t be a door mat, be his support system and rock.

That’s all he’s really looking for when it comes down to it. Remember, he’s looking to judge your reactions to things he says or does to be absolutely positive you’re the right one for him.

Be patient, be forgiving, and act with dignity as well as respect. You’ll find that you’ll stand the test of time and the test of Cancer man’s heart. They seem like silly games but it’s the only way he knows how to believe in your solidarity.

Have you had a barrage of Cancer man tests and came through unscathed? Tell me about it!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

11 thoughts on “Cancer Man Testing Me: Let Him Think He Has Succeeded with This

  1. Sometimes I feel he doesn’t love me … I do try to engage a conversation it turns out well and then boom he’s acting all weird, I call atimes and he doesn’t answer or text back…. Does he still love me like he use to?? Or he has found another??

  2. We started off fine and then it got a point where I try engaging a conversation it turns out well and then all of a sudden he acts all weird, I call sometimes he doesn’t answer or try returning my calls… Does he still love me like he use to?? Does he have another??

    1. Hi Ella!

      I think you should point blank ask him if he still loves you and if there is someone else. Sometimes you have to be forward and blunt. He needs to tell you and if he cannot tell you or tries to skirt around the issue then there is something he’s hiding which would be a red flag. You can decide from there if you want to continue with him or not. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  3. Lol this describes a cancer man I just met down to a T! But I feel like I’m not the one for him sadly. He has gone days without texting me, and that can really frustrate me to know what’s going on with him. We just barely met and only hung out once but I don’t want to come off as really needy to him. I know he has priorities and so do I, but if you really like or are interested in a person then shouldn’t you just say it, instead of ghosting them for days or weeks?? He says really sweet things to me making me feel like he’s really interested In me, but not hearing from him for days can really throw off my feelings for him. I’m a Pisces woman and I need that communication ALL the time. I can also be patient too but only for so long then I’m taking the high road and moving on. When I don’t hear from him suddenly, then it makes me feel like he’s talking to or with hanging out with someone else. And I don’t want my time to be wasted. I know their are different guys out there who communicate different but if this cancer guy I’m into is exactly what this article describes then I don’t think I can handle it lol. It said to be honest with him and I think that is true. I’ve been holding a lot of stuff back and it wouldn’t be right to hold off any of my feelings just to please him. I matter to, and if he can’t compromise with me then we’ll just leave it at friends that’s it. But he’s really sweet and charming though. Either way, relationship or not, I feel like he’ll always be a friend to talk too 🙂

    1. Hi Britt!

      Be totally honest with each other and put it all out there on the table so you are both on the same page and can go from there as far as with you two will stay together or will end up as a friendship. Don’t stress about it. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  4. im a virgo woman and Im in a new relationship with a cancer man. In our first month whenever we have arguments i notice some behavior that i didnt like from him which led me to think that it this relationship will not take long so i was already breaking up with him. which i just read here in this article. Ive seen his ugly side like i cant breath he is so over protected over react and like he was just setting it up for me then he suddenly confessed that he is just testing me just to see my inner self. For me this is so wrong cos supposedly the dating stage is done and we are already in a relationship. like how he could possibly doing it when all i did was to be my real self at all times with him. He end up crying and beg for me to come back reaching out to me everyday every minute like i feel he was really sincere to his sorry. then later on i found out he was still chatting with other females while im already exist so another issue to a bunch of females and even share some of them about me like we break up and i have some bad attitude. wtf. then he cried again and ask for forgiveness then promise me he will stop then he change behavior and more open up to me esp his phone i can always access now not like before and i didnt questions his actions from the start because he is more likely talking and planning about our future together and taking actions about everything i said. My confusion is. Is this good to continue a relationship like this? like i am wondering if sooner or later if he will get back to the things he did before he will cheat again ??? i dont want to say I DO soon with him he will still cheat on me please help

    1. Hi Mine!

      You really have to decide whether or not you feel you can trust him again after he’s shown you that he has the capacity to be dishonest. I don’t blame you for second guessing him but he must earn your trust back before you can feel comfortable. That’s for you to decide. If you’d like to learn more about Cancer man, please check out “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  5. I was a relationship with a cancer man for maybe 6 months.. yeah the most beautiful moment in my life. He chased me so hard and made it clear since the beginning. We shared everything in our life and if we had fights he always wants to resolve it before we’re going to bed. Its so beautiful and memorable months in my life because we already open up about almost everything and also healing and supporting each other, until we know about each other feelings, each other needs and could guessing what me or him doing even we haven’t see each other that day. Its until weeks ago he started to give a test to me. Yes, in a sudden he told me to “wait for him” and stop contacting me for a week only after a little argument – only because I didn’t reply his texts for hours because of my busyness. I know all about how sweet and nice he is, but i just can’t if he ignored me like that.. Whether its because he was upset or he was testing me, he CHOSE to hiding on his shell rather than speak up to me, so we could clear our problems before we go to bed – just like he always did before. I’m a Virgo and i know this is the hardest decision i ever made to say goodbye to him, because only him who could made me that I finally found the one 😢

    1. Hi VirgoGirl!

      It does sound like he wants to test whether or not you’ll leave or if you’ll stay around and be reliable for him. He sounds insecure and needs reassurance from you. That’s a pretty accurate thing with the Cancer man. I’m glad you feel you’ve found the one but there is always more to learn! If you’d like to learn more about Cancer man, please check out “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  6. Hello. I haven’t known my cancer man for that long but I can say that most these qualities really define him lol.
    I met him online and we really clicked. Like he says so much sweet things to me and we talked almost everyday (facetime too, but we can’t meet in person since we’re half the world away lol) I do understand that sometimes I won’t get any messages from him bc he’s at work and I have other things to do too (given the time difference also, it’s hard to adjust). Well, it was a good start and he’s to straightforward. I told him I’m not ready for a relationship yet (bc of my previous, aka 1st relationship ever didn’t ended good) and he said he’s be okay with it, and that he’ll “wait”. I like him and I want to make things slow (and know each other well first) and we both agreed to it. We even talked about meeting each other someday.
    But I did not know where else I have gone wrong. He hasn’t contacted me for weeks and it makes me crazy. He sees my messages but does not reply. I guess he just needs time to realize his feelings or idk lol maybe I’ll just keep him in my heart for now. 🙂

    1. Hi Kaye,

      I don’t know what you’re saying in your text to your guy but a Cancer man needs to know you like him but you have to show him that you do, not just say it. Send cute texts telling him you’re thinking of him. He’ll appreciate it. Ask him how he’s doing. You caring about his welfare will make him feel good. Keep it light and easy. If he does like you, he will come around. If he doesn’t then you will know when he doesn’t ever respond. Give him a little time and patience. You may want to check out my book for more help. It’s called “Cancer Man Secrets”.

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