3 Types of Texts That Melt a Cancer Man’s Heart

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re dating a Cancer man, you’ve probably noticed that he loves feeling appreciated. Here are 3 texts that melt a Cancer man's heart!

If you’re dating a Cancer man, you’ve probably noticed that he loves feeling appreciated.

So what can you say that will make a Cancer man become putty in your hands? You’d be surprised the simple things that may make him give you his all! 

3 Types of Texts That Melt a Cancer Man’s Heart

1. Compliments

The Cancer man wants a woman who is going to be sweet, considerate, and caring. To do this, you have to make him feel good about the way you see him. 

Tell him how wonderful you feel when you’re with him, how incredibly comfortable you feel with him, and that you love being able to chat with him. 

It goes further than you think—Cancer men love the attention. 

He feels amazing when a woman lets him know that he’s important to her. You can mention how good he looked last time you saw him, or tell him you can’t wait to look at his face again.

Just don’t be over the top because he might suspect you’re laying it on thick to win points with him. There is a difference between being sincere and just trying to impress him.

You want to be honest about way you feel for him. He’s quite good at discerning lies from truth.

Many Cancer men have intuitive abilities, so it’s wise to be as truthful with him as you can. Speak from the heart, and you should be able to win him over.

He wants his style and looks to be noticed, so be sure you tell him that his clothes fabulous and you love the way he fixes his hair. He works hard on that and spends money and time to impress!

2. Check-Ins

3 Types Of Texts That Melt A Cancer Mans Heart

The Cancer man is one who is very caring and wants to help people. When you reach out and text him to ask him how he’s doing or feeling, he’ll take notice.

He wants a woman who really cares about him and his well-being and supports him as a person.

Be there for him and always let him know that no matter what, you’re a solid source for him to rely on. Show him you care by checking in on him. You don’t need to do it daily, but do it on a regular basis. 

He will come to expect to hear from you, so be careful because you set this precedent and then stop checking in, he’ll think something is wrong or that you’re ignoring him. So whatever level of texting you initiate, you’ll have to keep up with that. 

Asking him what is going on in his life, his job, or health will truly show him that you care and that you’re not just trying to play him. He needs and craves security and love.

You’d be surprised how big of an impact this one sweet gesture affects him. He’s a very sensitive soul, and feeling love and care from you makes him want to be closer to you. 

Cancer is a family man, so he’s looking for the woman who will fulfill the role of his partner, his wife, and possibly the mother of his children (or future ones). Checking in is never a bad thing with your Cancer guy.

Again, don’t do it constantly because you risk looking clingy. Just keep it light, easy, and not too emotional. 

3. Flirting

Now, you’ve got to show him your sexy side. Don’t be vulgar; be cute, saucy, and sweet about it. There is something about you being adorably sexy that will light his fire.

Tell him you miss his touch, you can’t wait to kiss him, etc. It’s pretty easy to flirt with a Cancer man, and he is definitely an attention sponge. 

This is one sign with which you can use emoticons to express yourself as well. 

He won’t think it’s silly. He’ll find it cute. You can also send him funny memes or photos. 

Just basically reaching out to him in general makes him feel as though he is special to you in your heart, and that will make him fall for you hook, line, and sinker. 

Take cute selfies and send those to him as well. Take pictures when you go out, too—he’ll know you’re thinking of him, and it makes him think of you more. 

The more he replies, the more you know that he’s into you. If he starts to pull back, then you will need evaluate. 

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Final Thoughts

Another thing I’d like to mention is that bringing up fond memories of the times you guys have talked or met up helps him recover how he felt at that time and will make him want more.

Doing sentimental things like saving mementos from the date will make him fall for you as well. You can save a movie theater ticket or whatever trinket you get from your date.

Texting is definitely an easy way to win him over, but you’re also going to want to have plenty of face-to-face time. That physical chemistry is very important.

He can fall in love fast, but he can fall out of love fast too if he decides that chemistry isn’t there for him. Be sure you find a way to spend time with him. 

Keeping him in your life may be a challenge at times with his mood changes, but if you find the right formula for communication, you’ll be just fine. 

Cancer men are attractive and sweet. They can be very tender, and they love to snuggle and be loved. Finding the right text messages will help keep his interest when you two aren’t physically together.

Giving him sweetness, tenderness, and consideration will make him feel like a king.

Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Texting a Cancer Man

Now that you know a few tips to help you get the heart of a Cancer, I do have to warn you about one thing.

There are certain texting behaviors that will make this sensitive guy lose interest in you…

Communicating with a love interest is a very delicate dance (and so much trickier to do over text!) and all it takes is one wrong message to send him walking the other way…

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Wishing you lots of luck and love on your journey.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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