Cancer Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility – What To Expect?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What happens when two water signs intermingle? What is it like for a Cancer man and Cancer woman to be together as a couple? Keep reading and find out.

As a Cancer woman, you know more than most what it is like being unable to find a man who fits just right. You need someone who can be empathetic, thoughtful, and sensitive to your needs. 

But does this man actually exist? You’ve searched high and low, but I am here to tell you the good news… Your perfect man does exist, and he happens to share the same sign as you. A Cancer man is just right for you. How magical!

Although the two of you certainly share many of the same attributes and get along fantastically, you also have your ups and your downs like many relationships do. 

But because you and your Cancer man understand each other on a much deeper level, it makes things a lot easier to figure out. Keep reading to find out more about your compatibility and where the two of you rate on the compatibility scale.

The Cancer Man – The Sweet And Sensitive Type

It isn’t often that you find a man who is so in touch with his emotions as a Cancer man is. He just gets it and is incredibly empathetic. He simply knows how to make a woman feel loved and comforted. 

A Cancer man cares deeply and makes it his mission to take care and nurture those around him. He is a fierce protector and seriously enjoys having a family to take care of. 

He also has his faults though; he can be too sensitive and take things way too personally which tends to make him quite moody. He goes through his ups and downs and sometimes it is difficult to know in what mood he is going to be in, unfortunately.

2But this is just his way of processing his emotions. Sometimes things can get too much for him and this is why he tends to retreat into his shell. This is what helps him cope with the world.

As long as he gets his space, he’ll be fine and ready to take care of his partner. He really knows how to be one of the best lovers around, it might just take a while for him to open up because he can be quite shy.

The Cancer Woman – The Nurturing One

A Cancer woman is the personification of maternal and nurturing. You are someone who just loves to take care of others, nothing gives you greater meaning than being with the people you care about.

As a Cancer woman, you really understand your emotions and are constantly in tune with the signals your soul is giving you. You understand yourself deeply thanks to your sensitivity and feeling nature.

Your sweetness is adorable and it is hard to resist your charm. You have such a good nature and men find your femininity totally irresistible. You really know how to use what nature has given you. 

You are happiest when you have loved ones to take care of. Thus, it is quite important for you to have a romantic partner because it helps you to live out your purpose.

You can get moody sometimes, and this is why it is so important for you to take time for yourself and to remember to make self-care a priority in your life. You can only give to others when you give to yourself.

Cancer Man And Cancer Woman 2022 Compatibility

This year is a fantastic time for a Cancer man and a Cancer woman to find one another. This is due to Jupiter being in fellow water sign Pisces for much of the year. 

Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion and it is making a trine angle to Cancer this year. This means that there are many opportunities for this man and this woman to get together with ease. 

Cancer season which is from June 21st to July 22nd also has the potential to bring quite a significant time for you both. This is when the two of you are more likely to feel like yourselves this year.

And the luck just seems to continue when Venus enters Cancer on July 17th. This is when both of you are most likely to feel loved up and like you can be your most flirtatious selves this year.

However, Pluto, the planet of destruction, control, and power, is still in your opposite sign of Capricorn for most of the year. This can definitely bring up quite a lot of drama and issues with control. Just be mindful of this and be sure not to find yourselves in a co-dependent situation. 

Cancer Man And Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility

Intellect and Communication

Of course, it makes sense that a Cancer man and a Cancer woman would think in very similar ways. They are the same sign, after all! Although not the most intellectual bunch, they will certainly have enough to talk about, especially when it comes to their emotions. 

Both the Cancer man and the Cancer woman will enjoy sharing their emotions and how they feel about certain things. Their emotional connection will help them form a very strong mental connection. 

Because they share the same sign, they are likely to have similar tastes and through that, have many common things to talk about. Like the foods they enjoy, films they have watched, and music they both like. 

Being on the same level will certainly help with their communication and give them an edge. They will usually understand what the other partner is thinking and feeling which definitely sets them apart from the rest.

Physical Chemistry

Right out of the gate, the water and water connection is one that helps the two Crabs to relate to one another. They’re both emotional people who are needy of love and attention.

