Cancer Man Horoscope For December 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
December 2023 horoscope for your Cancer man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2023! How is December going to treat your Cancer man?

Hello sweethearts, and a warm welcome to the December horoscope for a Cancer man. It’s a festive season, of course, and a lot of people are in the mood to kick back, relax, and party.

This is also a time of year when the focus falls on relationships simply because we are spending more time with our partner and our expectations seem to be a little bit higher as the lights twinkle, the fire glows, and the most magical time of year beckons.

If you are single, you could feel lonely; however, it’s also a wonderful time to meet new people, so it’s amazing right now to summon the powers of the mistletoe, hang it up figuratively, and cast a magical spell that will bring good cheer, spicy aromas, and cozy affection into your lives this December period.

This is an excellent December for love, care, and affection. As a couple, it’s a great month to be involved with activities that involve crowds, hanging out with strangers, and being with a more eclectic bunch of people.

Keep reading for a Cancer man December horoscope:

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Cancer Man this December…

Mercury enters Capricorn On December 2nd, 2023

Good relationships feel more alive right now; there’s more sharing, you’re both more inclined to speak your mind, and this is an excellent time for clearing the air and for doing positive, proactive things together.

This is a fabulous time for those of you who enjoy the outdoors and being physically active because you can enjoy doing sports as a team or with your friends, and this also helps you bond.

Venus enters Scorpio On December 5th, 2023

This can definitely be an exciting time in your relationship with Cancer Man, as Venus in Scorpio will oppose Jupiter and Uranus, although if not handled correctly, it can be quite contentious. A Cancer guy tends to be quite amorous, and he’s eager to re-engage sexually as his sensual side comes to the fore.

Now, a Cancer man can be a big old teddy bear, but he certainly enjoys getting the creative juices flowing in the bedroom too, so this is an excellent time to spice up your sex life.

It can be a good idea to go on a date night involving vigorous activities like sports or dancing, or go to see a movie that really gets the adrenaline pumping, because he has quite a high need for excitement and stimulation, and cozy candlelit dinners really won’t do it.

It’s time to find something to get excited about as a couple and allow that to bring you together and reignite the spark.

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On December 13th, Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn

With Mercury retrograde, things this month can get quite hectic and intense, so the more organized you are and the more you both understand each other’s work agenda or expectations of one another, the easier it is to stay away from the tricky territory of bickering and arguing.

Work-life balance is absolutely essential to love. The more you consider your work-life balance and make an effort to get enough sleep and to eat nutritious, clean foods, the more you can work on reducing your stress level, and this feeds into a better relationship simply because you can be more mindful and less distracted.

New Moon in Sagittarius On December 13th, 2023

His natural sense of determination is enhanced this New Moon phase, and he’s got an enormous appetite to get things done. He’s inspired to initiate projects that are long-term, intimidating, or quite intense, and he will aim to improve or reform his attitudes toward work, money, or the people that he works with.

He’s more aware of power and control issues and possibly office politics, so he’s likely to be more strategic and careful about how he goes about things. A Cancer man has far less interest in pursuing goals that are superficial or trivial. Often, his desire and intensity will be hard to contain, and thus he’s easily set off by criticism, and he can get quite angry when people stand in his way.

He will not give up; however, when thwarted, he simply recalibrates and comes back in a different way. If he has felt worn down or stressed out, things are going to get better.

This is an excellent time for healing and recuperation, but he should not neglect the power of his own mind because optimism and positive thinking are vital to improvements in his overall health and well-being.

Remind him to be very aware of negative energy, whether it’s coming from thought patterns or from situations in his life, and encourage him to address that and tackle that toxic energy.

Themes for a Cancer Man this December

It’s time for you both to stop self-censoring. If you feel that you’re walking on eggshells with each other, now it’s time to ask why and to reassess where the fun has been lost in the relationship. Is it because you are both too controlled and careful about what you say? It’s time to be a little bit of the bullet, to call it as you both see it, and to be able to say what’s on each other’s minds.

Boundaries are very important because he needs to know that one can love someone without being tied to their philosophical or psychological state, so he needs to set himself free from the limits, boundaries, preconceptions, and even negativity that is simply unnecessary. He doesn’t need to take on this baggage himself; he must be free to develop new attitudes and perspectives that can take him forward.

Magic Motto: “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” Mahatma Gandhi

Magic Text: “As long as we have our love, the next steps will always be revealed.”


The new moon phase extends from the 12th of December to the 26th of December. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective, and being proactive.

Health and fitness goals are favored. Recruitment, staff training, or skills training are successful. A good period for working with animals and in medical businesses.

