Cancer Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility – Is This A Good Combo?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Cancer man and Virgo voman have much in common but as with any relationship, there are things they need to work on if they’re going to make it last...

The Cancer man, being a water sign, and Virgo woman being earth, there is a chance for a melodious mud. These two have much in common but as with any relationship, there are things they need to work on if they’re going to make it last for the long term. They are drawn to each other with passion and this is what helps them to figure out what they can do to keep things going.


When the Cancer man and Virgo woman meet; they’re instantly drawn to each other in a very sexual way. They find each other absolutely irresistible and want to find out what the other is about.

They seem to actually “get” each other on a very fundamental level. Their values may not match up that well but they can learn to compromise and find a way to make it through problems that approach.

These two learn to trust each other and it makes giving their hearts to their partner an easier way to go. Normally Cancer man takes time before he trusts and so does the Virgo woman.

These two learn quickly that they can actually rely on each other. When Virgo woman is able to talk her Cancer man into getting out and doing fun things; he will gladly go along and have a good time.

Only when Cancer man is indecisive do they encounter a bit of a rift when it comes to being active. The romance between these two will be blissful and fulfilling for them both.

The love these two can build for each other can overcome any problems that they may encounter thus allowing them to have a wonderful bond together.

Virgo Woman, Who She Is

Cancer man and Virgo woman

This tender-hearted woman is terrified of getting hurt so she becomes shy around the guy she likes. Sometimes this shyness gets in the way of her actually getting a rewarding relationship.

She’s more successful in love when a potential partner is bold enough to approach her and completely blow her mind. The guy taking the first step will make her feel comfortable enough to open up.

When she falls in love; she tends to fall really hard. This is the Virgo nature. She will no doubt be very picky about who she chooses though because she’s looking for her “one”.

When the Virgo woman meets the Cancer man; she may very much feel as though she’s met her potential soul mate. In fact; if they can work at their problems; it may feel more like a twin flame connection.

This type of woman is a caretaker and loves cleaning house, taking care of the kids, and take the whole wife, mother, and domestic goddess very seriously. She’s probably also fabulous with advice.

Cancer Man, Who He Is

The Cancer man is very kind and soft hearted. He feels things deeply and when he finally does meet the right woman; he falls hard. It may take him awhile to figure out if someone is right for him but once he does; he’s done for.

He’s shy but he can also at least flirt. If he gets a flirt back; he’ll realize that the woman he’s flirting with may be interested. Interest being there; he will then try to swoop in with comedy or an invite for coffee.

Naturally, he’ll love it if a woman asks him out instead of him having to put forth the effort. It lets him know she’s into him and that he has a good chance of getting to know her more.

Cancer men are one of the care takers of the zodiac. He absolutely wants to find the right woman to settle down with, marry, and have children with. He’s seeking the right partner to form a happy family.

Upon meeting; the Cancer man figures out that the Virgo woman is a strong woman who will also be gentle. He sees she’ll fulfill the roles he’s looking for very well. The Cancer man and Virgo woman marriage may be wonderful!

They will take turns taking care of each other and be tremendous parents. He’ll be the soft gentle father while she’ll be the mother that makes sure the kids learn values and morals.

What Works Between Cancer Man and Virgo Woman

Cancer man and Virgo woman

The Cancer man and Virgo woman strengths come with their ability to trust in one another. Trust allows them to understand that no matter what differences they have; they can have faith that they can work it out.

Both of these signs find it very hard to trust people and typically take a long time for them to fully feel the effects. However; when they figure out they can trust one another, this is a harmonious pair.

They are happy enough with each other that neither feels the need to roam or being untrue to each other. This is the best thing they will have going for their relationship.

This will help them in the bedroom as well. Virgo will be somewhat of a kinky gal in the bedroom when she feels able to open up. Comfort allows her to feel free and enjoys her time with her Cancer man.

The Cancer man and Virgo woman sex is likely to be racy and something they will enjoy with one another should they make other facets of their relationship last for the long term.

Perhaps their strengths will help them to overcome the weakness or problems. The love may very well be strong enough to hold them together when times get tough and they find disagreement hard to cope with.

What Cancer Man Thinks of Virgo Woman, Especially in Bed

In the beginning; Cancer man will be drawn to the beauty of the Virgo woman. She has this aura about her that makes her incredibly sexy. He’ll have a hard time resisting her.

