11 Surefire Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling In Love With You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Unsure if a CAncer man is falling for you or just being nice? Here are the top 11 signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you...

The good ole soft-hearted and passionate Cancer man has gotten under your skin… but you’re confused if he’s into you or maybe he’s just being nice. What are the signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you?

Although Cancer men are not good at sharing their emotions, that doesn’t mean they don’t develop deep feelings or have specific standards for the woman of their dreams. There are definitely some telltale signs a Cancer man is falling for you.

So, what is a Cancer man really like when he is in love? There are definitely some things you need to know when it comes to what he cherishes in the relationship.

A Cancer man can be rather particular when it comes to love and, certainly, who he will choose to be his lifetime partner. His needs are specific, as are his desires in life.

Be sure to continue reading to find out what it means when a Cancer man hugs you, and what else you can expect from a Cancer man when he falls in love with you!

How Does A Cancer Man Act When In Love?

There is no doubt that when the Cancer man is trying to get to know the woman he cherishes, he tends to be like a teenager in love. Many men act this way but Cancer is a sensitive soul which makes his inner child come out.

When a Cancer man falls madly in love, he may be very playful and wants to spend time doing fun things with his mate. He will treat the woman he cares for with great dignity and respect.

Cancers may be a bit goofy at times but I don’t think that really qualifies for being immature or childish honestly. Any man is capable of being silly when they’re falling in love. That’s pretty normal!

How To Tell If A Cancer Man Is Falling In Love With You

So are there any particular actions that a Cancer man displays when he is in love? A Cancer man loves to be in a relationship, and so he will often show the below common characteristics when out and about with the woman of his dreams.

A Cancer man madly in love is going to take good care of you. He will spoil you by feeding you, paying some of your bills, taking care of things that make your life easier, and just generally being a nurturer.

You can expect a full romantic experience with a Cancer man in love. He’s one who wants to make you feel like a million bucks because, essentially, you are making him feel this way.

Being affectionate is one of the clearest signs a Cancer man gives when he is in love with you. This means a Cancer man will kiss you and touch you a lot in public, as well as hold your hand at every given opportunity, so he can show the world that you are his special someone.

You just need to encode his love language to know if he is inevitably falling in love with you. I covered his entire Astrology love profile in my Cancer Man Love Language guide. I suggest you get your copy if you really want to master his love language.

7 Surefire Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling In Love With You

1. He Becomes Very Attentive

The Cancer man is typically a very generous and friendly guy. However, when he takes a liking to someone, in particular, he’ll begin to increase his ability to make himself shine.

What I mean by this is that he shows his potential partner lots of attention and affection. Though he is a flirt by nature, he’ll be more intensified toward a woman he wants to have a relationship with.

When a Cancer man is falling for you, he will call more, text more, talk more, and want to be physically affectionate more. He’s fairly obvious when he likes someone.

In fact, he isn’t above telling the girl he likes that he DOES like her. He’s very nurturing by nature and for the woman he loves; he will treat her like gold. This is definitely one of the signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you.

2. When A Cancer Man Opens Up

The Cancer man has no trouble opening up to a woman he is interested in forming a relationship with. He will reserve most of it for the woman he wants to commit to.

If you find that your Cancer guy is suddenly opening up about his innermost feelings or talking about personal information, he probably is into you and you should feel loved.

He will tell you what bothers him, what he loves, what he doesn’t like, all about his past, and all about what he wants for his future. There isn’t much he won’t be able to come forward with to the lady he wants to be with.

If you find that your Cancer man starts to tell you his innermost feelings or secrets, he’s likely falling for you. This man needs to feel secure with the person he’s with so he will only open up if he trusts you.

When trust is built and he’s able to let loose, this means he’s falling in love with you and is happy to open up to you. He may talk to you about his past, his family, his feelings about life, and even what he wants for the future.

These types of conversations are always helpful at fortifying a strong bond for the future the relationship will take. Be sure that you’re just as open with your Cancer man. He wants you to be just as comfortable with him as he is with you.

He will pull you closer and adore you in a way that no one ever has. He’ll tell you his innermost fears and his innermost desires. When conversations such as these come up, you can bet your bottom dollar, this is another of the signs a Cancer man loves you.

3. He Will Do Just About Anything For You

When the Cancer man learns what his lady likes, he’ll do anything he can to make sure she is happy and fulfilled with him. He will go out of his way to make sure she’s doing well and wants nothing.

When a Cancer man loves you, he wants to see you smile and laugh. That means he will make jokes and make a fool of himself if it means that his woman will enjoy herself in life with him at her side.

