How To Make A Cancer Man Chase You (7 Unique Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you weak in the knees for a sweet and sexy Cancer, but you don't know how to get a Cancer man to chase you? Keep reading and find out.

Are you hoping to attract the attention of a Cancer man? Is it just you chasing him at the moment? Would you like to know how to make a Cancer man chase you instead? You’re in luck because I can help!

It’s not really that difficult to get a Cancer man to run after you. He’s one who will gladly go after the woman of his interest. If you’re dating a Cancer man, you must know he is a sensitive man who loves to share his heart with the world.

Does a Cancer man like to be chased? He can be rather particular when it comes to love, and he will certainly choose his lifetime partner. His needs are specific, as are his desires in life.

Keep reading for some awesome tips on how to get a Cancer man to chase you in a short time.

Does A Cancer Man Like To Chase Or To Be Chased?

There are no real rules here. Cancer is flexible and not one that is dead set on who chases who. It’s true he’s an excellent pursuer if he’s in love. He may like a good chase from a sexy woman though.

While it’s nice to think it’s a protocol to wait for the Cancer man to make the first move and ask for the first date, sometimes they are just so super shy that they are terrified to ask you out.

Sometimes he wants to mull it over and think about what he wants, how he’d like to proceed, and if his heart is really ready to love or be loved. Cancer man wants to feel secure and this is why he is hesitant to chase.

There are the rare Cancer guys that don’t mind being chased after, but you’ll have to try the traditional route first so that you don’t burn the bridge you’re on with him in trying to get closer.

If he responds well to your advances, then perhaps he’s okay with you being the pursuer. However, if you’re one of those women who want to be wooed, you’re going to need patience.

How To Make A Cancer Man Chase You

1. Be Loving And Caring

Cancer men are typically very sweet and sensitive themselves. When you are sweet to him, he will find it very hard to resist. You can find out his favorite treats or drinks and sneak them to him somehow.

It’s really simple, ladies. A Cancer man is looking for a partner, wife, and mother for his future children if he doesn’t already have any. He wants family life in a desperate way unless he’s immature and not ready.

When the Cancer man is ready, though, he wants a lady who will be an amazing partner to him as well as a wonderful wife. He wants to see that you’re going to be a wonderful and nurturing person in his life.

Cancer himself is nurturing, and he’d prefer a partner who will give as well as he gives. Taking good care of him will result in him desiring to take good care of his partner as well.

So when you’re trying to lure in a Cancer man and get him to chase you, you’ve got to show him how amazing and sweet you are. He’ll find it very hard to resist if he can at all.

Remember, honey lures a man in faster than anything else. This is especially true when it comes to the likes of the Cancer man. He’s tender, and he seeks someone just as gentle-natured as he is.

2. Ask Him For Help

If you are wondering what makes a Cancer man chase you, please note that this water Zodiac sign is a sucker for a damsel in distress. I’m not saying you should continue to do this all the time, though.

In the beginning, when you want to get his attention and get him to come to you, ask him for his help. This could be anything from helping you with your car, giving you a ride, or asking him for advice.

No matter what it is, give him a call and ask him if he can help you out. He’s willing to be a help to you because that’s what he does as a man and as a very strong humanitarian.

Naturally, he expects you to learn from whatever it is he does for you because he wants you to be independent a little bit too. He wants to help a woman who can help herself.

If he teaches you how to change a tire on your car, pay attention! Next time, he’ll want you to do it on your own, or he’ll be there to observe and make sure that you’re doing it right.

Feel free to tell him that you don’t know if you know all the steps and would feel safer if he came and offered moral support and tips should the need arise for you. He’ll be more than happy to be there for you.

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3. Prepare A Nice Meal 

Remember how I mentioned that a Cancer man likes to be taken care of? If you want a Cancer man to chase you, you’re going to have to go all out. Cook some amazing meals, and invite him over.

If you aren’t that great at cooking, you could get a recipe, practice, and then invite him over once you make it super tasty. Cancer men LOVE a woman who can cook. That’s one of those family ingredients.

He knows if you can cook excellent food for him then you’ll be a tremendous wife and perhaps mother to his future children. This makes him comfortable and makes him see that you’re someone he’s looking for in his life.

In the case that you really don’t do well with cooking, you can find out what sweets he likes and perhaps bake him something he’ll find irresistible. You can make an appetizer if you order pizza or you can make dessert.

There are always ways around this. You can even order in. Just be sure you find out what type of food or sweets he likes so that you know how to appeal to him. Giving him what he really likes will make him want to be around you more.

4. Make Sure You Look Sexy And Classy

Naturally, if you’re going to be where he’s at or show up where you know he’ll be, you’re going to want to appeal to his senses. Make sure you wear a scent that is pleasing, such as Vanilla perfume, or perhaps an earthy scent like sandalwood.

Wear something that is very classy yet sexy. Wearing a long skirt with a high slit on the side while revealing some thigh-high stockings will drive him wild! He’ll use his imagination, which is what you want him to do.

You want to give him a taste and leave him wanting more. When you dress sexy but classy, he gets the message that you’re the type of woman who appears to be timeless yet won’t reveal herself until he’s closer to you.

