7 Ways To Get A Cancer Man To Text Or Call You First

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Wondering how to get a Cancer man to text and call you first? Luckily, with this man, you don’t need to try too hard. Here’s how to tempt him!

Wondering how to get a sensitive Cancer man to text and call you first? Luckily, with this man, you don’t need to try too hard. He’s the type that wants to connect with you just as much as you’d like to connect with him. Nevertheless, here’s how to tempt him:

Cancer men are ultra-moody. One day they may be all over you, and the next, they seem completely uninterested. But does that mean he’s not into you? Definitely not! Cancer men love being in love, and are actually very emotional and needy

So, if you are worried about him texting and calling you first, try to worry less! If a Cancer man is into you, he will make it know, and it’s likely he’ll be moving pretty fast. This is a sign that will want to move into together and commit not long after falling for you. 

But sometimes he may need a little push – here’s what you can do to make things move a bit faster and get him to chase you: 

7 Ways To Get A Cancer Man To Text Or Call You First

1. Let It Happen

Ways To Get A Cancer Man To Call You First

The number-one piece of advice that I can give you ladies is to just let it happen. Let him call and text you – because it’s inevitable that he will. Granted, he has his moods, so if he’s feeling low or depressed, he’s much more likely to withdraw and mope around. 

You need to give him space to do that, to have his moods. Once he’s out of his slump, he will make a real effort to get in touch with you – unless he’s not interested in which case, drop it. No woman wants to feel desperate, after all. 

2. Make Friends With His Family

If you want that Cancer guy to run after you, make an effort to make good friends with his family first. Because if you are friends with his family – especially his mom, for example, you’re going to totally be in his good books! 

Even if you just make friends with one of his siblings, it means you have access into his life in some important way. It means that they’ll bring you up in conversation, mention you, talk about you. If they like you, he will like you – it’s as simple as that. 

3. Post “Memories” Of You Two

Ways To Get A Cancer Man To Text You First

Do you have any photos of the two of you together? Yes? That’s perfect, because there’s nothing a typical Cancer man doesn’t cherish more than a treasured memory! 

Pick out the best of those memories and post them online, or update your WhatsApp picture. He can’t not notice it, after all, and be reminded of how amazing a time you had together! It’ll definitely get him to reach out and connect with you, just watch! 

4. Never Be Confrontational

Cancer’s symbol is the crab, you know that, right? And like a crab, he always scuttles to the side when confronted. In fact, a Cancer man can be rather sharp, grumpy, and moody when they feel cornered. If you plan to reach out to him, or when you next see him, never, ever be confrontational. 

If you come across in a way that even seems slightly attacking, he’ll have a problem with it. He’ll withdraw even more into his crabby little shell and sulk, wondering how you could be so mean and insensitive. 

Be ultra-gentle, soft, and tender, and try and understand him instead of making any assumptions! 

5. Make Sure He Leaves Something Of His At Your House

How To Get A Cancer Man To Text Or Call First

This is a bit of a trick, in all honesty. But it works! When he’s at your house, enjoying a home-cooked deal or a lovely sleepover, find something small that he could forget, such as a cell phone cover, a lone sock or his charger, and put it somewhere he can’t find it. 

He’s going to have to, one hundred percent, call or text you to find it and get it back from you. Hopefully, even come over again so you can meet him at the door in your sexiest (but also casual) outfit. A cunning plan, but one that can really take you places and solve all communication issues! 

6. Connect With Him Emotionally First

The most important thing that a Cancer man wants in any relationship, is to connect emotionally. He wants to feel that “soul” bond, where there’s understanding without needing to ever communicate (yes, he has lofty expectations!). 

If you work on creating that bond together, you’ll find that he’s so much more likely to try and reach out to you, to text you, call you, send you hearts and sweet messages. He wants to feel safe with you, emotionally. He wants to feel comfortable with you. 

Remember, this isn’t your typical, rational type of guy. He may seem slightly detached, but inside, he’s a total softie! Ask him how he’s feeling on the regular when you do talk. Empathies with his moods, and make him feel seen and validated. 

Once he feels safe, he’ll practically be contacting you every moment of every day! 

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7. Reach Out To Him

Lastly, you could just reach out to him first, you know. There’s such pressure on men to be the ones to always take charge, to take the lead. But these days, us ladies have as much power and don’t have to feel like a desperate, needy girl when we make contact. 

He’s so much more receptive than most men, and it’s highly unlikely that he’d be seeing you in a negative light for being the first one to reach out. Plus, you can keep it easy. Make him laugh. send him a meaningful picture. Ask him how his week has been. 

Being that girl might even have the perfect effect you’re looking for – when you are vulnerable with him, he is that much more likely to be vulnerable with you in future. It’s a win-win situation! 