These two can give each other what others may not be able to. They likely have lots of things in common and can see where each other is coming from. The emotional connection will probably be strong between them.

The physical attraction is definitely going to draw the two of them to one another. The two will easily spot one another through a busy crowd and be a bit like two magnets. They’re just pulled to each other quite naturally.

Since both are fantastic at talking and flirting, this will help them to get into a good conversation and figure out that they have enough in common that they want to see what else they can learn about each other.

When it comes to building a family, both the Cancer man and Cancer woman are perfect for each other. They are both born to find the right person, settle down, get married, and have children.

This couple will have a few things that could get in the way of their relationship but if they recognize them so they can work on it, they could have a very rewarding relationship and potential Cancer man and Cancer woman marriage.

One thing is for sure, the connection a Cancer man and a Cancer woman have is intense and very intimate. Both of you understand the importance of sensitivity and compassion in a sexual union. 

Neither of you, not your Cancer man find it easy to sleep around because you have to have a deeper connection with the person you are with, only then do your bodies respond in a sexual manner.

This is a very special connection to share and shows that the two of you are most definitely on the same page when it comes to your shared chemistry. Things are pretty hot and you know how to give one another pleasure.

Sexually, your connection tends to be sensuous, seductive, romantic, and full of affection. Trust is a major thing for you two, so being in a committed relationship is something you would both prefer before taking things to the next level in the bedroom.

Values And Shared Interests

Since both of them require lots of tender loving care, this is something they’ll easily do for one another. Neither of them should feel neglected or unloved. The love will be there and it will be strong.

They both will likely have a very close set of friends. When they unite, they then have two circles that can broaden into one bigger group. They’ll have no trouble socializing. Since neither are really extroverted, they’ll be conservative.

They’re both a little guarded where feelings are concerned with each other. They relate to each other but they will both hold back until they feel the time is right. This is natural. They will get to know each other and the instant connection they have will help them for a more long-lasting bond between them.

Once they don’t feel insecure anymore, the two will open their hearts up and be a very close-knit connection that they likely didn’t have with anyone else. This makes them feel this is the right relationship for them.

It’s likely that these two will never run out of things to talk about, do together, and plan for the future. They really are on the same wavelength and will empathically pick up on each other’s needs.


Cancer, there are a lot of emotions in this relationship! You and your Cancer pretty much have a psychic connection with one another, that is how well the two of you get along.

You just understand each other on such a deep level which makes it hard to describe to anyone else. Together, the two of you are quite adorable in the sensitive and empathetic way you treat one another. 

This is definitely a union in which you will both feel loved and well taken care of. You can depend on your Cancer for support because they will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, and vice versa. 

The two of you simply make an adorable match! Having the same Zodiac sign means you’re just so in tune with one another, and that is saying a lot because the sign of Cancer is known to be incredibly intuitive, and actually quite psychic.

You understand each other so deeply and find it easy to form a strong connection. This is quite unusual for you both, seeing as you’re so sensitive, you build up a bunch of walls and it takes time for you both to be vulnerable.

But when the two of you get together, there is just an ease and a trust you have when you’re around each other. So, it’s easy to let things flow and grow naturally. The two of you don’t feel the need to protect yourselves from one another. In all honesty, you’ve never felt safer or more understood than when you are together.

Cancers are incredibly loyal, and commitment-minded in their personal relationships. When the two of you couple up, you can bet on it to last; you’re both playing for keeps!

Both of you being so sensitive and emotional means that you can really rely on one another to offer emotional and sympathetic support in the relationship. It’s super important for you to have a deeply understanding partner, someone who can help you process whatever you are going through.

The two of you have so much in common and can connect on so many levels. If it feels like you’re looking into a mirror, it’s because you are! The two of you are superb at being a reflector for your partner, and in this union, it is timed by two!

Dealing with all these sensitive emotions in one relationship can get quite intense and overwhelming. It is important that both of you take your space and spend time on your own from time to time. Me-time is imperative to the health of this relationship because both of you can become rather co-dependent if you’re not careful.

Friendship Score – 9/10

This friendship is strong and emotional, but boy, do the two of you know how to have fun. The two of you relate to one another on a deep and intimate level. You and your Cancer man are extremely dedicated and loyal to this relationship. You are friends first and this is why this relationship just seems to work. 

