7 Things You Should Know When Dating A Divorced Cancer Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating a divorced Cancer man? If you have the knowledge of Astrology behind you, dating a divorced Cancer man can be a wonderful experience.

Are you dating a divorced Cancer man? Well, falling in love with a divorced Cancer man feels like a risk. But it can also bring so much joy and the benefit of experience.

The thing is—so many people have been married before, and it doesn’t have to be disheartening. If you have the knowledge of Astrology behind you, dating a divorced man can be a wonderful experience.

What I’ve learned in my time as a relationship astrologer is that many people find the greatest success the second time they try to make a forever commitment. They know what they want—and what they don’t want. They’ve experienced so many things to bring forward into new relationships.

Cancer men can be particularly regretful about the past. They often carry complicated emotions about their exes, even when their ex was toxic. He is such an emotional being that his heart is easily cracked open!

It’s important to proceed gently, with understanding and patience. This is especially true if the Cancer man has children. The mother of his children will always, in some ways, be sacred to him.

Yes, an ex-wife can seem like a hard act to follow, and it may feel intimidating at times. However, a Cancer man is one of the most loving, empathetic, and caring partners. It makes it all worth it, and all it takes is a bit of time and tenderness.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when dating a divorced Cancer man:

How Do Cancer Men Handle Divorce?

Will he become emotional and inactive or will he move on quickly? When a Cancer man is faced with the end of a marriage, he may react in one of two ways.

He may either become withdrawn and moody, isolating himself from the outside world in an attempt to shield himself from further suffering. Or he may move on quickly, ruthlessly cutting off all contact with his ex in an attempt to forget the pain.

Ruled by Moon, sensitive and loving Cancer man is undoubtedly governed by emotions, and this can certainly be seen when it comes to breakup or divorce.

While they might try to put their best efforts to appear strong and move on fast, the truth is that Cancer men often struggle with letting go emotionally.

The end of the marriage can be heartbreaking for Cancer men, and they may find themselves reflecting on what went wrong for weeks or even months afterwards.

Does A Cancer Man Move On Quickly After A Divorce?

Cancer man and marriage go hand in hand, but Cancer men can step into a new romantic partnership shortly after a divorce. They can’t stand being alone and may require a relationship to feel secure.

Don’t be surprised if a Cancer man jumps into a new relationship right away after a divorce because this sign is known for entering relationships just for a rebound.

However, there are those who are sentimental and have a hard time letting go of the past. They are living in memories and may be challenged to accept the reality of the divorce. They need to protect themselves and their emotions by distancing from those around them. 

Their previous experience can make them quite insecure when it comes to love and make them unwilling to trust again. Cancer men are very scared of getting hurt and that they might experience failure once again. 

7 Things You Should Know When Dating A Divorced Cancer Man

Before even thinking about dating a divorced cancer man, you should understand what is the current status of the divorce process. Is he going through a divorce right now? How long has the process been going on?

Knowing where the divorce stands, and where he stands in the divorce, tells you just how committed he is to a potential relationship with you, and whether or not you should be serious about the relationship.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when dating a divorced Cancer man:

1. He May Always Love His Ex

This is perhaps the hardest thing to accept about dating a divorced Cancer man. He may always love his ex. It could seem as if he can never let go. He may even remember her with rose-tinted glasses. 

Yet at the same time, he will have a lot of hidden aggression towards her, too. There will have been issues, obviously, that led to their breakup, and as you get to know him, you’ll soon see that things weren’t nearly as perfect as he sometimes makes them out to be. 

You’ll have to accept that he’s the type to hold on and try not to lose your sense of security because of it. At the end of the day, it dissolved for a reason, and he’s with you now. Gently remind him if it’s getting to you, and he’ll fall over himself to make it up to you. 

2. He Has A Lot Of Unresolved Issues

Even if the marriage ended years ago, this man is likely to have quite a few unresolved issues around his past relationship. 

Some Cancer men deal with this proactively, by going to therapy and processing their complex feelings. Some simply hold onto the problems and fret over them. You can help by being available to talk to—but only if you can handle it. You need to be quite secure and strong in yourself to hold his problems. 

However, if he finds an empathic ear in you, he’ll confide all his secrets and grief and slowly begin to heal from the past. 

3. He’s A Believer In True Love

Despite hanging on to what has past, Cancer men really do believe in true love. He’s an incurable romantic, and he wants to believe that love can last. This is perhaps a part of the reason for all his holding on. 

