Cancer Man Sexually Aggressive: This Is What Has to Be Done

Are you dating a sexually charged Cancer man who seems to have a really high libido? Is it making you uncomfortable? Keep reading for more info.

Are you dating a sexually charged Cancer man who seems to have a really high libido? Is it making you uncomfortable?Is your Cancer guy just a friend but keeps trying to have sex with you? What can you do?

Is your Cancer man rough in bed? Perhaps he’s more aggressive than you would like.Whatever the case may be for you, it would help you to learn more about the cancer man sexually aggressive nature. Keep reading for what you can do about a Cancer man who may be a bit rambunctious when it comes to naughty time.

Into Cancer man being Rough in bed or is it a problem?

There are many women who think that Cancer’s sex drive is a blessing. However, there are some women who think that he should calm it down a bit. There are also women who end up dealing with a Cancer man who is cheating.

You’ve got to look at your Cancer guy with open eyes. What is your intuition telling you about him? Do you like it that he often wants to have sex with you or is it a turn off that he constantly paws at you.

What you answer will affect what type of solution you are looking for. If you’re into what he has to offer then there really is no problem.

Perhaps you just need to look for ways to increase your own libido to keep up with him.

If it’s making you uncomfortable then this is a different matter entirely. If it’s your partner who is a Cancer man and is constantly trying to get you in the sack every time you turn around, you need to talk to him.

If you’ve developed a friendship with a Cancer man who keeps trying to get you to sleep with him, you’ve got to lay down some boundaries or ground rules so that he knows what he can or cannot do.

The Cancer man sexually aggressive nature isn’t acceptable if it’s under false terms.

Again, what exactly is your Cancer man doing that makes him seem aggressive? Is Cancer man rough in bed? Does he want it too much?

Does he obsess with sex? What is his case? That’s what you have to figure out first.

Figure out if you’re alright with him being so sexually charged or if it’s a problem. If it’s a problem then it’s time to put a stop to it. Cancer men are known to be prone to addiction and sex is no exception.

Look at his behavior, Is he an addict?

Cancer Man Sexually Aggressive


What makes cancer man sexually aggressive with you in particular? Is he being too pushy? Is he touching you inappropriately? Is he being too suggestive?

Each problem has a different solution but all end up at communication’s door.

Is your Cancer guy looking at porn often? If he is then he may either have a very high libido or he may have an addiction. I mean a sex addiction which doesn’t stop at just porn.

If he’s habitual even if he’s having sex with you frequently, you may notice that he starts to come home later, takes longer to run an errand, or makes excuses as to why he needs to go out.

This often leads to infidelity because his cravings for sex are so intense that he cannot be satisfied with just sex with his partner or even with porn added on top of it. He feels he needs more.

If this is happening then you’ll need to seek out assistance in regards to addiction. It is alive and well and many Cancer men who are rather aggressive could be very prone to it if not already involved in it.

Clearly you’ll have to follow whatever guidelines the experts in that field can give you. I won’t say he’s a danger but it could definitely case a whole lot of emotional hurt if he starts cheating on you.

Cancer Man Too Physically Aggressive 

So maybe his libido isn’t the problem but it’s more than he comes on too strong, is too rough, or touches you too much. If any of these things are an issue then you need to tell him to stop.

Most times when you tell him to stop, he will heed this. If he keeps trying, you’ll have to explain to him that you don’t like it and you would prefer he be a bit softer with you.

Knowing what you want is sometimes half the battle with the Cancer man rough in bed. He wants to please you and make sure that you get fulfillment.

If you don’t tell him what you like or do not like then he will try anything.

Let him know as soon as possible what you like and what you’re not comfortable with. This should help him figure out what he can try that won’t be so invasive or uncomfortable for you.

This is even true if he’s the type of guy that is touchy feely but you aren’t the type of woman who wants a man’s hands on her at all times. Again, if you’re uncomfortable, just tell him.

He’s an empathetic man so if you are honest with him in what you feel, what you want, and what you don’t want, he will likely understand. Unless he has an addiction, he will make adjustments to make you happy.

Know When Enough Is Enough

Cancer Man Sexually Aggressive


If you feel at all uneasy about how a Cancer man is treating you sexually or physically in any way, talk to him and tell him you don’t like it. If it makes you feel icky or uncomfortable, speak up.

This goes for Cancer man and any other man. When they’re doing things you don’t like or wish he did less of, you’ve got to open your mouth.

He has no way of knowing what you do or do not like unless you reveal it to him.

Cancer man is very sensitive and unless he thinks you like it rough for some reason, he shouldn’t be automatically assuming that you do. If he tries it, tell him you prefer soft and gentle.

It’s that easy. He’ll do what you want him to.

Again, unless there is some other problem going on, you should never be afraid to talk to your caring Cancer man. Be sure you’re handling things the way you need to if your cancer man is sexually aggressive.

If the Cancer man roughness in bed is too much for you to handle, make sure he understands your preference.


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