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Cancer Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility – What To Expect?

What happens when two water signs intermingle? What is it like for a Cancer man and Cancer woman to be together as a couple? Keep reading to find out more about the Cancer man Cancer woman compatibility.

It seems almost like a love at first sight type of feeling. Once they get to talk, they may even feel as though they’re soul mates. They definitely seem to understand each other and are indeed kindred souls. Though they will have some problems to overcome, what else is there?


Right out of the gate, the water and water connection, is one that helps the two Crabs to relate to one another. They’re both emotional people who are needy of love and attention.

These two can give each other what others may not be able to. They likely have lots of things in common and can see whether each other is coming from. The emotional connection will probably be strong between them.

The physical attraction is definitely going to draw the two of them to one another. The two will easily spot one another through a busy crowd and be a bit like two magnets. They’re just pulled to each other quite naturally.

Since both are fantastic at talking and flirting, this will help them to get into a good conversation and figure out that they have enough in common that they want to see what else they can learn about each other.

When it comes to building a family, both the Cancer man and Cancer woman are perfect for each other. They are both born to find the right person, settle down, get married, and have children.

This couple will have a few things that could get in the way of their relationship but if they recognize them so they can work on it, they could have a very rewarding relationship and potential Cancer man and Cancer woman marriage.

Cancer Woman, Who She Is

Cancer man and Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is very maternal. This means she feels drawn to wanting to take care of the man she sets her sights on. In some way, she may try to mother him. Some men may appreciate this, however, not all do.

If she meets a man that doesn’t want to be taken care of or doesn’t feel connected as she does, she has the potential for some serious heartbreak. She needs to use her intuition and make sure she chooses the right guy.

This woman is highly compassionate and has the ability to be empathetic. This allows her to understand what someone is going through and able to tell what type of mood her guy might be in at any given time.

When it comes to sex, she’s perhaps not as confident in herself as other women may be. She requires a partner who will help her to feel safe and loved so she can feel more open to showing her sexual side.

It’s a huge connection when a Cancer man and Cancer woman meet. They will instantly seem to “know” each other. He will understand her better than most can or will. He just knows the right things to say and how to act around her.

Cancer woman will feel safe around her male counterpart. She will be able to emotionally open up to him and probably have some really sensual Cancer man and Cancer woman sex.

Cancer Man, Who He Is

Cancer man is a very sensual type of guy. He’s a “feeler” which means he goes off the emotions he feels instead of what the reality may be. He’s very much the type to make a choice via what he feels.

It’s not to say that he cannot be logical but more that he just really feels things deeply and he wants to trust that. He can tell when something is wrong, if someone is lying, or if something needs to be done.

Cancer man can struggle here and there with making the right choices as sometimes logic is actually needed rather than how one feels. He isn’t sure how to make heads or tails when it comes to making the right choices.

The Cancer man is very caring, warm, and will absolutely give his all to the woman he decides to settle down with. He wants to have a marriage and family more than anything as that’s what he’s born to want.

When the Cancer man meets the Cancer woman, he feels instantly connected with her and will want to take care of her as she takes care of him. This creates a wonderful give and take between the two.

Cancer man will give her all the love and attention she could ever want and feel great that she gives it right back to him. Their shared love is something that can be almost like a fairytale.

What Works Between Cancer Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer man and Cancer woman

Since both of them require lots of tender loving care, this is something they’ll easily do for one another. Neither of them should feel neglected or unloved. The love will be there and it will be strong.

They both will likely have a very close set of friends. When they unite, they then have two circles that can broaden into one bigger group. They’ll have no trouble socializing. Since neither are really extroverted, they’ll be conservative.

They’re both a little guarded where feelings are concerned with each other. They relate to each other but they will both hold back until they feel the time is right. This is natural. They will get to know each other and the instant connection they had will help them for a more long-lasting bond between them.

Once they don’t feel insecure anymore, the two will open their hearts up and be a very close-knit connection that they likely didn’t have with anyone else. This makes them feel this is the right relationship for them.

It’s likely that these two will never run out of things to talk about, do together, and plan for the future. They really are on the same wavelength and will empathically pick up on each other’s needs.

