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Cancer Man And Capricorn Woman Compatibility – What To Expect

The Cancer man and Capricorn woman compatibility is an example of opposites that DO attract. Cancer man is Water and Capricorn woman is Earth. Between these two can be a wonderful grounding effect that flows smoothly. These two will find a connection that is electric and can stand the test of time if they’re willing to work on a few small things that could cause a rift.


When these two meet, they’re VERY attracted to each other as they have a strong gravitational pull toward one another. There is a feeling of comfort, sexual excitement, and security without even fully knowing each other.

This kind of connection is like soul recognition. The Cancer man and Capricorn woman can be a soul mate connection. There are things they just instantly know about each other without talking too much.

It’s an instant feeling of “I know you” from a very internal level. This couple has a lot going for them and does not lack in the chemistry department. The Cancer man knows he’s found a woman he can feel safe with.

Capricorn woman knows she’s found a guy that will give her all the affection and love she could ever want. Both want a family and want to build a strong foundation of which these two are very capable of doing.

While some of their life values may differ because they come from different backgrounds, they will still find a way to compromise so that they can make their lives rich together.

They both love the finer things in life and will be seen working hard to achieve their life’s passions together as a team. These two would make tremendous business partners if they really wanted to. The Cancer man and Capricorn woman compatibility is amazing!

Capricorn Woman, Who She Is

cancer man and capricorn woman compatibility

The Capricorn woman is very logical and has to think everything through before making a choice. Even when it comes to love, she wants to make sure she has both feet on the ground before she takes the plunge.

She wants to choose a partner that will make her feel safe and secure. She always feels her responsibility in life and therefore doesn’t have room or time for mistakes.

It may be hard for her to actually understand that when it comes to true and deep love, there isn’t actually time to think it over for too entirely long. She needs to also give way to what her heart feels.

Capricorn woman will have to learn to trust her intuition a bit more instead of relying too much on logic, especially when it comes to love. She’s a sexual woman who wants to satisfy her needs regularly with the right person.

When the Capricorn woman meets the Cancer man, she feels instantly safe. She feels he’s the one that will give her fulfillment in all areas of her life. The magnetism she has with him defies her logic.

He’s one that will help her experience following her heart. She requires a whole lot of love to reach her full potential and Cancer man can definitely provide her with all that she could ever wish for.

Cancer Man, Who He Is

This man seeks out the woman he can make his queen. He seeks out someone he feels safe, secure, and really intimate with. He’s a physical guy who will enjoy making love often.

He is also a family man and so he will seek a woman who wants to have a family and be “home” oriented. Being social is alright but he’s more into spending time with those he loves than going out being with strangers.

The woman of his dreams will be someone that is much like him and can appreciate the hearth and home that he’s worked hard to build over the years. He’s a romantic and doesn’t mind showing his heart to the right woman.

When the Cancer man meets the Capricorn woman, he feels instantly filled up. Somehow he realizes that she’s the one he’s looking for. She’s strong but she’s also safe for him.

He will find no problem trusting her almost immediately. Where she’s logical, he’s more emotional and so they balance each other out quite beautifully. He feels she could be his partner, wife, and mother of his children.

What Works Between Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

cancer man and capricorn woman compatibility

There is more that works between these two than there isn’t. They both have zero trust issues with each other. Cancer man knows his Capricorn woman isn’t out there to find anyone else.

Capricorn woman knows her Cancer man is dedicated to her and so together they feel absolutely secure. Also, they have many things in common and activities shouldn’t be any sort of issue for them.

They will be interested in what each other are into and will find time to enjoy these things as a couple. They will agree on what they should do without too much effort.

Their values are also likely to be very similar. They both believe in truth, integrity, family, and being solid. The Capricorn woman and Cancer man marriage should work quite beautifully.

When or if they decide to have children, they’ll be excellent parents. He’ll be the one to give all the love and adoration to the kids.

The Capricorn woman will be the one to make sure they understand life. She’ll also be the disciplinarian to keep them in line as far as comprehending consequences to actions.

Both of these signs have emotions that run very deep. Cancer is a bit easier to read when he’s feeling one way or another. Capricorn woman may be a little harder to read but the Cancer man will intuitively know when he needs to talk to her.

These two feel as though they’ve always known each other. However, they both did grow up differently and so they’ll still have things to sort out. There will be times where communicating is necessary.

It may not be the easiest thing for them but they can absolutely overcome any issues that come their way. Naturally, sexually speaking, these two will embrace each other and enjoy each other thoroughly. Cancer man and Capricorn woman in bed is quite a match.

Cancer Man Capricorn Woman Marriage

The Cancer man Capricorn woman marriage is one that is rather stable and loving. Capricorn woman provides the stability and the discipline needed to ensure financial success for the household.

She’s brilliant with numbers and typically will hold one or two jobs in order to maintain the growing nest egg they likely started. She’s always planning. The Cancer man will be a very loving and nurturing man who will support his Capricorn love.

Capricorn woman and Cancer man are quite a successful union. They’ll be every happy with each other and are likely to have a well rounded family when they decide to have children.