This is the man that wants to win his lady love over. He isn’t one to be strong and silent. He’s more open and cozy. Comfort is something that Cancer craves and wants a woman who will fit this order. This is one of the signs that the Cancer man has feelings for you.

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4. He Considers You His Best Friend

A Cancer man not only wants you to be his one and only. Eventually, he wants you to be his wife and, most importantly, his best friend. This is one of the guys in the zodiac who believes that his partner should be his confidant.

That said, he will talk to you about anything and everything if he’s in love with you. There is no topic that is taboo. You’re his best friend, and why hold back on anything?

Hopefully, this gives you a good idea of all the signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you. There is nothing better than being with your best friend in love and in life. It’s a true treasure and a wonderful sign that the Cancer man loves you.

Being best friends is a very important step to take and maintain in your relationship with a Cancer man. Always be there for him, and be the one he turns to when he needs to vent or talk.

5. When A Cancer Man Hugs You

It is a well known fact that a Cancer man is a sensitive and nurturing human being, and as such, he tends to cuddle and hug a lot.

When a Cancer man hugs you, it means he cares for you. By embracing you with his gentle touch, he is creating a feeling of safety and reassurance.

A Cancer man is caring and protective, and because of his nurturing instincts, his hugs may be translated as protective, but in fact, he is a generally sentimental and deeply affectionate person.

Being a water zodiac sign, the Cancer man is emotionally driven. He needs a woman who can understand where he is coming from and be able to empathize with him as he empathizes with so many.

He is highly attuned to the emotions of others and may adjust his hugging to your emotional intensity.

6. He Asks You Many Questions About Yourself

Cancer’s curiosity rises when he’s in love. Where he was happy with being mystified by you in the beginning, he’s now ready to get a bit more serious. In fact, this is a good way to know if he’s ready to commit.

He will start asking you loads of questions about who you are, what you feel about family, whether you want kids, whether you have kids, how you feel about marriage, etc.

A Cancer man wants to know what you desperately want in your life. What do you desire? What is your passion? What can he do to help you fulfill that? You start hearing these types of questions; he’s in love with you. 

He doesn’t ask all of these questions to someone he’s just interested in. He only asks when his heart is open and he really wants to know the answers to your questions, as it ties in with his own desires.

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7. His Physical Side Gets More Intense

Cancer man is the type who sees sex as an emotional bonding experience. He also sometimes feels it goes to a spiritual level between you. Your souls are intertwined as your body is. 

The intensity makes him want to be more physical with you when he can. He will definitely try to give you public displays of affection both because he’s happy and because he wants to show the world you are with him.

Your Cancer man may kiss you more in front of people or even when you’re at home, he will want to be very cuddly and could almost be to the point of smothering. Make sure he knows what your comfort boundaries are. 

4 More Signs A Cancer Man Has Feelings For You

8. He Makes You Feel Special

A Cancer man will want to show you that you’re the only one for him. He’ll go out of his way to make you smile and ensure that you’re happy with him. He will buy you lovely gifts and take you to amazing places.

The Cancer man may also want to spend more time with you than not. He’ll be practically glued to your hip. Of course, if you’re the independent type, he’ll need to learn to adjust to not being with you 24/7.

He won’t smother you as long as you make it clear that you do need a little personal space here and there. His desire to spend as much time with you as possible indicates he’s in love.

You may find your favorite flowers waiting for you on the table when you get up or better yet, you receive flowers where you work. He is very random and just wants to brighten your life as much as he can.

Truly this is a guy that if he could bring you the moon, he totally would! He’s romantic also so don’t be surprised when he wants to take you to the very best restaurants in town. This is one of the signs a Cancer man loves you.

9. He Starts Settling Down

Cancer is really great at being a social butterfly. When he’s really into someone, he will start spending more time at home with her than going out for a night on the town.

He may suggest watching movies and eating pizza instead of going out to eat with friends. You’ll notice that he’s more into the “nesting” ritual than in going out on dates.

This also means that he’s becoming more serious about the woman he adores. Going from friendship to love will make this man settle down. After all, that’s what he really wants anyway for the long run.

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10. He Remembers Important Details

One of the signs of a Cancer man falling in love with you is that he remembers details. Want a man that will remember your birthday? He’s the one! He’ll remember the anniversary of your first kiss, first intimate time, first date, and first everything really.

He’ll save movie theater stubs, save poems or letters you write to him or save texts you sent him when you first got together. He’s very sentimental. He may even save some sort of memento from your first date.

Memories are very important to him and don’t be shocked that he has a ton of pictures of friends and family. He’ll probably always want to carry around a camera or keep whipping his phone out to take photos with you.

