4 Reasons Cancer Men Avoid Commitment—and What You Can Do About It

Commitment is a tricky concept for many people—especially if you have been around the block and want to protect your heart. Cancer men have their own set of quirks in this department!

Commitment is a tricky concept for many people—especially if you have been around the block and want to protect your heart. A fear of being hurt again can translate into commitment-phobic behavior, and Cancer men have their own set of quirks in this department! Read on to find out what they are—and what you can do about it.

When it comes to commitment, the Cancer man doesn’t take it lightly. If he’s not 100% certain, he flat-out refuses to commit. 

Granted, as the sign of home, family, and emotional security, the compassionate and caring Cancer man deeply desires a committed relationship — but only when he’s ready.

If he’s truly ready, he will do whatever it takes to win your heart. He is the man that will send you pictures of engagement rings at seven in the morning. He will wake up early to bring you breakfast in bed. 

No matter what, he will go above and beyond to be the rock of your future family. His number one goal is to be the lifetime protector of your heart. 

At the same time, these Moon-ruled men can be hard to read. With their up-and-down mood swings, you may struggle with getting him to commit. 

That’s why I’m sharing the top four reasons why a Cancer man refuses to commit, based on my years as a relationship astrologer.

I want to help you understand how to avoid falling into the no-commitment zone with the Cancer man and receive the love and validation you deserve!

4 Reasons Cancer Men Avoid Commitment—and What You Can Do About It

1. He’s Focused on His Goals

Cancer Man Focused On His Goals

Just like his sister sign, Capricorn, the Cancer man needs to feel financially secure. If not, you can forget about hearing him utter the word ‘commitment.’

Whether it’s owning a home, starting a business, or simply having a beefy savings account, the Cancer man needs to fulfill his goals. Being stable is the only way he can be the attentive, affectionate, and caring partner that he naturally is and aspires to be.

Once he has established himself as a man and provider, he will be more than happy to be the lover that you need. So, give him time to get there.

2. He’s Afraid to Be Vulnerable

It’s no secret that the typical Cancer man has an invisible wall up. But what you may not know is that his sensitive nature comes from a fear of vulnerability

Because he’s an emotional water sign, practicing transparency and talking about his emotions to his partner isn’t easy. He would rather keep his feelings hidden inside. 

Whether you’re talking about his childhood, discussing his future goals, or rehashing a relationship that may have affected who he is currently as a man, give the Cancer man time to warm up. He loves a patient and caring woman.

On the other hand, a fearful Cancer Crab only needs a little time and extra reinforcement to trust you before he opens up. Once you have gained his trust, he will protect you for life.

So, slow down and find simple ways to show him that you are someone he can lean on. Perhaps it is making his lunch on the days you feel inspired or dropping off fresh flowers to liven up his place; every little thing you do to help the Cancer man feel more comfortable around you counts. 

Because the more trust you gain, the more open he is to commitment. 

3. He’s Unsure About Your Relationship

Just like this guy needs to feel emotionally safe and financially secure before he commits, he needs to feel good about your relationship too.       

When a Cancer man feels confident about the woman he loves, there is no stopping him from getting down on one knee and professing his undying love. 

At the same time, his sensitive nature is turned off by any relationship that lacks potential. If he does not see you as his future wife and mother of his children (if he wants to have kids), then he will not commit. 

Because he is a traditional water sign, he has a vision of the perfect partner and family in his head, and he is not satisfied until he meets his perfect match. 

Being as observant (and sometimes nervous) as he is, even the slightest bit of uncertainty about your relationship will have him running back into his shell. So be honest and straightforward about who you are as a person from day one. 

Be clear and let him know what you want so he knows what to expect. 

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4. He’s Still Wounded Over His Ex

Loyal, devoted, emotionally attached, and inseparable are all words that are used to describe a Cancer man in love. 

But what happens when his love leaves, and he’s left heartbroken? What happens when the sensitive Cancer man is left devastated?

He’s terrified to talk about future commitment.

In my practice, I have found that there are few men more broken than the Cancer man who was abandoned or betrayed by the woman he loved. 

So, of course, if the Cancer man is still heartbroken, loyalty to (or pain inflicted by) his ex will get in the way of his love for you, and this may cause him to refuse to commit.

You may be wondering, what is the antidote to heal a wounded Cancer man? The answer is time, consistency, and space. 

The heartbroken Cancer man needs a gentle but firm — caring yet strong — woman who is patient enough to nurse him back to health. Never force him. Follow his lead, and he will come back to you better than before every time.

Overall, the main reasons why the Cancer man are simple: he needs to feel ready to commit. 

Now that you know my top four reasons, do you see any of these characteristics in your Cancer man? Have you experienced any other reasons why a Cancer man won’t commit? 

Let me know in the comments section. I love to hear from you — and you’ll remain anonymous.

If you are looking for more information about dating a Cancer man, check out my digital guide Cancer Man Secrets. I’ll walk you through every aspect of dating the Cancer man. From his biggest turn-ons and turn-offs to how to make him fall in love with you, I share it all. 

Wishing you all the luck of the Universe. 

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

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