12 Clear Signs A Cancer Man Likes You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to tell if a Cancer man likes you? Check these surefire signs a Cancer man likes you and discover how interested he really is...

There are certain signs a Cancer man likes you, do you have any idea of what these signs might be? Cancer men are pretty great and make amazing partners, but they are a little passive so it can be difficult to know for sure if a Cancer man likes you.

Are you interested in how to know if a Cancer man likes you? Are you confused by what his intentions are? He says he likes you, but then he never makes any moves on you… This can really drive you crazy not knowing!

If this sounds like the situation you are in with your Cancer man, then you might want to continue reading… You’ll definitely know how to tell if a Cancer man is interested in you thanks to these tips!

How Do Cancer Men Act When They Like Someone?

As an experienced astrologer, I have noticed that Cancer men have a unique love language that is often expressed through nurturing and caring for their partner. If you’re having trouble connecting with your Cancer man, understanding his love language is a great way to strengthen your relationship (you’ll get some great insights in this article).

Cancer men are known for their emotional and intuitive nature, which makes them deeply attuned to their partner’s needs and emotions. They express their feelings through nurturing and taking care of their partner.

Cancer men show their affection through acts of service, such as cooking, cleaning, or running errands, to make their partner’s life easier. They may also show their love through physical touch, such as hugging, kissing, and holding hands.

In addition to these displays of affection, Cancer men also value loyalty and commitment in relationships. They are protective of their loved ones and put their partner’s needs before their own. They are also great listeners and provide emotional support, making them excellent partners for those who value deep emotional connection.

If you’re struggling to connect with your Cancer man, it may be helpful to learn more about his love language. By understanding his unique way of expressing love, you can deepen your emotional connection and build a stronger and more fulfilling relationship. I recommend checking out my Cancer Man Love Language Guide <<

Now, let’s explore the 10 clear signs a Cancer man likes you!

4 Physical Signs A Cancer Man Likes You

A Cancer man might seem reserved and guarded, and you may be unsure if he truly likes you. The good news is that a Cancer man is able to express his emotions and values open communication.

A Cancer man, when he likes you, won’t play games, so if you have noticed that he is keen to spend time one-on-one with you, then you can be sure that he genuinely likes you. This is not a sign that will lead you astray!

So, do you still want to know if a Cancer man likes you more than a friend? Well, the answer can be found in his body language…

Here are four physical signs a Cancer man likes you:

  1. When a Cancer man holds your hand or touches you in other ways
  2. When a Cancer man hugs you tight
  3. When a Cancer man kisses you
  4. When he plays with your hair

8 More Signs A Cancer Man Likes You

5. His Actions Show You

Cancer man is one that you should always pay attention to his actions because he only does things he means. If he really likes you, he’ll go out of his way to make you smile or laugh.

He may randomly walk up to you and grab your hand while he’s talking. He’ll look you in the eye and perhaps tell you a very witty joke in order to make you crack up.

He’ll find any excuse that he can to spend time with you or around you. He may also ask you lots of questions to get to know you. It lets him figure out what you like and can then use it to gift you later.

If he’s already been trying to flirt, he may bring you a single flower, dessert to snack on, or offer to buy you lunch. This will especially be true if you work in the same place as the Cancer guy. This is one of the signs Cancer man likes you.

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6. He Opens Up To You

A Cancer man who really likes someone will start to open up to that person. So if there is a Cancer man around you who has suddenly started to come to you with his problems or asking for your advice, he may have an ulterior motive.

He may very well have a thing for you and this is yet another way he can be near your and spend time with you. He’s very shy so don’t be surprised that he’s trying to spend time with you in this type of way.

It helps him get to know you and get closer to you without having to come right out and tell you he has a thing for you. If you like him, you may want to actually let him know though.

The sooner he realizes that you DO like him, the more he’ll start focusing on actually having a relationship with him instead of trying to appear as a friend or co-worker who likes to talk.

You might start to find that you hear from him daily, even if it is just through text messages. This is his way of showing you that he is open to being vulnerable with you and that he likes letting you know what he is thinking.

7. Protective Gestures

When the Cancer man hasn’t come out and professed his feelings yet, he will show you in other ways how he feels. I’ve mentioned him touching you while talking.