You are that opportunity for new love. And he will make you feel special and loved, like no other man. Cancer men are built for care and cuddles, and he’s the type that lives to lie next to you and dream about your future together. 

Don’t give up on him. Just give him some time. 

4. His Kids Come First

If a Cancer man has children, his kids are his entire world. Cancer man is a caring, nurturing, and protective father. His children will always come first in his life, even before you

If you’re a mother yourself, you’ll know the feeling and may be quite attracted to a man who has such a strong paternal energy. He’ll love it if your children can play or hang out together, but he will go on the defensive if you criticize them. 

Similarly, if you don’t understand that his children are his priority, he’s likely to doubt the relationship as a whole. 

In the same way, he values the mother of his children, too. Even if there’s bad blood between them, he will always show respect to her, especially in front of the kids. 

Try your best to understand his perspective if you don’t have kids, as this could cause some issues between you. He will also love it if you try to help him parent once you’re close enough that it’s appropriate—as long as you don’t step on his toes! 

Try to build a strong relationship with his children. He’ll appreciate that more than you can know. 

5. It Can Take Time For Him To Open Up

Cancer is the sign of the crab—protective shell, sharp pincers and all! But, if you strip their shell, you’ll find a soft belly inside, which is extremely vulnerable. 

They are very protective of their feelings, and this makes a Cancer man often seem cold or detached. And they are very moody! If it’s taking time for him to open up, know that it’s not you—it’s just part of his character, especially when he’s been through a divorce. 

He may have a few problems with trust and vulnerability, and he needs an understanding, patient, and empathetic partner at his side. He will soon open up—you’ll see!

Discover more on how to get a Cancer man to open up and become emotionally available.

6. He’s Scared Of Being Hurt

This guy is terrified of being hurt again

He is so very sensitive that he struggles to handle the pain of separation and the messy emotions that come along with a divorce. He’s also genuinely scared that you will hurt him, break his heart, or abandon him—because maybe it’s happened to him before.

Once again, the best fix for this is time, patience, effort, and empathy! Are you seeing a pattern here?

Once you’ve decided to get serious, don’t be shy about showing your commitment to a Cancer man. He needs this validation to feel safe and know that you’re not going anywhere.

7. He Just Wants To Feel Safe

Not being hurt, as we just discussed, is a huge part of this, but a divorced Cancer man just wants to feel safe in all areas of life. He wants a happy family, a stable home, and hugs to come back to. He wants to feel secure in the world and secure in his relationship. 

A Cancer will go out of his way to make you feel safe—and this is a kind of love language. Notice when he’s doing this—it’s an attempt to bring that safety back to himself.

Cancer men have one of the most specific love languages of all zodiac signs. I covered his entire Astrology love profile in my Cancer Love Language guide.

I suggest you get your copy if you really want to master his love language and finally connect with him in the right way.

It’s important with a divorced Cancer man to never make him feel like anything in your life together could crumble at any moment, and that goes for your love, your sex life, your finances, your relationships with your children—all of it. 

Do your best to be his rock. He’ll be yours, too.

Unhappily Married Cancer Man — Will A Cancer Man Leave His Wife For Me?

Cancer man values stability and emotional security in marriage. For him, divorce is a very painful experience. 

If he is considering leaving his wife for you, that means that he is questioning the status of his marriage, but ending the marriage is a complex decision for him. He will do whatever he can to save it. If there is no point in saving it, and things begin to fall apart, he will file for divorce.

If an unhappily married Cancer man starts prioritizing you, if he spends more time with you, and if he talks about leaving his wife, then you can be sure he will eventually do it because there is nothing worse for a Cancer man than being in a loveless marriage.

How To Know If A Relationship With A Divorced Cancer Man Is Worth Fighting For

Relationships are generally quite confusing, but being with someone who is divorced like your Cancer man just adds an extra layer of complication to it all. You might wonder if this relationship is worth fighting for. 

Love is always worth it in my opinion and if a Cancer man wants to be with you, he will make it happen. It doesn’t matter if he is divorced or not. You will know when a Cancer man is serious about you. He loves to form strong bonds with his woman.

He will want to be exclusive with you and you’ll know this because he will tell you. A Cancer man has no problem getting into a relationship. When he wants you, you will know because he will let you know.

Red Flags In Dating A Divorced Cancer Man That Should Not Be Ignored

Some divorced Cancer men are definitely ready to move on and get serious with someone new, however, there are some who definitely got divorced for a reason.

