Is Your Cancer Guy Just Using You? 5 Signs He Is Playing You

Do you feel like maybe the Cancer guy you’re seeing or dating is not being quite genuine with you? Is your Cancer guy just using you? Read on to find out.

Do you feel like maybe the Cancer guy you’re seeing or dating is not being quite genuine with you? Maybe he’s showing some strange signs that you’re not sure what to do with. So, is your Cancer guy just using you? Read on to find out.

1. Walls, Walls, and More Walls

The Cancer man who is not fully invested with someone will have up insurmountable walls that make it quite impossible to get close to him. He knew just what to say to get you into bed but now is jaded.

It could be that he’s got some past pain or experiences that have made him feel this way and is just afraid to get close to someone. However; when he’s using you; he’ll never have any intention at all in opening up to you.

This would be a very standoffish Cancer who only comes to you when he needs you for sex or for a quick ego boost. He may call you up when he has no one else to talk to because he knows you’ll put him in a much better mood.

If you feel that he only calls you when he needs something; he is for sure playing you and not interested in how you feel or what you want. He’s in it for him and only him. Hang up the phone and forget about him!

2. Spends More Time Alone Than With You

is your cancer guy just using you

Cancer man loves to cuddle and be close to someone. If you find that he tends to want to spend more “alone time” or has other plans all the time; he’s likely using you when it suits him.

He may also be seeing other women in which case he will try to squeeze you into his busy schedule whenever he can but don’t expect him to come spend time with you when you want it.

Cancer man in love or even in lust will want to spend quality time with the woman he is trying to get closer to. When he’s pulling away and spending very little time with you; it’s a red flag.

Pay attention to his actions and understand that any sign of blowing you off instead of spending time with you shows that he is not into you and likely not going to commit.

3. Constant Phone Calls

If he’s spending time with you but keeps getting loads of calls or texts; this is probably another red flag. Yes, he can be and is likely popular. However; if he’s spending time with you; he’ll ignore it.

If he’s constantly on his phone answering calls or texting people back; he’s not into you and you should probably just throw him out or leave. It’s normal for him to maybe do this later on after he’s already committed and you’ve been together for a long time.

It’s not normal, however; for him to want to interact with so many people while he’s supposed to be with his girl. You’re filling a void in his time but clearly, you’re not a priority.

This also applies to social media. If he’s constantly checking his or replying to people on there instead of talking to you or watching the movie you threw in to enjoy and cuddle with; he’s playing you and not interested.

4. Keep Catching Him In Lies

is your cancer guy just using you

Cancer men do have a tendency to lie when they are not being the man they claim to be with you. Whether he’s cheating, playing you, or if he’s planning a whole life outside of you; it’s a HUGE sign he’s not “with” you.

If you ever overhear him on the phone embellishing things in his life to make himself look more important or “cooler” to others; you can expect he’s probably over exaggerating about you when he’s not with you.

This could be him talking about how awful and uncaring you are to other women so he can get in their panties. He’ll use it as a ploy to get them to feel sorry for them and make them feel that they can heal him with their love.

If you can see this is going on or feel it; run! Seriously! It means he’s playing you or committed to you but still cheating on the side. Either way; you don’t deserve this type of treatment and should get away from him as quickly as possible so you don’t get hurt.

5. Stops Inviting You

When you notice that the Cancer man stops inviting you to do Netflix and chill; he probably already has another woman or two on the side. He’s juggling and trying to figure out which one he wants to possibly commit to.

If not juggling women; he’s certainly looking into his other life options. Cancer will treat himself as #1 always until he finds a woman that blows him away and shows him that she’s worth dedicating his time to.

When he starts blowing you off or coming up with excuses why he cannot get together with you; he’s trying not to hurt your feelings but is in some way telling you that he’s not really into you and doesn’t want anymore.

It’s a really underhanded way to do things. He should just be honest with you but he doesn’t want the emotional confrontation so he’ll avoid it by coming up with loads of excuses instead.

Naturally, if he feels down or wants to have sex; he’ll keep you on that line so that he can call you up and see if you’re “down for Netflix”. Be very careful if you hear from him after a while of not hearing from him.

It’s likely he’s lonely or needs a lay so he wants to reach out to you to see if you’ll bite and give him what he wants. If you do; he’ll just do the same stuff to you all over again. Again… RUN!

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