He may also do things that show he’s becoming protective over you. Being protective is a feeling he has with someone he’s really into. This can include things like asking you to text him when you arrive home or at your destination.

If you’re on a texting basis that will work in showing you he cares. If you aren’t even texting each other yet, he may offer to walk to you to your car wherever you are at.

Perhaps he may offer to pick you up or drive you home depending on whatever is going on. He cares for your safety and he’ll do things that will ensure him you will be safe no matter what you’re doing.

It’s also his way of showing you care. So if you’ve noticed that a Cancer man around you is becoming slightly protective, you know he probably actually likes you thus his care.

8. Follow Through

Cancer men can sometimes be overzealous or they can make promises that they don’t really intend to keep to some. However, when he’s really into someone, he will do what he says he will.

If he tells you he will call you, he will. If he says he’ll meet you at a certain place at a certain time, you can expect him to be there. Any promises or plans he makes with a woman he really likes, he’ll keep them.

He will make his life about the woman he covets. Everything he does becomes about how she feels, what she likes, and what he can do to please her or make her feel loved.

Even such gestures at helping you carry in your groceries, move furniture or lift some heavy file boxes around the office. No matter what it is, he wants to make your life easier.

9. When A Cancer Man Stares at You

I mentioned body language but another one of the physical signs a Cancer man likes you is when he stares at you. He may watch you from across the room, he may stare when you’re not looking, or he may look longingly into your eyes.

This is how to tell that a Cancer man really likes you. He’s already feeling things that are making him react in such a way that requires looking at you to determine if what he feels is real.

Locking eyes with his luscious look will help him to feel what you’re feeling and that’s really intimate. He sees this as almost having sex without actually physically doing it.

It’s not that he’s undressing you with his eyes (ok maybe he is) but it’s more that he really likes you and is realizing that he wants a future with you. He also thinks you’re rather fetching or sexy.

10. He Asks A Lot Of Questions About Your Love Life

How to tell if a Cancer man has feelings for you, pay attention to all the questions he asks you. If he‘s not asking much then he may not be all that into you or at least not yet.

If he IS, he will ask you a ton of questions in an effort to really get to know who you are as a person, what you want in life, what your passions are, and what your plans are for your own future.

Him taking the time to really get to know is one of the signs a Cancer man likes you. So open up and divulge what you want him to know about you so that he can feel closer to your heart.

Remember to always be truthful in what you answer because he will feel if you aren’t. He’s quite able to sense your feelings. It’s a better bet to be honest and hold nothing back.

11. He Compliments You Often

A Cancer man may be shy and introverted, but when he likes a woman he will make a point of showing her by being flirtatious. When a Cancer man is interested in you he will point out all of your good qualities. 

He wants you to feel good about yourself when you are in his presence. He’ll tell you that he likes the way you look, or how much he enjoys your scent, or that he appreciates your sense of humor. 

A Cancer man notices everything, and he’ll go out of his way to tell you if he likes something you do! He is one of those guys who gets a boost if he knows that he somehow made you feel happy or good about yourself. 

12. He Offers To Help You

A Cancer man is very giving by nature. He loves to be able to help and support the people he cares for in his life. This gives him a great deal of purpose and makes him feel really good about himself. 

Having a Cancer man wanting to help you is a clear sign a Cancer man likes you. He wants to support you by giving you a helping hand. Being of service is definitely a Cancer man’s love language.

You will notice how important you are to him by how quickly he drops everything to come to your rescue. You will become a central theme in his life and a lot of his focus will be on you and your life.

Body Language Signs a Cancer Man Will Show When He’s Interested

Clearly, if a Cancer man tries to touch you as much as possible, he’s showing you his desire for you. This can include touching your hand, your shoulders, your arms, or giving you a “look.”.

He may also show his body language when another man approaches you to talk to you. Even if it’s only about work, he’s going to have a look on his face like he’s not pleased about it.

This shows his jealousy, and once you see that, you are certain that this Cancer guy likes you. Cancer men are jealous and possessive, so seeing any man approach you, even if it’s harmless, is going to set him off enough for you to see it visibly.

If you catch a Cancer man staring at you from across the room, rest assured that he likes you. That’s a given! He is a very shy man, and so sometimes all he can do is stare in awe of your beauty.

