Cancer Man & Sagittarius Woman: A Crash Course

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you a Sagittarius woman who’s struggling to understand if the Cancer guy you’ve got your eye on feels you, too? Read on to see what Astrology has to say about this union!

Are you a Sagittarius woman who’s struggling to understand if the Cancer guy you’ve got your eye on feels you, too? Or whether you two might be a great match?

Read on to see what Astrology has to say about this union!

Attraction Between a Cancer Man and a Sagittarius Woman

When the Cancer man meets the Sagittarius woman, he’ll most likely notice she has an air of adventure and excitement. She is confident in herself and her life experiences. This is a turn-on to the Cancer man.

While he’s certainly attracted to her sexually, the Sagittarius woman’s worldly allure is what truly draws a Cancer man in. He’s never been with someone like her before.

She has a pull he can’t explain.

These two do not often have much in the way of shared interests, so their attraction seems counterintuitive. However, there are things that can change the scenario.

If the Sagittarius woman has a rising sign or Moon in a water sign such as Scorpio or Pisces, then she and the Cancer man can connect well emotionally. Water signs love other water signs. 

In the beginning, they will enjoy the rare and thrilling connection they have. These two may dive into bed fairly quickly. 

Do They Have Anything in Common?

Naturally, there are at least a few things that they have in common. One thing they likely share is a love of talking. 

Both of them love to chat about anything and everything. Nothing is off-limits between these two as far as that goes.

They’re both very intellectual, so they may discuss things like literature, poetry, or politics. Again, they really enjoy chatting. Even if they don’t end up together as a couple, they’ll have fun being friends.

Something else they may have between them is their beliefs and core values. 

They are both typically humanitarians and have a love for helping others. This couple may easily want to do volunteer work together. 

Again, their Moon signs or rising signs could help them to find more in common or less. It’s important to find out those things in order to know whether there is hope or if it’s a no go.

Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman Problems

Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman Problems

Unfortunately, the Sun signs of Cancer and Sagittarius tend to have many issues together. This is why they normally aren’t attracted to one another.  When they are, they have to work through a lot. 

One of the biggest issues between these two is a lack of trust. Cancer men and Sagittarius women can both be rather secretive. The Cancer man likes to hide his business, and the Sagittarius woman just doesn’t think she needs to bring things up.

These two may notice that the other is being too tight-lipped. This will cause suspicion and the breakdown of trust. You know that if you cannot trust your partner, it’s not going to last.

The next issue they would face would be their lack of being on the same page with their emotions. They rarely understand each other on an emotional level. Cancer is far more emotional than Sagittarius. 

The Sagittarius woman tends to be a bit more cool and aloof. A Cancer man will get upset or angry, and he’ll bottle his hurt up by crawling back into his shell. These two will likely be at odds quite often.

As I mentioned earlier, a lack of shared interests may make it hard for them to find things that they can enjoy together. Getting out in nature and near the water or around animals might be one thing they really dig.

Lastly, the sexual relationship is at risk of being unfulfilling. Again, though, if the Sagittarius woman has a water sign as her Moon, this could change things a bit in their favor.

A Sagittarius woman is able to disconnect her feelings from sex and just enjoy having fun with it. The Cancer man sees sex more as a way of connecting on a soul level. 

All too often, they aren’t on the same page in the bedroom at all and like very different things. Sagittarius loves quantity and excitement. Cancer wants quality with lots of love and deep expression. 

Can It Work Between a Cancer Man and a Sagittarius Woman?

I hate to say it, but most likely these two are not going to get together, and if they do, it’s likely they won’t last. However, if they have other signs in their chart that are ideal for the two of them, it could work.

The emotional Moon sign will be the determining factor for this possible couple.

Otherwise, the Sun signs do not mesh well and aren’t likely to find a way to make it last. They will both get frustrated early on, in all likelihood. 

Neither will want to do the work it takes to stay together. 

I won’t say it’s impossible, though. Nothing is.

It’s always up to the individuals whether or not they will commit to their relationship. They may be strong enough and love each other enough to fight for it. 

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Final Thoughts

This is a rough union. While they may be very attracted to each other in the beginning, the Cancer man and the Sagittarius woman aren’t an ideal mix. They can bring out the worst in each other, and trust is very difficult.

Two people who do not trust each other and cannot communicate how they feel deep inside are not likely to push for a long-lasting relationship. In fact, they’re more likely to cut their losses.

If you are a Sagittarius woman interested in a Cancer man, do your research! Find out what his Moon sign is because it’s going to determine whether or not this union has a chance. 

If you have a water sign, then you may have a much better chance with a Cancer man than you would otherwise. These are crucial things for you to know when you tangle with a Cancer guy.

Try not to rush. Take your time and really get to know him so that you don’t dive into a mistake.

Did you know that the super delicious actor Chris Pratt is a Cancer man? Wowzer! Talk about gorgeous and alluring. He’s got it! 

Are you a Sagittarius woman that made it work with a Cancer man? How did you do it? Please tell me about it! Share your story (or questions) with our community in the comment section below. It’s anonymous!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe!

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