How To Make A Cancer Man Miss You And Yearn For Your Touch

What to do to get your Cancer to notice when you’re not around and to want you to be with him? Keep reading to find out how to make a Cancer man miss you.

What do you do to get your Cancer guy to notice when you’re not around or to even want you to be with him? The truth is, Cancer guys love being close so it’s not too hard to make this guy miss you unless he’s not that into you. Keep reading to find out how to make a Cancer man miss you.

While Away, Play…Play… Play

What do I mean by this? It’s simple. Have fun while you’re not with your Cancer guy. You can text him, send him a selfie with your friends, or give him a call. Let him know that you’re having a blast.

The one clause you need to pay attention to, however, is NOT to take a picture with guys to send to him. This will make him jealous and not in a good way. It will make him think you’re disrespecting him and it will backfire.

While you’re out with your girls or your family though, have a blast. He will love that you’re having a good time but it will also make him wish he was there with you.

It’s likely he’ll then ask you when he can see you next. His response will be one of him being glad you’re having a grand time and he cannot wait to hear more about it when you two meet up or talk again.

See how well that works? Most men don’t like clingy women or women who cannot thrive without then being attached at the hip. Cancer man actually likes being very close.

However, he’ll also be able to appreciate having a little bit (not too much) time apart to still be individuals and thus coming back home to each other to share the excitement.

Daily Goodness

how to make a cancer man miss you

While you’re dating your Cancer man or getting to know him, be playful. Talking to each other about your day is absolutely normal. Ask him how his day is going. He’ll think it’s sweet and thoughtful.

If you’ve been dating awhile it’s probably already part of your routine. Sharing how your day went will make him feel good and know that you’re still into him. Naturally, if there is a disruption or he isn’t returning texts, you may alter this.

When a Cancer man suddenly goes cold or isn’t responding very quickly to your texts, you may try to go silent for a day or two. It gives you both space and allows him to wonder why you’ve not reached out.

Even if he isn’t responding, he’s likely reading them. So if something is up or he’s second-guessing things, you not texting him first will make him take notice which will get his curiosity flowing.

If things are going well though, there is no need to disrupt the rhythm. Keep it going and be happy. Let him know you care and allow him to do the same for you. This will make your Cancer man appreciate you.

Giving Him Goodies

If you’re giving him your goods, make sure that you’re giving it your all. The two of you need to have the best sex possible. He wants to please you and if he doesn’t then something may not be right with him.

Cancer man typically wants his woman to feel like she’s the only one, special, and fulfilled. If he acts any other way then he is not the typical Cancer. Either that or he perhaps isn’t as into you as you had hoped.

It’s normal for a Cancer man to think lovingly about the woman he beds well. He’ll miss her and want to be with her again as soon as possible. When you text him, you can bring up something you did last that he liked.

You can also tempt him by explaining to him what you’ll do with him next time you two are together. He’ll eat it up. Don’t be vulgar about it though. Be sexy and romantically sweet. He doesn’t see sex as smut, he sees it as an emotional connection.

Try to keep your sex fairly regular. He’s a very physical type of guy and so he’ll appreciate a woman who can keep up with him. Keeping him satisfied will keep you satisfied as well.

Always Look Your Best

how to make a cancer man miss you

I’m not saying you have to dress up every single time you’re going to see him. Just make sure that your hair is combed or neat, perhaps a little makeup, and wearing tidy clothing.

Of course, when you do dress up for him, he loves it! He loves seeing his woman wearing the very best she can. It turns him on and gives him a sense of pride for being able to be with you.

Ultimately he feels that if you went through the effort to make yourself look absolutely amazing just for him, it makes him feel special. This will make him always look forward to seeing you again.

It will also make him miss you and wonder when he’ll be able to see your beautiful face again. He secretly wants to be adored so be sure that when you do see him, you compliment him on his looks as well.

Making him feel useful or loved will make him feel more loving and wonderful toward you.

The Truth about Cancer Man

When a Cancer man is really into a woman or falling in love with her, he will not be able to get her out of his mind and will have NO trouble missing her. Cancer man becomes very attached to the woman he cares for.

He will want to talk to her often, text her often, and want to be near her. It’s very rare to be with a Cancer man who doesn’t miss you. If he doesn’t then either he’s not into you or there is something not right with him.

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