7 Things to Talk to a Cancer Man About When You’re on a Date

Dates are scary! And there’s nothing worse than an awkward silence, right? This is where Astrology can be your best friend. The Cancer man has some juicy subjects he adores! Here’s what to talk to him about when you’re out on a date: 

We can all do with a bit of help when we go out on a nail-biting date! Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth with the same guy, the nerves can be real! 

Astrology has the answers to your anxiety. In my experience as a relationship astrologer, knowing beforehand what to talk about (and what’s a no-no) is like having a superpower! And I can pass that superpower on to you so that you don’t have to be uncomfortable in an awkward moment. 

Cancer men have their moods, so it’s not always easy to tell what he will be okay with talking about from one night to the next. Sometimes he can close up like a clam, and others, he lets his feeling flow freely. 

If he shows signs of clamming up, never push him. Simply and smoothly, move on to one of the other subjects! It’s as easy as that. Reading his moods is often more important than the topic of conversation

When he sees that you’re sensitive to his feelings, he’ll go gaga for you and will open up about anything under the sun. 

This is when you can bring up any of his favorite topics. Let’s take a look at what they are.

7 Things to Talk to a Cancer Man About When You’re on a Date

1. His Family—Especially His Mom!

Family is everything to a Cancer man. And most often, this specifically applies to his beloved mom. He may have love/hate relationship with her, but whatever it is, it’s intense. He will usually do anything for her, and she is the queen of his world!

You’ll have to be okay with sharing the throne. In fact, you can embrace it—which he will adore you for. The next time you’re on a date and want to know what makes him tick, and what’s defined him, ask him about his mother

He loves to talk about her and his father as well as his siblings—who he also loves and hates. The Cancer man never has a wishy-washy relationship with his family. 

This is a topic that never runs dry, and no matter how many dates you go on, he will always be keen to share his family stories! 

Best of all, get him to show you family pictures. This will have him practically eating out of your hand! 

2. His Feelings

Talking With A Cancer Man About Emotions

Cancer is a sign that’s ruled by the Moon. The Moon rules emotions, and hence, these are the most sensitive men in the Zodiac

If you’re out on a date, notice his emotional cues. Does he have his arms folded? Does he seem “crabby” or grumpy? Or is he open and in a wacky, crazy mood? 

Show your empathy by letting him know, subtly, that you have picked up on how he’s feeling. 

If you’re unsure, just ask him how he’s feeling today and if he’s had a good week. He’s just waiting for someone to show him the same care that he shows everyone else!

When he sees that you’re intuitive, he’ll also see you care about him enough to read him—and that will get him talking!

3. His Favorite Memories

Oh, how a Cancer man loves to remember! He has the most colorful way of re-telling stories from the past, and his imagination is second to none! 

Take a walk down memory lane with your Cancer guy. Question him about his favorite childhood memory, and share yours. 

Ask him if he recalls specific products, music, toys, activities, or other quirky things from the past and have a laugh about how things have changed. 

The past has to be a Cancer man’s ultimate favorite topic besides his family. He’ll be thrilled to bond with you over nostalgia, and you may be surprised to find shared memories. This is a winner! 

4. His Kids (If He Has Them)

Let’s face it—most of us are divorced with kids these days, and that doesn’t make it any easier to get back into the dating game, does it? 

Cancer men are family men and amazing fathers. They’re nurturing and usually very protective of their children. So, when you show an interest in his kids, he will just love it

If he doesn’t have kids, then don’t be shy to ask him if he wants them one day. This is one guy that doesn’t get cold feet when talking babies

He may have plenty of furry babies, which he will probably adore to death, so you can also get chatting about your animals and their special quirks. 

5. Places He’s Traveled To

Talking With A Cancer Man

As much as Cancer is the home-loving sign, they also often love to travel extensively or have even settled down in another country at some point. 

Cancers carry home with them, and they have to “feel” the place they want put down roots in. 

Ask him about his top places he has traveled to. Share your own places that you love. Once he gets going, you’ll see him practically light up with joy. 

This will also trigger his other favorite topic—memories! Its’ a double-win! 

Don’t forget to ask him about where he still wants to go. That should create some excitement for the future! 

6. His Hometown

Even though he’s probably traveled plenty, a Cancer man will always have a very fond attachment to his hometown.

He will love to tell you about the place he grew up, and his imagination will help you feel as if you were right there with him! 

He’ll also love hearing about where you grew up, and this can be a real point of bonding for the two of you. 

You may discover that your favorite things about the places you’ve lived match up—and nothing accelerates a bond like the idea that you could easily build a life together.

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7. Your Family

A Cancer man will want to know all about your family, too! What your mom is like, if you’re closer to her or your dad, and whether you have siblings. 

He will love hearing about how you grew up, your hurts, wounds, and joys, and he’ll happily share his with you, too. 

When the two of you are committed, your family becomes his, and he’ll happily bend over backwards to make sure that everyone gets along. He’ll be your greatest supporter and will probably become close with your parents.

Now you have plenty to chat about with a Cancer man when you’re out on a date! In general, as you can see, he’s one who’s willing to open up about his past, so that’s almost always a good bet.

You may have to spread this over quite a few dates, seeing as there’s just so much to get through! No moments of awkward silence for the two of you, though, that’s for sure.

Do you have any great subjects that you like to talk about with your Cancer man on a date? You can never have too much help, right, ladies? Share your story here and lend a hand to other women who may benefit from your story. I also love hearing from you—and you will stay totally anonymous! 

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Your friend and relationship astrologer,

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