Property matters are favored, as are family events. It’s a good waxing phase for hospitality and catering business ventures.

Meditation and mindfulness goals are successful. This is a good time for getaways.


Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 13th, indicating that marriages and engagements are not ideal at this time. Legal matters and negotiation or mediation are not favored.

During this time, he has been very careful with communication in a relationship, as there are more likely to be misunderstandings and problems.

This is not a good time to issue legal proceedings or get involved in new business negotiations.

December 2023 Horoscope for a Cancer Man

Week 1: Boiling Frog

With Venus square Pluto, you guys must recognize where your relationship has become stuck in emotional dynamics or patterns that are no longer really working.

If you are in a committed love relationship with a Cancer guy, for this relationship to continue successfully, you guys must tweak a few things and not allow it to just drift along, so it may be time to broach more challenging subjects and jump the relationship to a new level. It could be time to discuss how you guys can both get more satisfaction from the relationship, sexually or emotionally.

If a new relationship is holding either of you back or rubbing salt into old wounds, it’s best to step away and reassess. Some emotional perspective can be helpful in your relationship, so don’t be a frog in boiling water; jump out before it’s too late.

Week 2: Ideals and Expectations

The more he acknowledges challenges or obstacles and begins to sort through them with determination, the more his own inner peace and security increase,  and this draws strength into the relationship.

Anything that distracts from key priorities must be sidelined, as you guys rid yourselves of inessential elements in your personal lives.

This is a week of redefining or getting better clarity on financial arrangements. Reading fine print or getting more information from a trusted source.

The key in romance and in new romance is managing expectations. Sometimes he can become incredibly idealistic, he can get carried away with himself, and he could ignore certain practical problems and realities that have to be grappled with. So it’s important for him to enjoy the excitement the month offers while still keeping his feet on the ground.

Week 3: Show Don’t Tell

It’s important not to let words get in the way; too much conversation can actually overcomplicate things. Couples who enjoy meditation or share a faith are stronger this month than relationships that rely heavily on logic and debate.

This is a month for being together in a relaxed, mindful way without overthinking your relationship. A Cancer man is very intense this month, and he can get overwrought, so he must have a space of calm in his relationship.

It’s important for you guys to be physically affectionate and emotionally responsive, as it’s easy for him to feel isolated or lonely, and so he craves an emotionally reassuring presence from you. You don’t have to articulate this; show, don’t tell.

His level of trust is fragile, but this is usually because of his own paranoia. The key to understanding is that he just isn’t thinking clearly. That’s why you have to be extremely straightforward with him; you almost have to be overly transparent because his mind tends to run or riot.

One positive way to use this energy is via the fantasy element, as what he really likes now is a little bit of roll-pay, dressing up, and doing things in the bedroom that are a little bit adventurous.

So it should still be something that’s tender and romantic, but it should help him to express parts of his personality that are a little bit more theatrical and kooky. So encourage him to express that rather eccentric Cancer side and let him know you love that side of him.

Week 4: Seeds of Love

He can sometimes seem oblivious to the concerns of those around him, but he’s simply focusing on things in a different way, and he doesn’t always communicate that properly. He can be an effective leader in family matters as long as he’s diplomatic, not dogmatic, as that just stirs up animosity.

This week there are ups and downs, and it’s important for him to understand that not all is lost. This week is about recognizing what’s not working but also not overlooking what is still salvageable and what has survived or been learned.

It’s important for him to recognize new seeds of hope and growth and how he can nurture them.


It’s a time when he needs to incorporate more of his instinctual reactions and bring them into balance with his more patient, conservative side. The Cancer man likes to take his time, likes to be sure, and doesn’t like to rush in, but there’s a certain part of him this December that wants to be more adventurous, more outrageous, and to live life in a more spontaneous way.

This month, the manner in which you both cope with stressful situations can be made or broken. If you allow yourselves to get heated, overtired, and flustered, then the relationship can feel quite chaotic and unfulfilling, and you can be at odds constantly.

However, if you guys both make an effort to take a step back, find a place of calm, and then deal with things in a reasonable way, things can proceed smoothly. Be careful, as Cancer Guy can, at times this month, be a little tender or paranoid. He’s more likely to be worried about things and highly strung, so you need to reassure him and let him find a safe space of love, acceptance, and tolerance in the relationship.

Now this is an ideal time for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to thank you for all your support throughout the year. I hope you have enjoyed these guides, and I would like to remind you all that our exciting 2024 guides for your Cancer man and for yourself (the 2024 women’s series) are ready to go along with the audio podcasts, so please keep checking back on the website.

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