Secrets to Understanding Your Moon in Cancer Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you involved in a romance with a man who has a Cancer Moon? What does that mean? Keep reading to find out what a Moon in Cancer Man is all about.

Are you involved in a romance with a man who has a Cancer Moon? What does that mean? What can you expect? Keep reading to find out what a Moon in Cancer Man is all about.

Cancer Moon Personality

Any man that has Cancer for their moon is going to be more emotionally driven. So it doesn’t matter how intellectual or stoic he may seem, there are still some underlying tense feelings with this guy.

The moon enhances someone’s emotions anyway so now you add Cancer in with the moon and this makes a man feel more deeply, be more sensitive, and be more empathetic.

This can make men like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn a bit softer around the edges. It can make them more able to handle their emotions and helps them to understand women better.

Cancer moon man is also rather empathetic. Where a normal guy may not be able to “feel” what his lady or what anyone else is feeling, the Cancer moon will allow him to just feel when something is off and needs help.

Some men who ordinarily might not be psychic may find themselves a bit sensitive to such types of energy due to their moon being Cancer. It really does open and broaden their capacities as a man.

Tender Loving Care

moon in Cancer man

When with a Cancer moon tend to be more family oriented, love children, love their already existing family and want nothing more than to build a very solid family for the future.

Cancer man himself is here to do that as a life purpose. He’s here to care for as many as he can and help them to heal. He’s also here to help populate humanity by finding a wife and having some amazing children.

Your Cancer moon guy is likely very sensitive, loving, and seems to care a whole lot about who you are, what you’re going through, and what you need. He will also do whatever he has to ensure that you get what is required.

The Cancer moon guy will be very close to his family and a circle of tight knit friends a well. He cares for each of them in different ways. He will do just about anything for them when they need his assistance.

Due to the Cancer moon being a care taker type of guy, he is often a nurse, doctor, dentist, or some other healing practice in which to help humanity to be as healthy as it can be.

This is the type of guy that contributes to saving the world one person at a time. So no matter what his Sun sign is, this Moon sign changes the game for him. I’ve had women write in about men that are pegged for being cold or stoic.

When those same signs have Cancer as a moon sign, they are softer, more understanding, they care more, and they are not at all cold. If you have an Aries man who seems to really care or is a bit of a pacifist instead of being an Alpha, his moon may be Cancer.

Creativity and Imaginative

The Cancer moon man may often get caught day dreaming or coming up with new things he’d like to try. He really has may great ideas and can come up with solutions like no one’s business.

This is great when it comes to projects that involve making his home look better, ways to decorate, or ways to be artistic. He may actually be involved with art of some sort or perhaps music.

Many musicians have Cancer moon in their chart which helps them emotionally plug their feelings into some really amazing music. Whether they’re writing lyrics or playing an instrument, they are really “tuned in”.

They tend to be very deep and they also harbor past hurts. The music and art helps them to soothe their souls and work at healing in a way. This is why they tend to do things that are super talented.

Yearnings of Home

moon in Cancer man

The Cancer man himself is typically one that likes to be somewhat social but holds his home dear. When you have a man with a Cancer moon, you’ll find he wants to stay home more.

This would make some signs a bit different. Social guys such as Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, or Gemini would seem to want to be a bit less social than they ordinarily would be.

The Cancer moon man wants to spend more time where he’s most comfortable which is typically in his home, his family’s home, or his partner’s home. He will want his partner’s place to become like his second safe place to enjoy.

That being said, when you embrace a Cancer moon man, you’ll need to be open to allowing him to spend much time in your own home as you will go spend time in his. It needs to be both ways.

Of course when this man is really ready to settle down, he may actually want to move in together and start a life as a couple. This is something else a Cancer moon will do is move a little faster.

He feels what he wants typically and no matter what sign he is, he’s going to go with how his heart feels and what his intuition tells him since he’s very intuitive as a Cancer moon guy.


Though the Cancer moon man can be strong, he can also be very sensitive. This would make some of the toughest signs in the zodiac, seem very emotional or weak at times.

It doesn’t mean he IS weak, however. It simply means he’s not a hard ass and he may not have walls up that other signs typically do. Perhaps he’s a sturdy Taurus or strong willed Virgo who seems to be a bit more empathetic.

Maybe he’s a hot Aries guy but is also gentle to the touch type of guy with the Cancer moon. It’s important to know what your guy’s moon sign is as it could change the core of his basics.

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