Cancer Man Pisces Woman Sextrology: Take Time for this Class!

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Keep reading to learn all you can about the Cancer man and Pisces woman Sextrology to find out if these two can create some heat together.

What is the intimate match up when it comes to the Cancer man and Pisces woman? Are they a hot match or do they fall short in the chemistry department? Keep reading to learn all you can about the Cancer man and Pisces woman Sextrology to find out if these two can create some heat together.

1. What Attracts Cancer Man and Pisces Woman Together?

These two are both water signs which make it easy for them to understand each other on a deep emotional level. They are naturally physically drawn to each other as well because both are undeniably appealing.

Both are dreamy and romantic so they are like magnets with each other when it comes right down to it. Pisces woman will find the Cancer man to be sexy, sincere, sweet, and loving.

The Cancer man will find the Pisces woman to be good-natured, imaginative, creative, and sweet. So this is where the two hit it off and when they get to talking, they realize they have lots in common and can form a strong bond.

There are lots of things these two can share together that allows them to become very close and probably in a very short period of time. While they sound almost story book perfect, they do have some flaws they would need working on.

Naturally, this is only something they would need to work at if they want to be a couple. If all they are is sexual friends then those things would probably not play a very big factor.

However, these two would definitely have a love that could stand the test of time if they decided to have more than just sex together. They may find that they have the capacity to form a Soulmate relationship. It’s all in what they want.

I will give you more of an explanation of how these two work, where their problems would be if they decide to have more than just sex, and what their sex is most likely going to be like.

2. Relationship Pluses

If the Cancer man and Pisces woman decide to give an actual relationship a chance, they would definitely do very well. They likely have activities and interests in common that makes it easy to spend time together.

They’ll have enough in common that boredom won’t become an issue. They also seem to be able to open up to each other very freely when it comes to their emotions. They know how to effectively discuss how they feel.

The two are typically on the same page and if they aren’t, they are actually understanding of each other’s mood swings and temperaments. They really are fantastic together when they decide to be a couple.

Both are the romantic type and it helps them to have the best time together when they are spending time alone. They have no trouble talking about anything under the sun and they have an impressive shared intellect.

This couple has the capacity to stay up all night talking about various things because boredom just doesn’t exist with them. Never a dull moment and lots of love is what this union brings.

The stars definitely indicate that this couple is one that can make it if they want it and they don’t have to work too hard either. They have a natural connection that should flow smoothly.

Cancer Man Pisces Woman Lying In Bed

3. Sexual Connection Astrologically

With both being water signs, they tend to “flow” very well together. They know how to please each other and also connect on a very spiritual level. Both are seeking out “the one” so when they come together, they feel they’ve found it.

Even if all they are doing is having sex, they feel a profound closeness that feels very satisfying. There is no lack of romance and seduction with these two. They are emotionally tied together as well.

I’d be shocked if these two had sex and didn’t decide to be in a full blown relationship out of it because honestly, they are fantastic with each other on most levels.

Cancer man will compliment his Pisces match and make her feel like she’s on top of the world. The Pisces woman will share her fantasies with the Cancer man knowing that she can trust him.

Both will discuss creative endeavors they’ve had in the bedroom or want to have and it will stimulate some physical tenderness. Having romantic get-togethers or interludes will please both of them.

These two will absolutely find a way to melt together when they’re intimate. Not a stale moment to be had between these two whether it’s short term or for the long haul. They truly feel each other’s energy and enjoy the sexual pleasure.

Their bodies will exude their spiritual and emotional connection even if they don’t know each other well. Their spirit seems to know exactly what should happen and they roll with it. This may very well be a transcendent experience.

4. Where They Don’t See Eye to Eye

The Cancer man and Pisces woman may have different ideas when it comes to life’s values. They may not agree on how to do very fundamental things in their lives. However, it’s not something they cannot overcome.

They fit so well in most other ways that they can surely find middle ground here. This may be the area of their life that would make or break any potential relationship that they can or will have.

If they’re just having a fling then this is a moot point. However, if they do decide after sex to explore other possibilities, they will need to really talk things out. Since they’re excellent at sharing their thoughts and emotions, they can work it out.

The Cancer man and Pisces man sexual relationship is way up there on the rating scale. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d easily give them a 9. They’re fantastic together and have great potential for so much more if they choose to have an adventure together.

Are you a Pisces woman with experience with a Cancer man? Tell me all about it!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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2 thoughts on “Cancer Man Pisces Woman Sextrology: Take Time for this Class!

  1. Hi,

    I’m a Pisces woman involved with a a Cancer male at the moment for nearly 8 months now. I can say what you’re saying is true. It fits perfectly. Intimacy is the best I have ever had, and so says he. It’s magical and when we are together, it feels as if we become one. As if we are soul connected. We share more than just that though. However, Cancerians (especially the male) tend to confuse me. They can be difficult to understand and to deal with sometimes. Hard to figure out. Especially when they are in one of their famous moods. I just hope we can make it last. I love this man. I love cancers despite the emotional rollercoasters and their crabby selfs.

    1. Hi PiscesWoman!

      Two water signs together a beautiful watery harmony. You two understand each other and connect on levels others cannot understand. Yes, Cancer men are a bit moody. You absolutely have the tools to make it last. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

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