Cancer guy will like that he can talk to her easily and that he’ll be able to “feel” her thoughts or feelings. He’ll also enjoy chasing her if she makes herself “hard to get”. Virgo women are often shy and don’t give up too easily.

This will turn him on and he’ll want to conquer her to win the prize. The prize would be her love and adoration including incredible sex. He’s always up for such a challenge.

In bed; these two will be able to find security and comfort in each other when they finally get down to having sex. Cancer man will be turned on to his Virgo woman who becomes more and kinkier as time goes on.

He waits for her to let some of her sensuality and romanticism out for him to enjoy. The trust they have for each other is something that both will feel amazing about. Cancer man will enjoy knowing his Virgo woman is all his.

In bed Cancer, man will take great pleasure in giving the Virgo woman what she wants even if it’s something he’s never tried before. He’s eager and more excited with every passing day when it comes to what may be.

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Problems

Cancer man and Virgo woman

The problem areas between these two are when it comes to communication. Cancer man doesn’t like to speak up if he has a problem. He may hold it in or act as though nothing is wrong which build resentment over time.

Virgo woman senses something is wrong but she cannot make her Cancer man open up. She too may hold back on talking when she should actually speak up. On the other hand; she may talk too much.

If Virgo woman over analyzes everything with her Cancer man, she may say things that hurt his feelings. She can be a bit critical of the things he does or says. Also, she can be rather critical of herself with can annoy tender Cancer man.

Another area that they may not see eye to eye and need to work at is their values. They see things differently and as such may want to live certain ways that they don’t agree on.

They need to talk about these things so that they can find a middle ground and be able to compromise from both sides of the coin allowing them to succeed in their relationship.

Cancer man will have to understand when his Virgo woman wants to be alone to think about her feelings. She’ll come back and talk to him but only if he’s calmed down. He will need to learn to open up to her as well instead of holding it in.

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Breakup

There is potential for real heartbreak when it comes to the Cancer man and Virgo woman breaking up. Cancer man doesn’t like to hurt anyone and may find it hard to approach his cool demeanor Virgo woman.

If it’s Virgo woman that wants to do the breaking up; she’ll likely wait until enough pent-up anger or frustration builds to unceremoniously break his heart and leaving him shambles.

Virgo isn’t always very nice when they break it off with someone. They don’t like to hurt someone but ultimately they also don’t want the other person getting the idea that there is hope to fix things when they know they don’t want to.

Virgo woman wants to be clear that when it’s over; it’s over. Cancer man will be devastated if he’s caught off guard. If he sensed something going wrong though; he may be relieved she did it instead of him.

This could go a very painful way or it could go a very amicable way. If both of them agree it’s just not working and can be open with each other; they can part ways without too much turbulence.

However; if neither of them wants to own up to the problems; they’ll blame each other thus parting ways on a sour note. Virgo can hold grudges so if she is the one that is hurt; she may never forgive him.

The Final Score

Cancer man and Virgo woman

Looking back over everything; there are more positives in this relationship than negative. In fact in a score from 1 to 10; I’d easily give them an 8.0. They have some real potential if they can learn to communicate.

When they learn to open up to each other and let the trust they feel take over; they’ll understand that they can make a really beautiful match. The love they can ultimately build would make many envious.

The sex between these two will likely be quite steamy and well worth the time they take with one another. Cancer man will revel in the love of his Virgo woman. The Virgo woman will adore the loyalty she has from her Cancer man.

These two need to learn to sit down and check in with each other at least once or twice a week. Learning to open up and share their feelings about each other and about their lives; will help them cope with everything that is ahead of them.

If they don’t agree about values; they can work on this by simply compromising. If they decide to have a family; they will be very good parents. The Cancer man and Virgo woman marriage may be very fruitful and loving.

The Cancer man and Virgo woman as parents will make a strong and loving foundation from which their children will grow up to be well-adjusted people. They both yearn to be in their children’s lives for all time.

The family is very important to both these signs. This is something they agree on even if they don’t agree on how to raise the children. They will have to sort out what they believe versus what is logical.

When they figure it out; they’ll be able to set some ground rules and make their family lives very fulfilling. This is fantastic love match! They have what it takes to make it.

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