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7 Ways To Get A Cancer Man To Open Up And Become Emotionally Available

Want to know how to get your sensitive – but closed off – Cancer man to open up and become more emotionally available? It takes some time, patience, and effort but with the right tips, you’ll soon start seeing results! This water sign has deep feelings, and all it takes is a bit of know-how. 

Cancer men can be a mystery. One moment, they’re totally open and available, spilling over with powerful emotion, and the next, closed up as a clam! You’ll soon get to know that he works in cycles, and he has certain triggers

You’ll also soon realize that all he wants is a supportive, patient, and empathetic partner

When he feels he has that emotional safety, it’s easier for him to “come out of his shell,” so to speak. Remember, this sign is symbolically the crab, and he often tends to scuttle away when he feels unsafe or threatened! 

And, once he feels safe, you’ll soon see that he is the most emotional, “feely,” and in-tune man you’ve ever met! Cancer men have a wealth of emotion in their hearts, and all it takes is the right kind of woman – and some good Astrology tips – to uncover it! 

Even if you are together a few years, he does have a tendency to draw back, so here’s how to get your Cancer man to open up, no matter what stage you are at in the relationship: 

7 Ways To Get A Cancer Man To Open Up And Become Emotionally Available

1. Make Him Feel Safe With You

Ways To Get A Cancer Man To Open Up Emotionally

The number one thing you have to do to get your Cancer man to open up to your emotionally is to make him feel safe enough to do so. 

This may sound a little abstract, so an example gathered from my years of experience as a Relationship Astrologer, would be to not overreact when he shares his feelings with you. In other words, don’t take it personally. 

If you can remain subjective, in a supportive role rather than shouting at him, crying, becoming cold or any other major reaction, then he will feel like it’s safe to open up to you more and more. That you are an anchor in the storm, rather than someone he has to tiptoe around. 

This also includes, of course, never making fun of him, making him feel small or silly for feeling what he feels. Never sharing his secrets with anyone else, or brush his emotions off as inconsequential. 

Once he feels safe with you, it becomes effortless to show you his soft underbelly! 

2. Never Try and Change His Emotional Narrative

It’s common for us to want to change the story of his emotions. For example, he may tell you he’s upset because of something you may have done, or someone close to you. If you feel bad, you may want to change his feelings, which undermines him and comes off as non-supportive. 

Of course, it’s great to explain your side of the story, but give him space to feel his feelings in the way he needs to. Don’t try to change his narrative – unless it’s completely skewed, of course! 

3. Walk A Mile In His Shoes

Empathy is one of the biggest attractive qualities to a Cancer man. He wants to feel that he’s being understood and seen by you, that his feelings have landed with someone who truly “gets” how he must be feeling. 

Even if you have never experienced what he’s going through, you can still empathize with his situation, read up on it, and talk to others who have had the same experience to gain insight into his circumstances. 

The more empathy you have for him, the easier he will find it to open up emotionally – it’s as simple as that! 

4. Time Your Conversations For A Full Moon

Want to know a well-kept secret for getting your Cancer man to open up emotionally? It sounds wacky, but you’ll soon see that it works! 

Timing your emotional conversations for the Full Moon is the trick! You see, Cancer is a sign ruled by the Moon, so he’s that much more sensitive to when the Moon is full – when emotions run high for everyone. 

You’ll soon see that he’s also more open than usual – do remember to hold space for him, as he can get little “loony” – you never know if he’s going to laugh or cry!

5. Make Him Delicious Home-Cooked Meals

Making Cancer Man A Home Cooked Meal To Get Him To Open Up

The old saying that goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” was practically written for the Cancer man! Particularly meals that remind him of home and his mother

Your secret weapon to getting under the emotional skin of the Cancer man, is, therefore, finding out what his favorite meal was growing up, and replicating that for him! Trust me, after a few bites of that meal, he’ll be more than ready to get up close and personal with you! 

6. Never Confront Or Push Him

Like the hermit crab, Cancer men have a habit of scuttling back into their “safe” place when they feel confronted. Not only do they scuttle back, but they also tend to lash out and get grumpy and defensive when they feel forced to open up. 

Asking him how he feels is one thing. Forcing him to open up to you is another. You have to be as calm, gentle, patient, and supportive as you can possibly manage so that he feels safe enough to come out of his hidey-hole and let you know what’s going on. 

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7. Notice His Emotional Cycles & Triggers

One of the most insightful and supportive things you can do to get your Cancer man to open up and show you his true feelings is notice his emotional cycles and his triggers. One cycle that is common to him is the Full Moon, of course. 

He also has particular triggers, such as family, which, although is a trigger for all of us, is usually more intensive of a trigger for him – for good or bad. 

After seeing his kids, his parents, he’s way more open – or even closed. And it’s at this time that you can be there for him in the best way possible and get him to trust you. You can either gently let him be quiet and inward, or be there for him if he needs to vent. 

In conclusion, what the Cancer man needs to most to open up and become emotionally available is simply to feel safe with you. He never wants to feel confronted or pushed, and he needs to know that you’re going to be a non-reactive person and not take things personally. 

It does take quite a bit of strength to be that woman for him, but it pays off. He will, in return, become your most loving, supportive best friend and lover when he feels cared for. You’ll also come to know his deep sensitivity and he won’t have a problem being vulnerable with you. 

So, take your time with him, ladies. He’s completely worth every ounce of your efforts! Read up on this cautious crab on my blog, Cancer Man Secrets. You can check it out right here.

And if you feel like you need some private guidance on your relationship, I’ve still got a few spots open for my ‘VIP Consultation’ service that you can book here to get instant clarity and guidance. You can book your private consultation here.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “7 Ways To Get A Cancer Man To Open Up And Become Emotionally Available

  1. Hi Anna need help!

    Been seeing this cancer guy for over a year.. long story short we met on dating app he met someone before we got a chance to meet he fell in love with her she played him and she was married went back to her husband blocked him this was over a year ago..

    He was nice and sweet but then he became cold.. I don’t know if he is just using me I told him I’m not just for sex if he has no intentions in being with me to tell me

    He said he sees a future with me but he wants some time without us arguing and fighting..

    Because he goes hot and cold and when he’s mad he tells me he never wants to be with me then he tells me he misses me and it’s just when we argue. Then he will say that I think about the future too much and expect too much

    I’m starting to think I’m just here till he’s ready to move on from the other girls

    I complained and said we need to do more stuff together we spent the weekend together he made me dinner we went for a drive a walk and then to get some wine and cheese had a nice day and then the next day he went cold and just msgs me before bed saying he needed a night to himself and to just relax

    I’m so confused by this guy

    1. Hi Ali!

      Yikes… he’s a Cancer man not ready to commit. It sounds like he’s got some baggage he needs to work on before he can be with anyone. I wouldn’t advise a relationship with him until he’s worked on healing himself from the past that way he’s fresh and can be present in a relationship. You do you and make yourself happy. If or when he decides what he wants then he may reach out. Don’t be a second choice or back burner lover. Do yourself a favor and be with someone who will give you all you deserve. He’s just not there and may not ever be. It’s hard to tell until he works on himself. I wish you the best!

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