Cancer Man Horoscope For November 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly November horoscope for your Cancer man. Things to know about your Cancer man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to this hot off-the-press review of the planetary energies for November that will be affecting your Cancer Man.

Please join me as we dial into the secrets of the cosmic energy and understand the potentials, possible pitfalls, dilemmas and opportunities that exist in your relationship with Cancer Guy.

As always, the predictions this month are full of positive empowering advice that will take you on your relationship journey with more confidence. Now November is the month of Thanksgiving and it’s rather appropriate that we have Venus in Libra and Mercury in Sagittarius as both these placements encourage cooperation, a broad-minded attitude, and gratitude.

This is a good time for me to remind you that in a short while the yearly guides for each male star sign will be coming out, so do look out for Cancer Man in 2024, which contains the most detailed yearly analysis you will find anywhere plus excellent monthly breakdowns of all the categories that will be most useful to you, no matter what stage of the relationship you are at with Cancer Man.

Now it doesn’t matter how your relationship is go going because with a positive attitude, we can always take things forward and that’s why we should get going.

Mercury enters Sagittarius – 11th November

It’s very important right now for you to stand your ground with him, he can be a little bit anal and critical that’s why it’s important for you to cultivate a strong sense of self-esteem and not be too reliant on him for appreciation or compliments. He tends to be a little bit detached and this may be a busy month for him at work, so it’s important to manage your time and health wisely.

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th November

I’m rather excited about this particular New Moon placement because it certainly stimulates romance, passion and creativity in terms of making your relationship that much more satisfying on an intimate and affectionate level

The New Moon is a great time for initiating, so this is your moment to seek opportunities to expand your social life with Cancer Man, to have date nights or to do activities that you feel replenish your zest for life. This is a time to embrace the youthful spirit and to nourish the inner child within both of you, so it’s definitely a time when spontaneity should be the order of the day, you should be more inclined to reward yourselves celebrate, and have fun.

New romantic relationships with Cancer Man, or getting back together after a short separation is favored. So this is the best New Moon for romantic activities, dating and getting closer and experiencing joy together.

Sun Conjunct Mars in Scorpio – 18th November

This is a very powerful transit which releases a lot of energy, but the problem is both of these planets can be a little bit egotistical, so one of the issues you may counter with Cancer Man, and this applies to whether you are dating or married, is that he can be a little bit touchy and quick to react to rather small things, therefore it’s very important to judge his mood, to use your intuition and to probably steer clear of any issues that are likely to cause offence.

If you’ve had your eye on Cancer Man, this is a time when it’s highly likely that he is going to make his move, he’s very proactive in terms of romance, he’s more likely to ask you out or to ask you to go steady (if that’s the term people use these days) or to suggest a new direction for the relationship.

He’s also very adventurous, so this is definitely a time to understand his need for excitement and to challenge himself which is a very big thing for Cancer Man. If you are married to Cancer Man, definitely pounce on this opportunity to increase the level of affection, to plan to do exciting new things and just makes sure that life is not dull or boring, get yourselves stimulated, start a new activity or be the ring leaders in your social circle who plan group events or getaways.

Mars enters Sagittarius – 25th November

Mars’ entry into Sagittarius is indicative of a busy time within his work, he will tend to be more engaged in his efforts to reach targets and make his mark on the world.

This is a time when relationships may be slightly less of a priority because he is very busy at work, but you know Cancer Man likes to work hard and play hard, he is stimulated by the work environment, so it’s important to encourage him and allow him to do what he needs to do to hit his targets.

This can also be a great time for those of you who enjoy sports training and improving stamina, so whether you are married or recently dating, developing a fitness goal together and hitting the gym hard can be an activity that helps bring you together, but remember that key right now is being a supportive and encouraging partner, but not being a pushover.

Remember, he needs a little bit of tough love and that makes him feel secure and needed, so always give straightforward advice, but was as with always with Cancer, be diplomatic.

Themes of the Month

This is certainly a month where you can experience greater emotional depth in your relationship with Cancer Man, the emphasis on his fourth and fifth house indicates that he is more emotional and likely to be looking for enhanced affection and feedback from you as a partner.

Family life is very important to him and he likes to get wrapped up in the people closest to him, to renew and strengthen those bonds. This is actually a good time for his relationships, particularly with women, and therefore this fosters better understanding of your feelings as a woman and your needs, so it’s a great time for you to express some of the things that may usually go on the back burner.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the 27th of November this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for writing and communication or social media goals. Exams and study are favored along with business travel and development.
It’s a great time for retreats, group therapy or holistic health. Meditation and mindfulness or spiritual growth.

Avoid: Not a good time for totally new activities or strenuous physical exercise.

New financial or investment plans are not successful. Not good for major purchases or outlays.

