How Does A Cancer Man Express Love — 7 Secret Ways

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Looking for the answer key to the Cancer man in his test for love? Stick with me and check out these seven secret ways a Cancer man expresses love.

Looking for the answer key to the Cancer man in his test for love? Then surely you are in the right place! There are ways for you to figure out how your Cancer man feels about you. I want to share with you the things a Cancer man does for you to express his love so that you can be on the lookout!

Cancer men are pretty great and make amazing partners, but they are definitely a little passive. Therefore, it is common for a Cancer man to have trouble expressing his emotions.

As a water Zodiac sign, a Cancer man expresses his love on a deep emotional level. He is not afraid to fully express a wide range of emotions to his partner. A Cancer man expressing feelings are vivid, and he could be devoted to the point of being needy to his relationship.

Having said that, let’s take a deep dive into the psychology of how a Cancer man displays his love to his girlfriend or loved one. The way a Cancer man expresses his love differently and distinctively makes him stand out from the other zodiac signs.

Actually, Cancer men have one of the most specific love languages of all zodiac signs. I covered his entire Astrology love profile in my Cancer Love Language guide. I suggest you get your copy if you really want to master his love language and finally connect with him in the right way.

Stick with me now, and check out these secret ways a Cancer man expresses love.

7 Secret Ways A Cancer Man Expresses Love

1. The Cancer Man Expresses Love By Spoiling You

Do you find that your Cancer guy keeps spending money on you or doing very sweet things for you? Is he going out of his way to help you with something you needed?

The Cancer man expresses love by doing lots of little things for you because he wants you to see how much he adores you. He’s not playing with your feelings.

A Cancer man who is playing someone will not go out of his way like this. He will always want you to have the very best. He also wants to make your life easier in any way that he can.

I’m not saying he will always pay your bills or anything like that. He prefers an independent woman who can handle herself. He just wants to do things for you that make it easier for you to do that.

Whatever you do, do NOT deny any gifts he gives you. If you tell him no or to take it back, it will hurt him deeply.

Accept his gifts and help. Give him praise and tell him how much you appreciate him. This goes a very long way.

2. The Cancer Man Makes You His Best Friend

If he relies on you to give him advice and you seem to be his “go-to” person, then this is a very lucrative sign that he’s in love with you.

He may not truly realize that the friendship is at the point of being in love with you, but that is the case. He’ll figure it out, but in the meantime, it’s a good sign for you to know how he feels.

Your Cancer crush will call you when anything happens or text you a lot to tell you about things happening in his life. He’ll care about what’s going on with you. He will also want to spend time with you.

Everything that you’ve ever known about a best friend, this is what the Cancer man does before he dives into an actual relationship. Being this close to someone is easier if he already “knows” you.

I’ve had a client who recently contacted me about how her Cancer crush told her he’s not ready for a relationship but he keeps in daily contact with her and their friendship is strong.

What this tells me is that he’s working on himself but keeping her as his “bestie,” so that when he is ready, she will be the one he wants as his partner.

3. The Cancer Man Treats You With Respect

I mentioned how he wants you to be his best friend but, with you, he also listens to what you say. He retains things you’ve told him and this makes him intuitive toward you.

He pays lots of attention to you and wants to give you what you want. He gets on your social media a lot and leaves comments or likes. You’ll see how active he becomes when he’s in love with you.

He wants to get to know everything about you so he’ll ask you a lot of questions. He will always do what he can to make you feel special.

Cancer men are known for putting their partner on a pedestal when they fall in love. These are the ways of the water signs in the Zodiac. Pisces do the very same things!

Your Cancer guy will never want to do anything that will hurt you. If he does accidentally, he will feel awful and do everything to make it up to you.

Lord help anyone else who tries to hurt you. He will feel very protective of you and want you to always be happy.

4. Family Matters To The Cancer Man

Most Cancer men are family guys. They were born to create and appreciate family. That being said, he’s looking for his partner, his wife, and mother to his children.

When your Cancer man falls for you, he’s definitely going to ask you about your family and he will likely even ask to meet them somehow.

It’s just as likely that he will want to introduce you to his closest friend circle, as well as his family. It’s important to him that they all like you or approve of you.

He’ll want you to bond with them if you are also in love with him. This forges his future plans that you will be part of.

After he’s met your family, he will reach out to them and try to bond because he figures they will be his family also in the future. This security is vital to the Cancer man’s life.

5. Your Cancer Man Is Protective Of Your Heart

A Cancer man expresses love by protecting you at all costs. He cannot stand for you to be sad or upset. He will do whatever he feels he has to in order to make you feel better.

For no better way to put it, he wants to be your “doctor of love.” I don’t mean that in a sexual way – though trust me, he loves sex.

What I am talking about here is that if anyone upsets you, he wants to know who it was and where he can find them. He will return with flowers and dinner.

If anyone talks to you in a way he doesn’t like, he will say something. He may also have some jealousy.

The jealousy is anyone trying to steal your time from him. If you made plans with friends on a night that he wanted to be with you, then he’ll definitely express his disappointment.

That is a HUGE way of him showing his love for you. The protective nature he has is something that comes out when he’s in love.

6. He’s Going Above And Beyond For You

Another way that the Cancer man expresses his love for you is by doing things you asked him to do or doing things you didn’t ask for but he knew you needed it.

He might take your car to have it serviced or get an oil change because he recalls you mentioning it.

If you are sick, he’s the kind of guy who will bring you some chicken soup and maybe flowers. If you’re really lucky, he will come over and cook it from scratch.

Many Cancer men are fabulous in the kitchen. He prefers you to cook once you’re a couple but he will wow you with his best dishes.

This man will do anything in the world for you so if you see this, you will know he is absolutely in love with you.

He doesn’t do this for anyone else but close friends and family. No other woman gets this from him. Trust it!

7. You’re Included In His Future Plans

Anytime he starts talking about doing future things and includes you in those plans, he’s in love with you. There is no other way to see this.

You are exceedingly special to him and he wants to integrate you in his path forward. You are part of his future and he’s letting you know it.

It’s another way of him showing you how special you really are to him. He may talk about a house, family, or other future trips you two will take.

When it gets to that point, he may go ahead and tell you that he’s in love with you because he doesn’t ever want to lose you. You are everything he wants in a partner and future family.

Hold onto that and appreciate him for everything he is to you. He will love you as long as you’re giving him the attention that he craves from you. This is a surefire way that the Cancer man expresses his love for you!

It’s Important For You To Know…

Now that you’ve figured out that he’s in love with you, what can you do to secure that love with him going forward?

What can you say that will make him want to tell you he loves you and wants to stay with you forever?

If marriage is on your mind with your Cancer man, there are some things you need to know.

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As always, I wish you all the very best!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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      Whoa! If he’s doing that when you two are out then he has some secret desire to do these things. It also means a lack of respect if you aren’t into it. You need to decide if you can handle this or not. He’s not going to stop because you want him to. Have you tried telling him to knock it off or else? If you haven’t then try that but I have a feeling he really enjoys it too much. Trust your gut and do what is right for you. I wish you all the best!

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