Are Cancer Men Possessive? Find Out Here

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are Cancer men possessive? Many clients ask me that because they want to know if they need to worry about dropping their male friends...

Are Cancer men possessive? Many clients ask me this because they want to know if they need to worry about dropping their male friends or making some changes to accommodate their Cancer man’s desires. There are definitely some warning signs you should pay attention to.

Cancer man definitely has the capability to get jealous and there are many reasons why. He is an emotionally driven person with a big heart. He easily gets, and this causes him to be afraid to love.

The thing is, if he’s being insecure when there is no reason, then you need to know how to handle this. You may very well want to keep reading to learn what to do when your Cancer man is being jealous when he has no reason for it. 

Cancer man can be complicated since he’s super sensitive. However, the things you need to pay attention to are very specific. To learn  more about Cancer man jealousy, check out signs below. Perhaps it can save you a lot of heartache for the future.

Are Cancer Men Possessive And Jealous In A Relationship?

The Cancer man possessive and jealous tendencies can emerge because he wants to keep what is his to himself. He will not take kindly to any man trying to move in on his woman or try to lure her away.

Cancer is the type of guy that will react badly to other guys leaving comments, hitting like, or indicating some type of flirtation on his partner’s social media accounts. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other type of site, he’ll be watching.

Any tiny indication of appreciation from another man will make him suspicious. Whether or not his partner is doing anything to make him jealous, he’ll tear his green head off. This renders the Cancer man possessive of what he reveres.

Ladies, if you have really good male friends, you will have to keep an eye on this as well. He will have to be very comfortable with these friends, or he’ll always think they want to get with you.

Do Cancer Men Get Jealous Easily?

A Cancer man is possessive with his things and with his relationships. Not just his lover but also his children, his family, his friends, and anyone else he feels justified in claiming.

He is an emotional and sensitive man, and he can get jealous easily because he often feels insecure because he thinks others may pose a threat to his relationship. He doesn’t want anyone interfering or trying to steal what he feels is his.

They are also overprotective, and this can be misinterpreted as jealousy. At times, if he thinks his partner is not loyal or honest with them, he can easily become frustrated and, as such, demonstrate jealous behavior.

How Does A Cancer Man Act When Jealous?

I’m not too sure that there is a big difference between possessive behavior and jealousy. They’re both with the understanding that “don’t mess with what is mine, and that includes my woman”.

It’s kind of a primal feeling. He feels he’s won the prize that others covet. Therefore, he’s going to be protective and always watch to make sure no one intrudes on what he believes to be his. He can have diametrically opposed reactions; he may react out of anger or completely withdraw to reflect on his emotions.

Cancer thinks in terms of “My girl”… or, later on, “My wife”. He takes it very seriously, and if his partner doesn’t take it as seriously as he does, he will find offense, and it could be an issue.

If you want to help him redirect his energy and get him to a happy place, I recommend checking out my 30-day Cancer Man Love Chellenge. He’ll appreciate you as his partner, and he’ll become happier again.

How Do You Know When A Cancer Man Is Jealous — 4 Clear Signs A Cancer Man Is Jealous

When you’re not entirely certain if he’s just being distant or if he’s upset about something, it might be good to know what the signs are of him being jealous, so you don’t mistake it with something else.

1. He Becomes Jealous If You Talk To Other Men

Naturally, when you find that the Cancer man is possessive and jealous, you have to decide if you’re the type of woman who is turned on by the fact that he’s that protective or if you’re turned off by his behavior.

If you talk to another man, you have to be careful because he will react in a possessive and jealous way. This could be a deal breaker for you and it may take time to make amends.

Cancer man may act as a jealous boyfriend. Some women find it charming and even desirable, others take a negative stand. 

It is normal for a Cancer to act in such a manner as he is someone who cherishes and protects his relationships.

2. He Acts Like Everything Is Fine

His jealousy and possessiveness is something he would not want you to notice. Cancer man is a master of keeping things private.  He will not want to talk about what is wrong when you ask him. He’ll pretend like everything is all right. This is most common in how Cancer man acts when he is jealous.

It is unlikely that you will be able to get that information out of him about what he was upset about or why, but he may open up and tell you when the time comes. The Cancer man in true love jealousy is alive and real. Don’t force him, let him come to you.

3. He Questions Everything

He is an emotionally driven man who can be moody often which also translates into being nosy. As such, he can often ask uncomfortable questions which can lead him  to have doubts that seem rather unnecessary or uncalled for.

This can make a woman feel annoyed because of his clingy behavior. This all can backfire and make her act mysterious and unrevealing, which also sets the ground of not being trustworthy. He can be secretive but doesn’t like it when his partner acts the same.

Cancer man can be intense and suspicious which can be hard to deal with. He may question where you are going or who you are seeing and this can get on your nerves and force you to feel as if you are hiding something and even make you feel guilty.

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4. He Is Trying To Make You Jealous

The key is to reinforce his trust with positive energy and love so he feels like he is still able to do what he wants—because a Cancer has a fierce sense of control over himself. 

If you fail to do so, he may impose a situation where you will question his loyalty.  He may flirt on purpose with another woman just to make you notice and feel jealous. 

He needs to feel appreciated and if he doesn’t he will create such scenarios often to cause a reaction which usually does the trick.

How To Deal With Cancer Man Jealousy?

Obviously, you need to understand why exactly he’s acting jealous toward you or someone else. The best (and most honest) way to do this is to ask him why he’s so bothered and if it’s because of something that you’re doing.

Don’t do it in an emotional way, though. He is already easily hurt, so do it in a way that appeals to logic. Something like, “Why does it upset you so much when I do this? Can you tell me so I can learn and figure out how not to hurt you again?”

Do you see how this will help you get an answer without pointing fingers at him or giving him a hard time? It makes him understand that you actually care about his feelings enough to ask him honestly.

He will be more likely to answer you when you ask like this as opposed to, “What is your problem? I don’t get it.” There is a HUGE difference. One way makes him emotional, and he will shut down.

The other way will make him think you’re really sweet for asking, and he’ll want to think about it, and maybe asking that way will help him see something he never noticed before.

Perhaps it will help him realize that he’s doing something he doesn’t even want to do. He will get hold of his own feelings and try to sort them out so that he doesn’t get so hurt or jealous.

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Are Cancer Men Controlling?

The truth is, Cancer men are very sensitive and emotional, and this could lead them to be possessive and jealous at times. They are not aggressive or dominant; therefore, they are not control freaks.

In fact, a Cancer man is a nurturing man who would rather love than argue. This dark side emerges in the midst of his insecurity.

Generally speaking, Cancer men cannot control their emotions. Ruled by the Moon, they are very emotional and intuitive men, so when it comes to emotional control, they are not good at this because they soak in different moods, as if they are driven by the current.

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Anna, I have been reading your advice for the past two years. The cancer man I’m seeing is a widower for over 11years. He is still extremely dedicated to his deceased wife. We have been together as friends (his words)for 2and 1/2 years. He has not made one romantic move in All the time we have been together. We go Dutch treat to everything we do. I have been a widow for 3 years and I’m starving for affection and love making. He is the kindest nicest person but has no romantic side at all. He is 76 and fairly religious. Please help me in getting him interested in a romantic relationship. Thank you

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