Being Friends With Benefits With A Cancer Man: What To Expect?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is it possible to go from being a friends with benefits with a Cancer man to a committed relationship? Find out here...

Hello, my beautiful angels. A Cancer man friends with benefits situation can be confusing, as they tend to prioritize emotional connections and they aren’t that fond of casual arrangements.

Well, a Cancer man sending mixed signals is something I hear about often. These guys can be pretty moody, you never know what you’re going to get from one day to the next.

If you know anything about Cancer men, such as their sensitivity, emotional depth, and desire for security, you can clearly see why having a friends with benefits situation is definitely a little odd for a Cancer man. But of course, this doesn’t mean it is impossible.

Making the transition from being friends with benefits with a Cancer man to making it exclusive might take time and careful navigation, but it is certainly possible with the right approach.

Keep on reading to find out exactly how to do this…

Do Cancer Men Like Casual Relationships?

So, can a Cancer man be just friends with benefits? Well, stranger things have most certainly happened, but it’s not the most natural fit for a Cancer man. At his core, a Cancer man is looking for deep emotional connections and long-lasting security in a relationship. 

Having a casual fling can make a Cancer man feel unsettled and can go against his natural instincts. Instead, he is more likely to prefer a committed and exclusive relationship where he can establish emotional intimacy and feel secure in the connection.

A Cancer man sending mixed signals might be shown through his wanting intimacy with you, but not wanting a relationship. When he doesn’t have this security it can be difficult for him to relax and enjoy the relationship, resulting in mixed signals or confusion.

So in short, Cancer men do not like casual relationships and prefer something more long-lasting.

Being Friends With Benefits With A Cancer Man — Things To Have In Mind

Although most Cancer men enjoy long-term connections, there are definitely a couple of them who want something more casual. Especially when he has just come out of a serious relationship or is not looking for anything too intense at the moment. 

So if you want to be in a casual set-up with a Cancer man you should be clear and open about your intentions from the beginning. You don’t want to lead him on and make him believe that the friends with benefits situation can eventually lead to an exclusive relationship if that’s not what you truly want. 

Another thing to bear in mind is that even if a Cancer man agrees to a friends with benefits situation, his emotions and attachment may still develop over time. He is very emotionally sensitive and he can become attached to people easily. 

This may not last if the friends with benefits situation continues for an extended period of time, as his desire for emotional connection and security will eventually come to the surface.

It is possible to sustain, but remember that it is very important that you communicate every step of the way and check in with each other’s feelings to ensure that both parties are on the same page.

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What To Do If A Cancer Man Just Wants To Be Friends, But Not In A Relationship

If a Cancer man wants to be just friends and not in a relationship, it might be possible to make him fall for you, but it is important not to be delusional and get your hopes up too high. It is crucial to respect his boundaries and desires, you need to recognize that he might not be able to see your worth and doesn’t think that the two of you align in a romantic relationship.

Remember, this is a man who wants to build something that lasts and if he gets the feeling that you aren’t built for a long-lasting relationship, he may not pursue it. Just remember, a Cancer man may be all sensitive and emotional, but at the end of the day he is also just a man and he has physical desires and needs that he likes to indulge in. 

However, if you do want to pursue something deeper with him, then being vulnerable with the way you feel and expressing your true intentions could potentially change his perspective. He really likes emotional honesty and authenticity, and if you can show this part of yourself to him, there is a chance that he may reconsider and be open to a more exclusive relationship. 

You will just need to be patient, and understanding, and give him the space to process his feelings.

Not Just A FWB — How To Know If A Cancer Man Likes You More Than A Friend?

To determine if a Cancer man likes you more than a friend, pay attention to his actions and behavior towards you…

Does he go out of his way to spend time with you, listen to you, and support you emotionally? Does he show signs of jealousy or protectiveness when other people show interest in you? These are all indicators that he may have deeper feelings for you beyond just being friends.

Additionally, if he starts opening up to you about his personal life, dreams, and fears, it is a strong indication that he trusts you and sees you as more than just a friend. Connection is so important to a Cancer man, he wants to build those bonds of commitment and emotional intimacy. 

And if he can find someone with whom he can build a deep emotional connection, someone who understands and accepts his vulnerability, there is a higher likelihood of transitioning from friends with benefits to an exclusive relationship. 

However, it is important to remember that ultimately, the decision to pursue an exclusive relationship rests with the Cancer man himself and if he has deeper feelings for you then rest assured he is the type of guy who would make these feelings known clearly and take the necessary actions to turn your friends with benefits situation into an exclusive relationship.

Just keep this in mind, this is your life as well and you have a part to play in shaping the direction of your relationship. Don’t let it all fall onto him and make it his responsibility.

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Is Your Cancer Man (Still) Avoiding Commitment?

Does your Cancer man pull away or get quiet when you’ve just had a deep emotional connection? Does he seem to disappear just when you thought he was getting closer? Have you felt confused by his hot and cold behavior?

If so, then he might have an avoidant attachment style.

He could be Dismissive Avoidant and completely terrified of commitment… Or he could be Fearful Avoidant and REALLY want commitment, but get scared when he feels himself getting closer to you.

If he has either one of these attachment styles, you’re going to end up feeling extremely confused at times.

And both are caused by childhood trauma.

When you can see the scared little boy inside him that had to shut down his feelings if he’s dismissive avoidant… Or have a parent not provide his needs consistently if he’s fearful avoidant…

It can make it easier to have empathy and compassion for his confusing and frustrating behavior. 

But that won’t fix it.

And while advice on attachment styles can be helpful…

What you really need to stop this frustrating hot and cold cycle is to understand him better.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to TRULY understand how he ticks based on his astrology. It will stop him from pulling back when you begin feeling closer. And it will accomplish this in only 30 days.

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