How does a Capricorn woman make a Cancer man feel? She makes him feel like he’s safe and has no reason to worry about their love. He knows he can trust her with his heart for the long haul.

What Cancer Man Thinks of Capricorn Woman, Especially in Bed

The Cancer man feels when he meets this strong woman that she’s the one that will give him all that he desires. He knows she has a mind of her own but he also knows she’ll be loyal to him.

His sense of security will feel much fulfilled with the Capricorn woman thus making him feel he can give her his all. He’s very attracted to her on many levels and especially when it comes to intimacy.

Cancer is excited and relieved that the Capricorn woman is family oriented and this makes them a wonderful match. He instinctively knows that the Capricorn woman is likely one of his best matches.

The Cancer man and Capricorn man sex will be very fulfilling. Cancer man will feel comfortable with the Capricorn woman and is able to relax enough to try new things. Capricorn woman is a closet freak and will teach him all sorts of hot things.

Cancer man likely feels that this woman is the woman he can definitely see his future with. He can see her as his future wife and mother of his children. Home and hearth is everything and he can see it with this strong woman.

Cancer Man Capricorn Woman in Bed

These two are a unique combination that can be very kinky. Cancer man feels very connected to his Capricorn woman on a deep emotional level. She will love that he’s so very giving when it comes to pleasure.

These two balance each other with their unique sense of sexuality. Cancer man wants to pleasure his Capricorn lady and she may want to take charge of him. They will delight in some very experimental type of sex.

It wouldn’t be surprising if they decided to try new tactics, toys, and sexual positions. They probably will own a copy of the “Kama Sutra” on their nightstand next to the bed. They want the ultimate in pleasure.

The Cancer man and Capricorn woman sexually are very compatible and will enjoy each other’s bodies very much. Their sex will be delicious indeed. Read next: Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman in Bed.

Cancer Man with Capricorn Woman Problems

cancer man and capricorn woman compatibility

As beautiful as this union seems, there are going to be some problems they must work past in order to ensure a steady path ahead. One of these things is the ability to communicate with each other.

Though they feel they can sense what they need to know about each other; there are things they absolutely must verbalize and understand about each other. Both are very deep with emotion but they need to speak up.

Their values may not line up perfectly either. They may have different ideas of how to proceed, how to live together, and how to raise children. They have to really hammer out the details before they go any further.

If they’re able to set out an effective timeline or outline of how they want to proceed with their lives together, they’ll find far more success in their marriage or childbearing years.

Emotionally speaking; these to still need to really talk to one another. It’s one thing to sense and feel that your partner has something going on but it’s necessary for both to verbalize those feelings.

To fully know someone or know them enough to make a lifelong relationship, you both have to be open to communication. So no matter how picturesque things seem in the beginning, this is a relationship they’ll have to put effort into.

In many ways, they will flow very easily and not hit too many snags. But hey, no relationship is perfect. As long as they truly get to know each other, they can make this relationship the most rewarding one they’ve ever had.

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman Breakup

Out of these two, the Capricorn woman is likely to be the one to initiate the breakup. If she feels insecure or feels her Cancer man is lacking in what she wants to have in her life, she’ll call it quits.

Cancer man always has a hard time breaking things off. He’ll struggle, he’ll hide in his shell, he’ll make himself unavailable, he’ll go cold, or he may even have an affair hoping that his mate will see the disconnect and call it off for him.

That being said, if these two break up, it’s going to because something absolutely unforgivable took place. If they weren’t talking as they should and decided to do something devastating; there will be consequences.

For a Capricorn, betrayal is serious business and an unforgivable offense. Cancer men can get over things in time but they’ll remain hurt for a very long time. If these two do part ways, it would take something really nasty to happen.

These two are so wonderful together it’s hard to imagine that either of them would really want to end things. It IS possible but this dynamic match is more likely to make it than not make it. The Caner man Capricorn woman would be very difficult.

The Final Score

cancer man and capricorn woman compatibility

The Cancer man and Capricorn woman are a near perfect fit. They have much in common, they want the same things or at least similar things, and they both really want to have a family.

Having a household that is warm, cozy, happy, and loving is their goal. Once they get together; this is what they will work toward. They’ll be happy planning out their lives together.

When they meet; there will be an undeniable connection that will lead them to want to get to know each other further. When they do, they’ll realize that even the differences they have; are nothing that they cannot work on.

These two will fall deeply in love and will start trying to form a nest. It wouldn’t be surprising if they dive into a relationship very quickly. It’s not characteristic for either of them to do this but this is how drawn they are to each other.

Truly this pairing is one that is satisfying and filled with lots of love that will last the two of them until the end of time. They just seem to “get” each other and any problems they have; they can work past them.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with the Cancer man and Capricorn woman, I give them a nice and stead 8.5. They really have what it takes to make a relationship flourish, become strong, stable, secure, and build a happy family.


Cancer man can finally have the security he seeks and the Capricorn woman can finally have the same thing as well. It is quite exciting to have the same goals in life. These two are quite a match.

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Are you a Capricorn woman having a successful relationship with a Cancer man? Tell me how you did it!

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