He’ll stand away, afraid to approach you, but he can’t seem to keep his eyes off of you. Why don’t you offer to buy him a drink or have one sent to him? He’ll be floored, and it will let him know you’re interested in him too.

There is something really special and quite unique about the Cancer man. He doesn’t quite fit the stereotype of the normal macho man. He is way more than that and probably a lot more sensitive and compassionate than most men you meet.

Not many men are like this, so it can be like a breath of fresh air to meet a man as special as Cancer. He is always going out of his way to make you happy and comfortable, and perhaps you would like to do the same for him.

Why Most Dating Advice Can Be Dangerous With A Cancer Man…

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of my clients send me advice they got from dating coaches. They wanted to know if it would work with their Cancer man. And I literally wanted to scream with frustration.


Because most dating advice definitely will NOT work if you use it with a Cancer man.

You see, Cancer men are VERY different than men of other signs. And if you use standard dating advice with Cancer, it can backfire. He might disappear forever and you’ll never hear from him again…

I don’t want that to happen to you.

Especially when it is SO easy to draw him to you and get him to connect deeply with your heart.

You just need to know the specific phrases to tell him…

So he’ll NEVER want to lose you. He’ll be wrapped around your fingerAnd it won’t take him long to put a ring on that finger either.

These phrases are the EXACT thing you need to turn everything around with him.

So… for heaven’s sake… DON’T listen to normal dating coaches! They give out the same advice for ALL men… which is absolutely insane.

Because your wonderful Cancer is NOT like other men… at ALL.

So go here now to find out the specific things your Cancer man needs to hear to melt his heart.

Wishing you all the love in the world,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

About Author

Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

17 thoughts on “12 Clear Signs A Cancer Man Likes You

  1. Hi,
    Im a scorpio woman. Very recently im experiencing a strong feelings for cancer man who is married too. We work in the same field . Though im an introvert in nature i tend to hide my feelings. But im confused with his behaviour. He is a very closed person in nature and seldom he opens up with strangers.im in touch with him for last 3months and the course of time i found him easing up sometimes and the other moment he behaves professionally. So im a bit confused.

    1. Hi Sreyaa!

      If he is married then you probably shouldn’t try to pursue anything. He needs to be single and ready to be with someone. Otherwise he’s going to cheat on his wife. I would keep going with the professionalism of your relationship with him until something changes. You don’t want to be the other woman and you don’t want to be the one who ruins someone else’s marriage. Also, you might have to worry about him doing the same thing to you later on. Cancer men sometimes are not loyal and will have affairs. If you’re alright being his second choice then that’s up to you. I certainly would never judge. Please be careful with yourself and do what your intuition tells you to do.

  2. Hi Anna!
    I’m a Libra woman and I’ve been with this Cancer man off and on for close to twenty years. Our relationship started off as friends-with-benefits in college; with little intimacy. After graduating we went our separate ways. He got married and had two kids.Ten years later, he’s divorce reaching out to me. This was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He’s a whole different person. He’s more protective, witty, and chatty. It’s refreshing to know this side of him. Previously he was extremely closed-off, tight-lipped, and reserved. He’s always going on about his plans for the future. He boosts about how financially secure he will be in the next ten years. I feel like he’s serious about us being together; I mean why else would he share, right? But I can be a bit of a skeptic, and a dreamer. I don’t want to make it something it’s not. What would be the best approach to asking him where we stand in our situation-ship? And how to proceed to move forward with it so that it does not stand still too long?

    1. Hi Michelle!

      It sounds like everything is going well and maybe he’s ready to be open with you through all he’s learned in life. He’s aged and things are different. I think that it’s not wrong to tell him you’d like to know if there is a chance you two will be a bit more. He should be able to tell you what it is that is on his mind and what he wants. Go for it! If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

      1. Hello,

        I’ve recently reconnected with someone i knew since kindergarten. We are both now 32 years of age. We reconnected through social media and since then he would call me everyday during the night (which i found odd at first) because the calls would not come during the day, only at night. Anyhow, i was a bit annoyed at the fact that he only called at night so i decided to not answer his call one night. Since then, he hasn’t called me like he used to. After 2 days of not hearing from him, i decided to call, but he did not answer so i texted him asking jf he was mad or something.. he responded saying “No dork, just been really busy but i do want to speak to you and see you before i go off to training” (he enlisted in the army) its been 4 days now and i haven’t heard from him. He hasn’t gone to training yet. I just don’t know what went wrong.. our late night talks were great and full of laughter and now he’s gone silent. Sometimes i wonder if he was in a relationship and just never said anything, or if he was in fact busy. Any advice?

