5 Pros and Cons to Dating a Cancer Man: Get to Know Him

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What are the pros and cons to dating a Cancer man? Why is he worth your time, energy, and love? Here are some things you should know....

What are the good points to dating a Cancer man? Why is he worth your time, energy, and love? Here are some things you should know if you’re considering dating or becoming more serious with a Cancer guy.

1. He’s Very Romantic and Sensual

This is a man who knows how to talk to a woman, touch a woman, and handle her with a delicate touch. He will learn what she needs and what she wants so he can give it to her.

He’s the type of guy that will bring his woman home flowers for no reason other than to see her face light up. He will write love poems or songs. He’ll always treat her as though they just met.

He may surprise his woman with a beautiful dinner and perhaps provide her with a relaxing massage if she’s had a hard day. He IS the guy that will give back rubs, foot massages, and full body sensuality time.

His touches are like magic. They are healing and they are something that every woman wants to experience. If you’re lucky enough to land yourself a Cancer man; thank your lucky stars. You’ll never want for attention.

2. He’s Very Sensitive

Pros and cons to Dating a Cancer Man

If you’ve ever wanted a guy to understand you or sympathize with you; this is the guy. Your feelings matter to him and he will always want to be “in tune” so that he’s able to make you feel better.

If you cry; he’ll hold you and may cry with you because he can FEEL your pain. When you’re angry; he’ll want to know what he can do to help you calm down and feel better.

He is the guy that will cry when watching a touching movie. It’s not because he’s weak or a wimp. He’s actually quite the opposite. He’s emotionally strong and in touch with his feminine side.

Being understood is something every woman wants. Cancer man can and will fulfill this with the woman he loves. He’s a Prince Charming that any woman would be happy to have at her side.

3. He’s Lots of Fun

Being with a Cancer man is never a boring experience. He’s very funny and he likes to have fun. He wants to keep his woman happy so he’ll be a big goofball if it means making his woman chuckle.

He’ll also say very romantic or naughty things that will make his woman giggle with a little redness in her cheeks. He isn’t shy with the woman he is in love with in or out of bed.

He has lots of interests and will be happy to share them with his girl. He is normally a social person but when he’s in “home” mode; he’ll perhaps like to invite friends over to dinner.

Cancer man enjoys having a really good time. Never worry about what you’re going to do or if you’re going to have fun. He’s never a wet blanket when it comes to chills and thrills.

4. Family Guy

When you’re looking for a man that will make an outstanding and caring husband; this would be your guy. He’ll also tend to make a tremendous father as well. If you want that house with a fenced in yard, he’ll make it happen.

He’s traditional when it comes to what a family should be like. Remember the families on television in the old days? That’s what he envisions in his mind. He wants a dream family in which he can shine.

Cancer men vary on how many children they want to have. Some want lots of children while some may only want one or two. Most if not all Cancer men; want children.

He has no objection to adopting children either if there is no way to have children of his own. As long as he can hear children in his home; he’ll be a happy camper for the rest of his days.

5. Open Book

Pros and cons to Dating a Cancer Man

Due to his sensitive side; your Cancer man wants to not only be your guy but; he also wants to be your best friend. He’s someone you can open up to and trust that he won’t go talk to anyone else about what you say.

He’s a rock that you can rely on. Whenever anything is bothering you; you can easily talk to your Cancer guy about it. He is one of the best confidants you’re ever going to have.

He can empathize with you and will give you some very sweet advice. Of course if you don’t want advice; he’ll just be there to hold you and let you know that everything is going to be alright.

If you’re angry; he’ll know what to say in order to make you feel calm and collected again. He’s truly charming and seems to know just what to do in almost any situation.

Truly a Cancer man is a prize worth winning. He has other positive qualities so these are just a few. If you like the strong silent type, this isn’t the guy for you. However; if you like the romantic, sweet, and empathetic guy, Cancer is your man!

He does have some cons just as he has pros. You’ll have to read them and figure out if they’re something you can live with and aren’t game changers for you. Sometimes the bad are easy to put off to the side when the good outweighs the negative.

It’s in your hands what type of guy you really want. I’d suggest reading up on Cancer Man a bit more to see if he’s truly the type of guy you can see yourself marrying and having children with.