The mystery of what you’re wearing combined with your scent will absolutely make him want to get closer to you, talk to you, and find out who you are. The man sees a woman’s form as something he can appreciate.

He’s the classic sort of guy who will gravitate toward a woman with curves because his male instincts tell him that she’ll be good for breeding with. He’ll also look for a gentle demeanor, humor, witty remarks, and intelligence.

He’s looking for the woman with the full package, so you’ve essentially got to show him what assets you’ve got so that he’s drawn in and wants to come to chase you down. Give it a shot and see what happens!

5. Flirt With Him A Lot

At the start, the Cancer man wants to feel as though he is controlling his own life, so he’ll want to do things his way. The first thing that needs to happen is to let the Cancer man know you’re interested in him.

You’ll need to flirt with him and touch his hand, shoulder, or arm, as physical contact will allow a sort of emotional osmosis to occur. This means that he’ll empathetically FEEL your desire for him.

You can compliment him and show your adoration for him with words. He’ll find it sweet and endearing. He’s always receptive to this type of attention. If he’s into YOU, he will return the favor.

You’re going to want to take it somewhat slow with the Cancer man because he’s not going to be in any hurry to dive right into a relationship, and if he does, he may regret it later.

Letting your Cancer guy figure out the pace he wants to go at will help you get closer to him in the proper way. If you try to chase after him, he may find you too aggressive and want to back off a bit.

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6. Make Him Feel Wanted

Before a Cancer man starts the chase, he will want to be sure that he has a chance with you. This is why it’s so important for you to let him know you’re into him. You may not be used to doing this, but it’ll be worth it if you do.

He will not want to take any risk with someone unless he’s somewhat sure that she’s not going to turn him down or back away from him. He wants to invest his time and energy only in someone who is into him.

Flirting with him and letting him know you’d like to get to know him better will make him feel a bit more secure and will give him the courage he needs to step up and start making plans to spend time with you.

As far as text messaging, you can just be sweet and friendly to him. You can employ the same tactics as in my other article on how to make a Cancer man miss you <<

7. Ask Him Out 

You can simply ask him out for coffee or dessert. Do something that is harmless, done in public, and isn’t going to feel like pressure of any sort. This way, you can talk, get to know each other and flirt.

If he decides from there that he really does want to keep it going, he’ll likely get your number or ask you out again. He may not do it quickly, so don’t get discouraged.

Just remember, there are no real rules here. Cancer is flexible and not one that is dead set on who chases who. It’s true that he’s an excellent pursuer if he’s in love. He may like a good chase from a sexy woman, though.

Think about it for a minute. If you’re accustomed to men chasing after you and then this amazing Cancer guy comes along only to be too shy to take a leap of faith, will you turn him away?

If you truly care for this Cancer guy, then you may consider getting out of your comfort zone and taking charge of your love life. He may not mind one bit that you’re taking initiative. He may appreciate it.

Will Ignoring A Cancer Man Make Him Chase You?

Cancer man doesn’t like being ignored, so this strategy of ignoring him to get him to chase you won’t work on him. He will not even realize you are playing hard to get with him. He will believe that it is hard to win you over, so he won’t even bother.

Instead, talk to each other about important things. Make him feel like he’s in control because if there’s chaos in a situation, Cancer will stay away from it at all costs.

Once you have his mind, you will also gain his heart, but a much better strategy is to let him know how you feel about him, and this will get him to chase you. Ignoring a Cancer man could backfire, and he may then ignore you back, and the outcome will not be positive.

How To Get A Cancer Man To Chase You Over Text

Be sure that you’re sending an occasional text asking him how he’s doing. Ask him about his job or anything else that you know is going on in his life. It shows that you care.

You can still flirt once he’s talking back to you. That way, it brightens up any conversation you’re having with him.

Sending him things such as “Have a great day!” or “Have an awesome week” makes him feel pretty darn good as well. He knows you are thinking of him, which is what he wants.

Adding flirtation to that can be something like, “Have a great day, handsome” or “Hope this week goes well, sexy.”

It just brings out the feelings you have for him without pushing too hard. He’ll love it, see it for what it is, and most likely message you back with something sweet.

Just be connected to him and his life. He wants someone who cares about what is going on for him and in his world. Caring is essential for the Cancer man’s texting process.

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  1. I really love your advice and it seems so accurate but most of your advice is geared for people who are dating younger. I’m way beyond child bearing years and not quite sure I would marry again lol . Just curious of how an older Cancer man thinks 🤨Like I said most of what you say him being sensitive caring etc are very accurate What do u think about an older 52 yr old Cancer whose x wife cheated and abused him…. He’s very guarded obviously and me being a Leo who loves attention and affection can sometimes get frustrated !!

    1. Dear Jeanne,

      It may be a little difficult for a Cancer man to really have the power strong enough for you, but stranger things have happened. In fact, he might actually be just what you need. He can give you all the love and attention you have ever desired.It might take some time to get used to each other and the way you both relay what you are feeling or thinking, but the two of you are intuitive and intelligent enough to figure it out. Your styles are really different, but this is just something you need to learn to adapt to. He needs to recover from his past experiences and this is a process so you need to have a lot of patience. Sending Love!

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