The Worst Part About Dating A Cancer Man

written by Anna Kovach
Cancer men are some of the most divisive in the Zodiac when it comes to attraction… many women love that they are sensitive to their needs and have all the time in the world for loving and caring for those around them. On the flip side, it’s not all roses and butterflies with Cancers. Keep on reading for an inside look into the worst parts about dating a Cancer man!

Cancer men are some of the most divisive in the Zodiac when it comes to attraction… many women love that they are sensitive to their needs and have all the time in the world for loving and caring for those around them. 

On the flip side, it’s not all roses and butterflies with Cancers. There are some deep-seated needs that Cancers have that can drive some more extroverted signs up a wall! 

As a Relationship Astrologer, I’ve seen these traits play out with Cancers time and time again, and it really frustrates the partners of the Cancer men. 

What are these traits? Keep on reading for an inside look into the psyche of a Cancer… grab a flashlight, things are about to get dark! 

They’re Passive Aggressive

Cancer Man Passive Aggressive

A Cancer man is ruled by the Moon, and this makes them comforting, loving, and introverted people overall. They have such a calming nature that it makes those close to them feel completely relaxed in their presence. 

As a side effect of being such loving, non-confrontational people, they tend to fall into traps of passive aggressiveness. They tend to hold everything that they are feeling inside until they’re bursting at the seams… geez dude, get a journal! 

All of that negative energy has got to come out some way… and it may come in the form of subtle jabs every once in a while, talking about you to others rather than directly, and keeping score on things in their heads without expressing what they’re thinking. 

This can be more than a little frustrating! Watching someone you love not be comfortable expressing themselves to you is hurtful… Cancers often don’t even know that what they’re doing is wrong! 

They’re Hard To Get Close To

Woman Finding It Hard To Get Close To A Cancer Man

Cancer men have some issues with intimacy in many cases. This is ironic because Cancers are the sign of the Zodiac that is capable of being the most intimate. Paradoxical and enigmatic? Sounds like a water sign to me! 

The reason why is that water signs are so easily hurt. They take things personally and the energy that they pick up can be really hurtful to them if it is negative.

As a result, they’ve built up a hard shell against the outside world. It can be difficult for even their partners to see the real them. It isn’t that they’re being subversive… it’s just a defense mechanism. 

It’s still hurtful to try your best and still not have them open up to you. It takes them a long time to feel safe around others, so what I can suggest is that you do your best to do anything that put them on the defense. 

With time, love, and warmth, you may just melt the ice around their hearts!

They Have A Poker Face

Cancer Man Poker Face

Cancers are symbolized by the crab because of their ocean dwelling nature. Living far beneath the waves, crabs stay solidly hidden in the depths of the ocean and beneath their own armor. 

Cancers aren’t much different! They are able to hide everything underneath their own surface. Of all the signs, I personally find Cancers to be the hardest to read. 

This could be so that they make the most subtle impression possible. They may feel that if they go unnoticed, then no one will mind them enough to hurt them. 

Despite this, it’s no fun to feel that they can’t express their true emotions to you. Luckily, with enough time it gets easier to pick up on the elusive hints they give. 

They Know What You’re Thinking

Knowing what a Cancer is thinking is nearly impossible but they can read you like a book. They are people watchers by nature, highly attuned to their environment. 

All of this noticing gives them a sixth sense for knowing what’s on the mind of other people. They may not let you know that they know, but when they do, it’s eerily accurate. 

Having a mind reader around is stressful if you yourself have some things you’d like to keep on the DL… Cancers, you really don’t need to be in our business like that!

When you start to remember that Cancer is associated with mothers, you start to understand why this is a potential problem… remember when your mom just KNEW you had done something wrong??

They’re Sensitive

This is the ultimate downfall for many more outgoing signs that have trouble self-monitoring. Cancers are traditionally quite easy to put out. 

Cancers get into epic moods that feel like life or death to them. They are emotionally volatile to say the least. 

Consider the fact that they’re ruled by the Moon. The Moon is the most changeable body in the sky, constantly moving, constantly showing different parts of herself to us on Earth. 

This is like the nature of the Cancerian Moods. They can feel everything in one day, and this is just normal to them. Happy, sad, and everything in between is on the Cancerian menu. 

This can make those around them feel as if they’re walking on eggshells to keep the Cancer appeased! It’s a hard spot that those around the Cancer find themselves in when a Cancer cannot control their moods. 

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Bringing It All Together

Cancer men are great for a few reasons… they make wonderful family men and they’ll keep you feeling heard, comfortable, and loved at all times. Not to mention giving some excellent snuggles. 

Despite this, they’re more than a little closed off to outside influence due to their fear of being harmed by those around them. Being ruled by the Moon, they are quite comfortable in the land of subtlety and unexpressed emotion. 

At their worst, they don’t talk about their emotions and so they become passive-aggressive as a result, challenging the relationships with everyone around them. 

Now, this isn’t all there is to a Cancer. As I’ve mentioned, they have some stellar qualities! But I do believe in being solidly informed before getting too far into a relationship in case this crab’s pincers are a little too sharp!

Are you dating a Cancer man? Have you noticed any of the qualities I have mentioned above? I got to know what you’ve experienced so please tell me down below in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the Luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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My name is Anna Kovach, and I’m a Relationship Astrologer. Welcome to my blog about the Cancer man. If you’d like, you can learn more about me on this page here.

2 thoughts on “The Worst Part About Dating A Cancer Man

  1. I’ve been seeing a “cancer” man for well over a year on & off, I dare say more off than on.
    I can identify with some of what you have described!
    He is an enigma!
    On one hand he can be moody, temperamental, mean spirited, & demanding but on the other a caring, loving father, son, brother, & yes, friend!! I see all of these qualities & those are what keep me answering a random text after he’s gotten mad about something and will just block communication, then apologize or behave as if nothing happened!!
    Knowing him has been walking on eggshells, every day different, sometimes every hour! He’s hard to read, and hard to know.
    I can see he has been hurt, he’s very insecure bur behaves as though he oozes confidence!
    It has been an uphill battle and it seems as soon as he begins to open up just a little he finds any reason to shut back down and stop all communication!!
    I’m intrigued yet tired of the one step forward, two steps back!
    He is by far the most difficult man I’ve ever known while being the most difficult to forget you knew!

    1. Hi Tina!

      Goodness. Yes, you’ve basically hit the nail on the head with your examples. Now you’ve got to figure out if this is something that will continue to be acceptable or if you’re done with it and will leave him be. That part is your decision and only you can know when you’ve had enough. Until then you’ll keep trying to talk to him and trying to get him to be reasonable. You can only prove your security and loyalty for so long before you get really tired. It’s up you sweetheart. Take him or leave him. Counseling can work if you can get him to go but if he’s one to quickly shy away then he may not agree to that.

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