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Even if you already have children; your Cancer guy will embrace them as if they are his own. He’s a sweetheart to be sure!

A Bit Too Mysterious

For some reason; even with the information he gives you; he still seems rather sketchy and you cannot quite put your finger on it. You feel he may be lying to you or keeping something important from you.

Cancer men do open up eventually to the woman they want to become life partners with. However; he’ll always have that secretive side to him. It may not be cheating or anything detrimental but he always keeps something to himself.

He’s a secretive person by nature and unless he’s hiding something really big and deal breaker material; you probably shouldn’t worry too much. Try to keep an eye on any other red flags that may appear to determine how bad it may be.

It could be that he’s hiding porn in his closet or under the sofa at his place. Honestly it can be just about anything that shouldn’t be that big of a deal but he want so to be secretive about it.

He may still talk to an ex of his but only as a friend. However you may find out and don’t appreciate him keeping it a secret. These are some of the things he may try to keep under wraps as to not upset you and because he feels it’s HIS business.

These types of things can plague a woman’s mind. If anything, you can always ask him about whatever it is you think he may be hiding from you. Otherwise, just know he’s a secretive person and as long as there are no other signs; you may be alright.

Moody Back and Forth

Pros and cons to Dating a Cancer Man

Some women describe this as being on a roller coaster of emotion with their Cancer man. You never know what mood he’s going to be in at any given time. He may be in a super good mood then at the drop of a hat; be very sour.

Each day is a new experience with this guy and he rather has this in common with Gemini men. He doesn’t have a dual personality but sometimes it feels he has several!

He’s a sensitive guy and his emotions can get the better of him when he’s not careful or taking care of himself properly. He is easily angry, annoyed, hurt, or saddened.

You’ll have to watch everything you say before you say it as to not affect his mood. You’ll have to think out your conversations before you have them otherwise it’s a tossup of what mood you may put him in.

It’s his own responsibility to control his emotions though so don’t ever think that it’s your fault that he’s reacting the way he is. He may try to blame you though so watch out for that.

Being Clingy or Overly Reactive

This guy is petrified of his woman cheating or leaving him. He’s especially sensitive when it may involve another man. He’s afraid that another man may swoop in and steal her away.

This means that he is insecure and has trust issues. He can sometimes want to be with his lady love a bit too much. If you find him following you around the house; there may be a problem.

Certainly if you cannot seem to do anything without him being right there; this is another problem and red flag. If he doesn’t want you to go out with your girlfriends; this is a problem.

If he knows you have male friends but doesn’t trust you to talk to them without him being right next to you; this could also be another red flag. If he tries to monopolize all of your time; you can find yourself quite flustered.

Cancer man is known for being jealous and quite possessive. He needs to learn that it takes TWO to make or break a relationship and if he cannot trust you; he has no business being in a committed relationship.

He has security issues and needs to feel safe within his relationship. The thing is; HE himself needs to work on his own inner issues and understand that not every woman wants to leave him or betray him.

Controlling via Manipulation

Pros and cons to Dating a Cancer Man

The Cancer man is one of the best at getting people to do what he wants them to do via manipulation. He’ll blow smoke up someone’s rear in order for them to believe him or buy into what he wants.

If you notice he’s kissing up to you and trying to win you over; he’s probably trying to get something from you or trying to get you to be alright with something he wants to do that you’re against.

He can sell the biggest lemon of a car to anyone. This guy thrives in jobs such as sales. He’s really good at getting people to do whatever it is he wants. Sadly, this is also a way he controls folks.

This is no different from when he’s in a relationship and tries to control his woman via manipulating her. He may suggest to her that going out with her friends isn’t good for her because of the way women talk.

He’ll be really slick about it in a way that you may not see right away. Later on you realize that he effectively talked you out of not going simply because he didn’t want you to.

You’ll start to feel resentment toward him after awhile if you don’t put a stop to it right away. If he isn’t comfortable with you have time on your own or with your girlfriends; keep doing it.

You have to show him you can do this and he can still trust you. Don’t let his pouty face or tantrums sway you from doing what you know is not only healthy but harmless.

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