So, don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone, ladies – he’s the type of person who will appreciate your bravery, and meet you where you are, heart to heart (unless he really is terribly damaged!).

In conclusion, ladies, the Cancer man is one of the best you can find – he’s genuinely sensitive and empathetic, and he wants a grounded, secure, and stable relationship. Yes, he’s mood and sometimes, its’ hard to read him and understand what he wants. But he’s a real gem. 

If you want him to text or call you first, just be patient. Make friends with his people. Appeal to his sentimental side, his feelings. Be there for him. Find tricks to get him to come back to your house. Connect with his emotions, and go ahead and reach out to him, if you really want to! 

Have any of these tips worked for you? Do you have any tips to share? I just love hearing from you, my readers. Feel free to leave your insights and advice in the comments box below! 

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Take a look at the link I have for you below and learn how to avoid the biggest texting mistakes with a Cancer man.

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You won’t regret it!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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12 thoughts on “7 Ways To Get A Cancer Man To Text Or Call You First

    1. Hi Suzanne Schrader!

      That’s hard to answer sweetheart. If he isn’t kissing you then he may not want to get more intimate or committed in some way. It sounds like he has some reason he’s being like this but the only way you’ll find out is by asking him. He’s the only one that knows the answer to that sweetheart. I wish you the best!

  1. Nothing seems to work with this Cancer man. Just wants to be friends. Holds me above all else. But I am kept aside and always there when he needs me. But always platonic.

    1. Hi Lois Garrity!

      Yikes so he has you in the friend zone. That says more about him than anything else. He must have some kind of commitment hang up. He may be scared and got hurt in his past or he may just feel like you two aren’t compatible as more than friends. I think I’d be asking him why you’re in the friendzone. Seriously… ask him why he doesn’t want to be more. He should be able to tell you. Learn more about Cancer man if you’d like by reading my books on Cancer Man Secrets.

    1. Hi Ls!

      Ah wonderful! I am so glad to hear you as a Sagittarius woman are doing so wonderfully with a Cancer man. The two of you should be able to have quite a future together as long as you keep communicating the right way. If you’d like to learn more, check out my books on Cancer Man Secrets.

  2. Cancer and I getting closer. If I’m with him..he wants me to stay the whole day or night. We’re both emotionally attached if we were together in his place. He sometimes make breakfast or dinner but we don’t go out..he doesn’t invite me anywhere only before we started seeing each that I have to initiate it. Though lol . . He see, visit his friends out of state and locally . what he’s trying to show..dont know his feelings for me..lol pls answer Anna..thanks

    1. Hi Jen!

      This is pretty typical of Cancer man. He doesn’t like to share his time with you. He wants you to himself before he starts taking you out. It makes perfect sense. If you are confused about what his feelings are for you then you should probably bravely ask him. You have a right to know because being in limbo sucks. Ask him what the deal is and tell him you’d like more. If he doesn’t want to give you more then you may want to reconsider your options. Blessings!

      1. Hello Anna,

        I had an affair with this cancer man two years ago, and we haven’t seen each other since. To be fair, everything shows that he doesn’t really care about me (he never asks anything about my life, suddenly stops answering…) but he still texts me every month or so… What is it that he wants? Just make sure that I’m not forgetting him? Are they the type to be scared of getting attached?

        1. Hi B.P!

          Honestly it just sounds like he’s checking to see if you still answer. He may be keeping you as a “just in case”. Don’t let him do that to you. Don’t reply to him anymore. If he’s showing you that he basically doesn’t care then that’s true. He’s trying to keep you on the string to be a second choice should he not find someone who he deems ideal. Don’t fall victim to this. Leave him be. Keep your heart open to someone new. You can find someone who wants all your time and effort.

  3. Hey anna,

    I really wish you can give me some light what to do. I have relationship with cancer about 5 years. When we together i treat cancer not in good way, i’m to straightforward person and all. One day around october 2021, my ex just play silent and all and broke up with me. I really regret about my behaviour until we broke up. I want to start over, but i don’t think he does because he said he didn’t love me as before, right now as sibling. BUT i really confused he said it’s okay for me to stay with him as long as i want and he still text me everyday but you know not intense like we used to and take more than hour for him to reply. Right now he’s in slump of his career too, and i really congused what to do, should i stay or leave him ? Not because of his job but the way he treat me, make me cry everyday

    Pls anna can you help me what to do ?

    1. Hi Nv!

      It sounds like he needs time to get himself together because right now things are a mess for him. Focus on your own path and treat yourself well. If he’s making you cry then you two need a break from each other. He cannot give you his full 100% because he’s overwhelmed with his life. Until that changes, he won’t be changing either. Please take care of yourself honey. Give it time and space and things may actually improve with the two of you. I wish you all the best!

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