Cancer Man Best Match for Marriage – What’s the Case with Your Sign?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Which signs are best for a Cancer man to marry? Read on to see where your sign falls and what it means in regards to Cancer man best match for marriage.

Which signs are best for a Cancer man to marry? Is your sign one of the ones who would match beautifully with him or is your sign one that will require lots of work in order for things to line up well enough to last? Keep reading to see where your sign falls and what it means in regards to Cancer Man’s best match for marriage.

The Very Best Marriage Options for Cancer Man

Cancer Man Best Match for Marriage

One of the signs that would line up very well for a Cancer man to feel successfully in love with leading to marriage is Virgo Woman. The Virgo woman knows what she wants and doesn’t give herself away to just anyone.

She tends to be very serious once she finally does decide to be with someone. Once Cancer man shows her that she can be comfortable and confident in him, she’ll open up to him.

She’ll commit to him and then from thereon out, they will love each other, be loyal, and proceed to building a life together including marriage and having children together. This is a loving couple who tend to be truthful with each other.

Another phenomenal match for the Cancer man is the Taurus woman. She’s stable, she’s truthful, she’s solid, and she’s a bit of a homebody typically. Even if she’s active, she will settle down and spend more time at home.

This is right up the Cancer man’s alley since he’s trying to find a lifetime partnership that will bear him fruits (marriage and children). He’s looking for a happy ending when he gets together with Taurus woman. She’s what he needs.

Pisces woman is another loving match for the Cancer man. She’s a water sign just as he is and so they will tend to jive very well together personality wise. Both can be secretive but they feel able to trust each other and are likely to open up.

They will trust each other easily and will understand each other on a deep emotional level which brings about a connection that is able to stand the test of time not to mention make for incredibly nurturing parents with creativity.

Scorpio woman is also an electric connection. The only thing this couple may have trouble with is trying to pair up their life values. Otherwise they are a near perfect match in bed, with emotions, with activities, and intellect.

They are quite a lasting union should they decide to take their relationship to the highest level. They truly have the recipe for a happy union that lasts.

Finally, the Cancer woman is yet another woman that would or could fit the Cancer man. They’re so much alike that there isn’t too much that they wouldn’t agree on. They “get” each other on levels that no one else can.

However, they can emotionally go in different directions at times which can make things confusing. They’d have to learn to adapt and work through their issues but again, they’d be amazing as a married couple and even better as parents.

Signs That Can Work But Need Help

Cancer Man Best Match for Marriage

The Cancer man could possibly work with a few other ladies provided their able to work through issues that may arise between them. One of the signs that have the capability to love with Cancer man is Leo woman.

She’s brilliant, witty, beautiful, and someone that Cancer man would treasure. She would need some personal space and time from him in order to do the things she loves if he’s not willing to go out with her.

She’s a free soul that loves lots of attention. Cancer man can provide her with plenty of attention but he may lack trust in her when she’s away from him. If she can settle down, they would make a great family and have beautiful children.

Another sign that could work well for Cancer man would be Capricorn woman. She’s a family person just like he is and so they’d agree that family is important. They may not agree on how to raise the kids but they could find common ground.

Capricorn woman is very loving once she finds the man she can trust in and rely on which could be the Cancer guy, though when she’s cold toward him, he could have a wandering eye that would be a potential problem.

Then there is the Sagittarius woman. This will only work if she’s ready to settle down. If she is then the Cancer man may be a great fit. She will also need to be sure she’s ready for the family type of lifestyle.

Some Sagittarius women don’t particularly feel the need to have children. This could be a conflict. She’s also free spirited and may not want to sacrifice this about herself to make Cancer man feel happy and secure. This would take work.

Finally, the Aquarius woman may be workable for the Cancer man but she may be too stern in her ways. The love could be there between them but they will definitely have to learn how to communicate.

Aquarius woman could hurt the Cancer man’s feelings quite easily and so it’s important that they learn to open up to one another if they want to make it happen and to make it last. They’d be great parents as a team.

Not Likely Matches but Not Impossible

Cancer Man Best Match for Marriage

Last but not least are the 3 signs that aren’t the best match ups for Cancer. I never say never and so there is always hope. It just depends on how much two people love each other and are willing to sacrifice in order to make it last.

The last three that aren’t the best are Aries woman, Gemini woman, and Libra woman. These women are beautiful which attracts Cancer man. However, upon talking to any of the three he realizes some things.

Aries woman may be too strong of a personality for sensitive Cancer. Gemini woman may be too free spirited and slow moving for Cancer, and the Libra lady may be too indecisive and not compatible.

Don’t worry about where you see your sign in this whole list. Trust in the love you have for your Cancer man and go with what you know to be true between you. There is always hope until there isn’t.

If you want to better understand what’s Cancer man best match for marriage, and how you can become the only one for him, click here and learn all about your special Cancer guy.

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