        1. Hi Maria!

          Hmm… well it would seem that he may actually legitimately be busy. If you want to know why he only calls at night then just be honest and ask him. Tell him you find it odd but if he has a good explanation for only calling at that time then you’ll need to be understanding. Most of all you need to trust your intuition. Unless he is showing other red flags then you may want to give up and walk on. That’s entirely up to you though. I wish you all the very best. Remember, communication is the best bet. When you talk to him, ask him.

  3. Good Morning Anna.

    I’ve had a Cancer FB friend for the last 4 years. Recently, he approached me and let me know that for those years he has contemplated asking me out….more so, wanting to get to know me on a more personal level so it could possibly lead to us going out. Over those 4 years he thought I was married and when he realized I was not, he went for it. In the first month he pursued me vigorously. We are long distance, he flew here, he flew me there, then he flew here again. At this point, he had some issues with work and finances and since has went cold. It started with less communication and now, its virtually nothing. When he has checked it its been very vague small talk. So small its hard to really keep the conversation going. He is so hard to read. He came in smoking hot, showing me how great life with him would be then just….stopped. I am a Virgo. I feel I am really good with energy reads. I KNOW his energy cares about me. But his actions….dont add up. I have your Cancer Man series so I know they are hot and cold but this is extreme. Help!!

    1. Hi Nielah!

      It sounds like he does care for you but feels less of a man due to his financial issues. That’s not uncommon. He does want to feel as though he’s being a man to you. Try being patient with him and don’t make him feel bad or criticize him in any way. Be super sweet and show him that you’re there with him while he’s going through a hard time. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  4. Hi! I’m only in hs but I like this cancer guy and I really can’t tell if he feels the same way. I’m way too scared of rejection to talk to confront him about it. He initiated the friendship. I’m not super super good friends with him but we are friends. Anyway, like I said he initiated the friendship about two months ago. We’ve been texting at least a few times a week. We both initiate texting conversations but lately it’s been mostly me who’s been initiating text conversations. It’s like he just suddenly doesn’t like me or something. What I’m really not sure about it whether to be patient and wait for it to develop or what else I should be doing. He’s beyond confusing but at the same time I do like him and want to at least be friends with him. Please help!!

    1. Hi Kaye!

      If you don’t let him know you like him then he’s not going to know. It’s going to make him unsure of whether or not you like him which will make him have a hard time moving forward. In other words, boys are kind of dumb in HS. Just let him know you dig him. If he isn’t into being with you for more than friends, he’ll let you know. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  5. Hello,

    I recently moved into a basement studio apt on a 6 month lease as I prepare to buy my first house. I responded to the add on Craigslist and met the most incredible man I think I may have possibly ever encountered. He’s a cancer obviously and I’m an Aries. I could tell after our second meeting that he likes me and it was then that I found myself admiring him too. We keep our interactions business like but also very friendly. I’m very hesitant to embark on something bc I just got out of a toxic on and off thing with someone else and feel I need some healing. I also don’t think either of us want to complicate our business deal as he owns the house even though he doesn’t reside here. But still, many of the signs listed above like being protective over me, going out of his way to do nice things for me, making sure I’m comfortable etc… he’s just very charming and sweet but not at all soft or weak he’s strongly masculine and sexy but still maintains this kindness that makes me melt. So yeah, I’m over the moon. I just want to go slow and let it develop naturally but I also want to kind of confirm if he’s feeling the same way, curious about me, attracted, thinking we met for a higher reason and could possibly be the one for each other. I don’t know what to do and I get so shy around him I walk away or keep it short to hide my true feelings but I think he knows just like I know. Smh I’m scared but so excited. What advice can you give me?