You take care of one another and are always there to support each other. You are truly able to be best friends and have the kind of trust and loyalty that comes from having a deep and honest connection. You are the best of friends and likely just clicked instantaneously.

You appreciate one another for the kindness, compassion, and comfort you give to one another. This friendship is so special and can last for a lifetime. You understand one another deeply and know when to give each other space. It’s a beautiful friendship to witness.

Relationship Score – 9.5/10

There is no greater relationship than the one you and your Cancer man could potentially have together. You just click on so many different levels, from emotionally, to physically, and even intellectually. 

It is very rare to have such a deep and special bond, but the two of you are certainly lucky to have found one another. It is so special that you have been able to find someone who understands you on so many levels. 

Both of you probably realize that this kind of connection doesn’t come along very often and this is something you hold very dear to your heart. This relationship has the potential to grow from strength to strength. 

The two of you may have your moment of weaknesses, but most relationships do. You and your Cancer man can make it work, you just need to be committed to it, or else, what is the point?

Soulmate Score – 10/10

The Cancer man will be instantly drawn to the Cancer woman. Their meeting will excite them both and there will be the desire to see what else is there. The feeling of what “could be” is very alluring for them both.

These two will absolutely share the same values and plans in life. They may even share some of the same dreams. If not, they will certainly understand each other’s ideas. As long as they open up and communicate, they’ll have direction.

The Cancer man and Cancer woman are very similar. Where they may fall short is in the bedroom. The Cancer man has an idea of what he likes and/or wants. The Cancer woman does as well.

However, when the Cancer woman holds off or isn’t as forthcoming in the intimacy department, the Cancer man will be unsure if she just isn’t into him that way or if he’s doing something wrong.

This is where feelings will need to come into play. Intuition and empathy have to play a role in this for them to figure it out. Once they do, they’ll be able to share and give to each other, thus, making the Cancer man very satisfied.

A Cancer man will be very happy with his Cancer woman who will treat him like a King and he can, at last, have his fairytale Queen to love. He’ll be thrilled to be with someone like-minded who he can build a family with.

Marriage Score – 8.5/10

Cancer, you and your Cancer man make an amazing team, especially in a parental dynamic. The two of you work well together and see eye-to-eye on most issues involving the household and your children. 

Both of you will prioritize the emotional needs of your kids, but also make sure that either of you feels well supported and taken care of. The two of you do very well at nurturing and protecting your kids to make them feel safe and like they are in an environment in which they can thrive. 

However, both of you are going to have to learn to let go and not always be so in control of everything because your kids also need to learn to be independent and you cannot always be helicopter parents.

The home you live in will be extremely cozy as the two of you both see the importance of being comfortable and having a safe and welcoming environment to live in. The two of you can create a very special life together. 

You may have your ups and downs, but with a little bit of effort, you can really make it worth it. 

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman: Celebrity Couples

Billionaire Richard Branson and his wife Joan Templeman are prime examples that two Cancers in a relationship can definitely stand the test of time. Can you believe it, the two of them met in 1976 and have been together ever since!

This double Cancer couple has been together for almost 50 years and shares two children. This is just to show how amazing their intuition and emotional understanding of one another are. They clearly have a deep and meaningful relationship for it to have lasted this long!

What Attracts A Cancer Man To A Cancer Woman?

There is a definite instant attraction between a Cancer man and a Cancer woman. They simply speak the same language. No other man would be able to understand the depths of a Cancer woman’s emotions. There is something really special about their connection.

A Cancer man can simply not resist the charms of a Cancer woman. Here are some of the traits he just loves about her:

  •       Her understanding
  •       Her care
  •       Her ability to nurture
  •       Her initiative
  •       Her touch
  •       Her beauty
  •       Her love
  •       Her empathy

Cancer Man And Cancer Woman: Relationship Strengths

The relationship between a Cancer man and a Cancer woman is certainly written in the stars. There is just such a beautiful connection between these two and they are definitely lucky to have found one another.

