The 9 Signs And Ways A Cancer Man Shows That He’s In Love (Maybe With You!)

The good ole soft-hearted and passionate Cancer man has gotten under your skin… but you’re confused if he’s into you or maybe he’s just being a nice guy. How can you tell when a Cancer man is in love with you?

Well, I have some signs you can look out for! Perhaps he’s more in love with you than you realized. In the article below, you will learn the nine signs and ways Cancer man shows that he is in love.

Cancer In Love

The Cancer man is a very sweet soul who is capable of being kind to everyone. However, is this the case with how he is with you? Does he want friendship or love? 

It’s important you figure out his intentions before you invest too much of yourself. You need to be sure he’s falling for you so that you are doing what you need to in order to keep him. 

Don’t waste time and be sure you pay close attention to the signs I’m sharing with you. You need them and you need to determine what comes next with the Cancer guy you’re either crushing on or are in love with!

9 Signs And Ways A Cancer Man Shows That He’s In Love

1. Deep & Longing Looks

Signs And Ways A Cancer Man Shows That He’s In Love

Cancer men have very kind, soft eyes. However when they are in love, they will give you this look of a school boy that has his first crush. He will look at you in a way that is so irresistible!

You won’t be able to tell him ‘no’ when he looks at you like this. Until you see this look, it might be harder to know if he’s in love or not. It’s a deep long look that makes you feel like taking your clothes off… and no, I’m not kidding!

There’s a reason that Cancer men are so sought-after. When you are the one that he wants, he will make sure that you know it. He will grab your hand while talking to you or touch you and look at you in the eyes.

He may even stare at you sometimes. It’s not because he’s being rude and has a staring problem. He just cannot keep his eyes off of you because of how deeply he is feeling with or for you!

2. He Becomes Very Open With His Feelings

Cancer Man Becomes Very Open With His Feelings

Typically, the Cancer man will not mention his feelings very much until he’s comfortable and with someone he feels he can trust. He does feel things deeply and makes decisions based on how he feels.

That being said, he won’t typically open up much until he knows he’s in love with you. At that point, he’s going to tell you things that only you should know. He will tell you intensely personal things.

He will become almost like an open book to you and only you. He doesn’t talk like this with anyone else unless it’s family or very close friends. Otherwise, you’re the one he will rely on. 

He may actually ask you for advice as well. He considers your thoughts, opinions, and feelings on things to be extremely important. That respect tells you that you are the one he’s choosing to confide in.

Naturally, if he’s being this open with you then you need to return the favor. If you close off and don’t open up with him, he will feel rejected which will hurt him deeply. 

3. He Asks You For More Of Your Time

A Cancer man won’t waste his own time –or yours for that matter. He knows his time is precious and that he’s sensitive to being subjected to the wrong energies. He wants to be with someone who truly cares.

Once you’ve showed him that you really care about his well-being, and that you support him, he will fall head over heels. He will want to spend more time with you, whichever way he can get it! 

It doesn’t matter if it’s at your place, his, or out and about. As long as he’s with you, he’s going to be happy and fulfilled. When this is the case then you know your Cancer guy is in love. 

4. The Order Of Importance

Not everyone will be blessed enough to be taken home to meet his family or closest friends. That’s a tight knit circle that very few get to enter into. If he does this with you, then he’s in love.

Family is very important to the Cancer man. He wants nothing more than to have a big happy family to love and cherish for the rest of his life. This is the man that lives for the family life.

Bringing you into that circle means that you’re “in,” and he wants to keep you. It also means he loves you or cares for you very deeply. Know that you’re someone he sees very highly!

5. He Asks You Many Questions About Yourself

Cancer Man Signs He Is In Love

A Cancer’s curiosity rises when he’s in love. Where he was happy with being mystified by you in the beginning, he’s now ready to get a bit more serious. In fact, this is a good way to know if he’s ready to commit.

He will start asking you loads of questions about who you are, what you feel about family, do you want kids, do you have kids, what do you feel about marriage, etc. 

Cancer man wants to know what you desperately want in your life. What do you desire? What is your passion? What can he do to help you fulfill that? You start hearing these types of questions; he’s in love with you. 

He doesn’t ask all of these questions to someone he’s just interested in. He only asks when his heart is open and really wants to know the answers to your questions as it ties in with his own desires. 

6. Nesting Instincts

Normally, you hear this term with animals or pregnant women about to give birth. The Cancer man gets this instinct going when he’s in love and knows he wants to be with you long term or marry you. 

If he starts to do things for you that are home like, you will know he’s crazy about you. If he invites you over to cook for you, you’re done for! It means he does indeed see you as his woman.

He may also clean his house up a bit more than the first time you went over there. He wants to impress you and make his home more inevitable for you to be there not just for a date but for the future.

To take things further, he may clear out a drawer for you in his dresser for you to keep some clothes there. He may buy a toothbrush to keep in his bathroom for you as well.

Things like this are huge signs that he’s trying to nest with you, which means he’s ready to give you his heart. He’s waiting on you to let him know it’s what you want too. 

7. Jealousy Appears

When Cancer man is in love, he sees you as his. He will not like seeing other men talk to you or trying to flirt with you. He also may get jealous of other people who get your time.

This can even be family or friends that you’ve always spent time with. If it encroaches on his time with you, he’ll be jealous. He wants all your free time. You don’t have to give it to him, but you will have to compromise.

His love for you runs very deeply when he becomes this level of jealous. Once you realize it’s going on, you’ll know where his heart is when it comes to you. 

8. His Physical Side Gets More Intense

8. His Physical Side Gets More Intense

Cancer man is the type who sees sex as an emotional bonding experience. He also sometimes feels it goes to a spiritual level between you. Your souls are intertwining as your body is. 

The intensity makes him want to be more physical with you when he can. He will definitely try to give you public displays of affection both because he’s happy and because he wants to show the world you are with him.

He may kiss you more in front of people or even when you’re at home, he will want to be very cuddly and could almost be to the point of smothering. Make sure he knows what your comfort boundaries are. 

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9. He Tells You Exactly How He Feels

This is one area where Cancer man isn’t good at holding it in. If he’s in love with you or is in the process of falling for you, he will most likely just tell you that he loves you. 

He may beat round the bush a little bit but he’ll get there. In this case, you really don’t have to guess where his heart is at. It’s with you and you can expect the love to continue.

I hope this article has helped you to see what the Cancer man will do or what his actions are when he’s in love. 

Just for fun… Did you know that steamy soccer player Lionel Messi is a Cancer man? He sure looks good and cuddly, doesn’t he? Those legs too! 

Did you find out how your Cancer man felt about you by the way he acted? What did he do to let you know he loves you? Tell me all about it! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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