What Cancer Man Thinks of Cancer Woman – Especially in Bed

The Cancer man will be instantly drawn to the Cancer woman. Their meeting will excite them both and there will be the desire to see what else is there. The feeling of what “could be” is very alluring for them both.

These two will absolutely share the same values and plans in life. They may even share some of the same dreams. If not, they will understand each other’s ideas. As long as they open up and communicate, they’ll have direction.

The Cancer man and Cancer woman are very similar. Where they may fall short is in the bedroom. Cancer man has an idea of what he likes and/or wants. Cancer woman does as well.

However, when Cancer woman holds off or isn’t as forthcoming in the intimacy department, the Cancer man will be unsure if she just isn’t into him that way or if he’s doing something wrong.

This is where feelings will need to come into play. Intuition and empathy have to play a role in this for them to figure it out. Once they do, they’ll be able to share and give to each other thus making Cancer man very satisfied.

Cancer man will be very happy with his Cancer woman who will treat him like a King and he can, at last, have his fairytale Queen to love. He’ll be thrilled to be with someone likeminded who he can build a family with.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Problems

Cancer man and Cancer woman

There isn’t one relationship out there that doesn’t have some problems to overcome. Cancer man and Cancer woman typically do very well together but there are areas that will need improvements.

Sex and intimacy are one of the biggest issues that could come up for these two shy souls. They both want to feel completely secure and know that giving themselves in a sexual sense will be well received and they won’t be hurt in the long run.

They’ll both hold off a bit before diving into sex. If they do happen to jump in quicker than normal, they may feel it’s not as fulfilling because neither are giving it 100%. It’s not easy for a crab to open up and give of themselves unless they’re certain of what they’re doing and certain of the person.

Decision making may be another issue for these two. They’re both emotionally driven and tend to do a lot of daydreaming. When there is something that comes up that requires attention, they may both not know what to do.

They will have to motivate each other in some way to make sure mundane things like the bills are taken care of. While they agree to have kids, they may not know for sure how many they should have.

Another problem the Cancer man and Cancer woman may have is stagnation in regards to activities they can do together. They both have a passive type of personality which makes them lack the drive to get out and do stuff.

While staying home and snuggling with television or movies is fun, after a while, things may seem a bit boring. They will have to work at motivating each other to get up and get out of the house to do something fun.

Perhaps when they have children, the children will motivate them to go do things that are fun for the whole family. None of these problems are real deal breakers for the Cancer man and Cancer woman pair.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Breakup

This may be something that exceedingly difficult for both the Cancer man and Cancer woman alike. They’re both very passive and don’t like taking action such as breaking up.

The likelihood of them breaking up is already fairly low as these two are great together. Though if either of them has a rising sign or moon sign that is more outgoing or aggressive, this could change things a bit.

Otherwise, one of these two will have to find a way to draw upon the courage and be truthful with their partner that it’s not working and they want to move on. These two are not likely to be too nasty toward each other.

If it doesn’t work then it will be an emotional pile of muck. They’ll have a hard time parting and may end up deciding it’s not for the best for either of them. It will be a difficult process, to say the least.

These two would have to have a really earth-shattering reason for ending it with one another. Otherwise, this pair isn’t likely to call it quits anytime soon.

Final Score

Cancer man and Cancer woman

Not all same signs do that well together. Cancer man with Cancer woman is an almost perfect match. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a solid 8.5. They’re really great for each other.

They will have a hard time motivating each other which can cause problems if mundane activities are not getting done. Both want to succeed in their jobs and with money.

However, they really need to get each other to step out of their comfortable nest and start making life count. They also need to learn how to respect each other’s mood swings.

All in all, the problems they may encounter are small and are things they can easily overcome with a bit of unity. Two heads are better than one and in this case, these two water signs can do quite well if they talk about everything.

Teaching each other new ways of seeing things, taking classes together, or learning new tasks will keep them both revitalized and keep things fresh between each other.

Sex may start out a bit rocky and reserved but with time comes trust. These two will trust each other more than any other. This makes them quite a pairing.

What to do next?


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