New sexual relationships are not favored. Not a good time to borrow money on try to fundraise.

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Week 1 – Talk of the Town

This is a magnificent week for new friendships and for social life, if you guys are dating it’s highly likely that he’ll be getting many invites and he may be taking you along to concerts, or it could also be work or networking events. So this is certainly a time when you guys should be the talk of the town.

This is also time of great confidence for Cancer Man, he’s more eager to see the world as his oyster, to want to explore and do new things. So if you’ve been going out for a while, or you are married, it’s a wonderful time for introducing new friends, different elements to your relationship and just being more ambitious about what you can achieve as a couple.

This is also a wonderful time to start thinking about the hopes and dreams you have for your future, whether it’s the ideal home or the children you want, and to allow yourself to get a little bit carried away. We all need to dream and right now it’s important to be able to dream and think Big in relationships.

One important note is to be slightly careful of the people who come into your life right now, take them for what they are and enjoy the moment, but some of the friends and acquaintances you make now may not be keepers, they may play a role and move on. So understand who’s really your cup of tea and who isn’t.

Definitely be cautious financially, this is a time when he’s inclined to think big, so hold back on any big purchases, it’s probably not a good idea to make any huge expenditure.

Week 2 – Bohemian Rhapsody plays for love

This is a week when Cancer Man can behave quite out of character, he’s impatient, he’s very individualistic and he can be quite arrogant. This is not always the best time to enter discussions or negotiate with him as he tends to have a very short fuse and he can be quite irritable.

You need to be rather tolerant and open-minded to handle him right now. However if you are a particularly edgy, creative person, he quite enjoys being inspired by anything that’s a little bit bohemian.

Thus, if you are dating Cancer Man and you feel that you may not really be his “ideal’ or usual type of woman, that should be no barrier because this is a brilliant time for unorthodox relationships like age gap, cross-cultural etc because these are relationships which supercharging his interest.

Week 3 – His wild side

This is actually a perfect week for a bit of downtime, there may be less pressure regarding his career and he may be able to take a break a few days off, or take his foot off the gas. So this is an ideal time for taking a road trip, small break away or just having a fairly chilled evening where you can afford to have that extra glass of wine.

This is a week when you have to, as a couple, be a little bit careful of cash flow. Just be cautious that you’re not spending above your means, because he’s in rather an impulsive mood and doesn’t always think things through.

This is still a phase when Cancer Man is uncharacteristically risk loving, he’s inclined to jump into things without thinking. Now if you are a fairly adventurous person, this is brilliant and it will suit you down to the ground, but if you are married or seriously committed to Cancer Man and you feel there a lot of other responsibilities that are priorities, this emerging wild side could be something you need to reign in, or at least talk to him about.

Just keep an eye on what he’s up to, because he’s just a tad irresponsible right now, and probably less inclined to be a good listener or to follow through with promises.

Week 4 – Tender is the Night

Now for all the star signs, this week karma is significant and there needs to be a re-evaluation of what’s gone before. It’s also a time when any excess has to be reigned in. So for everyone, this is a slightly more sober minded sensible time, it’s almost like the Monday morning after the heavy weekend.

For Cancer Man, this is the time when it’s important for him to get organized, try and eat well and get more rest. So what’s great for you to do as a partner is simply to encourage some healthy and holistic habits. So while this was a very hectic and social month, now is the time for some evening walks, early nights and possibly taking advantage of the Thanksgiving Break or the cooler weather to have a few cozy nights in.

In terms of long term love, remember this week to finish what you have started and close up loose ends.

This is certainly a week where romance is possible, but it should be enjoyed in quiet private moments which are delicately tender. Remember to support him and encourage him, sometimes he’s in need of a little bit of reassurance as he’s feeling slightly more vulnerable this week.

Summing Up

So this is a super month for brand new romances, for reigniting romance and for improving your social life together.

It’s also a month of spontaneity and surprises and it’s certainly an opportunity for Cancer Man to express himself, explore his wild side and do things spontaneously, however remember there’s also a slightly more emotional side, so he’s not always a secure as he seems.

Even though he’s pretty ambitious, this should be rewarding and enjoyable month when there’s a good blend of fun, but also progress in terms of greater meaningfulness in your relationship.

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    1. Dear J,
      If he isn’t into you but doesn’t see a future with you, then he’ll have sex with you, get you hooked, then he’ll cut you out and won’t reach out to you for a long time. Once you feel you can move on, he comes back and wants to dive right back into bed.
      Naturally, he’ll keep you on that line so that he can call you up and see if you’re up for it. Be very careful if you hear from him after a while of not hearing from him. He probably already has another woman on the side. He’s juggling and trying to figure out which one he wants to possibly commit to.

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