Check out these red flags:

1. He Isn’t Over His Marriage

Getting over a breakup can be extremely difficult for most people, but going through a divorce is absolutely devastating. When a Cancer man isn’t over his marriage, he probably hasn’t really dealt with the loss yet. 

He’s probably in a lot of pain and actually just not ready to move on and be with someone else. This is a major red flag and you need to be very careful of this because you are always going to be second fiddle next to his ex wife. You deserve way more than this!

2. He Is Constantly Trashing His Ex

A Cancer man is usually quite gentle, this is why it can be quite shocking to hear him trash talk his ex. This is a very big red flag, this shows that major problems were present in his relationship with her, and that he probably isn’t over her. 

A man who is angry and disrespectful towards his ex is definitely not someone you want to get involved with. It could be very easy for him to do the same thing to you. You need to be with someone who can move on from his ex without needing to talk badly about her. Let this be a warning!

3. He’s Texting His Ex Everyday About More Than Kid-Related Topics

I am sure you can agree, if your Cancer man is constantly texting his ex and it isn’t about their kids, it is extremely fishy. I would be very uncomfortable with this and not stand for it at all. 

This means that there is still attachment with her and he is possibly not actually over her. This is very bad news and a massive red flag. What could he possibly want to discuss with her? 


Are you struggling to figure out what to do about your Cancer man and how this will affect your relationship?

Well, luckily for you I have compiled a list of questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate the difficult times you might experience with your Cancer man.

What Pushes A Cancer  Man Away? 

Insensitivity and demonstrating overly critical behavior are deal breakers when it comes to being in a relationship with a Cancer man. This will definitely throw him overboard and push him away from you.

Do Cancer Men Go Back To Their Ex? 

It depends on the circumstances and what caused the divorce, but if he is able to resolve issues with his ex soon after the divorce, he will most likely contact her again.

However, if a lot of time has passed and he has processed his emotions and moved on from a marriage, he will not get back to her.

Final Thoughts On Dating A Divorced Cancer Man

People leave their marriages all of the time. You can’t blame yourself, and you have to remember that sometimes it’s just not the right time or the right connection. If he is all in to be with you, you will not detect any signs I listed above and you should enjoy your relationship.

You should never have to squeeze yourself to fit into anyone’s mold. Compromise and adjustment are important for any relationship, but when you’re no longer yourself, that’s when things can get confusing and tough for everyone.

So, ladies, have you fallen in love with a sensitive and fascinating Cancer man? What do you love about him the most? Have you noticed what turns him on and what rubs him the wrong way?

“No Contact” Might Backfire With Your Cancer Man

A LOT of dating coaches will tell you to go “no contact” to get your man back…

But that could be a HORRIBLE approach with a Cancer man!

And you might not EVER hear from him again.

Unfortunately, dating coaches give out advice that assumes that all men are the same…

And that couldn’t be more wrong!

While “no contact” might work with some men…

It could cause your Cancer man to think you’ve forgotten about him and moved on.

And I bet that ISN’T what you want, is it? 

Men are definitely NOT all the same.

If you really want him to come running back to you…

Scoop you up, shower you with kisses, and tell you what a fool he was for ending things…

And how he now knows you ARE the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with…

Then you need to understand EXACTLY how he ticks.

You need a detailed guide that will show you how to draw him back to you like a magnet…

So he realizes the beauty and joy you bring to his life is COMPLETELY irreplaceable.

You need to understand EVERYTHING you can about how his mind and heart work.

Don’t make the mistake of following generic dating advice and risk losing your Cancer man forever.

Going “no contact” could be the absolute WORST approach you could use with him.

Find out what will REALLY work to connect with his heart now before it’s too late and he moves on.



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  1. He tends to pick the wrong women. Married twice, both toxic women who took it all leaving him to start over. Then another 7 yr toxic live-in relationship and an on again, off again relationship with a married woman who couldn’t figure out if she wanted to leave her husband. HOW DO I MAKE HIM REALIZE THAT I ‘M DIFFERENT???

    1. Hi Pam!

      It does seem he keeps picking the wrong ones. Sometimes to show him that you’re the one, you have to show him all the qualities that Cancer men often look for so that he can see you’re what he’s looking for instead of all the wrong women. If you’d like a bit more information on the Cancer man, you should check out my book “Cancer Man Secrets”.

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