How Does a Cancer Man Act When in Love – Is He Childish or Mature?

The sweet tempered Cancer man acts pretty distinctively when he is in love. So how does the Cancer man act when he is in love? Keep reading for some very obvious ways you can tell if he acts childish or mature when he’s in love.

  • Playful Time Together

There is no doubt that when the Cancer man is trying to get to know the woman he cherishes, he tends to be like a teenager in love. Many men act this way but Cancer is a sensitive soul which makes his inner child come out.

I wouldn’t say he’s childish though. He may be very playful and wants to spend time doing fun things with his mate but he isn’t going to act out of turn or embarrass the woman he adores.

Childish would mean that he’s acting like a boy and not taking any responsibility. Cancer man will take responsibility. When he’s not in love, he may flirt in a way that is more childish.

However, when he falls madly in love, his maturity but playful side comes out. He will treat the woman he cares for with great dignity and respect. I’d say when he’s in love; he’s very mature because he wants her to think he’s the right guy.

He may be a bit goofy at times but I don’t think that really qualifies for being immature or childish honestly. Any man is capable of being silly when they’re falling in love. That’s pretty normal!

  • Possessive, Jealous, Over Protective

How Does a Cancer Man Act When in Love

Ok so when it comes to protection, the Cancer man may come across as being childish at times. It really depends on the situation. He takes your safety very seriously.

The thing is, he sometimes thinks something is going on that perhaps isn’t and then he reacts with a jealous temper tantrum. This definitely can make him seem really immature.

When he’s in love, he is mostly mature but when it comes to other men trying to pull up on his woman, he takes that as a threat and will act accordingly. Many men keep their cool, he isn’t one of them.

He may very well blow his stack and tell a guy to back off or he may let you have an earful for having flirted with someone even if you didn’t. This is the one area where he could very well seem childish indeed.

I don’t think he means to be this way on purpose but he sees his woman as his and that’s the only way he can see it. It’s up to you whether or not you are alright with him claiming you as “his”.

If you are then perhaps you won’t even see his behavior as childish. If you aren’t ok with him labeling you like a piece of property then this may be a huge turn off for you.

  • Wants Lots of Your Time

The Cancer man wants to spend lots of time with the woman he’s in love with. It’s up to her to decide if she thinks this is normal and acceptable. She may not want to spend all her free time with him.

It depends on if you’re the type of woman that likes personal freedom or if you would prefer spending all your time with your guy. That will determine what you think of his desires to consume your free moments.

If you think that time apart is healthy and that each of you should have some time doing your own thing, you may see his needs as childish. When you think that spending lots of quality time with him is alright, you see this as mature and healthy.

So it’s really in the eye of the beholder as far as if you see him as being childish or matured depending on what your own belief system is. Each woman will see things very differently.

It’s hard for me to nail him either way because I’m not the one dating him. This is something you’ll have to decide for yourself depending on your own standards, desires, or needs.

Just keep in mind that he will want to spend as much time as you will allow. When you aren’t, he may question you as far as why you don’t want to spend every waking moment with him.

He may have aspects in his chart that cause him to be a little different. Perhaps he too understands the need to have a little time alone and may appreciate this with you. Again, it’s all about getting to know him and knowing what you need.

  • Getting To Know His Circle

How Does a Cancer Man Act When in Love

Cancer man is all about family typically when he makes friends, he chooses very carefully and will see them as family. When he falls in love, he wants his woman to be part of this inner circle.

He will want to introduce her and he will want her to spend time within the circle because if she’s going to be in his future, she’s going to need to know these people since they are so very important to him.

Does this make him childish? I don’t think it does. He takes love and family very seriously and if a woman doesn’t fit into his “circle”, he has to think about it and be sure that she’s the right one.

He preferably wants a woman who is going to fit in well with his family and his closest of friends. I believe this is actually maturity. He knows what his needs are and he knows what is important to him and his family.

When you love a Cancer man, you must accept his family and his close friends or there will surely be problems to follow. Not only that but, you may be cast outside the circle or outside of his heart in time.

Now you know the most important facets of the Cancer man in love. You must decide if he is childish or mature based on how you see him yourself in person and in your life.

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