6 Key Things A Cancer Man Wants In A Marriage

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So, if you are looking to find out what key things a Cancer man wants in a marriage then keep on reading. Find out all the spicy details!

If there is one guy who wants to settle down and get married, it would definitely be your Cancer guy. These men are motivated to feel emotionally secure and absolutely love nurturing others. They go out of their way to make their partners feel loved and special. 

These guys are so affectionate, caring, and quite sensitive. They are born to have emotional connections with others and find it really important to be in a union with someone to feel like they are living their full potential. 

Cancer men tend to put a lot of care and effort into their relationships. They are really generous and go above and beyond for the people they love, sometimes to the detriment of themselves –so it is really important for them to be with someone who can match their energy, otherwise, he might feel taken advantage of. 

So, if you are looking to find out what key things a Cancer man wants in a marriage then keep on reading. Knowing this information will really help you to live a full and happy life with your Cancer, and to give him the love he really wants and deserves. This guy is a keeper, so it is amazing that you’re putting in the effort to understand him better. 

6 Key Things A Cancer Man Wants In A Marriage

1. Be His Source Of Love & Support

A Cancer man is really quite a gentle and sensitive soul. This guy feels everything and might think he needs to put up a protective shell so that he won’t get hurt. Life has given him some hard knocks he has needed to deal with, so he is really protective of his heart and who he allows in his life. 

For him to be really happy and fulfilled in his marriage he needs a woman who is going to stand by his side and be there for him through thick and thin. He wants a woman who can give him a lot of support and care. 

Your Cancer husband can get quite insecure at times, so be the perfect wife for him by encouraging him and letting him know how much you believe in him. He needs an extra boost from time to time. So always make sure you have his back and let him know how special he is to you. He needs quite a lot of reassurance. 

2. Be Gentle With Him And Take Things Slow

Cancer Man And Marriage

A Cancer man really hates confrontation, he will much rather suppress any anger or negative emotions he might be feeling just to keep the peace around him. He takes his own time to deal with things and really doesn’t enjoy being pushed to talk about something he isn’t ready for. 

If you can pick up that your Cancer man is going through something, you might want to give him a lot of space to deal with it on his own. Remember that the archetype of Cancer is the crab, and crabs like to hide away when they are frightened. 

Just give him a moment to catch his breath and to find peace within himself. He really isn’t the type of guy who is going to open up just because you asked him to. He needs to do this on his own accord, but it is really important that he knows that he is safe with you and that you aren’t going to pressure him to open up.

Everything he does is slow and well thought out. He doesn’t like to do anything crazy that will somehow hurt his feeling of security and stability. All he needs from you is your patience and understanding and eventually, he will open up on his own. 

3. Allow Him To Provide For You

I know in this day and age woman are encouraged to be independent and take care of ourselves (and we should be!), but it is really important for a Cancer man to feel like he is providing and taking care of his family. 

At his essence, he needs to feel like he is contributing to his family and making them feel safe and secure in his home. If he has a wife who is too independent and always wants to take care of herself, it can be quite off-putting for your Cancer guy. 

He wants to feel useful and like he is living his purpose. So let him take care of certain things. Allow him to pamper you and take care of you because he genuinely wants to be your rock and your caregiver. 

He really feels like a man when he knows that you know that he is super reliable and dependable. So, give him the space to allow him to flourish as a caretaker because he loves it and it makes him feel useful. 

4. Be A Good Listener

Marriage With A Cancer Man

It can be really tough to feel so many complicated emotions like your sensitive Cancer. There isn’t a moment where he isn’t feeling some kind of crazy energy around him and it can be quite tough on him, to be honest. 

His ruling planet is the Moon, so you can only imagine how much his moods ebb and flow. He needs to be with someone who can really be there for him in his tough times. He needs a wife who can really listen to him and help him with his needs. 

A Cancer man needs a woman who can support him and hear him. He is probably so used to people shutting him down for being too sensitive and emotionally that he probably tends to close himself off. 

But by knowing this you can really encourage him to be open and vulnerable with you. Let him know that he is safe with you and that all you really want is to be his support and beacon of light whenever he feels dark or upset. This will really mean the world to him.

5. A Family

One of the most important goals for a Cancer man is to feel like he’s part of a family. This is really, really important to him. His family will always come first and he will go above and beyond for the people he cares about. 

This guy will likely want children to take care of. These guys are often more maternal than some women I know. They can get very broody and really enjoy taking care of kids. Building a family is really big on the list for this guy. 

He is likely more willing to spend his time with his family than any of his friends. This is just the way he is built. So be prepared for a lot of days out with your in-laws because feeling connected to his family is huge for your Cancer guy.

6. Appreciate Him

There is a lot of effort a Cancer man puts into the people he cares about, and this can sometimes be a thankless job. People just assume that he is always going to be there for him and it can be quite hard when no one seems to appreciate what he does for them. 

For him to really feel special and seen make sure that you make a note of how much you appreciate him. This will go really far in your marriage. He needs quite a lot of affirmation to realize that he is worthy. 

So don’t be shy to let him know how much he means to you. He wants to know that you recognize him and appreciate him for his efforts because if you don’t, he might feel used and undervalued, and let’s be honest. No one likes feeling that way. 

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My Final Thoughts

Cancer men are really special. These guys will always make you feel loved and secure and they will go out of their way to make you feel like you are cared for. This guy will be your number one supporter, no matter what. 

If you are looking for a man who will treat you right and wants to commit to a relationship then he is most definitely your go-to guy. There will be a lot of love, appreciation, and happy memories in your marriage to your Cancer. 

He will always put you and your family first. What a wonderful man to build something special with. 

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2 thoughts on “6 Key Things A Cancer Man Wants In A Marriage

  1. I have a question. My Cancer man s everything that you say but there is a big problem. He can’t tell his family about me or finalize his divorce. Should I wait or is he to worried about hurting others feelings to make the decision.

    1. Hi Sk!

      If he cannot finalize his divorce then you two are not solid. Until he does that then you’re basically “on the side” with him. You didn’t mention if you live together or if he still lives with his wife. Either way, that divorce needs to happen. Please take care of yourself. I think you should hold off until he can take care of his issues. Hiding you from family because of his wife is not good. Please trust your gut on this one! Sending you blessings.

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