  •       Growth: Each partner in this relationship can learn lessons from the other. These two are familiar on a soul level with one another and they’re here to some extent to assist each other in their journey through this incarnation by bringing what needs to be addressed to the forefront.
  •       Understanding: A successful partnership between the Cancer man and Cancer woman succeeds due to copious amounts of understanding. Successful couples are highly motivated to ‘get’ where the other is coming from, and this level of understanding allows them to find the best parts in one another.

Cancer Man And Cancer Woman: Relationship Challenges

There isn’t one relationship out there that doesn’t have some problems to overcome. The Cancer man and Cancer woman typically do very well together but there are areas that will need improvements.

  • Sex and intimacy are one of the biggest issues that could come up for these two shy souls. They both want to feel completely secure and know that giving themselves in a sexual sense will be well received and they won’t be hurt in the long run.

They’ll both hold off a bit before diving into sex. If they do happen to jump in quicker than normal, they may feel it’s not as fulfilling because neither are giving it 100%. It’s not easy for a crab to open up and give of themselves unless they’re certain of what they’re doing and certain of the person.

  • Decision-making may be another issue for these two. They’re both emotionally driven and tend to do a lot of daydreaming. When there is something that comes up that requires attention, they may both not know what to do.

They will have to motivate each other in some way to make sure mundane things like the bills are taken care of. While they agree to have kids, they may not know for sure how many they should have.

  • Stagnation is another problem that the Cancer man and Cancer woman may have in regards to activities they can do together. They both have a passive type of personality which makes them lack the drive to get out and do stuff.

While staying home and snuggling with television or movies is fun, after a while, things may seem a bit boring. They will have to work at motivating each other to get up and get out of the house to do something fun.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman: Breaking Up

Why Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Break Up

Breaking up is something neither the Cancer man or Cancer Woman want. It is really difficult for both of them to let go once they have fallen in love with someone. Heartbreak is very difficult for them to process. 

It definitely wouldn’t be an easy decision for either of them to make as they both think that they could probably work something out and make the relationship work well again. But sometimes the healthiest thing to do is to be apart. This is a reality they both need to accept. 

However, breaking up isn’t really something that happens often in this couple as they have the same values when it comes to their relationships and want the same things from life so they are usually on the same page. 

Though if either of them has a rising sign or moon sign that is more outgoing or aggressive, this could change things a bit. And cause some conflict in the relationship. It just depends on how well these two gel together. 

Otherwise, one of these two will have to find a way to draw upon the courage and be truthful with their partner that it’s not working and they want to move on. These two are not likely to be too nasty toward each other.

However, it will be extremely difficult for both of them to let go as they tend to go for what feels most comfortable in their life and breakups are never easy. It may take quite a few goes before they can fully say goodbye to each other.

If it doesn’t work then it will be an emotional pile of muck. They’ll have a hard time parting and may end up deciding it’s not for the best for either of them. It will be a difficult process, to say the least.

These two would have to have a really earth-shattering reason for ending it with one another. Otherwise, this pair isn’t likely to call it quits anytime soon.

Remaining friends will probably be quite difficult for both of them because there will always be resentment holding them back from making things work out well in the friendship. 

This can lead to harsh feelings and petty fights. However, it is probably a good idea for them to take some space before even attempting a friendship with each other.

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Cancer Man And Cancer Woman – A Love Worth Having

Not all same-sign relationships do that well together. A Cancer man with a Cancer woman is an almost perfect match. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a solid 8.5. They’re really great for each other.

They will have a hard time motivating each other which can cause problems if mundane activities are not getting done. Both want to succeed in their jobs and with money.

However, they really need to get each other to step out of their comfortable nest and start making life count. They also need to learn how to respect each other’s mood swings.

All in all, the problems they may encounter are small and are things they can easily overcome with a bit of unity. Two heads are better than one and, in this case, these two water signs can do quite well if they talk about everything.

Teaching each other new ways of seeing things, taking classes together, or learning new tasks will keep them both revitalized and keep things fresh between each other.

Sex may start out a bit rocky and reserved but with time comes trust. These two will trust each other more than any other. This makes them quite a pairing.

If you’re ready to understand more about how compatible the Cancer man and Cancer woman are sexually, check out my brand new Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility Guide, and if you want to catch him and keep him click here to learn more about Cancer Man Secrets.

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