How to Attract a Cancer Man Sexually – What You Can Do to Appeal to Him

When you’re kissing him on the cheek or touching his hands, it all counts. Keep reading and fing out how to attract a Cancer man sexually.

Are you trying to get the attention of a sexy Cancer man? Perhaps you’re trying to get your Cancer guy to kick things up a notch and draw him into your bedroom. However you’re trying to get him into the sack; here are some tips to help you.

Load Him Up with Lovins!

Cancer men find it hard to resist a woman who is very attentive and caring with him. He loves attention, feedback, compliments, and adoration. When you’re kissing him on the cheek, touching his hands, or looking in his eyes, it all counts.

He’ll take note of this and understand that you actually care for him. This in itself is a huge turn on for him. All he wants is to be loved and cared for by a woman that can also make him feel secure.

The more affectionate you are; the more he gets the point of what you may want with him. Trying to get closer to him in bed will require some classy but sexy moves from you.

Next time you’re going to spend some time with him; wear something a little sexier than you normally would wear. Don’t look trashy but look as though you’re the naughty professor about to school him. Get my meaning?

You can put your hair up but make it so that it’s all too easy to pull that ponytail holder out to let your gorgeous locks touch your shoulders. Wear some thigh highs and a skirt with a slit in it. He’ll be in heaven!

Keep it Cool and Collected

How to Attract a Cancer Man Sexually

As hot as it may get when you’re making out with your Cancer guy; don’t try to push too hard or become overzealous. He isn’t one for a woman who is really aggressive in her approach.

Hinting or leading is one thing but if you’re trying to jam your tongue down his throat and grabbing his crotch; he’s likely going to think you’re out of your mind or only want him for sex.

He wants to feel romanced, loved, and cared for. He associates sex with love and adoration. Once he feels that chemistry and connection with you; things could be a bit more heated and HE will start turning it up.

That means he’ll take the lead and proceed to get kinky. Let him try his way and don’t forget to compliment him. If it’s not all of what you want; next time you can say “let’s try this and see how this works”. He’ll gladly do it for you.

As long as you tell him he’s amazing, he’s sexy, and you cannot wait; he’ll be all too thrilled to bend over backwards pleasing you. Let him take the lead though when you’re making love for the first time.

Be Very Sweet and Understanding

Before a Cancer man will let his inner “kinky” side out; he’s going to want to make sure he can trust the woman he’s with. This requires you to be very sweet and gentle with him.

Allow him to romance you and heck; romance him too! Wear sexy clothing, lingerie, light candles, and plan the evening out if he hasn’t already. Cook him dinner in high heels and thigh highs.

Seriously; being sexy, cooking for him, and making the place smell warm and inviting; he’ll be done for. I mean that in a very good way; of course. It’s all about the charm and effort you put in that will make him want you.

When he wants to take it slow; don’t try to rush him. He may not be willing to have sex with you’re up for it. It’s for his own good and for yours ultimately. Don’t try to convince him that he should go against his beliefs.

Allowing him to hold back and wait a little longer will make him respect you more and will make the sex that much more exciting. Get him prepped by flirting with him and telling him things you’d like to do.

Talking dirty (not trashy) will make him think about you and wonder what it’s going to be like. Exciting his mind will make him excite his own libido. Before you know it; he’ll have you bent over and asking for more.

Always Be Generous!

How to Attract a Cancer Man Sexually

Cancer man himself is very generous in bed as he wants his lady to experience the most pleasure possible. It makes him feel he’s done his job as a man. That being the case; you should always be generous with him as well.

Don’t be stingy with your sexuality. Don’t make him do all the work then not give him a bit of a treat. You should always offer some type of pleasure for him during foreplay.

If he does oral on you; do it on him back! If he’s not into receiving it; you can maybe try your hand or do something that will bring him great pleasure. You can actually ask him what he likes if you need to.

Your time and efforts will not go unnoticed. He will give it back to you and then some. Cancer man is one of the men of the Zodiac that pride themselves on how well they can take care of their lady.

He’s also a sought out lover. If you can pick up on the energy he gives off sexually; other women can too and trust me; if you don’t give to him generously; he can get it somewhere else.

Keep him in YOUR bed and make sure he’s well pleased. He’ll show you the best lover you’ve ever had. It may also be a good idea to get to know all you can about the Cancer man.

He can be moody sometimes but he’s also very loving, tender, and warm. Click here to keep reading more about the Cancer man and who he really is. It may help you get a better idea of if he’s who you want.

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