    1. Hi Aries!

      Taking it slow is definitely the right course of action. Sometimes Cancer men get too excited and go too fast which ends up disastrous. Taking it slow lets you two get to know each other on a deeper level to help you decide whether or not this is the right match up. Let things move at the pace you two are comfortable with and just be yourself! You’ll be just fine! If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

  6. Hi. I hope you still answer to these comments beacuse I just found this page. So i am capricorn woman and i like this guy-cancer but i am to shy to approach him. Like I am having panic attack bescuse I haven’t date about 4 years and I forgot how to speak to men. I am 23 now and sometimes i hate myself beacuse of this fear to just talk to him. I met him 2 months ago in coffe/bar (it is very small place for like 15 20 people and it is in our neighborhood). From the very first day he look at me and when i walk and stand next to him to grab my drink or go to the toillet he talks to me every single time. He jokes, teasing me etc. He was protective when other guy was in my space. But he never asked about my name or something, he just keeps staring at me. I know that he likes me, there are a lot of signs but my answer to that is horrible. I don’t know what to do, he probably thinks that i hate him, i act like cold queen and i don’t even know why. My problem is that i can’t say even hi when i walks in that bar beacuse i am afraid of something and his friends are always around him. And i just ignore him for the most of the time beacuse of my insecurities about communication. I think he started to ignore me, beacuse last two times he didn’t talk to me at all and i hope i didn’t ruined this. I really don’t know what to say if he ever looks at me again. This is the first guy in a few years that i actually like and i really hope you can help me.

    1. Hi Amina!

      Oh honey… Cancer men can be very shy and won’t make the first move if they fear rejection. You’ve got to let him know you are interested otherwise someone else will snag him up or he will move on. If you can tell he likes you then take the lead and tell him that you’d like to get to know him better and that you think he’s charming. He’s waiting for you to give him the sign so he can pursue you. Don’t let fear keep you from happiness. Go for it!

  7. Hey Anna! i am a cancer woman and i have been crushing on this cancer boy for a while now. he posted a story of an edit of his fav movie serie i saw my chance and talked to him about them – i stalked him a little and saw that he had even a fan acc for those movies. thats how we met. then we talked in school several times and everything was okay, we were having a good time, were walking too close to each other, but you know everything happened so quickly, the last day we talked he was w his friend and they were talking in the classroom. he saw me walking to them (and knew i was going to go to his class sometime) idk why but he was being so cold- when i went to them they stopped talking bla bla. he called me bro a few times (in front of his friend kinda) in a row which he never does. and i was so shocked that i asked him if he really called me that but he didnt answer. that day my mood was so down i couldnt talk a lot, he tried to ask me why but i said it was okay. when i went home i texted him saying sorry for what happened. he didnt answer for a month (and still). and i saw him a few days ago in school, he looked at me and then talked to me and asked me if i noticed his new hair – he shaved it. and i noticed his friend staring at me lately. it is so weird. im confused i need your help hahaha idk if he is playing me or just testing me or scared of commitment. i’ll wait for your reply. <3

    1. Hi z!

      Alright darling… here is something you need to learn now while you are young… Ask him what his deal is. Ask him if he wants to be more than friends with you or not. He should be able to tell you his thoughts and/or feelings. If you never ask, you’re not going to be able to figure him out or where he stands. Don’t wait for him to come forward… tell him how you feel and what you want. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  8. I have been in a situationship with a cancer for 14 months. It’s hard I’m 50 him 47. He’s slowly trusting me and opening up more and more but very damaged from his ex they split up 2 years ago. New years I said to him I want more but he said he is unable to commit to a relationship yet and not ready to justify himself to someone in a relationship yet only happy to have to justify himself to his kids at the moment. It is so hard. It is so good when we are together but I find I am putting in most of the effort. He does call me nearly everyday but then I might text him and it’s like he goes AWOL for a couple of days and I hear nothing. So frustrating. I want to walk away but haven’t been able too. I feel so strongly for him ughhhh. Sometimes I feel like I have him then next minute I’m not so sure. He did say we are exclusive so that’s good but sometimes I still feel he is so mysterious as no one in his life really knows about me (a couple of his close mates but I haven’t met anyone!) as he doesn’t want the ex to know as she is very controlling but everyone in my life knows about him. So confused as to whether I hang in there a bit longer or just end it and walk.

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