How to Please a Cancer Man Sexually – Is It Too Much for You?

Keep reading for some really interesting information on what type of lover he is and how to please a Cancer man sexually.

Are you dating a Cancer man who is ready to be intimate with you but you’re not sure what it might be like and if you can please him? Keep reading for some really interesting information on what type of lover he is and how to please a Cancer man sexually. Maybe you can figure out if you can keep up or if he’s too much.

From The Start

If you’ve already had at least a little intimacy with your Cancer guy (kissing, hugging, cuddling) then you understand how gentle, sweet, and tender he is when he’s with you.

He has a calm demeanor and is rather relaxed. Even when he’s turned on he takes an easy going approach. He doesn’t want to hurt you or make you feel bad for any reason so he’s pretty cautious.

Cancer man wants to give you pleasure and if that means waiting to be sexual then so be it. Then when you are ready to take the plunge in the bedroom, he wants to be soft and romantic. He wants to make it a night you will remember.

This is especially true if he’s considering you to be his life partner. He wants to make sure that you get all you can and want so that you’ll be satisfied with him for many years ahead.

The first time may make him come off a shy and inexperienced. Rest assured, he is probably experienced and knows what he’s doing. He’s just shy with you because it’s the beginning and that’s always a little awkward for everyone.

He’ll get past it though because he wants you to feel comfortable with him. He’ll be tender, maybe make some sweet jokes, and will caress you ever so slightly so that you understand he will be gentle.

Unless he knows directly what you want, he will take things slowly to try to figure out what your body wants and how you react to his touches and kisses. This is a romantic process for both of you. Enjoy it!

Desires, Secrets, and Fetishes

How to Please a Cancer Man Sexually

Cancer men love to have the very best and they love pleasure in all forms. This is what makes them want to buy the very best, eat the very best, and to have a beautiful woman that he can make love to often.

It’s also true that Cancer men can have a tendency to give way to addictions of all kinds. It doesn’t mean they will do it but they are prone. They have addictive personalities which can get them into trouble if they aren’t careful.

A fetish can be classified under and addictions when it comes to things that help him get off sexually. This can be anything like porn, certain sexy outfits the woman wears, thigh high stockings, or certain positions that he prefers.

It could be that he prefers to have sex with the light on always so he can see his partner. He may also like to have sex in front of mirrors because he’s a bit of a voyeur. He may want to watch his partner masturbate in front of him.

There are a variety of things that the Cancer man may prefer. He’s also not turned off by the thought of a threesome or group sex either if his partner agrees to it or suggests it. He will never make his partner do what isn’t comfortable for her though.

You don’t have to worry about him doing these things if he’s not with you. He will be loyal but he will always have it in his mind what it would be like and you may catch him looking at pornography from time to time to fulfill his desire.

It doesn’t mean he has to be addicted to it. It just may mean that he has needs and unless you’re going to dive into it with him then you’ll have to accept that he needs to look at it in another form so he feels fulfilled.

He may not open up to you about his desires and secrets right out of the gate. This is something that comes with time and experience with you. He has to have a certain level of comfort before he’ll open up about this sort of thing.

The more open you are about your own desires, secrets, and fetishes, the more he may be cozy with telling you what his are. In fact if there are things that you ordinarily wouldn’t tell someone, it’s alright to tell him.

He’s not ever going to make you feel bad or ashamed of what you like. He will be more likely turned on but even if he isn’t, he won’t give you any crap about what you like because it’s who you are. He understands this.

Passionate, Unpredictability, and Generous

Some men don’t like to reciprocate when their partner is being generous with them. Cancer men are absolutely more than happy to be just as generous with you are you are with him. He wants you to have pleasure.

Whatever he has to do to make that happen; he will go above and beyond for you. He wants you to feel the most ecstasy possible with him. After all, if you’re mean to be his life partner, he wants to make sure you’re happy with him.

When you’re with him, give him all your passion, don’t be afraid to open up, and definitely be experimental with him. He’ll appreciate having a variety of ways to make love or be kinky.

Being open to him will only make your sex life become something really amazing that you’ll be thrilled with. Don’t be afraid to tell him what you want, how you want it, and when you want it.

The more sex you two have, the closer he’ll feel to you and the better connection you’ll have. He ties his emotions to the sex he has with his partner. The love and the sex is intense and gratifying.

If you want to better understand how to please a Cancer man sexually, and to make some wild moments in bedroom, click here and find out everything you need to know about your special Cancer guy.

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