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What Happens When You Ignore a Cancer Man – Brace Yourself!

How does the Cancer man behave when you ignore him? Should you ignore him at all… ever? You might be surprised to know that Cancer man reacts in a shocking way when he’s ignored. Keep reading to find out what happens when you ignore a Cancer man.

Needs Attention and Affection

The thing about the Cancer man is that he really needs to feel loved, adored, cared for, or desired. If he’s not feeling that way he starts to feel less than worthy, insecure, and unsure about himself.

He relies on his partner to provide him with a stream of attention. If he isn’t getting it he won’t react well. Think about why you would even ignore him in the first place. Is it going to be worth it to pull back from him?

Though Cancer man is quite nurturing and helps others through trials and tribulations, he can sometimes be quite selfish or narcissistic. I know that sounds odd but Cancer men are needy when it comes to personal time with his partner.

The Cancer guy sometimes pulls the hot and cold routine in which he himself may go cold or not want to talk when he’s upset or in a bad mood. The thing is, he doesn’t like it if his partner retaliates or does something similar.

He has to know that no matter what, he has you and you won’t leave him. He has to have that sense of security that you’re going to stick with him through whatever you two go through.

Even if he really ticks you off, he expects that you will still talk to him and find a way to work through it. He doesn’t like giving space but if you tell him you really need it for peace of mind, he may agree to a short term space.

The key is letting him know you need the space rather than just up and cutting him off. He will play all sorts of scenarios through his mind and start flipping out emotionally. It’s really not a pretty scene to be honest.

Revenge May Happen

What Happens When You Ignore a Cancer Man

Due to the fact that Cancer man doesn’t like being ignored, if he feels you’re doing that to him, he may retaliate by ignoring you when you feel ready to talk to him again.

If not, he may do other things to get your attention including flirting with other women in front of your face, on social media, or via text message just to ensure you know that he can move on at any time.

Cancer man takes being ignored very seriously. This isn’t something you really want to test unless you’re willing to lose him. Of course if you’re only ignoring him very short term then revenge may not be a factor.

Typically he will react this way if you’ve been holding out on him, not talking to him, or blowing him off for days or weeks. Hours is short term and not normally something that would send him off the deep end.

It’s actually better for you to just tell him you’re upset with him, why, and what you intend to do. That way if you intend on taking a week off for yourself, he knows why and what you’re doing.

The last thing you want to do is just go totally cold. He’ll definitely take that to mean that you’re done with him and will cause him to be dramatic. He’s really good at being dramatic when he’s upset.

Cheating Is Possible

This really goes along the same lines as revenge really. If he feels unloved, ignored, or unwanted; he may very well move on and have sex with someone else who has been paying attention to him.

While he may not be broken up with you, he’ll assume that since you do not want to talk to him, see him, or be anywhere near him that you want out of the relationship.

The last thing you want him to do is move on. You had better speak up and talk to him about what is happening, why you are upset, and why you feel justified in being angry or sad.

It’s better to get it out on the table because if you do not and you think ignoring him is going to get him to run back to you begging you for love, you’re wrong. He will think you are moving on and so he’ll do the same thing.

He’ll start talking to other women to get attention then once he finds one that seems to be a better partner than you, he’ll have sex with her and likely break it off with you in order to be with that person.

Breaking it Off

What Happens When You Ignore a Cancer Man

If he doesn’t break it off, he’ll keep doing things behind your back until you finally have enough and do the breaking up yourself. Either way, it started from you ignoring him thinking you’d get more of his affection.

When you want more attention or affection from your Cancer man, you need to be totally honest about it and ask him for more. You also need to be showing him the same type of emotion otherwise he’ll feel it’s one sided.

Don’t ever take a Cancer man’s loyalty and love for granted. Ignoring him makes him feel that exact thing and he won’t think twice before finding someone else who will give him what he craves.

Cancer men can be rather temperamental and emotional. It’s not a wise idea to ignore him at any point in time. Talk to him, tell him the deal, and do what you have to do but don’t ever go cold.

He’ll think the worst and he won’t want to invest any more in you. He can move on very quickly and fall in love just as quick with someone else. Unless you want to lose him, you had better open up rather than pulling back. 

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