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7 Reasons Why Cancer Men Stay Committed (And Interested)

Compassionate, romantic, nurturing, and protective — all words I would use to describe the Cancer man. 

As a sensitive water sign, the Cancer man is devoted to love. He finds great pleasure in being committed and building a joyous life for him and his family. 

But what does it take to keep these crabby men happy? 

As a partner, how do you help the Cancer man stay committed and interested in a relationship? 

Over the years as a Relationship Astrologer, I’ve found that there are a few common characteristics to keep the Cancer man content. 

I’ve shared seven essential ways that I’ve learned to keep the Cancer man committed and interested in this article. 

Keep reading to find out all seven!

7 Reasons Why Cancer Men Stay Committed (And Interested)

1. Give Him Lots Of Attention

Cancer Man Seeks Attention

When it comes to making sure the Cancer man stays committed and interested in a relationship, it’s imperative that the Cancer man feels wanted. 

In order for him to open his heart and find the relationship fulfilling, the Cancer man needs to feel like his needs are being attended to. He needs to know that you will cater to his needs the way he so willingly does to yours. 

As the ruler of the fourth house, which represents the family and the home, the Cancer man is naturally a family man and caretaker. He enjoys nurturing the woman he loves. 

If you’re looking for the best ways to give the Cancer man attention, try cuddling with him, cooking for him, rubbing his back — anything that gives off “maternal” vibes that reminds him of his mom. 

This isn’t to say that Cancer men like to be babied, it just means that they like the feeling of being taken care of. They enjoy feeling comforted by the woman they love. 

2. Keep It Real

As sensitive as these water-ruled men are, you cannot lie to an intuitive Cancer man. Before you even get your lie out, he would have picked up on the change of tone in your voice. 

One of the most important ways to keep the Cancer man committed in your partnership is to always keep it real and honest. The Cancer man isn’t comfortable around those he can’t trust. 

If you want to win over a Cancer man, you need him to be comfortable. He has to trust you so he can open up. 

3. Respect His Feelings

Cancer Man Fully Committed

Ruled by the Moon, which represents emotions and the inner self, the Cancer man is one of the Zodiac’s most emotional men. 

In a relationship, the Cancer man can sometimes come across distant or emotionally detached because he’s afraid of being vulnerable to love. 

However, you can overcome the Cancer man’s hesitation to commitment by respecting his feelings. 

If he’s in a bad mood, listen to him. If he’s sad, be there for him. If he’s happy, be happy with him. Show the Cancer man through supporting his feelings that you’re there for him. 

4. Give Him Space

As much as the Cancer man loves attention and quality time together, he needs his alone time to process his complex emotions too. 

If he doesn’t get his alone time, you’ll see why Cancer men are represented by the pinching Crab…

Known for his dramatic mood swings, the Cancer man enjoys quiet time to sleep, meditate, eat, and just do his own thing. And he finds it sexy when you do your own thing too. 

As a partner, the Cancer man finds it attractive when a woman can give him space, while still being right there when he needs her. It’s one of the best (and easiest) ways to make sure this loving man sticks around!

5. Be Loyal

Cancer Man Commited And Interested

If you want to make sure the Cancer man stays on your team, you’ve got to be loyal. 

Cheating is a definite deal breaker for the delicate Cancer man. His tender emotions cannot take that kind of deceit. 

In relationships, Cancer men can be jealous or insecure, but this is usually due to lack of attention or personal issues. 

To make sure the Cancer man knows that your eyes and heart are only for him, be consistent. Only start habits that you intend to keep, so he can grow to trust you. 

For example, don’t start sending him a good morning text every day when you first start dating, unless you plan to do it for the entire relationship. 

Although a good morning text may seem frivolous to you, that daily affirmation of loyalty is everything to the Cancer man. 

Whether he tells you or not, he looks forward to receiving it every morning. Think of it as a daily reminder of your commitment — a gesture of your exclusivity to him. 

6. Inspire Him

As the sister sign of ambitious and career-oriented Capricorn, the Cancer man is notorious for switching out his apron for a freshly pressed tailored suit. 

Very much like his sister sign Capricorn, the Cancer man loves a woman that is independent and successful; a woman that can hold her own. 

Although the Cancer man likes to take care of others, he doesn’t want a woman who depends solely on him.

If you want to keep the Cancer man around, you’ll need to be an inspiration to him. Encourage him to be his best self in and outside the relationship. 

For example, be a supportive ear in matters of his career and profession, help him achieve his financial and wellness goals, travel the world, and look for new ways to dream!

7. Have Fun!

the Cancer man wants to commit - Couple having fun

Lastly, the Cancer man wants to commit to someone who is outgoing and fun. He wants someone who can lighten one of his random mood swings without fuss. 

As a sensual water sign, the Cancer man enjoys a good restaurant, beach day, shopping trip, and family vacation. 

The Cancer man enjoys anything that includes good food, games, and family time. 

If you can make the Cancer man laugh on a consistent basis, and you blend well with his family, you may have met your perfect match. 

The Cancer man will always be loyal to those he considers his family. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know seven ways to keep the Cancer man committed and interested, how will you make sure that your relationship with the Cancer man withstands?

Will you focus on giving him more attention, being a source of motivation, building trust, making space for personal time, or getting to know his family? 

Let me know in the comments! 

And now that you know more about your Cancer guy, find out if you two are the perfect match! Try my free compatibility quiz here.

Wishing you the best on your relationship journey. 

Your sister and friend,  

Anna Kovach 

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