He wants to keep building his memory bank with happy and loving times with the woman he loves. So if he keeps taking selfies with you everywhere you two go, he’s in love.

A smitten Cancer man is really obvious. He rarely pulls back and rarely ignores the woman he adores. To him, that makes no sense. He will only retreat if he feels threatened or unsure.

Otherwise, he’s all consumed by the love he feels for the lady he’s with. He’ll call, text, send love notes, etc. Valentines will be an AMAZING event for him to shower you with all the very best. This is another of the true signs that the Cancer man has feelings for you.

11. A Cancer Man Wants You To Meet His Family

One of the biggest signs that a Cancer man is serious about you is when he puts together a date to go meet up with his close friends or takes you home to meet his family.

Remember that this guy is a family guy. He will think it’s very important to have you meet his family and for them to meet you. He wants to know what they think of you because ultimately, their opinion does matter to him, especially his mother’s.

Many Cancer men are very loyal to their mother and so what she thinks or feels when she meets you is very crucial to his future opinion of his relationship with you.

When in love he wants things to fall into place and so by meeting his family and/or close friends, he’ll get their viewpoint as well as yours on them. As long as everything works well and everyone gets along, there is a green light.

Cancer man is able to love you freely and treat you like you’re his queen. He will keep working on building a love to last a lifetime. He will also want to meet your family if you hadn’t already done so.

Do Cancer Men Fall In Love Easily?

Yes, they do! When a Cancer man is in love, he tends to open up to his lady. He will tell you all his secrets, his deepest desires, and his feelings about everything. He will share himself with you so that you fully get to know who he is.

He wants you to know how much he loves you, why, and what the future holds between you. He’s not one to keep up a wall when he’s totally in love. He may be a little standoffish, but only until he’s sure that you’re the one for him. He is not wasting time. He will tell you this sooner than you expected.

Once he does decide that, he’s going to tell you anything and everything under the sun. The one thing that he may not share will be things that he will never tell anyone. This can make him seem secretive.

If you trust and love him, though, you’ll understand that not every single detail has to be revealed to you. No one ever fully knows anyone. We’re all humans, and we withhold things that are intensely personal.

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FAQ On Cancer Man Falling In Love Signs

Are you struggling to figure out what the signs of Cancer falling in love are? Well, luckily for you I have compiled questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate your relationship with your Cancer man.

What Does It Mean When A Cancer Man Stares At You? 

Well, a Cancer man is a natural at picking up feelings and reading the undercurrents not being said, so when he stares at you, he is trying to read your emotions.

He is very intuitive and empathic; he senses you and can easily put himself in your shoes. He is a very compassionate person and has to be careful not to lose himself in the empathy he feels for other people.

By staring at you, a Cancer man is trying to figure out what you are not saying out loud.

Will A Cancer Man Say I Love You First?

Only if he is led by his intuition. Even though he is sensitive and emotional, he is scared of rejection and failure. He will not allow open heart surgery without any reassurance, so displaying his emotions is not in question when it comes to true feelings.

If he feels that he is dealing with unrequited love, your Cancer guy will not tend to say ‘I love you’ at all. One thing is certain: When a Cancer man says ‘I love you’, he really means it!

Will Cancer Man Confess His Feelings?

If a Cancer man perceives you as a judgmental person prone to criticism, he is not going to confess his feelings. On the other hand, if he feels completely comfortable with you, he will definitely share how he feels about you. So, it all depends on his level of comfort and how you make him feel.

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She lost sleep, time, and even work hours, all because she couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart and get him to commit.

As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that. But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him. Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

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  1. Almost a year ago I met a cancer man who I liked almost from our first meeting. Liked the way we talked, shared, laughed, confided and touched each other. We took it slow and got to know each other as well as we could being together only once sometimes twice each week. One of the early dates my cancer guy said to me if we don’t filter what we say and do we will know each other very quickly. And that we did. Today we are the very best of friends, perfect lovers, like each other, continue to share humor, have survived more than a few serious situations and want to spend a lot of time together as in for our lifetime. We are in our 60s and will do what it takes to reach that goal. We are good for each other and good to each other. We forgive easily and love each other more every day. I found my person and the bonus is a 12 year old daughter which I’ve waited for my whole life. He too found his person and is excited about a life together. Many search for ever for what have….. we are thankful and very blessed.

    1. Hi DC!

      It sounds like you figured out a wonderful formula for you and your Cancer man to make your relationship run smoothly. Thank you for sharing sweetheart. I’m always happy to hear the success stories. If you ever do want to know more about how a Cancer man thinks though, you can check out my book Cancer Man Secrets.

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